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  1. The only big news out of London Toy Fair so far is The Rexcelsior! (70839) reveal.
  2. There is a new Visual Dictionary coming out this year.
  3. This pic will make you sick then - I took it at the Billund factory some years ago, and then got to scoop a handful out to take home with me!
  4. Dark skin toned minifig in Resistance flightsuit Was in the Resistance bomber at the start of TLJ
  5. LEGO doesn't have total creative control over what sets they produce, and have to get approval from LFL.
  6. Sorry I misunderstood - the talk was UCS so I thought you meant the same.
  7. Not likely. LEGO still have the UCS 75144 Snowspeeder available. They aren't going to retire it just to bring it out less than a year later.
  8. The details are being talked about are real, but whether the original source in Hungary is actually right about them is the mystery. We might be leading ourselves down a blind alley. The source was reported to LEGO over 48 hours ago, and the report got passed onto legal. That the source's link is still active after this time could mean that LEGO isn't worried about the info getting out, the info isn't accurate or the source is just slow to get it down.
  9. That makes sense, it ties in with Celebration. At a guess, it's because the chemistry of the plastic got more biological, and the new compound won't deal with the stresses so LEGO had to redesign the mould in order to prevent fractures.
  10. April 20th? Where did that date come from? The first LSW sets were out at the late Feb/early March, and the sets from TPM came out at 00:01 May 3rd 1999 (Toys "R" Us Midnight Madness).
  11. The copycatters don't use the photos to make bootlegs. The photos come out because their being sold in small toy shops in China/HK and on the internet, not because cloners need crappylo-res images to make almost perfect copies. They can get their hands on the originals. This all happens in one country - it's not hard to figure it out.
  12. You missed an opportunity there - "LEGOose chase" is what you meant to type. #dadjokeforthewin
  13. Perhaps it's the orange bricks? Orange hasn't been the most common colour. Until the Arctic line anyway.
  14. Good call. I might get a couple for my roof to scare the possums away.