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Found 4 results

  1. FTG Prime

    [MOD] Red Five 9493

    Hello everyone here´s a project that took a while but it´s finally here´s Luke´s personal X-Wing based after the 9493 set As you can see a lot has changed since it was 9493, i tried to get the most accurate color scheme to Luke´s Red Five, i couldn´t make all the details on this scale so i had to paint the blue lines on the blasters & the gray line next to the tan one on the nose. Some of the most hevy MODs are located on the cockpit so let´s go there This is how all started i wanted to get a nicer cockpit so i did a nicer looking seat,a place to hold the light saber and some other controls. One of the sections i´m the most proud of is this,one of the things that always bother me on 9493 was that R2-D2 was in a vertical position instead of a horizontal one so i changed that and i heavely moded the greebles to be more accurate over all. Here´s a look on the back, it looks way nicer and accurate IMO (i originally had a Technic disk instead of that black nob but it was really hard to lock the S-Foils so i used the black nob instead) Here´s a look at the other side as the color scheme changes. I also added an UCS style base for display Here´s the X-Wing on all it´s glory. Thanks for taking the time for reading this i hope you like this thing as much as i do. I´ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have. Hope you have a fantastic day !! -Prime
  2. Hello everyone ! I am very excited to show you a MOC that i've been working for a while and that i really wanted to show you, my new and improved X-Wing. Now i know there's been a... X-Wing fattigue (for lack of a better term) here, and with such great models as Inthert's or Maciej Szymansk's, i knew i had to live up to those standards, weather or not i did it's up to you, so since i knew i couldn't do this alone so i asked for help from LiLmeFromDaFuture, Kit Bricksto and Inthert to help me out with this model, the result.. what i consider a decent (at best) representation of the iconic ship. Now, my main goals with this was to use the new windshield piece and to make it look organic into the model itself, i also wanted to give the nose a nicer/smoother look and to give it that nice angle from the nose to the windshield, to keep it as smooth as posible (since i prefer that style of builds), give it the right proportions, keep it minifig scale and to give it the hexagonal shape that the X-Wing it's known for. My all time favorite color scheme for the X-Wing is Luke's so i wanted to get as close as i could to that specific set of colors with my model and throwing some random tan & light bluish gray, some old darker and slightly discoloured pieces,along with newer ones to show wear One mayor thing that was missing from my previous one was a proper targeting monitor, so i made sure to include it this time around, one thing that's easier to note in this pic is the fact that i tried to hide the technic as much as i could, it aint perfect yet but it does the job for the time being. One big improvement was the back of the fighter, you can see that the main body looks waaay better now and i added some extra greebles there just for the heck of it. And one of the sections i'm the most happiest of it were the 2x2 round brick/mechanism activator is, i used hinge bricks and plates along with tiles to give it that nice outline on the back while keeping the shape, that's an idea that Kit and Inthert gave me and i cannot thank them enought for that. I think this picture (the trench run pic as i like to call it) shows the new nose in all it's glory. And that's pretty much it guys thanks for taking the time to read this, oh wait there's more actually heh, the last time i uploaded a X-Wing quite some people wanted instructions for it, but i didn't make any because that model wasn't the most stable, however i designed this one to be quite sturdy (it's not as solid as a LEGO set but it should do, it's ment to be a display piece anyways) so i'm very happy to announce that for anyone that woul like to build this... well now you can, i made a full PDF file with the actual instructions and some further stuff you need to know about this. The X-Wing that's on those instructions is a blank looking one (what i mean by that it's that it's mostly if not fully white and with complete red marks) so you can come up with your own color scheme, it can be a Black X-Wing, a member of the Rogue Squadron or even one of the new cool gray X-Wing squads that will be on Rogue One the choice is up to you. Because it took quite a while to develop this unfortunally the instructions do have a cost they're only $6.50, this can help me develop and fund more awesome builds like this but i'm willing to lower the price if i see that enought of you think it's too high. You can find the instructions here: And they will be on the Bricklink MOC page soon ! (i'll post the link when they go up) Sorry for that huge plug, and thanks again for taking the time to read this, i hope you all like this as much as i do, and huuuugee thanks to Kit,LiL & Inthert for their help Have a great day and May the force be with you ! -Prime
  3. FTG Prime

    9493 Heavy MODS-W.I.P

    Hello everyone!!. So i´ve been an X-Wing fanatic since i was 5. And when i got my 9493 about 3 years ago i was pretty happy,but since i bought it something felt wrong. I started doing Mods when we first saw 75102,one mod lead to another and well here it is thus far. I did Luke´s X-Wing since his color scheme it´s my favorite,also some mods are not my ideas i took a lot of inspiration from marchetti36´s X-Wing so credit to him.I won´t use this background since i don´t like it,i´ll take proper photos when it´s finished. So most of what i´ve done are color changes(some of the pieces here are temporary,and will be changed) and some other one´s for example it has the structural changes to use 75102 Windshield. This color scheme is based after several models that seem accurate to the Movie-Prop.Unfortunally i wasn´t abble to brick-built the gray line next to the Tan marks,if i found a way to use bricks there i´ll use that but for now it´s painted :/ The cocpit has been modified to look a bit more accurate,it has more controls & a control stick,also has storage for the lightsaber hilt. The back was one of the ugliest parts IMO so i cover the Technic holes(in a pretty cheap way) and made the back of the main body accurate,The mechanism is fully functional. The R2 unit now sits horizontally !! Also re-did the greeble( i didn´t knew you could fit a stud beetween two hinge bricks). That´s the reference photo i used for the greeble. Here´s a Break-down of how i did the greeble for those of you that want to built it. And i added an UCS style stand. Hope you like the MOD´s so far,i´ll be updating this topic everytime i do some progress so stay tuned. If you have any suggestion i´ll be happy to hear it. Regards. -Prime.
  4. Apologies to Nuukeer whose artwork I have mutilated for the background. Thirteen years ago, The LEGO Group amazed everyone by releasing a Star Wars set that was clearly aimed solely at adults. 7191 X-Wing Fighter was a large-scale, accurate representation of the iconic X-Wing, and introduced to the unsuspecting world the concept of Ultimate Collector Series models - large, complicated builds, with interesting techniques and (often) parts, all with oodles of AFOL appeal. The original 7191 - with its sister 7181 Tie Interceptor - might have been seen as an experiment; years have passed, and the UCS title has (officially) disappeared, but it appears the experiment was a success and the concept lives on. Since then, we've seen most of the more famous SW vehicles released in UCS format, but it has been a long time since an X-Wing has been available at this scale without resorting to extortionate aftermarket prices. If you missed the first one, you need fret no longer: there's a new, updated version. I'm therefore proud to present a Eurobricks early review of 10240 Red Five X-Wing Starfighter. Obviously we are keen to see how the new set shapes up, but I'll also concentrate on how she compares to her thirteen-year-old ancestor: to see if owners of the original 7191 might be tempted to shell out for the new version. In honour of this occasion, I've made a new, detailed review of the older one: read 7191 UCS X-Wing Fighter here. 7191 was a great set, but it had a few flaws. The principal ones are these: the wing attachments were weak, and there were a large numbers of STickers Across Multiple Pieces (STAMPs). Let's see how the new one deal with these issues, and also if newly-available parts have improved the overall shape. A huge thank you once again to The LEGO Group for providing this set for early review! Review: 10240 Red Five X-Wing Starfighter Set Information Name: Red Five X-Wing Starfighter Number: 10240 Theme: Star Wars Original Trilogy / Exlusives / Hard to Find Release: 3 May 2013 Parts: 1558 (Press release) 1559 (Shop@Home) Figures: 1 Price: GB £169.99 | US $199.99 | EUR 199.99 (Ger) | AU $279.99 | CA $249.99 | DKK 1699.00 Links ... LEGO Press Release ... Shop@Home ... Brickset ... Bricklink ... Peeron The Box Click the picture for a larger full-frontal image The 2013 Star Wars box art has a smart, attractive green tinge to the banner, matching action-Yoda's lightsaber. Recent years have seen a uniform banner for all Star WarsTM merchandise - LEGO or otherwise; it doesn't necessarily match the model in question. Action-Yoda appears only in the prequel episodes II and III; the X-Wing is very much an Original Trilogy set. Moreover, Luke's Red Five X-Wing doesn't go anywhere near the Death Star II pictured in the background; as I recall, we don't see her after Bespin in The Empire Strikes back. Questionable canon aside, I like the picture: the ship stands out nicely against the dramatic backdrop. The size of the banner (or perhaps of the box) has, however, necessitated the loss of the lower starboard laser to box oblivion. A small inset - also picked out tastefully in green - gives us an idea of the final size of the model. Around the back, we are treated to the X-Wing in display mode, replete with stand and diminutinve R2-D2, on what might possibly be a Bespin landing platform. Click the picture for a larger image Insets show the ship in her most famous role - dodging laser fire in the Death Star trench - and remind us how Luke's Red Five was responsible for the DS's destruction via physics-defying torpedoes. Further insets demonstrate the opening cockpit and wings, and small images show the ship in 'flight mode', with wings closed. The overall effect is neat but a little fussy: I'm not keen on the step between the main image border and the 'torpedo' inset, which exists only to accommodate the set number. Both sides are identical, with the exception of the 'LEGO Club' logo on the right-hand side; I wonder how necessary this is on an adult-orientated set, but I guess AFOLs have a reasonable chance of having KFOL kids! You may be pleased to see that the box opens via flaps, with no box-destruction required, and allowing easy storage for a highly collectable set. Scale is provided on the box top by the image of '1:1' R2-D2, but as he is rather lost in the model itself, the X-Wing's size information is repeated here: The bottom teaches us to say 'Small Parts' in innumerable languages, which I suppose might be useful. I was a little surprised by how big the box isn't: Measuring W 578 mm x H 371 mm x D 82 mm, it's roughly the same width as 7191, but some six centimetres shorter and only a centimetre deeper; she feels much smaller, if that makes any sense. The weight is similar: 2255 grammes compared to 7191's 2204, and there are 250 more pieces. Presumably this represents TLG's move to more environmentally-friendly packaging; we'll have to see if the larger part count translates to an 'improved' model. The Instructions You'll be pleased to see that the instructions and stickers are wrapped separately, and cardboard-backed. Three booklets are contained therein: All have the same cover image; book 3's cover is noticeably lower quality. Advertisements for the LEGO Club and the LEGO Star Wars site adorn the rear of two of them; I'll give you one guess what's on the back of the third. The dimensions of the booklet allow for a slightly larger picture of the X-Wing than the box front affords: We therefore haven't lost quite so much of the lower starboard laser. Inside, we are treated to a whole two pages showing the modular construction; the first is shown here: Here we get a little sneak preview of how the wing-opening mechanism will be achieved. I was surprised to see that the stand is built in module 6, rather than at the end as in most UCS sets. The rather bland grey-brown background persists throughout all the instruction steps: Part call-outs and sub-builds are demonstrated clearly; a quick glance suggest there won't be any issues with colour-differentiation; but when I came to build, I did encouter a little difficulty distinguishing between dark tan and light bluish-grey in artificial light. I quickly spotted the error. Insets depicting the set's principal features are repeated from the box back at the end of manual three: Click the picture for a larger image Owners of 7191 will recognise the design of the rear-end knob which opens the wings. Immediately before this is found the set's inventory, spread over three pages; see them here: Page 1, Page 2, and Page 3. The inside rear cover of manual one advertises the extensive Summer 2013 Star Wars range: I was a little disappointed to find out that we've seen all these already. I'm no Clone Wars fan, but I love that Mando Speeder. DSS There are two separate sticker sheets; the smaller sports the complex decals for the cockpit: I was fortunate to receive two of these, so I have a backup for when I screw it up. On the larger sheet are found the display plaque decal, and some detail for the wings, complete with 'battle scars', in addition to a few smaller features. Click the picture for a larger image with correct orientation It is far less complicated than the rather daunting sheet from 7191, though I'm a little disappointed to see that - it seems - the control panel and targeting computer will be stickered. End of Part One Introduction | Parts | Build | Complete Set | Wings Open | 10240 vs 7191 | Conclusion