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    Hey everyone!

    Hey everyone, the name is Andrew. I've been building with LEGO products since I was young. Besides LEGO stuff, I do Archery, so some Archery elements my be included in some of my builds. I plan on uploading some MOCs that are Post-Apocalyptic, Steampunk, and Science-Fiction when my builds begin to look good once I can get more bricks and other pieces.
  2. Yzalirk

    Hey everyone!

  3. Yzalirk

    City Square

    Now that's a pretty nice build!
  4. Yzalirk

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks for the hospitality too, I'll try to get some of my creations up sometime in the near future.
  5. Yzalirk

    [MOC] Spaceship Prison Block Nr. 3

    This looks awesome! I especially like the look of the Cyborg.
  6. Yzalirk

    Windmill in the skies

    The creation is amazing but I find the minifig in it to be a little creepy looking.
  7. Yzalirk

    Purist steampunk minifigs!

    Awesome minifigs!
  8. Not much of a big Minecraft fan but those pieces, judging by the picture, some of those pieces could come in handy, like the 2x2 green flat piece with the single stud.
  9. Yzalirk

    [MOC] Steampunk walker

    Steampunk is one of my top 3 favorite genres and I love this creation, it looks awesome!
  10. Yzalirk

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks for the hospitality and I'll try to get some of my builds up here once I can get a good camera for it, so hopefully in the near future. As of now, though, I'll be trying to get some good deals off of Bricklink for parts I could use, mostly minifig parts. I'll also be trying to get some stuff from Brick Warriors and Brick Arms if possible.
  11. Yzalirk

    Decal Wish List

    I'm new here and I've seen a video about Waterslide Decal Paper for custom LEGO minifigs and if you want them "clear", do that method. And I believe where you want to color to match the torso, it would have to be white, if I understood correctly. So when you print the decal on the Wasterslide Decal Paper, white will come out clear. I also like this method because you can get minifigs to look like they actually were produced by LEGO. But about someone making your decal, I have no idea how to, sorry.