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  1. knotian

    Straight rail 3228

    Thank you very much
  2. knotian

    Straight rail 3228

    Forgive a newbie type question. Why are the rails serrated on the top? Was there any motor,wheel etc that was supposed to run on these tracks? I would like to use these on some mocs (like overhead cranes) and would like to have some way to have a powered carriage run on these tracks. In the past I have used gears interacting with racks for motive power. Thanx, Ed
  3. knotian

    LEGO Technic rainbow models

    They look great!! I build my mocs with the BWWYH method so I am used to seeing this. Goes with Function Over Form mentality. Ed B(uild) W(ith) W(hat) Y(ou) H(ave)
  4. Cheers; I just had to do it. This is the first day in the build that I was able to put it all somewhat together. I had to do quite a bit of building of the support structure and bracing to make it 'viable'. It's not ready for it's "It's Alive" moment, but by gar! I think it will work. The guy in the arm does not look to happy, but we will get him convinced before too long.
  5. Boy how time flies! After many attempts I got the walking beam and bucket assembly sort of complete. I'm going to do a proper bucket and swap out the holy bricks for solid before final assembly.
  6. I've searched on the net and have had no luck. I know that PF cables can be cut and spliced with additional wire for longer lengths. I also know that longer cables can be purchased from Lego. Does any one know of anyone selling pf connectors by them selves or making custom length cables without splices. I can get the for Mindstorms but cannot find any for PF. I'd like to get, or make some that look better as well as routing better with a smaller cable like Mindstorms.
  7. knotian

    Sorting Lego - A.I.

    Mylenium Color is the least of my objectives when sorting. Shape is much more important to me. When I bulk buy I sort by several informal trinary objectives and only when I'm at the item stage do I separate by color. Ed
  8. knotian

    Mindstorms & GBC Trains ?

    Doug72 Take a look at They use mindstorm in a big way. I have used Mindstorms with that ir link, but you can't control what you can't see. Sbrick is working on it also. In my small attempt I used a color sensor to determine when a rr car was at a specific location and stopped, then I started a device for loading that car, set a switch to route the car to the dump site and then back on the main line until I stopped it at the loading location. Worked ok since the train didn't need any speed changes while traveling.
  9. knotian

    Lego Idea Chemical Plant

    I'm hoping for more like this. I believe Lego should look at the history of Model Trains in general ( I AM NOT A FAN OF RAIL) and see that industrial models are good sellers. I am working on a iron blast furnace and a chemical plant goes well with it, since the coke plant of the blast furnace generates coal gasses that feed chemical plants. I'd personally buy any industrial model that they would offer.
  10. knotian

    Lego Idea Chemical Plant

    Love it! Will probably get two one for the plants and the other for parts.
  11. knotian

    How to motorize a Diorama?

    No you are going to have to go to a language. Evidently they had the blocks but lego changed EV3 protocols and it does not work any more. I was working with it a couple of years ago. Their tech support may be able to help. Ed
  12. knotian

    How to motorize a Diorama?

    I was referring to the HiTechnic Infrared Link.
  13. knotian

    How to motorize a Diorama?

    Tassiruam Back to the original question. The EV3 has some restrictions as to number of motors it can control BUT there are ways around it. There is a infra red transmitter that can be used on one port to drive an IR sensor which can control two motors. There is a multiplexer that allows one post to control multiple motors. You can daisy chain EV3's (up to 4) to control multiple motors and sensors. You can go the SBrick route and handle 4 receivers each with four motors. You need to do some basic research and establish the direction you want to go. You need to determine if you want to stay Lego or go mixed or go to simple computers for control like Arduino. You need to choose between staying with the Lego language or go to another. Bottom line -- once you go past the basics there is "The great Unknown". Take your time and choose wisely grasshopper. Ed
  14. knotian

    Lost Couplers

    The next time you are working with your couplers, and lose one. Then you have looked "everywhere", including under the tables and chairs, swept the floor, etc. Make one last check under any chairs or tables that have metal legs or cross braces. I found one under my adjustable shop stool. It evidently bounced on the floor and stuck to the brace.
  15. knotian

    New LEGO Forma

    Maboo35 - I agree with you. Really detracts from tradition. TLG recent moves baffle me - diversification and new formats spoil the heritage.