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  1. I'm not a Mario fan, and first seeing this set, I was like... what?! But now I do like it, no, I love this set! The overall look, how it opens, all the "stages" and details. I do think that Mario and the Princes "figures" are kinda weak, but the rest of the set is just great! Thank you for the review)
  2. I don't have 8043, but the Arocs and Big Red are some great sets! From one hand, I kinda don't want to spend double of their price for the CAT, but on other hand - I spent 350$ for Bugatti and that one doesn't have any electronics)
  3. Thank you for the review, Sir! I like this set, like it a lot, but the price... well, is bad! It may be OK, compared to other PU sets, but not compared to other (not PU) flagships. Like, I have 42082 on my shelf, and for 4K parts it costed $230, and I don't think that we had such an inflation in 3-4 years to double the price. I just can't convince me to pay a lot more for it than it actually costs.
  4. And that's true for all PU sets, they just drive, and some of them have, maybe, 1 more function (important, or not).
  5. A set with a 3+ mark will be cheaper than the same set with an 18+ mark)
  6. Citromon

    [REVIEW] 10293 Santa's Visit

    I never actually looked to buy a winter village set, but I do like this a lot! The colors and that interior play a big role for me. Also, I like that this is a generic house with some beautiful Christmas decorations, and not something from the North Pole) Great review and very detailed pictures!
  7. Citromon

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I would love ho have a hospital, especial as a corner building. They could make an ER entrance on a side. I'm even agreeing to pay more than $200 it they will make it big and detailed.
  8. There is one moment to take in consideration if we talk about "Is Technic for kids or adults?" - could a kid (10 years, for example) build the Sian or CAT bulldozer? Easy! Because it has the instructions. But, could the same kid make a MOC with the same complexity? I doubt it. That's why we have smaller technic sets and the big one, for gradually learning. On the other hand, sets like Ferrari and Raptor are the consequences of a rash and stupid marketing.
  9. I like this model a lot and I totally understand the complaints on price, but, from TLG point of view this is an 18+ set (don't know way, and no fancy box also), like the supercars, + it has the PU system, so it needs to cost more. Also, the "less hub and motors" problem it's an issue only for those who will use this set for mocs, cause... what would you expect from 2 more motors, for example? It has the needed functionality, after all. The problem is, that as someone who buy other themes beside technic, I just have a list with other sets, that have the same appeal for me, as the CAT, but that are priced way more reasonable.
  10. Could someone explain me, way this thing, that have 3 motors and 1 hub less ($210 on Lego site) than the Liebherr costs the same amount of money? This is ridiculous!
  11. I would prefer such a color scheme over the original one< and it looks just wonderful without any strikers)
  12. Our stores also have the Zetros, but not even a copy of the Tow truck. When I sow "Sold out" on the Lego store, I was like: Whaaaaaat?! Don't remember such a hype for a Technic set.
  13. I have got the impression that initially they wanted to make three axles, but the two L motors simply couldn't manage the additional load, which affected the off-road ability of the model. And considering that that's the main function, they just gave up the idea.
  14. Now that's what should be on the box! About the box - That front frame gives me the impression that the truck is cutting through the dunes at some speed, what is obviously - false. And on the back, we see some crazy suspension, what is also - false. I'm sorry for all those hos defending TLG, but that's clear misinformation. And you know what? I know a couple of other Lego kits, whose boxes were photoshopped, and the sets were presented on them in unrealistic hypostases.
  15. First of all, TLG definitely didn't consider this set for an outdoor play, even if it's a trial truck. I'm not disturbed about the model itself, but the attitude of TLG towards potential buyers. Does the Zetros look, fell, or perform as a $300 set? - NO! Could they do at least an acceptable steering and suspension for this money? - YES! Did they care? - NO! It seems to me that the designers were given only two tasks: to come up with something new in technical terms and to make the model similar to the original. And this they have done.