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  1. Is there any difference between this tie and the last OT tie set besides minifigs?
  2. [MOC] Dexter

    Wow great job! Definitely great likeness of the character!
  3. I got mine this week as well! Looks cool!
  4. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    https://www.teepublic.com/hoodie/2227802-may-the-porgs-be-with-you Can someone direct me to a thread where people were extending the Kylo Ren shuttle wings to be more accurate to the movie? Thanks!
  5. email 11/22, still have not rcvd card
  6. I got the email on the 11th and have not received the VIP card yet.
  7. Another 6ft long SSD Executor (fully complete).

    Looks great! Thanks for sharing!
  8. For me the Mack truck and rally car look really cool and I'll be buying both!
  9. Er that's the reason people want the card though hehe
  10. If you don't feel confident about modding the inside, maybe some clear lego supports under the mandibles would solve the issue?
  11. 10256 - Re-release Taj Mahal

    Wow! My wife would love this set!
  12. I ordered mine that first morning after missing out at a Lego store and finally received mine yesterday. 36 lbs! This box is HUGE! I have not received a VIP card yet though.
  13. There are still plenty of people who have NOT received their orders from Day 1 so I doubt it will be available for order online any time soon.
  14. Next UCS Set

    I'm a big fan of more capital ships.
  15. [MOC] Scarif by ChtiLUG

    Wow great scale. I like the hard drive area! Do you have an attached area with K2S0 and a bunch of dead troopers?