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  1. A piece of merchandise for Skeleton Crew has leaked, giving our best look so far at the kids in the show. Hopefully this means other merch isn’t far behind, at least once Acolyte airs.
  2. Rwbricks

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Oh this, this is beautiful. My first impressions are largely positive. The set as a whole looks good, and it will be an impressive display piece. While it does seem a bit more squat than in the films, that doesn’t bother me all that much. There is a bit more color in the rocks than I expected, but it’s not too much to distract. I do really love how they put browns and burnt oranges around the eye to make it look like it’s glowing. That’s a fantastic effect. The eye itself looks good, and I’m eager to see how it looks with the light brick on. For the minifigures, Sauron is great, and the orcs are surprisingly really well done. On the other hand, it’s too bad that Frodo and Sam are not dirty/worn variants, especially given that a bit of Mount Doom is included. Gollum looks weird to me, but maybe that’s just because I’m so used to the older design. Overall, though, the set looks great. I can’t wait to see it in person.
  3. Maxbaudte posted minifigure lists for the Rebuild the Galaxy sets: 75389 Dark Falcon: Darth Jar Jar Binks, Darth Rey, Evil C-3PO, Beach Luke Skywalker, Darth Dev Greebling, and White Vader. 75393 X-Wing & TIE Fighter: Sig Greebling, Yesi Scale, Rebel Pilot, Astromech, and a TIE Pilot. 75388 Jedi Bob’s Starfighter: Jedi Bob, (Clone Trooper, Mon Calamari, Astromech?) It seems like they aren’t certain on the minifigures in Jedi Bob’s Starfighter. Also, it may be important to note that they also reported that the Star Destroyer would have 10-12 minifigures five days ago, so take this with a grain of salt.
  4. Rwbricks

    Batman (DC Superheroes) 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    To me, it looks like it’s regular blue, but with damage/dirtiness. It’s most visible in the legs, and then there are spots by the collar and on his left arm.
  5. Plot twist: C-3PO is the uncovered TPM version, and thus fits as a TPM anniversary set and just gets the printed brick, like the droideka. Just kidding (hopefully). Now that you point that out, it doesn’t really fit any pattern, but I guess LEGO doesn’t really like patterns, anyway. It’s cool that Ahmed Best and Mark Hamill will be returning to voice their respective characters. With Hamill, the old Luke in the tease of custom minifigures from the Dark Falcon makes more sense.
  6. As someone who missed out on the 2014 Star Destroyer and has been hoping for a new one, this is encouraging news. However, the Death Star playset sounded conceptually more unique and interesting, so hopefully we’ll get something like it eventually. Also, I don’t know if anyone has pointed it out, but to the very left of the bunker build, we get an evil lamp.
  7. Speaking of sales, I’m in the US, and Costco had the new R2 for $79.99 and the midi-scale Tantive IV for $64.99.
  8. I completely agree. Something is better than nothing, especially with this arguably iconic, decently requested ship. I’m also in agreement that it would work without chrome; Hachiroku24 has made an excellent version in light bluish grey. I honestly think that the most difficult part might be that color consistency which makes Hachiroku24’s version look so clean, yet also is rarely found in LEGO’s ships. If they are able to do this, then it would be great. After all, C-3PO is chrome, yet the minifigure (aside from the limited special edition) is not, and I doubt the buildable one later this year will be either. (I know the chrome-ness is a more iconic part of the ship than it is for C-3PO, but I still think it would work).
  9. Brickset has done a review of the new LEGO Star Wars - The Force of Creativity book: It definitely sounds like a really cool book with a bunch of neat insights. I’ll definitely be looking out for discounts. The review did say that it goes in to the process behind the design and production of Star Wars sets, which could be nice to know in all of our questioning and wish-listing. In terms of unreleased material, aside from better looks at the B2 and 501st AT-RT constraction sets, I thought that this was the most interesting part: “Highlights include that a Naboo Royal Starship model was created in the early 2000s, but the idea abandoned with the discontinuation of chrome elements, and that a George Lucas minifigure was considered as one of the pilots in 7665 Republic Cruiser, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Wars in 2007.”
  10. While I would have preferred Ezra’s eyes to be consistent with the other humans, maybe he drank the Water of Life on Peridea. All of the minifigures look good. It’s nice to finally be getting Nein, and seeing young Leia makes me more intrigued at seeing what that set is.
  11. Memories of sets getting revealed at the New York Toy Fair have been unlocked. Those were different days. Before the dark times… In all reality, though, it just could be that I don’t remember that much about leaks back then, but it feels like we are getting basic leaks (general set names/contents and prices) a lot earlier than we used to. This, of course, means that the wait in between knowing what’s in the sets and seeing them/getting them is longer.
  12. Isn’t R2-KT supposed to be coming in the special 25th Anniversary set? If that’s the case, then KT could totally just be another figure since the set’s not based on anything in particular (presumably), but also technically an “anniversary” minifigure since it’s an anniversary set.
  13. Rwbricks

    Batman (DC Superheroes) 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Welp, that’s enough time in the Mobius Chair today. What piece do we think they’ll use for Freeze’s armor? Bringing back the mold from TLBM might be the best bet, unless they did a new piece with the dome connection like in the Flying Saucer Costume guy.
  14. I just noticed that the eyes for the buildable droideka are reversed lipstick pieces. That’s really smart, great part usage by the designer.