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  1. HawkLord- AMEN!! People should look at the play-ability and creativity of bricks, not sets, that is why some people define Lego as an Educational toy. The first thing I got back in the 60's for my daughter was a 'cubic foot of bricks'. I'm not sure where, but they were all Lego. Fast forward to first grandson, now graduated from College. He was raised on a box full of loose bricks. 14 years later second grandson. He has a couple of large totes full of loose bricks that he favors over sets. Sure they both like to assemble sets, but they get on the shelf and the totes go on the floor. Now that is what I call 'playing' with Lego. Sorry for rant -
  2. Make sure you really consider not only inflation but general price increases. 1964 2 hamburgers, two fries, two drinks - less than $1. When I picked up my wife from work - if we had a buck--we ate out.
  3. Coinoperator May I have a link? I'd like to try one. Thanx
  4. I'm glad the humor didn't fall completely flat. I've working on a great lakes / blast furnace diorama and had freighters on my bean.
  5. Hey Great! I've always hoped someone wouild model a Great Lakes ore carrier.
  6. In my searching I have found several conveyors using the large treads, but none using the small ones. I have made several incorporated in builds but need one which can be modular so I can move it between various locations in the diorama. I was thinking of a hopper and conveyors of fixed length(s) and used together with the conveyor unloading into the next ones hopper. Power connection would be by chain drives. Any links? or examples? Thanx
  7. I have used single solid conductor wire as a substitute for the tubing. Added advantage is that it will hold a curve due to it's solid interior. Try Lowes or HD.
  8. Found a way to use a couple of 1/4 round bricks and technic pins. Makes a gender changer and works good.
  9. I'd like to build one of these and one detail escapes me. What combination of bricks allows the conical ends (48310) to connect? Is there a cone with reversed studs? I can't find it. Thanx
  10. Thank you for the fast replies and link to the article. There is some sanity to it after all Ed
  11. I was going to post a negative post, but I won't. Why did Lego design this part with no logical spacing to the pin holes? Is there some logic that I have not seen yet? I've thought of a few ways to use them but fastening them to a technic structure is really a problem. Is there some part that I don't know that has the same spacing as the holes in 24121, so it can be attached to other parts? I've figured out that the holes will fit studs separated by 4 holes,( 6 stud spacing) but not in any common orientation. Any examples of their utilization, or link, would be appreciated. Thanx, Ed
  12. knotian

    Separating tall models

    ShaydDeGrai Excellent explanation - gonna try this asap. Ed
  13. I just found out that when I put all my stuff together in one model ( 6 x 9 baseplates ) it really does not look that good when rendered. Do any of you use any other software to make large scenarios. I'll probably have to find a way to convert to object files and then in place them in a scene. I've used terragen for terrain and kinda like it. I know some have used Blender (the price is right!) I used to use Cinema 4D but cannot afford to get restarted. Have quite a collection of XFrog vegetation. Any advice?
  14. knotian

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    GVO25 On my to-do list is a bucket shovel just about like yours. Wire rope is perfect. I want to add a 'crowding' feature, since this will be a loading shovel, not an excavation one. Crouding is a feature where the bucket moves horizontally forward from its backwards position before raising. If you want to share other pictures or plans, I'd appreciate it. E-mail is fine if they are not "perfect" Ed