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  1. Chromide

    [MOC][Instructions] DP-20 Frigate

    Looks amazing, great job!
  2. Picked up 75258 Anakin's Podracer for half off.
  3. I got 40362 Battle of Endor microbuild and also 75532 Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike.
  4. Got 10236 Ewok Village for 180 dollars USD.
  5. I finally received the 75244 Tantive IV, $100 new in box (damaged box was why it was so cheap). I had gotten it over a month ago but eBay kept giving me an error where it wouldn't let me pay, so me and the seller worked it out so that I paid through PayPal, the payment went through and I got it today in the mail.
  6. I really like that new red Y-Wing, I liked the red version from the clone wars but obviously we will never get that, so this is nice to have instead.
  7. Chromide

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    I don't think it should take a break either. It sells well. I am tired of all the remakes as well though. I'd have liked to see how Lego Star Wars went if Disney had not bought Star Wars and ruined it. Perhaps we would have had more Old Republic-era things, as well as sets based off of the prequels more often and the continuation of the Clone Wars, of course.
  8. 75045 Republic AV-7 Cannon for 50 dollars.
  9. Chromide

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Yeah I'd love to see that as well, however I don't think they will ever revisit that series. Only one set has been made from that series, unfortunately. I bought myself a custom Lego Durge minifigure off eBay, I think there are still some available.
  10. Have you read the 'Legends' novels? If you haven't, I'd recommend them. They have a much better story in general, imo.
  11. Received 75159 Death Star for $196.69, partially new and sealed, partially built. I have to go through and count the bags that were opened, but a great deal even if some pieces are missing (all figures appear to be there).
  12. I see no reason why not to give us a 501st battle pack, or galactic marines, or whatever. It's much better than another stupid battle pack with officer and technician figures.
  13. I personally just try and collect all the sets, because I am a completionist. That being said I do not enjoy the Disney Star Wars era at all.