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  1. grandell

    MOD McGregor Replica from 21307 Caterham

    Thanks :) I would've liked to use more chrome pieces, but because of their limited availability I decided to stick to grey. Everything else I needed was available in blue too, after they finally released the two high slope piece in the Turbo Track Racer set last year: You could make this in quite a few colours, but the biggest restriction will be the fender arches: 6060
  2. I posted this up under the Special Themes forum, because it's based on the 21307 Caterham, but I thought you guys might like a look as well. This is my replica of the McGregor Lotus 7 replica I helped my uncle build The original car and the Lego version compared to 21307 Link to the original post, which includes more detail about the changes
  3. Hi all, So, many, many years ago, my uncle put together a Lotus 7 replica from a company here in New Zealand called McGregor, and I was lucky enough to help him build it. Of course, when the Lego Ideas Caterham came out, I knew I had to modify one into a replica of the car we built. I bought a second Caterham set ages ago, and when my fiance was in South America for 6 weeks I took the opportunity to fill the lounge with Lego, fumble my way through half a dozen Bricklink orders, and build JB's Toy: Version 2 The original car and the Lego version compared to 21307 As you can tell, the main change is the colour. The front fenders are now colour coded to the body, and the suspension has been changed from black to LBG. The bonnet vents have been moved around slightly too, to match the original car better, and I made the same change on the Lego Caterham. It's a simple change, and from memory requires two 2x2 plates (any colour), two 2x2 and two 1x3 tiles (body colour), and two 1x2 tiles any colour. I can post more details later if anyone's interested. The next most obvious change is the addition of a windscreen!! Not gonna lie, I'm super proud of this. Took me a good few days to get something I was happy with, and the fit is so tight, but it works. The angle is great, it lines up with the tiles on the side, and there were no modifications needed to the bonnet. Other than the vertical sides of the windscreen being a little flimsy, the overall look is pretty well proportioned, and not too bulky. I'm hoping to replace the black clips with grey ones once they become more common (thanks Voltron!!) It mounts to a beefed up firewall, and is a combination of hinges and brackets The dash mounts lower than on the original set, but I think it still looks fine New seats were created too, again to match the original a little better Next up I wanted to remain as true to the original car as possible, which meant changing out the engine for a 4AGE Toyota unit. My uncle sent through a couple of pictures he took while the build was in progress, to help guide me And the final result, including modified exhaust out the correct side plus a couple of other little details, like a steering column and radiator hose Lastly was adding a spare wheel and license place holder to the back, using a couple of clips and a pneumatic T piece There are still a couple of little details to go... I'm hoping to get the white 1x4 tiles custom printed with the license plate "JBSTOY", and maybe make a few other small changes. Would love to hear your feedback, and possible suggestions on what else I can do to improve this model Thanks for reading!
  4. grandell

    James Bond 2018

    I'd love to see a James Bond CMF series, but I also like that this opens up the possibility for some Aston Martin Speed Champions sets
  5. grandell

    James Bond 2018

    Thanks. Given that the rotating parts are in a fairly confined space, it probably doesn't matter if it's a little loose
  6. grandell

    James Bond 2018

    Feel a little silly asking this, but is there a new piece in this mechanism, in red, connecting the rotating light/machine-gun assembly to the white hinge cylinder? I've seen hinge plates with one locking finger on the side before, but only in 1x2 and 2x1, not 1x1. Or is there another clip piece that locks into these?
  7. grandell

    Hi, I'm Tony from New Zealand.

    Welcome! I only joined recently as well, and there's plenty here to keep you occupied, and plenty of inspiration for modding sets! Assuming you've checked out the Technic section, there are some custom stickers for the Porsche you might be interested in too
  8. grandell

    Hello from New Zealand

    Thanks all! I've been steadily making progress on the Seven, just placed another 3 Bricklink orders, and hopefully that will be everything. Then it should be a pretty quick job putting it together and I'll get some pictures up. Even managed to add a windscreen, which I'm rather proud of... can't wait to see what people think of it.
  9. grandell

    Hello from New Zealand

    Hi all, My name's Glen, and I'm from Wellington, New Zealand. I've been following a few threads on here over the past few months as a guest, and thought it was about time I joined up properly. Probably won't be posting much, but I'm really enjoying seeing what everyone is up to, and getting a few ideas for the little project I'm working on at the moment, which is to use the Ideas Caterham set as a basis to build a replica of a the Lotus Seven replica I helped my uncle build, pic below... Once it's done I'll post it up on here somewhere for everyone to see too. Also, here's a picture of some of my collection. Mostly Technic, Star Wars and Creator cars, but I have a lot of 90's era Town sets packed up in boxes, and a couple of other sets around the house