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  1. Happy New Year, I've taken a brief break in order to write instructions and document using While not an expert, it is growing on me and I'm beginning to really like it. As far as the Hulett is concerned, I added the motors, gears etc necessary to operate. To get the reach and stability I got the walking arm balanced and installed. Unfortunately when the traveler gets to the right end the bridge beam rocked on it's mountings. Not good so I moved the legs further out. That cause the bridge beams to lose some of their strength and they visibly bowed. I will add plates, in tension, to the bottom to strengthen it. The walking beam is too long and will have to be shortened and re-balanced on it's mountings. So back to building. If you are interested in my earliest attempt at using the instruction builder in the link is 2.pdf?dl=0 I'done more and they are better, much better! Ed
  2. You can use the file import feature in under file > import>import model Ed
  3. 1963maniac; Cheers. The modules/files would be complete in their own right. I just thought that it would clutter up the building area. The files would not have to be combined. The last one would show how to pin them together. I'd like to look at your - would you share the link? Ed
  4. I am just tuning the instructions for a physically large model with 6 separate modules, 1900+ parts, and 6 drawing files. The reason for the modules is for ease in packing and moving, but that is not the question. Since instructions are going to be in PDF format, which results in fairly large files, should each module be a separate PDF with a 7th one for assembly, or one large file? I personally like the smaller manuals that TLG produced for it's bigger sets. What are your opinions? Thanx
  5. Several people have asked for a capability of having 'backgrounds' this would be the same thing. if they gave us the capability for adding images to three sides and the 'ground' it would make a lot of people happy.
  6. Thank you all!!! I had forgotten to think "outside the box". I can use the IR for the moving models ( 8 motors), switches for as many as I need PF for and then, if necessary, use my EV3 with touch sensors as on off switches utilizing the Mindstorm motors that I have. That should do it. I just completely ignored the possibility of mixed Mindstorm/PF environment. ColletArrow - It is a Blast Furnace and skip hoist, with associated Coke facility, Blower motor and hot air furnaces, a ore ship unloader (see my Hulett posts) a Bessemer furnace, Overhead crane, various conveyors. The Hulett and Overhead crane will use up the IR capabilities. Again Thanks to you all Ed
  7. I need more than 8 motors. The display is spaced over a 12 x 6 baseplate area. The biggest moving model has 4 motors. The rest are scattered over the area. I can use switches for some.
  8. Each IR receiver uses 4 frequencies,each receiver controls 2 motors. Is there any way to remotely control more motors in a model and stay completely Lego? I'm guessing I could add two powered up train motors and a controller, but I don't want to use short life batteries on a large display. I use rechargeable batteries always plugged in.
  9. is the first drawing program I really used - just fooled around with others. I share some of the frustrations of you with But as I progress with my first large documentation effort (model is already built) I find it easier and easier. Configuring some hot keys for menu selections really helps. I found out it enforces some good building practices which I had not been following. I'd suggest anybody starting out use rather than combining tools and having to learn two. Lack of complete manual hurts them. Starting with instruction maker was confusing, but not bad when you figure out the interactions and relationship to build drawings.
  10. knotian Noob Questions

    Adding to 1963maniac's advice - use task manager performance to see what is working while you render. Also which render and it's settings you use makes a huge difference.
  11. CorvusA Have you worked with It's linked to BrickLink and their prices are lower than Lego's.
  12. knotian

    New Kit Spoof Sorry ---but I just had to do it!
  13. Thanks for the reply's so far 'quality looks bad'......Can I have more info concerning this? I am using a low quality render while working to speed things up. 2
  14. If you have a second or two I'd like to get some comments on the start (draft of one small section) of an instruction set for a major build. My thoughts were to reduce the number of pages with the assumption that the builder would be experienced. Comments? Thanx , 2.pdf?dl=0 Ed