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  1. karmajay

    [L13 - Teyr Vulvarch - CFS] Uncivilized Lady

    Looks great!
  2. karmajay

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Looks great! Thanks for posting the video!
  3. Yes, thanks! I was looking at the photos on the lego site which just has the normal size one.
  4. Plenty of people don't care about props, posters, signatures etc. That's like asking people why people don't buy models of star wars ships instead of Lego ones. This is a great alternative for me people that like Lego.
  5. It looks like the Vader mosaic is the same size as the others. I don't understand how three of them combine to make the Vader? Or is it made out of extra pieces from 3 sets?
  6. karmajay

    (S12 - Nal Hutta - CFS) Mato II: Fleeing the Stench

    Great story! Looking forward to more builds! :)
  7. Sibo looked at the two young men lounging around the table. He remembered when he was that age. A bit of a different time and a different situation. They did not have fields to get ready back then. Too much time spent staying out of harm's way. "Why aren't you helping the others set up the new fields over the ridge near the waterfall?" Sibo asked the pair. Dilk looked up at the older man. "Gramps, what's the point? The work will be there tomorrow and the day after. Today is a great day to just relax, you know?" Dilk smiled and leaned back in his chair. Tuumo looked up from a picture book that showed a battle between men and machines and smiled. Sibo glared at the picture book and then smiled. "That's a shame. When I was your age there were actual battles fought over that ridge. I wonder what type of tech the others might find?" Tuumo's eyes lit up and he jumped up from his chair. "Tech? Battles?", he said. "Race you there Dilk!", he said as he ran out the door. Dilk shouted after him. "You idiot, you're going to believe that story?" He glared at Sibo and walked out the door after his friend. Sibo's wife walked over to him. "Are you sure you should have told them that? What if they actually find something?" "No worries," Sibo said. "It has been awhile but if memory serves all the battles from that war occurred on the other side of this continent. I'm sure it will be just a boring day digging in the fields for them!" SIbo laughed as he shook his head and walked into the cool interior of the house.
  8. karmajay

    [P8 - Gizer- CE] Favour for a favour

    Really cool framing and perspective!
  9. karmajay

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Dang I'll have to give up on an official Futurama Planet Express ship ever being released at this point.
  10. karmajay

    [MOC] Baby Yoda

    Great job! I'd display this!
  11. karmajay

    Economy Contest Voting Thread

    I vote #3 and #9 Good job all!
  12. karmajay

    [Q10 - Sneeve - TT] Settlers

    That is a cool mask! What is that from?
  13. karmajay

    [Q12 - Daalang- CS] Missing Mando

    Thanks for all the comments! Yes that is the shopkeep. I added the window a bit late in the build cause some other parts from bl did not make it to me in time. The issue was there was very little room between the window and the back of the MOC. Looking at it now I could have just extended the window section back so you could see arms and some detail. No one would have know it! Lesson learned!
  14. karmajay

    [Q12 - Daalang- CS] Missing Mando

    *Your entry has earned 4 XP* "Did you get any info from that shop owner?" "Yeah. They said someone in Mandolorian armor was asking if anyone had gone missing lately." "Did they mention the Dianoga?" "No, they have no idea what that is but some people have gone missing lately. *They look below* It looks like a prime environment down in that gully. Let's go take a look"