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  1. It doesn't have auto calibration for PU motors on a Buwizz 3, right? I couldn't find it when I tried using PU Large motor as servo on a Buwizz 3 in the latest app version. I did get the manual calibration to work but still had some troubles afterwards, it doesnt seem return to center as accurately and quickly as with the Buwizz app.
  2. This looks awesome, just like your other models. Good job :)
  3. Thanks and well spotted about the discs. Discoving this solution was a great moment
  4. Thanks! @Philo I recognize your name from the new parts I downloaded fro Thanks a lot for making them!!
  5. I've created a GBC which turns the 42130 BMW Motorrad into a Motorball GBC and can be built using only parts (including spare parts) from the 42130 set and comes with free high quality instructions available at Rebrickable. This GBC loops on itself and is not a module. The GBC uses all of the special parts of the Motorrad: both big wheels, three disc brakes, all three special shock absorbers, the full chain, two of its zip lines and even the windshield. This GBC uses two main units to lift the balls. The first is built using both wheels. The idea of the controlled input comes from a video by Phil L, and the custom universal joint from a video by 2in1 Bricking. The second module is a stepper with an attached control center for a minifig. The whole thing is powered by a repurposed version the BMW engine, but can also be powered manually or using any Powered Up or Power Functions motor. It can be seen in operation in this video: Hope you like it!
  6. True. Do also note that low battery warnings interrupt play. So actually the first time it will stop working is when your battery reaches 20%.
  7. Yes. You could connect a charger though at the same time.
  8. Brickcontroller2 for iOS just was updated and you can now choose servo mode for PU motors on a Buwizz 3. With a PU hub this was already possible. It doesn't work in the background.
  9. 89679. See
  10. @fosamax Very interesting comment, thanks! @Fuzzock Awesome! I hope that your build list is shorter than mine and that you will post a photo on Rebrickable when done :)
  11. Lukas2020 now released his 1:8 version on Rebrickable at
  12. A little bit less than a year ago a friend of mine showed a picture of his Defender build in progress. Something triggered in me: I was amazed at the progression Technic had made since my childhood and was instantly hooked. My first build was the Chiron and after that I build some other sets including the Rough Terrain Crane which was the start of lots of Rebrickable MOC builds and after a while I also designed some MOCs of my own. I really love all aspects of the hobby. Building someone elses MOC and seeing all their clever techniques, designing my own like a GBC alternative of 42121, using Rebrickable and Bricklink to figure out what I can build and what parts I need, using Bricklink Studio to make models and instructions. I love it all! I even like disassembling sets! A few months ago I saw of the old 8865 B model, Jeep. I think I owned it as a kid. I also some pictures here of others making modern versions of these old sets and a bit later I decided to give this a try myself. I started by building the old model in Studio using the old instructions. This was amazing: the instructions must be the hardest instructions ever. I can't imagine any kid successfully building it. It averages more than 21 parts per step but the steps come without a part list. It also doesn't feature any highlighting for new parts and the build goes strictly from bottom to top instead of using a more logical build order. Finally it uses only 1 rotation over the entire build. Here's an example of a single step. Note that the big submodel isn't the only thing attached to the model here, there's also other some other parts in random places all over the model that need to be added in this step. Got it done anyway and this is a render of my digital build: Once this was done I started creating the modern version. My goal was to keep all the features of the original including keeping the structure the same as much as possible too, but avoid any studfull parts. It took a while but in the end I got it done. Here's the final result: The modern version has the same size as the old and the same features: Front and rear suspension with lots of travel Front steering with working steering wheel Independent front wheels Foldable windshield Foldable seats Fake shifter Slanted design Later I realized there was space to make it RC so I put in a Power Functions servo, large motor and LED lights. Note that the old version had motor upgrade support as well. After that I also made version with a buggy motor and one with Powered Up motors. The buggy version is crazy fast and fun, the Powered Up version is mostly slow and expensive The large motor version can be seen in action one YouTube here and free instructions are available at Rebrickable here. The buggy version can be seen on YouTube here and free instructions are available at Rebrickable here. It has a different color scheme making it easier/cheaper to get some of the parts: Here's a picture of the PF version inside and one from the bottom: Anyway, thanks for this forum (reading through the entire General Parts topic was fun!) and I hope you like my MOC and this post. If you build it, please share a photo
  13. Rebrickable's terms don't allow posting instructions for a model you didn't design yourself, even if you get permission from the designer. In practice however there's lots of approved MOCs that do this.