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  1. karmajay

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Brickset has an in depth review of the set if you are interested.
  2. karmajay

    New themes in 2022?

    I wonder if they could take away from popular monster catching themes for a new adventure theme? Stuff like the video game monster hunter or pokemon/digimon stuff? Seems to be liked by a wide range of age groups.
  3. Great job! I hope those fish in the corner entered with the party or they are going to give the adventuring group quite a stomach ache!
  4. karmajay

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Past ones came via email.
  5. karmajay

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    The prices seem fair with part count and sizes. Of course the prices may affect which ones get through. I think I'll def be getting the aquarium, Lego Store and Bowling Alley. I'd like to get the windmill and and ruined house also but that goes on my 2nd tier wants.
  6. karmajay

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Trade Bazaar

    Kirwin sells the Rusty Wrench from the previous mission for 50 credits. (120 + 50 = 170) Kirwin buys 4 Hampering Minor Chemical Contained grenades for 8 credits each (32 total, 170 - 32 = 138) Kirwin buys 2 Plasma Potions for 10 credits each (20 total, 138-20 = 118) Kirwin gets his Road Leathers adjusted to less of a gang style look so as not to draw as much attention in the streets.
  7. karmajay

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    What is the mechanism/process out of combat for skill checks that use a tool? For ex, if I have both a utility belt and a hacking chip - I can only "wear" one at a time but in non combat is there any reason I can't just pull the 2nd one out of my bag and use it for the bonus? Thanks!
  8. karmajay

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Training Center

    Kirwin slowly enters the training center. A bit out of their element, they feel better after seeing members of the last adventure also training. Kirwin makes an embaressed half wave to them. Kirwin realizes that what they thought they knew about the culture of the city were vastly different from the actual thing. They still have a lot to learn. Kirwin then checks with Roderick in regards to strength exercises. Roderick shows Kirwin how to do some pushups and some more moderate calisthenics. Kirwin continues to perform the training on their off time. Kirwin explains to Roderick how they ended up piloting a speeder during a high speed chase. Roderick explains to Kirwin some methods that they could have used to help in the situation. Before leaving Kirwin also picks out a holotape called "The Aethernet and You: A study on the Physics and Mythology of the Aether Realm and its Impact on the Reality of Certain Planets, Places and Peoples" 5 char points available Strength 1 -> Strength 2 (+1 Vitality) -> 2 points spent Coding 1 -> Coding 2 - >2 points spent Remove Culture 1, Add Piloting 1 1 char point remaining
  9. karmajay

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    Kirwin enters the hall. Initially Kirwin looks to be deep in thought. Using those explosives helped the team but lives were lost. How did they feel about that? Not great but they wanted to save their friends. Kirwin shifts gears and thinks about the overall mission. Kirwin whispers to no one in particular, "Well, a great first adventure! Straight out of the screen like Speeder Wars! Adventure, adventure, ad-ven-ture!" Kirwin glances at the board and sees some available missions. "Hmm, better sign up before I go to the training center!" Kirwin signs up for Mission #7 and Mission #8 before leaving the hall. ooc: It looks like a bunch of people are signed up for #7 so I did not. If I need to go on mission #7 to mix up parties I'm fine with that as well! :) edit: ok
  10. As others have said it was a fun experience! No real complaints besides that one note from above in regards to driving. I enjoyed the story line and mission. I definitely saw some opportunities for "alt paths" in some of the locales but tried my best to allow everyone a chance to lead the scenes. I also enjoyed how everyone worked together well. As a newer player and newer role player I appreciated every ones patience. I don't think I have the experience to include any long player stuff so I'll just point out a couple cool moments I recall. I enjoyed Bers multiple modes. I definitely laughed out loud when they surprised us with the mode change picture and speaking method change. I appreciated Merei going back and forth a couple times and sticking to their guns in regards to not killing people. My goal was not to kill as much as possible but I really felt we were going to be pushed and lose someone during the speeder fight so I made the decision to throw the grenades. Glad that it did not harm the characters relationship! I appreciated the fluidity and creativity of Yissam and how they melded the scenes into her show. I wish we could have used that more to clear more puzzles. Kirwin awoke on an abandoned station alone and gained skills by keeping the station running. Besides that all they could do was watch the petabytes of media that was aboard. It could have been a short time or a thousand years! I think they have an idea about how they want to adventure that may not change for awhile! I'll do my best to stick with the humorous support adventurer in future adventures!
  11. Actually that was fine - I want to try to play a support character and Kiriwn is not really built with combat in mind so I prob would have tried to switch out even if I did not start in the driver's seat. I thought there were good options for the driver. I think maybe some actions could be allowed without giving a -1 to the next piloting roll. Like rally which can be describes as verbal or a driving action. If you try to use a weapon or potion i can see it though.
  12. Ok, got the last two pieces in. Besides that one issue from above it was an easy and fun build thanks to great instructions. The helmet printed pieces are missing in the pictures, I think I accidently sorted them and they have not popped up yet but I'll find them eventually!
  13. I enjoyed it and I think all the players worked well together!
  14. Kirwin says "Sounds good. I have a feeling I'm going to have to work on some calisthenics if I'm going to be wearing these leathers on the next mission!"