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  1. ADUGeneral

    Some Neo Classic Space Stuff

    Excelent Neo Classic vehicles, I love specially this old parts, like the slope with the LEGO space logo and the trans yellow canopy. They have all the spirit of the Classic Space sets
  2. ADUGeneral

    Starship Troopers ADU versiĆ³n

    The ADU version of the movie Starship Troopers: The full gallery:
  3. ADUGeneral

    MOC - The church of Saint Leonore

    A very impressive MOC, full of details, the organ I particularly like.
  4. ADUGeneral

    [MOC] Modular Bike Shop and Cafe 31026 (WIP)

    Very nice, better if you buld the inner place.
  5. Looks like an oldest LEGO Basic set, beautiful
  6. ADUGeneral

    Main Street 2015

    Each extension is better. excellent work and excellents MOCs Each extension is better. Excellent work and great MOCs
  7. ADUGeneral

    MOC: Explorer

    Very good use for this plane hulk
  8. Awesome mech for escort her big brother set
  9. ADUGeneral

    Mc Flyer GARC

    Excelent MOC, very good use of the colors and the trans clear cockpit
  10. ADUGeneral

    [MOC] Neo Classic Space Studless

    Excelent MOC, I love noeclassic space
  11. ADUGeneral

    Ork Ravager

    Awesome, looks like a beast
  12. ADUGeneral

    MOC Space Police II monorail train

    Very fine MOCs, they remenber me a lot of enjoy with SPII