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  1. Superb job on the mechanisms! I quite like the minimalist canopy, too - the two twisted flex axles manage to evoke the shape nicely.
  2. @SNIPE what is the part number for the wheel with seven pinholes? And what is its outer diameter? Thanks! EDIT: nevermind, it is 68327 (
  3. Somewhere on this site I recall seeing a similar suggestion, but maybe more robust. It was basically a 2L thick liftarm (with two axle holes instead of pin holes), with the tow ball socket at the end. Imagine one of the 5L arms with 2L cut off the end and the pin holes converted to axle holes.
  4. Here is another way to do it that should be more robust. In Drive gear, the output turns in the opposite direction to the motor input. Or a long skinny variant
  5. It does, but 12:28 does not give the right ratio of 1/2. 14z meshes with double bevel gears as if it were 12z, but gives the right ratio, which is why this works. 14z gears are kind of a pain to use and somewhat fragile (not to mention long out of production) so I don't really like using them, though. 12:12 and 8:16 (using the 16z side of the old 4L differential) would work but the 12z gears aren't clutch gears. There may be another solution using chains.
  6. Every so often I put together a proof of concept or small creation that doesn't need its own topic; this is a place for such things. First off, a proof of concept for a brake/neutral/drive gearbox. Input is via the green axle connector. With the 20z gear selected, the differential has half the angular velocity of the input, so the output is braked and the motor is not strained by the braking. Off the top of my head I could only come up with the 14z/28z mesh to get the brake to work properly - is there another gear combo (using any of the differential housings) that works? This thing is way too large to use in my current project but let me know if it is useful to you.
  7. Scale may be a consideration as well. In my current 15-wide project, it is semi modular; true modularity would probably add bulk since at this scale even a one-stud change is noticeable. In a really large model I would definitely want to adopt a modular approach for the most part. In between, it depends.
  8. @heyitsdisty, look at the physics of whips. This appears to be a two segment whip, in essence.
  9. This is a neat project, thank you for sharing your progress. I agree that motorization of the lift is not necessary.
  10. This is a great iteration of your bikes! The BuWizz is much more integrated into the build here. Looking forward to the video!
  11. Very impressive! I am even more impressed that you managed to build this beast while also managing small kids (and not having them destroy it.).
  12. Try the 1 stud long worm gear and a 20 tooth double bevel tooth. The single stud worm gear does not slide the same way.
  13. None of the images show for me (using Brave on Android).
  14. Awesome, thanks! I had no idea - I had been away from Technic for years and am trying to get caught up on the third party hardware and software developments.
  15. I would also love to have a physical remote. Touch screens just don't work well to control BuWizz (2.0 in my case) powering a buggy motor on Ludicrous speed.