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    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    - Parts could be recolored/edited with photoshop etc... - New parts could have been stolen or procured early from a factory or retailer and then used by a clever hoaxer - Lego could have produced a fake - It could be real I have no idea if it's real but I hope the diner is not the next modular as I don't like the look of it. The change in architecture or minifig style doesn't really bother me it's just that the design of the set does not look good to me for a lot of the reasons stated already.
  2. That's just it though. Minecraft can be a way to make creations with blocks (among many other things) so it is definitely not the same argument for Star Wars. There are advantages to Lego and to Minecraft. I don't expect to convince people on a Lego forum that Minecraft is better, but for me the pendulum has definitely swung into Minecraft's favor due to what I feel has been a decrease in value/quality for Lego sets versus what seems like an endless increase in value for a game that only cost me $26 and continues to get free updates and tons of very high quality free mods that add even more versatility. Plus with so many Lego sets taking up space in my house, I am starting to enjoy storing my block built creations on my hard drive.
  3. As someone who has went from being a Lego fan to more of a Minecraft fan over the last few years, these sets (and the last minecraft sets) are a perfect example why. I just can't see why a Minecraft fan (or minecraft fan's parents) would spend so much money on these when they could continue to have more fun with a game that only costs $26. If you are not a Minecaft fan then I can't see why you would want to pay more for these odd looking licensed sets. I know these will still make Lego a ton of money though.
  4. I just saw that this series is not series 12. It looks like old news to you guys already. I am happy to see the numbered series remain "pure" as far as keeping to a theme of generic archetypes. I do not mind this deviation of the theme as long as it is temporary. I hope we get back to the numbered series after the Simpsons. There are still plenty of good ideas left that have yet to be made for the collectable minifig series.
  5. I was just referring to the people who say the Simpsons has limited popularity. I don't want them to hijack series 13 either. I do like the idea of Lego Simpsons however. I never quite get why some people who don't like a certain license have to insist that it shouldn't be made at all. If someone doesn't like the Simpsons, don't buy them and let those who like them, enjoy them. There are plenty of other sets to buy. I really don't care for Star Wars or Lord of the Rings but I don't go into their respective threads and insist that Lego shouldn't make them. I would like to see a Miley Cyrus series though...
  6. You know how you can tell that the Simpsons are popular? Most people seem to have a strong opinion on it. A lot of people love the Simpsons and many who don't are very vocal about it. Just like Star Wars or American Idol, The Simpsons are known, watched, loved, and hated by millions of people. That is what popularity is all about. Also its been on the air since the fricken 80s. It was once competing against the Cosby show.
  7. I am looking forward to LEGO Simpsons. I love the CMF line. I hate that the Simpsons is taking over an official CMF release. I am not too pleased with the Lego movie hijack of the CMF line either but at least it seems like series 12 could wind up fitting in just fine since the movie is full of random characters just like the CMF series. (They may even have been put in the movie specifically for the CMF series) Simpsons, on the other hand, is very specific and kind of ruins the CMF collection for me. I can only hope that series 14 comes with a return to the norm and I could just have this missing black mark on the CMF series where series 13 was supposed to be. I certainly can't see adding Simpsons characters to the display of CMF figures I have been collecting over the years. I welcome Simpsons minifigures, I just wish they would keep them out of the CMF line. To me it's like having a random BTF Delorean in one of the Lord of the Rings sets.
  8. I think a Simpsons theme could mean a lot of things. It could mean that the CMF line is popular (in a lot of places) and they want to use the brand to help sell the Simpsons even more. I think the most likely reason for replacing standard CMF releases with Lego movie or Simpsons series would be to not compete with themselves. There are certain Lego fans who really like minifigures and if two minifigure series were released at the same time, people might start to choose one or the other. As far as how successful or viable the CMF line is, I think a Simpsons series would not tell us one way or the other.
  9. I found them at Fred Meyer and the Lego store in Portland OR. USA
  10. It shows in stock at all my local Target stores. I just went and checked and only found an empty series 10 display.
  11. I thought you were joking but I just saw series 12 labels at a different Fred Meyer today. I am used to seeing the next series label when a release is imminent, but I've never seen two series in advance. Probably just a typo at the Fred Meyer label making factory.
  12. At my local Fred Meyer in NW USA I saw series 11 labels on the shelf but still series 10 boxes. They also had a bunch more unopened series 10 boxes up high on top shelf. If I was looking for Mr. Gold I might have pulled those down and took a look.
  13. What exactly is your point? I did not see anyone disagreeing with you. The phrase "new and new-again" could mean many things. It still does not imply whether we will be getting main characters from the movie, side characters from the movie, licensed characters, new versions of previously released figures, exact re-releases of previous figures, or the time table for how long it has to have been for a figure to be considered "new again". This is what is being discussed here. If you have definitive information on what "new and new again" implies beyond a list of possibilities please let us know. The speculators in this thread are obviously interested in what series 12 is going to bring us.