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Found 90 results

  1. Fabuland Elephant Sculpture

    Hello, I made a sculpture of the Fabuland Elephant figure. I have created instructions as well, which I was considering selling online for a small fee. Does anyone have experience of selling instructions online, and have any advice?
  2. Hi all :) I have these Fabuland items for anyone interested. What you see is what you get. William Walrus is unfortunately unable to stand and it's all wobbly. I will ship via tracked post with proper packing. I will trade with Technic parts, City sets or pretty much anything as a matter of fact. If you don't want to trade, you may through Paypal. Just make an offer :) Thanks for looking and have a nice summer! (Those who are on the northern part of our planet, others should enjoy the snow!)
  3. Many many years ago I enjoyed playing World of Warcraft for year or two. For some reason, every christmas, I get into my holiday spirit by thinking back on the cosy joy it was to wander around in WOW exploring and just enjoying the landscape. I so recall the first time I arrived at Ironforge, and that´s the reason it had to be part of my Cube layout project. I hope you like it. Grinding materials for leather skills: A place in WOW I used a lot of time, was at what I recall as a bay, where turtles were all over the place. They dropped a lot of usefull materials for either getting better at leatherworking skills, or could easily be sold at the auction house at Ironforge. This baylike area, led to several dungeons that were handy for getting experience points, and advance in the game. I sooo loved this area, and I can still get all relaxed thinking back on it. Running around, enjoying the music, just relaxing and not having to rush anything. Dungeon leading to Ironforge: Arriving at Ironforge: Ironforge is build into a huge mountain, surrounded by snow and forest. This were an ideal place to run around during christmas when no snow were outside. First sight: At Ironforge one would expect nothing less than drunk guards and huge statues. 3 more cubes for my Cube layout project: So, three more cubes have been added for the project, well actually its five, as two more cubes have been "landscaped" to make an "endcap" for the build. So, finally have an endcap ready. Now I can progress on all edges of the build, finally getting one full loop of tracks for the train to roll on. This is how it looks by now. Another great thing, is that Im finally ready to begin building on "top" of the whole of this area.The Doctor who and the "turtle bay". View of the Diablo cube next to Ironforge: I was really worried as how the Diablo cube would look next to the Ironforge cube. Turned out great ! Two studs width with some overhang made the transition work quite well. Now, the backside of Ironforge has not been finished yet. This build turned out soooo tricky, as I need a sort of three way effect, using the Diablo cube and this for sort of a camoflage to make the train run through. So as you might have noticed their is quite a few places where the rockwork ain´t top notch yet. But that´s yet another great thing about this project. I can fly between themes, building what I feel like, whenever I want to. Honestly though, I need a break from rockwork right now, this has teared me apart. Everytime I moved something a bit, the whole build moved in random directions, and it took Me forever to figure out, how to make it look "big" considering Its placed on a 34x34 stud base. But for now Im happy with how it turned out. On the backside of Ironforge im gonna build Stormwind, another great city of World Of Warcraft, using the backside of Ironforge as sort of a forced perspectiv, making up micro build skyes and towers ( I think, have only made a test build). But that´s the plan for now. On top of the diablo cube, Im planning a boss fight. I mean, what is Diablo without a boss fight. And I have a special one in mind ! Installments planned: Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - ( Can be found here ). Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - Small continuation - ( Planning ) Doctor Who - T.A.R.D.I.S train ( offcourse :P ) - ( Planning ) Fabuland - Fabuland settlement ( Building ) Matrix reloaded ( building ) Matrix revolutions ( planning - somewhat testing build ) Diablo - Part one - A shortcut to the black templars treasure - ( Can be found here ) World Of Warcraft - Arriving at Ironforge ( This one ) World Of Warcraft ( a collaboration of Diablo, Baldurs gate, World of warcraft ) - ( building ) War against the Cthoor. Call of Cthulhu. The LEGO movie. Please do leave comments and questions. And I hope you enjoyed the build. KlodsBrik
  4. Hidden entrance or just an old collapsed mountain side ? Don't take the rockwork here to serious as the top of this cube wont be finished till the surrounding cubes are done. Still the entrance is here ! Spider Attack !! No problem for a level 5 wizard ! Dead spiders equals loot ! The treaure ain't out of reach at all ! Diablo interface: Diablo cube - First installment: Again - The top of this cube still needs a lot of work. Will be done when I have the surrounding cubes at hand at somewhat fitted to this one. Now, I actually thought that this would have been the next finished installment of my Cube Layout Project: However, once I started to build the Diablo interface, I could'nt stop. I Really wanted to have the Diablo interface as my first installment for the Diablo, world of Warcraft and Baldurs gate installment's I have planned for this project. I also needed to know how many studs high it had to be, in order to fit the surrounding cubes with the track layout in order to make it all fit. Now, I dont even know what will be the next installment. My Cube layout project consist of cubes 34x34 studs. This in order to be able to put a baseplate on top and still have an one plate edge, in order to be economical with my bricks. Also it makes it quite easy to adjust hight of every cube as i move along with the project. Now a bit of what I have planned for, to have fun here, and getting back into building again. Installments planned: Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - ( Can be found here ). Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - Small continuation - ( Planning ) Doctor Who - T.A.R.D.I.S train ( offcourse :P ) - ( Planning ) Fabuland - Fabuland settlement ( Building ) Matrix reloaded ( building ) Matrix revolutions ( planning - somewhat testing build ) Diablo ( a collaboration of Diablo, Baldurs gate, World of warcraft ) - ( this one ) World of warcraft - Arriving at Ironforge ( Can be found here ) World of warcraft ( a collaboration of Diablo, Baldurs gate, World of warcraft ) - ( building ) War against the Cthoor. ( Planning ) Call of Cthulhu. The LEGO movie. Who know's what's next ? ! Hope you like it. KlodsBrik
  5. Doctor Who - Season 9 - Episode 12 - Hell Bent: This is Clara's T.A.R.D.I.S ( Well they sort of stole it from the Timelord's on Galifrey ). My first build since I had a fire way to close to me. I've just recently gotten back into building after having spend countless hours washing and cleaning my LEGO collection ( and im still not totally finished ). So this is the first installment of my project I like to call "Cube Layout project". This is all about having fun, and for me to get back into building. Before the fire I was caught up in a lot of other project's as i got my first LEGO train, so I never got to build a full layout. Now it's time for that ! Cube Layuot Project: All these cubes will fit together for a bigger layout being 34x34 studs. This will enable me to put a baseplate on top and have a 1 plate edge surrounding it in order to be economical with my brick usage. This is not the layout as planned. Just a collection of some of the cubes already buil't. Now a bit of what I have planned for to have fun here, and getting into building again. Installments planned: Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - ( This one ). Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - Small continuation - ( Planning ) Doctor Who - T.A.R.D.I.S train ( offcourse :P ) - ( Planning ) Fabuland - Fabuland settlement ( Building ) Matrix reloaded ( building ) Matrix revolutions ( planning - somewhat testing build ) Diablo - Part one - A shortcut to the black templars treasure - ( Can be found here ) World of warcraft - Arriving at Ironforge ( Can be found here ) World Of Warcraft ( a collaboration of Diablo, Baldurs gate, World of warcraft ) - ( building ) War against the Cthoor. Call of Cthulhu. The LEGO movie. Now, everything is up for change, as this is all about having fun. To me it's all about having a train layout finally, with some great looking surroundings. I will ad and rebuild every installment as i get further in the progress to fit everythig together. So this build is not yet finished. Now, i have a feeling that this will be the next finished build. So here's a teaser ... Where will this tunnel lead ? So glad to be back. KlodsBrik.
  6. This is my first MOC with colours, normally I build with white Lego but i got inspired from Carebear's Kitty Kat House. I wanted to combine the playfulness of Fabuland with some of the elegance from the modular houses and make a little scene. It was so much fun to build. I am happy for tips and critique. More pics on flickr: Edward Elephant’s House and the Car accident It was a beautiful day in Fabuland! Edward Elephant was working in the garden and his wife Lisa Lamb was hanging out the laundry. Lisa's old friend Boris Bulldog was trying to catch the rare Red spider that had been seen in the area for the first time in fifty years. The sun was shining and they were all happy as Edward's twin brother, Edward Fisherman, was going to visit them this afternoon. Suddendly, everybody heard a crash and a scream! Edward Fisherman: No, officer, I wasn't speeding! I was drivng slowly and then, BAAAM, this guy came out of nowhere. I had no chance to stop. Police officer: Inspector Dogge, did you find anything? Inspector Dogge: Yes, I have clear evidence that this is no random cosplayer. The shield is made of a Vibranium iron alloy and it can only be Captain America himself under that car. Police officer: Then I will not even file a report, nobody will come looking for him. Inspector Dogge: Are you crazy? They will send Black Widow and she's going to turn Fabuland upside down looking for Captain! Police officer: Haven't you heard? He's been a Hydra agent all the time! Nobody will miss him. Inspector Dogge: No, no, that was a joke! He is not Hydra and he is still everybody's hero. Police officer: A joke? But that is not fun at all! Inspector Dogge: No, I know, but those guys seem to like those kind of jokes. Later on Captain woke up and everybody continued their day in a happy mood. It’s Fabuland after all. One last pic from a bird’s perspective
  7. Hello again! In April, i presented to you my first moc. Since then, i managed to acquire some Fabuland parts, so i made some modifications. Here you go, hope you like it! (I am still an absolute beginner builder, just trying to build because i love Fabuland.) IMG_20160806_103110 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20160806_103252 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20160806_103324 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20160806_103350 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20160806_103402 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20160806_103228 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr Thanks for watching! Many thanks if you decide to add your opinion! More pics in my album.
  8. Hello! I do not have many bricks, because i am a minifig collector, but i love Fabuland- so i wanted to build something for Frank Fox (my Fabu SigFig/ mini- me). This is what i came up with. Planning to do more Fabuland. [I didn't make a MOC in the past few years. Some years ago i remember creating some kind of pirate ship, but other than that i only built stuff more than ten- fifteen years ago. When i was a child i mainly built spaceships.] IMG_20160401_110852 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20160401_110938 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20160401_111102 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr
  9. Diamonds got stolen from a jewelry. The thief got eventually caught, but he did not have the diamonds on him anymore. Who has the diamonds now? How did the thief pass them onto this person? Another short detective puzzle starring Detective Ed the Elephant.
  10. River Cottage

    RiverCottageFab on Flickr CloseUpOfRiverCottageFab on Flickr So I have been meaning to make something with my Fabuland for a while (its kinda sad not seeing any Fabuland activity on the boards) and I wanted to mess around with my new foliage pieces ... so ta da, I made River Cottage... hope you like :-)
  11. Three new puzzling riddles starring Edward the Elephant and other Fabuland characters DETEKTIVEd - The Riddle of Four Empty Mailboxes Which tenant was stealing the letters from the mailboxes? DETEKTIVEd - The Riddle of Phony Singer How did Ed find out that Mrs. Piggy's daughter is a liar? DETEKTIVEd - The Riddle of Hooligan Who Disappeared Where is the hooligan hiding and what little detail betrayed him?
  12. Who is the thief and what convicted him? Another puzzling riddle starring Edward the Elephant and other Fabuland characters
  13. Fabuland 3789 - new in box

    I have this brand new Fabuland box 3789 of 1984 and I would like to sell it. How much is this one worth? I have 2 of them, so 1 for me and 1 for sale.
  14. MOC: Ricky Raccoon's Truck

    Ricky Raccoon does plenty of odd-jobs around Fabuland town and his little truck takes him there with all the tools he needs. So, I just love the crate element. I love to use it in builds and when I got a lovely classic yellow one I just had to use it. The friendly yellow lent it towards Fabuland but I didn't want to lose it in a bigger vehicle and had envisioned it sitting above some little wheels. A lof of fiddling around later and I was happy. Thus this little truck was born
  15. FABULAND Castle

    Here are some pics from my FABULAND Castle display at Brickworld Ft. Wayne last weekend. I hope to continue to expand on this display for Chicago. It was amusing to me how many kids were offended or "creeped out" by the FABULAND figs. Or, as they put it, "those weird animal people." A slight majority of people wanted to know what it was. Sometimes they meant, "Where did the figures come from?" Some asked if they were Mega-Blok. But, I was surprised by how many people expected it to be something. And this is true of all displays I've brought to conventions. If it's not an instantly recognizable license or theme, people need to know what it is I'm representing. There's little room for new, imaginative creations in some people's world views. Well, enjoy and please feel free to leave feedback. Thanks.
  16. (Note to mods: please do not move this to the flicks sub-forum. This post is mainly about the scene stills and acknowledging people from this (Special LEGO Themes) forum. IT ALSO SERVES AS MY APPLICATION INTO FABULAND BUILDERS GUILD .Thank you.) I recently finished ' ', a Fabuland stop-motion film. Clocking at 13:13 and shot at 30 FPS, it is the longest AND that smoothest FABULAND stop-motion film out there right now.RIDDLETON is a patchwork of eight loosely intertwining riddles starring Edward the Elephant and other Fabuland characters. Each riddle can be solved on its own, but clues might be found in the other riddles as well. Will you find solution to all eight riddles? Animations accompanied by an eclectic mix spanning from classical music all the way to hip-hop and electronica. If you love FABULAND (or know anyone who is the fan of the theme), you ought to check it out: Importantly, visiting this specific sub-forum helped me a lot while designing the sets and during its making I adopted several designs I had seen around here as well. Here are several stills and acknowledgments from the film: I loosely adopted the original vitrage design by Ninja Nin: resurrected steampunk tractor by Sir Nadroj makes a cameo appearance, too! (Street design modified from LegoLyons' work) library shelves adopted from the original design by timmyc1983: iconic Fabuland pieces are subtly used throughout the whole film: DUPLO pieces can be quite useful, too: Shop at the Fab's - the ultimate Fabuland shopping mall! Are Gabriel the Gorilla's amps too loud? Will Catherine the Cat provide any clues ? (all lightning effects by JANSO clamp lamps from IKEA) the overall smooth feeling is supported using SNOT approach wherever possible: Thank you very much. Let's keep FABULAND alive and kicking.
  17. Windmill in the skies

    Gilbert Goat built his windmill on a large rock floating in the sky, so that he could catch more of the wind. He uses a balloon to travel up and down to the village when he needs to. I always wanted to try buiding a floating rock, and it was when I acquired a bunch of trans clear technic beams that I had the idea of trying to use them as water. The rock is quite large and heavy, and both times I've displayed this, everyone comments that they think it's going to fall over. During building it almost fell over several times as I figured out how to make it stable, but it's quite well anchered now, even though it tends to lean to one side, and changes what side it leans to when I put on or take off the windmill :P It's also funny how parents are terrified to let their kids touch it, unlike anything else I've ever displayed... The funny thing is you can actually push it a bit, and it will wobble a bit back and forth, but not fall over And a horizontal vertical () video of the windmill spinning: Sorry
  18. MOC : redux 341

    Hi everyone, here's my last creation I'd like to share. I got issues with the MocPagers website. Does everyone has too ? I tried to revisit the 341 in an updated style. For those who do not know about the original set, here is what it looks like :
  19. GARC 5 - Soleil Faburacer

    After travelling to space, the Fabulanders discovered GARC and quickly set out to build their own racer. Sponsored by local Fabuland salesmen, the racer is built and piloted by the Albatros brothers. Pilot flying in to pick up his navigator
  20. Description: Let Wilfred the Walrus introduce you to the WISP-3, hand-held instrument for water quality measurements of surface waters! Made for Dutch company Water Insight ( about their water quality scanner, the WISP-3.
  21. I have made some additions to my Fabuland village, and this is how I displayed it at my LUG's annual event (På Kloss Hold - PKH) last weekend. A little botanical garden. Narrow track train. Although I couldn't run it during the show, as it would just derail on the curves Still experementing a bit with the water techniques here. The windmill is supposed to run, eventually... More pictures on flickr, although most of them are from my previous time displaying it (but most of the buildings are the same as then).
  22. Im finally clearing out the last of my loose bits and pieces and have placed small lots starting from 1 CHF on ebay. Postage prices for larger items can be high but thats thanks to Swiss Post and not a profit from my side. Roamingstudio on ebay 4993 Creator Convertible Various Fabuland pieces RC Buggy Motor Kit (working) RC Buggy Motor Kit (working), sealed bags 9V Battery boxes (PP3) 5x PF-M Motor (sealed) - open to offers 5x PF-XL Motor (sealed) - open to offers Lonely old 4.5V motor Train Related Red Train Fronts / 2924a Red Train Front / 2924b Yellow sliding Doors Type 1 White sliding doors Type 1 Light Grey Sliding doors Type 2 Light Grey Windows 1x2x2 (from set 7740) Dark Grey Platforms / Raised Baseplates Old white windows with trans-blue glass Old white train windows Old black train windows Old black train doors Dark Red Pantograph with 2 fingers Crane Grab from 4555 / 4549 Girders to make train bridge (4) Girders to make train bridge (4) Girders to make train bridge (4) Boat related Brown boat rigging Black boat rigging White boat mast (from 4030) Red boat masts (like from 4030) Black boat masts (like from 4030) Misc Decorated white tiles (misc lot) Red vehicle suspension / springs from 4525 If anyone wants to make a job lot offer on some or all items please send me a PM.
  23. This is my finished layout for Brickvention 2014, a lego convention that took place in Melbourne, Australia in the middle of Jan. Fabuland figures were a big fixture of my childhood (my sister had them), as was The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Mashing up the two themes was a huge nostalgia trip for me. You could tell all the children of the 70’s at the convention open days, cause they seemed enchanted by the distinctive anthropomorphic figures as well! I had a full interior for the upper burrow and a partial cutaway interior for the lower right hand one as well. In addition, this was my first power functions moc, with a switch at the back making the sails on the windmill turn. There is a short video showing the windmill turning on my Flickr, for those who are interested. Some of the figures were hand painted to fit the Hobbit theme better, wheras i made others little vests and dresses out of fabric. The difference in treatment was because half of the Fabuland figs came from my partner's old childhood lego box - i wasn't going to paint on them! Gandalf also had his own robe/cloak made of leather and was topped by the official Gandalf hat, stuck on by a piece of Blu-tack. A photo from my table at Brickvention. You might notice the lack of the small tree on top of the hill - that was a post-convention addition. (As was the swan and ducks) The ineriors seen from the back right-hand corner, (removing that module for better light) I've already been taken to task about how Tolkein specifically said that hobbit burrows were all build on one level; but then hobbits didn't have animal heads in the text either so whatevs. (Plus i ran out of brown bricks for the sides and i really wanted to add a larder!) Bottom burrow - this cutaway was added late in the build, a great idea by Flickr user E.B. so thanks for that mate! It was quite hard to see the detail inside unless i pull the front wall away as i've done here. The button is for a light brick in the fireplace, but sadly it didn't turn out as bright as i would have liked. I was lucky enough at Brickvention to win a commendation from the judges, which was pretty cool! (The prize was the Mini-modulars set, which is a super sweet build btw - now i want to complete it by building the 4 most recent models... ) Thanks for looking peeps! I hope you have enjoyed my build - c&c welcome of course!
  24. I have a few extra Fabuland Figs. In trade, I'll accept s10 and s11 figs with accessories, but that's really all I need right now. Some of these are quite beat up, trust the photos! Click each image large size, what you see is what you are getting and they are all priced according to quality. Lamb $1, Panda: $1; Bunny: $1.50, Gator: $1; Mouse: $1 Dog $2; Raccoon $2.50; Bunny $2; Pig $3; Elephant $4 [Monkey $3;] Bear $2.50; Mickey Mouse $4 Brickwarriors I accidentally bought some extra parts so I'm looking to sell or trade these. All items are NEW but I did remove them from the sprues. Wings: $1/pair Masks: $1.25/each (1 available) Traps: $1/each (1 available) Tail: $0.25 WANTS Rose Grapes Anything Jester Anything from Post-Apoc and Modern Shipping in the USA will start at $2, outside the USA will be more but depends on the country. I don't charge any fees on shipping.
  25. MOC: Faboo GTS

    Hi there! Here's a little thing I originally intended to get done for the FABULAND Vehicle Contest here on EB, but seeing as the voting thread closed on April 17th, I'm a little late to the party... I realised quite early I wouldn't be able to finish it in time, so I didn't rush it, and I have only now been able to snap some proper pictures of it. This is the Faboo GTS, a muscle car with the classic twin white stripes. It features custom chromed wheels (from ChromeBricks) and seats a FABULAND figure without problems - in this case, the FABUfied version of my own s(t)igfig. And it's basically a scaled-up version of the type of car I normally build. I enjoyed building on a slightly different scale for a change - even if it's not very different. The doors are old - I ordered several to be sure I had a pair that wouldn't look too worn - and the black stripe along the bottom is a cutoff from an official LEGO sticker sheet. I hope you like it. Here, have some pictures! Some say his face resembles a BIONICLE mask, and that his bone structure is built from Modulex. All we know is... And remember to stop and smell the flowers. Although... some say he has no sense of smell... Thanks for taking the time to look at this! There's a few more pictures in my Flickr stream, if you're interested.