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Found 8 results

  1. Always wanted steering in the Caterham Ideas set, so yesterday i did it. It if fully connected to the steering wheel. Fenders do steer as well, but they sit a bit high at the moment Wheels are temporary and will be replaced with the new 49.5x14 soon. Also the dashboard, nose and trunk lid are now more securely attached. Video -> ->
  2. Hi everyone, I'm happy to share with you my very first alternate build. Previously, I tried to replicate Professor's awesome Porsche MOC, but the photo-based instructions was a bit hard for me to follow. So I decided to go on my own and make something else. So I tried out a Caterham Seven. Various models seem to exist, but I got this 3D model as an example. Without further ado, here come the pictures! As this was very new to me, I kind of improvised. The key thing here was to be able to design the shape of the hood, so I came up with the following technique. Viewed from above, it all fits well together: The rest of the build went pretty well and I used almost all of the green parts of the original set to polish the details. For the interior, I couldn't use the Mini's steering wheel as it was WAY too large: Two side shots to finish this presentation: I hope you enjoyed the ride! Feel free to give me your feedback! Cheers!
  3. Late January, brickset launched a competition for the 60th anniversary of the Lego brick. I initially didn't plan on entering, but, having built two tiny construction vehicles during the same period, I decided to finally try something when I saw they posted a reminder, a bit over a week before the end. So I had a bit more than a week to build something. I chose the Caterham because : -It hadn't been done before at this scale -It's an excellent set, and therefore a good example of what can be achieved with Lego bricks -I thought this part would be perfect for the hood However, I quickly scrapped the idea of using a CCBS shell for the hood, I couldn't integrate it properly in the rest of the MOC. After that, I've spent days and days rebuilding the car to get accurate proportions (at one point, it looked like this - the front was clearly too wide), almost until the very end. The most difficult part was to find a way to connect the two fender parts together (which I haven't been able to do, actually). In the end, the MOC looks like this : There are a lot of fragile connections, and because of that, I wasn't expecting to win at all... but I did. Some people were even interested in building their own copy of the MOC, which is now possible thanks to @DanSto, who created building instructions of the MOC. You can get the PDF here, and obtain a parts list from the Mecabricks page of the model (click on the Inventory tab).
  4. Zetroc

    [MOC] Lotus/Caterham 7 (mini)

    A Lotus/Caterham 7, inspired by MOCs seen elsewhere. I think a minifig can be squeezed into the cockpit but I haven't built it yet. LDD file at my Bricksafe page.
  5. I was excited when Carl Greatrix' Caterham Seven was selected by Lego Ideas to become a set, and have been patiently awaiting its release. While there are many aspects of the model that are really great — all printed parts with no stickers, amazing detail in the engine bay, clever building techniques, and a great colour scheme — I have to say I felt a bit underwhelmed with the completed build. The designers seem to have sacrificed overall proportions in some areas for structural rigidity and sturdiness, and yet despite this many parts remain quite flimsy. However, with a bit of effort and some spare parts it isn't too hard to correct the flimsy bits and improve the proportions with no significant loss of sturdiness. This thread is to assist anyone who may also be less than entirely satisfied with the official build, and would like a few tips on how to improve their model. Here is a list of improvements featured in the above revised model: Reduced colour barf throughout the model's interior Front axle and fenders widened by one stud Nose section locked in place more securely Removed ugly underside front rail to nose transition Lowered overall height of the bonnet by one plate Dashboard redesigned and connected more securely Secured forward connection of the side exhaust Filled in gap between the bonnet and dashboard Replaced seats with design matching prototype version Reduced gaps between the rear wheel arches and wheels The end result is, I think, a better looking and sturdier model that I am much more satisfied with, and one which I am very pleased to display on my shelf. Below is a link to the LDraw instruction file for anyone interested in modifying their set to this version. DOWNLOAD LINK
  6. I guess this set is as close to Model Team as it gets nowadays, so it belongs in this forum. If I'm wrong, please move the topic. Pros: - great-looking and instantly recognizable - printed pieces instead of stickers ensure higher, lasting quality and cleaner looks - great amount authentic details, especially in the engine bay and engine itself - demonstrates extremely creative building techniques; building it is a great lesson - a whole lot of new pieces and pieces in new colors - big bunch of spare pieces - appears big enough to be motorized - enough room for 2 hamsters Cons: - less details than the original Lego Ideas project and no steering - very limited playability, hardly a play model - some parts are pretty flimsy (but the model is quite robust overall) - the wheels look slightly wrong - can be challenging to build due to complex techniques it relies on - yet another set that could really use chromed pieces instead of light bluish gray
  7. Hey all, I have made Sheepo's mustang after seeing him at lego fan weekend in 2013. But although it is just superb in almost every way i wanted to make it faster. So i just kept the body and made a new chassis for the mustang. After i saw how well it performed with the powerfull motors, i decided to do the same with the caterham. This was much simpler because the body is the chassis here, so i just had to build the body and put the units in. On the mustang i putted wheels from the sunset cruiser and the super seven is sitting on the red tires you could buy with the dirt crusher. Both are doing around 25km/h which i think is not bad for these huge cars. Here is the photoset: Thanks to Sheepo for making such nicely styled bodies which are Just the right scale for these motors Tibivi Ps: The caterham is not yet finished, it neds some details like a dash and seats. Also some hoses are still on there way.
  8. I have the pleasure to present you my latest moc. The Caterhan Seven (also called Caterham 7) is the present version of the original Lotus Seven (or Lotus 7) designed by Colin Champan in 1957. This car is very famous because it is extremly ligth, and it has outstanding dinamic specs, which make this car perfect for its use in competition and track days. The original: This creation is made in scale 1:7. Thus remains in 29 studs wide, 56 of length and 20 fo high(23x45x16cm). The weigth is 2.2kgs. It has around 2500 parts. As all my MOCs, this includes some remote controlled functions: - Steering (PF M motor) - Drive (PF 2XL motors) - Sequential 5+R speeds gearbox (PF Servo motor) - Disc brakes (PF M motor) This car arrives with a 5+R speeds version of the all-new 3th generation of my sequential gearboxes. The new generation is even more compact and reliable. Of course it has auto.clutch It has a gear indicator in the cabin. Just behind the seats, over the rear axle are the battery and the drive motors (2XL) The Seven design is based in a tubular unibody frame with double wishbone front independent suspension and DeDion rear live axle. The front axle is double wishbone type with caster angle, camber angle and ackerman steering. The original Lotus 7 had a typical rear live axle, and the newest and powerfull version has independent suspension , but the most common rear axle is the DeDion axle. Like the real one, this creation has rear 3-links DeDion axle(you can see it in more detail in the video) The "most wanted" picture. This creationa also has working brakes in all wheels(the same brakes used in my Land-Rover) Like the real Seven, this creation mantains the unibody frame. Also to reduce the weigth, the frame and the bodywork are the same thing. The yellow liftarms in both sides of the car are the bodywork, but at the same time are the frame of the car. This picture shows how the structure is made As always a little video: For more info and pictures you can visit Fernando