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  1. Quandary. First I apologize for the long post. I have finished the first stage of a large industrial MOC. So far it has 4 motors for several models AND 4 channels on an sbrick for an overhead crane. ( with more to come) I'd like some suggestions as to how to proceed with the animation/automation. I'd like to use a laptop as a central control point. I understand that sbrick is working with scratch on a pc interface. I have read that a pc running windows can communicate with an EV3 with Bluetooth protocol. Has anyone done any work with any kind of an integrated environment. Ideally I would like to make the EV3 sensor readings available to the pc and then issue commands to either EV3 motors or sbrick motors. The sensor capability of the sbrick is not versatile (at this time) to use a full range of EV3 sensors. Am I "beating a dead horse" with trying to keep the Ev3 + sbrick + pc in the loop or should I do a switch to Ardunio / Raspberry Pi / NanoPC etc? I 'was' an experienced programmer before retiring and am leaning towards a micro solution to get in a single language environment. Any help/comments would be appreciated. If you would rather continue this topic privately, drop me a message. Thanx
  2. I use some as wheels to turn valves in an industrial setting.
  3. Thanks for the explanation but it still makes it hard to build long walls out of textured bricks.
  4. I saw a tire, without rim, mounted on edge at the base as a shock absorber.
  5. Here is the left side The right side is aligned. I can't up load the two pictures. Any smaller and detail would be lost.
  6. I was building a long wall out of 1x2 bricks offsetting each row (running bond). I was building it on a baseplate (Tan 32x32, which I hope is immaterial). As I built the wall I noticed the baseplate curling up. All the bricks had been in the same place in the room so there was no temperature differential. I finished out the wall to 32 studs long. Very noticeable curve. I removed the wall and placed it vertically on a flat (tested) surface The wall was straight and level. I then laid the wall on its side and carefully aligned the leftmost brick stud with the leftmost stud on the baseplate. The rightmost studs were VISIBLY NOT in alignment. Not quite 1/2 stud off, with the wall studs being 1/2 studs shorter than the baseplate. Each side was the same. Does anyone know what is going on? I had been wondering why I could not get large structures to fit correctly on the baseplate. Thanks, Ed Bardet
  7. LucyCol's suggestion is good. I am an experienced programmer and they helped make the transition to 'block programming'. Ed
  8. Without taking anything away from the excellent scale vehicles displayed in this forum------- I would like to see more non vehicle scale models. As an example I am working on a minifig scale Blast furnace and casting facility. It combines technic, remote control (Sbrick), train and and EV3 controlled elements. Having a place to show this kind of a combined build would be nice. The ones that are on the forum show excellent work and I guess I'm interested in promoting scale modelling and 'multi-media' type builds. Ed
  9. Mark V Tank

    I have a cast iron model of this tank inherited from my grandfather. Excellent model. Ed
  10. Solved ----9 Volt power supply

    Thank you very much. Ed
  11. At a show I saw a 9 volt controller very similar to the Electric Train Speed regulator (2868b) but with multiple outputs and what looked like switches. I was not able to ask about it. Does any one know what it was called and it's item number? Thanx, Ed
  12. Pneumatic air compressor

    nicjasno That sounds like a typical triple expansion marine engine. They were beautiful things and are still available for the small boat and modeller audience. That would be a sweet model. Ed
  13. No - This would be a traveling crane bogey with winches for lifting and ability to go side to side and forward/back on rails that are mounted on the structure itself above the floor level. Real example below.
  14. I thought I'd book marked a moc but cannot find it. There was a moc of a industrial type building with an overhead crane that had it's tracks close to the top of the building. NOT like the travelling gantry type where the tracks are at the ground level. If you know where it's at or have a link to a similar crane please let me know. Thanks, Ed