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  1. Oh that's really cool, nice! This set definitely needs a remake. I was one of those who wished this recent Slave I was Jango's as well...
  2. Chromide

    [MOC] Another AT-AT

    Looks incredible!
  3. Finally found a deal on 7153 Jango Fett's Slave I, still in sealed bags but no box. Really excited for this one.
  4. I wonder why they were selling it as without minifigs then? Great deal though!
  5. I like the teal and pink version of the Tantive, looks pretty cool. Nice MOCs!
  6. Chromide

    MOC First Order Assault Walker

    Awesome! How many pieces, roughly?
  7. Got 10129 Snowspeeder UCS for 186 dollars, sealed in box. Ridiculous....
  8. I always find the best deals on there. It's more reliable than local thrift stores though you can find better deals at those, just not as often. I look at craigslist and FB marketplace sometimes too but never any purchases. Speaking of eBay I just picked up a 4479 Tie Bomber, still unopened, for only 40 dollars, though the box is a little dented. Amazing deal even for this set in a used condition though, so new is absurd.
  9. I best offered an auction listing on eBay that was starting at 10 dollars for 30 dollars, plus shipping it was 37. I find a lot of deals that way haha.
  10. Chromide

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    There's also a Darth Vader next to him too, so those may just be prototypes or something, not actual forthcoming sets.
  11. Oof. I just picked up 75240 Major Vonreg's Tie Interceptor for 37 US dollars.
  12. Oh OK. How much did you get 10030 and 10018 for?
  13. Chromide

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Here's a cool custom Wat Tambor minifigure I got on bricklink:
  14. Chromide

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Are you subscribed to the 2019 set discussion? As far as I know that would be the place it would be talked about....