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  1. @ixodie - You can find the file here on 9v system's bricksafe page: @9v system - Thanks a lot for the file and uploading it - I found it very useful in seeing the other sides of the module and where some parts go. When I ran this module, I found one of the 1x2 thin liftarms was pulled off easily. I would suggest using different parts on step 26 - a technic pin with tow ball (part 6628) and a 1x2 thick liftarm with pin hole and axle hole (part 60483). It does the same job
  2. slopemodified

    [MOC] 21307 Caterham Seven 620R - Microscale

    Very cool! I remember seeing this on The Brothers Brick. Congratulations!
  3. slopemodified

    Aussie sales! Share the news of LOCAL sales!

    Target has Series 18 CMFs available for $4 each. Toys R Us has CMFs on offer: 2 for $8. Until April 16 I believe. I could only find Ninjago, TLBM Series 1 & 2 at Morley, WA
  4. slopemodified

    Return of the X-Files

    Welcome to an adventure of investigating the paranormal and alien conspiracies with The X-Files! With the return of The X-Files TV show for its eleventh season, I decided to post up my version of Agent Mulder's office. The X-Files - Mulder's Office by brickmodified, on Flickr Please note that the minifigures are custom-printed LEGO minifigures, as well as certain tiles (some are stickers, some are custom-printed). Many thanks to Brent Waller for the minifigures and accessories. They can be purchased at Thanks also to Chrome Block City for their quality custom chromed parts. X-Files - Flukeworm by brickmodified, on Flickr
  5. slopemodified

    Return of the X-Files

    Thanks Fred! I went over some of the early episodes to get ideas on what to put in the office - a good excuse to watch them again! The minifigures are custom printed and the poster is a sticker designed and made by Brent Waller, so you may want to ask him. They are available at Citizen Brick also make a set of figures, with a poster too, although with CB's humor Thank you!
  6. slopemodified

    [MOC] Modular Florentine Steakhouse & Butchery

    A great-looking modular build. I agree with the others about the butcher's - it looks good just by itself! I'm starting to feel hungry... :) Interesting to put a scooter on the wall!
  7. slopemodified

    [MOC] Lego Mtron monowheel (duel diskcycle)

    That's a rather unique build. Are those 1x10 dishes? Maybe try getting some in trans-neon green? I'm wondering how would M-Tron guy dismount his vehicle...
  8. slopemodified

    Space Police 3 Hoverbike

    Very cool looking! I'd like to try replicating your hoverbike :)
  9. slopemodified

    [MOC] Komodo Heavy Dropship

    Very cool. Lots of weird angles all over the place. I imagine this is from a world where there are multiple military factions locked in conflict. Are the propulsors meant to be the main engines, and the propellors kick in when it needs the extra lift for heavy cargo?
  10. slopemodified

    [MOC] Modular: Town Hardware

    Very nice work - I see you're quite a seasoned modular builder. I like how the products are arranged on the shelves. I love looking at the at the tools on the wall. I'd like to use some of these techniques in a future build... How did it go in deciding what would fit in the store and what had to be left out?
  11. slopemodified

    Legs for Santa

    That's a good choice - I think Captain Hook's legs work pretty well. Clara Oswald's legs (Doctor Who) might also work, but it has a plaid pattern on it.
  12. slopemodified

    [MOC] Optimus Prime The Last Knight

    Thank you for your reply. I would like to try that one day!
  13. slopemodified

    Aussie sales! Share the news of LOCAL sales!

    Thanks for your reply. I checked out my nearest Target - the one box they had there had been pillaged. I saw they were bringing out the big TLBM Batmobile to put on the shelf.
  14. slopemodified

    [MOC] Optimus Prime The Last Knight

    This is a great MOC! Lots of cool poses with the joint pieces. Interesting codpiece he's got ;) I'm interested in how to start a MOC like this too. Alanyuppie - how do you design your models? Do you take a transformers toy and try to replicate it from that?
  15. slopemodified

    Aussie sales! Share the news of LOCAL sales!

    Does anyone know if the 20% off at Myer or Target applies to collectible minifigures? The catalogue has picture of the Series 17 but I'm not sure. It also doesn't mention the price. Are they really $6 RRP now?
  16. slopemodified

    Which Comic Do You Read?

    Catwoman: No Easy Way Down, by Ed Brubaker. A great Batman-offshoot series that delves in a complex and unlikely heroine, exploring her history and motivations. Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, recently read book 5 and 6. Love the space opera style. Great characters with depth, interesting themes of family and social commentary. Lazarus, by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark. Just finished book 1 - great dystopian premise; full of deceit, betrayal, and mistrust; most of the characters are so willing to backstab each other, and yet I root for the main character who is a genetically modified killing machine. Looking forward to continuing this series. East of West, by Jonathan Hickman. Set in an alternate dystopian version of the United States, where the Civil War never really ended. Multiple factions are set on a collision course for another war - a coincidental and chilling parallel given the current political climate. Interesting personification of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - not sure I understand these characters yet.
  17. slopemodified

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. Robert's portrayal of Sherlock is impressive - his witty and methodical nature, his ability to anticipate just about anything looks taken to extremes! But when he and Watson talk, many of the references went whoosh! (straight over my head). I'll add that to my list!
  18. slopemodified

    Aussie sales! Share the news of LOCAL sales!

    Have the Series 17 Minifigures been released in Australia yet?
  19. slopemodified

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Yeah I was getting plenty of Alien vibes while watching. I guess it goes to show star power does not necessarily mean a great movie.
  20. slopemodified

    What are you reading?

    I'm becoming a fan of Michael Connelly's novels - first got hooked by the Bosch TV series, and that led to reading Echo Park and City of Bones. The Harry Bosch character is intriguing. I found the books are an easy read and quick to get through, although I may be biased! Oh dear. I've wanted to start on LotR for ages, but this might put me off. I think I've been subconsciously afraid of over elaborated writing styles! I've not even considered reading anything by George R. R. Martin yet.
  21. slopemodified

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Life - an entertaining flick, although I had to suspend disbelief for some of the creative liberties taken with the science... Gone Girl - a well-crafted piece of storytelling with two great lead actors, and profound social commentary
  22. slopemodified

    Aussie sales! Share the news of LOCAL sales!

    In case you haven't heard, Target has discounted Assault on Hoth and the Classic Batman Batcave 50% off to $200 each - quite the deal! Congrats if you scored them! Target is also having 20% off LEGO, all sets and themes I think. Found a box of collectible minifigs and scored a full set at $4 each!
  23. slopemodified

    Aussie sales! Share the news of LOCAL sales!

    The Laygo shop in Adelaide apparently has a good PaB wall
  24. slopemodified

    Aussie sales! Share the news of LOCAL sales!

    Umm okay... Not to digress too much, but isn't this whole topic filled with semi-unsubstantiated claims? I trust that what people say is on sale, is genuine and true. Often the info isn't backed up either. Anyway, today I saw at Myer they have $15 off for every $75 purchase. No dates or specifics given on how long the promo lasts. I was trying to get more Batman minifigs (with the aid of gift card), but was surprised to see that 3 boxes had sold out since the weekend! I did not expect them to sell out so fast at $5.95 each. So I went to Kmart instead, who had plenty of them for $5. Is this how much your Kmart sells them for?
  25. slopemodified

    Christmas MOCs

    Christmas Greetings! Hope you enjoyed receiving and giving presents this year. Merry Christmas by brickmodified, on Flickr Thanks to Firas Abu-Jaber for the tree design. Custom Christmas baubles are from Citizen Brick Now that all the presents have been delivered, Santa deserves a holiday! Santa's holiday by brickmodified, on Flickr