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  1. Very cool! Congratulations to both you and CaDa.
  2. It doesn't mean anything, it happens sometimes with custom parts imported into which internally contain subparts.
  3. Thanks. I guess you're saying this mean a Buwizz motor would work on the Cada battery? At the same speed?
  4. From;
  5. Does anybody know how to get a new Cada white top battery box with a controller? There's but that's without a controller and there's no option to get a separate controller. There's combo but that looks like the old version of the battery box even though it's also called a JV1010. The latter also makes me wonder if the new battery box requires a new JV8011 controller or not. If not then I could get the battery box from Cada and the controller from someone else. I looked at sets containing the new battery box at that seems to be only the 1:8 Apollo which is too expensive for my aim. Also looked at other shops but they all seem to be selling the old version only. I sent the question to Cada as well but haven't gotten a reply yet. I also wonder if anyone knows whether the new Cada battery box works with non Cada motors, especially non Cada buggy motors. I suppose it should be then again it says it's 7.4v instead of at least 9v which seems odd.
  6. Really nice! It's a shame the BW3 doesn't work for this. Perhaps a CaDa white top battery box will?
  7. Upload it to something like bricksafe and then post a link here. It will automatically embed the image.
  8. Nice work. It looks like you used the outer axles of the buggy motors, is that intentional? It will be quite a bit faster if you use the inner ones.
  9. Perhaps I should restore the HOG gear on top of the roof and then it would be a true Lego version of a sleeper car
  10. I have built a version with Buwizz 3.0 + 2 large PU motors as well. It's not as fast but still quite nice. Also did a version with a small PU hub + 2 large PU motors which would be the cheapest but is pretty slow. It's good fun to try hiding electronics in such a small model and very satisfiying when you find an elegant solution which can be built without issues!
  11. The instructions are now available for free on Rebrickable at Here's a little demo video I made: I also made instructions for a version with an upside down battery box as suggested by @Void_S requiring just a few different parts. These instructions are available at Monster Bolide_udb.pdf Comparison animation: Final photo of the regular version:
  12. The Ford's front end is also misaligned:
  13. And on, for example Happy new year!
  14. Yes, see Rebrickable's comparison: