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  1. Lego on a roll?!

    I got some and for slopes it's ok, but won't hold upside down. works best on 2x4+ bricks as there is not much grip.
  2. Aesthetics and Technics

    What front page??? My bookmark is to this forum where I can see all things technic. Good, bad, and indifferent.
  3. Physically the limitations on Mindstorms EV3 may prove it's downfall. Four motors and sensors does put a crimp in developing large displays and even larger MOCS. Expanding with multiple EV3's is the most expensive expansion available. If Mindstorms and EV3 wants to remain viable then a 'dumb' expansion device, chained to the master, must be made available. You mentioned MIT. They have developed SCRATCH for use as a learning tool for programming. IMHO a lot more conducive to learning than the Mindstorms graphical blocks. (Yes you can use other languages with EV3 but---) Scratch in conjunction with sbrick has STARTED to develop an environment that allows greater control and sensor utilization. I say started because, although sbrick states four bricks can be used with scratch, the interface, S2Bot, has not provided that yet, nor has the Scratch templates been provided for this expansion. I am hopeful that this development continues. The one t
  4. Parking Deck

    Excellent work. I agree wholeheartedly is your decision to expose the workings. It will be an excellent teaching tool and may stimulate more interest in automation of models. It is ironic that when I asked for comments from our local group on a coal loading and unloading model, most people wanted the motors and wires hidden for a cleaner look. I like your way better. Ed
  5. Conveyor belt

    I have used the large treads as in the Excavator model. I don't know what you want to use as the belt. I've seen rubber bumpers used. I would not sweat the 'crusher'. looking at the design you could space the 'jaws' so that small pins drop through and the illusion would still be there. I use 1x1 round tiles (black and grey) as coal and limestone in my build. They won't fall through the belt, and if you space things right they won't jam up either. I had a bottom feeding hopper for a coal tipple loading into the cars. EV3 color sensor to determine if there was a car present and a timer block to load a set amount of product. Just use bricks and tiles on the side to make a channel in which the belt would run.
  6. 2018 Lego Trains

    I would really like to see a repair train with technic elements for a crane and shovel,and conventional elements for gondolas, flats, engines, small rail mounted trucks. The market should be considerable as I would see all train people wanting one, even if it just sits on a siding.
  7. TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    I was not aware of any MMO that was strictly building. Which one are you referring to? I was not envisioning a game but a tool.
  8. TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    They might look at VR as an adjunct to the physical toy. Just think of the fun you could have in a "VR-LDD" with an never ending supply of legal bricks and any color possible. Building 3-d Buildings, sculptures, never ending Rail Roads through gigantic mountains, Space ships going ' where no man has ever gone before'. Mind boggling. Minecraft on steroids.
  9. Ah So!! I'll edit the post later on this morning. Thanx, Ed
  10. I'm sorry but all I have (Firefox) is copy link location. Do I have to do something to dropbox?
  11. I'm new to posting pictures. I copied and pasted dropbox addresses in my post. Just the links show up and must be clicked. Is there a way to have them display automatically? Would be easier for the viewer. Thanx, Ed
  12. I' finally gotten to a stage when I can post a few pictures of a rather large MOC that I have started. It uses and EV3 as well as S-Bricks and will eventually include several more modules (Coke Furnace, Industrial Rail, Coal mine Head-works and Tipple, cooling ponds etc). I am limiting myself to a final 6 x 12 baseplate footprint, 4 standard tables. Currently it is 3 x 5 baseplates. The attached pictures show the overall current MOC, (I un wired it for a show, that is why there are wires all over the place), as well as the Blast Furnace and Pig Iron Machine, Air Furnaces, Blower engine, Primary Dust catcher, Smoke Stack, Bessemer Furnace and overhead Gantry. The original Idea came from the Sloss mill in Birmingham. The smoke stack has, partially seen, a L and an M which is for the Legonite Mining Company. Below is the one car I have built so far - a modified thermos car. Thanx, Ed
  13. Why don't give it a try?

    Have to pay to vote
  14. Should I get the EV3?

    wgemini Your question is one that anyone contemplating the entrance to robotics and or automation of Lego should ask. First of all the mindstorm language is excellent - but you have to get past the elementary stuff to really see it's power. THE MAJOR LIMIT is restrictions to using Lego sensors and motors. Granted there are SOME third party vendors that supply 'blocks' for the mindstorm programs to utilize. But some are not updated when Lego upgrades it's software. If you are not a programmer and want to stay with mindstorms it is a good choice. Now for the flip side. When you want to journey past mindstorms (staying with EV3) you will have a gazillion decisions to make as far as languages. And a steep learning curve is to be expected if you are not a programmer. If you want to start an epic adventure in using Lego and computers, you also need to consider costs. [After 4 motors and 4 sensors you will need another computer] You can do a lot better than the EV3 with Ardunio, Raspberry, PC (Scratch is rapidly advancing - I hope) etc etc. This allows you an unlimited vista to explore. One last confusion for you if you want to stay with EV3, look at the Lego Education website. The EV3 there is a better deal that includes the rechargeable battery pack and a whole bunch of parts. Now to really mess with you - I am a 40+ year computer nerd and am staying with EV3 and Mindstorms so I can use it as a teaching tool. Just consider all options.
  15. Simple powered turntable plans

    LegoMonorailFan / JopieK Do you have a link to that video? Thanx, Ed