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  1. Seasider, OUTSTANDING!!!!! Thanks a lot. Wish I knew this a lot earlier because I could have saved myself a lot of gnashed teeth and head pounding. Now the bruises can heal. Ed
  2. I am building a MOC that for HISTORICAL ACCURACY I'd like to use chain rather than rope/cable to operate parts. The problem is trying to fasten the chain to anything other than chain. I have found that I can fasten the chain, ending in a closed link, by using a 30553 (Hinge cylinder 1x2 locking), and then an axle connected to the object. This is not a "legal" connection, but a jam fit. Does anyone have a way to fasten the open end to a brick, panel etc.? Thanx
  3. Doug, He had an earlier one 606720 and I think this was in an attempt to get bigger and faster. The earlier one's patent shows why the offset bucket. No GBC - It's going with my blast furnace complex. Ed
  4. Doug- It really is a fantastic piece of early engineering. Levers, links, chains, slots and rollers - the whole realm of mechanical work, all driven by one steam hydraulic cylinder. This is the most asinine situation I have ever been in. I have a pdf in front of me that I got from a google search Friday. Google will not find this patent anymore. I went to USPTO search and found it again. The entire link is absurd but here it is. For further info the patent is US 713,987 dated November 18 1902. In case you have not used a patent document before; first are the drawings, then is the text starting with an identification of the part numbers, then a narrative of how things work. The last part is just about what the applicant wants to do. Ed Highlight and click to open.
  5. Eureka! Went back to the drawing board ( AKA Google) and did more digging. Found patent US 713897a which is the actual bucket patented in 1902. Finally found the mechanism, which was left off the original drawing I found earlier. If you are in to interesting mechanical linkages take a look. TYPO was 713987
  6. When I started this I made a pact with myself (???) to do the drawings in as I built. Well finally got the two bridge beams built and drawn. The drawing, step making, etc., takes MUCH longer than the building. Now back to the drawing board to try and figure out how that blankety blank bucket operates.
  7. knotian

    [R] Tempesta GT-1

    Windshield wiper I believe
  8. knotian

    Duplo train computer

    For any computer nerds amoung us.
  9. SylvanLS; I agree that building them in parallel is the way to go. Good idea of having pictures of both builds side by side.
  10. You are probably right. But (LOL) it takes me days to get the instructions correct and only an hour or so to do the assembly. I see now why there is a shortage of instructions on MOC's. I'm just being thick headed in, after many rears, doing a set of instructions.
  11. The component of a very large Technic model I am building is large. (302 Pieces) There are two of them, mirror images. What is your opinion? Should I do instructions for both or just have a text saying "Make Two as mirror images". I am assuming that if anyone uses these they will be an experienced builder.
  12. knotian

    Lego Spending/Budgets

    Persevere young grasshopper!
  13. knotian

    Lego Spending/Budgets

    Funny you should ask at this time. I got the notice about Hogwarts Castle being available for VIP's. The first thing I thought of was how much bricklink stuff I could really use vs buying that set with that amount of money.
  14. Sorry about that Ed
  15. knotian

    LDD Pro

    I've been using ever since it was released. Very Happy with it and the 'integrated' instruction maker is rapidly shaking it's bugs. Two different renderers available. Aside from their reliance on 'patches' rather than complete releases I'm a believer.(It's easy enough to work around so recovery is no problem)