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  1. karmajay

    [M13 - Devaron - CS] Life: Training (CE)

    Ah well I messed up! No worries.
  2. *Your entry has earned 2 XP* These new recruits call it cheating. That's what this training is for! To show them that life is not all fun and games and staring at some overwhelmed nerfherder in a fight. Planning, tactics and strategy. I've learned a lot in my time with the clan and they will too. Or they won't cut it on a mission. When they get unstuck I hope they'll as questions this time on HOW I beat them during this jetpack training instead of skulking around complaining about cheaters.
  3. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* After a long but successful op, soldiers of the Triumvirate are given the opportunity to recover and relax in facilities with the latest Imperial technology. Stormtrooper 1: Oh, it is so nice to relax after long trips like that. Stormtrooper 2: Agreed. We really deserve this. Stormtrooper 3: This really hits the spot! Facilities Officer: What are you three doing? ARGH! Do you know how much dirt is on you right now? Who is going to clean this mess up! Don't you know how these work?!?!? You are supposed to take your armor off BEFORE you get in there!
  4. karmajay

    [K4 - Entralla - FF] Life: Parade of Ghosts

    Wow great way to show uneven natural steps!
  5. karmajay

    [MOC] Execute order 66

    Nice build. Cool tree, great minfig placement as well!
  6. karmajay

    Bricker Builds 332nd Clone Trooper Helmet

    I think it was fun and the instructions do a good job of using colors to differentiate sections (the internal red colors). Also when you get to the point you are building subsections to place on the helmet the shapes fit together pretty well like tetris. The hardest thing is just when putting together some sections you will accidently place a piece that shifts the build left instead of right. Definitely pay attention of orientation when building the sections and when you place them. Make sure the pieces look correct around your placement and it will hep you catch errors. I definitely plan on doing the Boba Fett in the future.
  7. I remember for years just hoping someone posted MOCs of Star Wars helmets so I could build them! I'm glad Bricker Builds started selling the instructions to these. It was a fun build with good instructions. I advise you to take a double check when you are putting the assemblies together and have placed them. I had to backtrack once 200 steps because I had shifted a section one slot! You can get the instruction for this helmet here . I plan on doing the Boba Fett helmet next :)
  8. karmajay

    6ft Rapunzel Tower from the Movie Tangled (MOC

    Wow amazing! This definitely a MOC I would display forever! Hope you don't plan on breaking it down in the future. I know you lose a lot of parts that way bit it is worth it!
  9. karmajay

    MOC ninjago the movie LLOYD mecha

    Wow looks great!
  10. karmajay

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    So many "buildings" get to that 10k number I hope one day Lego realizes they can probably release more then one modular a year or add to that in another way. Maybe last year's Haunted House and the new Ninjango City Gardens is in recognition for that? If not I hope they get the hint :)
  11. karmajay

    [M13 - Devaron - CS] Wretched Space Port

    Great scene! Lots of minifig variation. I wonder how many different SW aliens I have around...
  12. karmajay

    [M13 - Devaron - CS] Battle Among the Wreckage

    Great trees!
  13. karmajay

    [M13 - Devaron - CS] Wreckage at the Front Door

    Noooo Sari! :(
  14. karmajay

    [MOC] The Malevolence

    Looks great!