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  1. To reiterate MKJoshA's post above, let's not delve into wishlists, please. Criticizing the composition of the 2021 sets is fine (although my personal impression is that it has already been beat to death in the past couple weeks), but hopes and speculation about future sets is off-topic. I'd also like to give a friendly reminder that not everything is a conspiracy -- just because something doesn't turn out the way you wanted doesn't mean that there's some conscious and concerted effort against you in particular. There's no need to baselessly accuse EB's members or TLG's designers of some personal attack on your demographic.
  2. Brickdoctor

    [MOC] The Uterceptor - UCS U-Wing / Tie Interceptor ugly

    Beautiful work, Bob! Very clean lines, and I love the transition between the two ships' color schemes.
  3. Please don't. Then don't contribute to the problem by continuing the debate. No need to call people names. All, acknowledging that your post is off-topic does not excuse it. Regardless of your feelings on a subject, you don't have to have the last word. Please just leave it alone, or hit the "Report" button if you think it's particularly egregious. And while I'm thankful that the discussion has not yet reached this point, I'll remind you that topics related to politics are explicitly against our site guidelines.
  4. Okay, let's be fair -- all of these were true of the old EU also, and it's pretty hard to write an interesting story in which there are no meaningful antagonists.
  5. That doesn't mean it's a good fit for the tone of a Star Wars film. The "Threepio becomes a battle droid" subplot in Clones, for example, wasn't funny or fitting then and it isn't funny or fitting now.
  6. To summarize in one sentence: as a film, I thought this was one of the better Star Wars movies; as a Star Wars fanboy, I have very mixed feelings. I waited two years to find out nothing about Rey. Of all the Internet theories about her origins, "nobody" was my least favorite. I get that it's more realistic if she's nobody; it's a big galaxy. But this is Star Wars, and I don't want realism. I want the story of the next Skywalker. Granted, it's very possible that Kylo was lying about her origins, but even then, that means we learned nothing about her origins in this film. This film leaves the single greatest question posed by The Force Awakens unanswered. (I imagine that) it's like if, after waiting three years, Jedi neither confirmed nor denied that Vader was Luke's father. On a related but contrasting note, I was happy that Snoke turned out to have no connection to previous characters. My major complaint with the EU novel Darth Plagueis was that there were too many layers of Sith masters, one big bad behind the other, each responsible for ever more elaborate schemes. I'm happy that that was not the case here. Back to the idea of nobodies: what was that stupid scene with the stupid stargazing kid and the broom and his stupid action figures at the end? The film as a whole, especially with the more humorous moments, seemed un-Star-Warsy at times. Oh yeah, Phasma totally had a larger role in this movie. But while we're talking about Snoke, I think it was a great move to kill him off in that way. Kylo is always being compared to Vader, and this is the action that makes him his own villain, a new character, worthy of being the next Dark Lord of the Sith. He followed through on what Vader said he'd do in Sith and in Empire; he betrayed his master and seized power for himself. The Force was used like magic in this movie. Leia's willing herself back onto the ship, Snoke's connecting the minds, Luke's interplanetary illusion -- some of those were cool moments, undoubtedly, but they go way beyond the powers of the Force we've seen before, at least outside of the '03 Clone Wars, The Force Unleashed, and that last series of EU novels that we don't talk about. The framework of the story isn't a rehash of Empire -- it is, however, practically a condensed rehash of the events between Star Wars and Empire, from the escape from Yavin IV up through the Battle of Hoth. I'm not sure how I feel about this. It's a minor complaint, but The Last Jedi continues a trend in the new canon movies of using the powers of hyperspace quite liberally. Want to escape some pirates? Jump into hyperspace from within a hangar bay. Want to escape a test of the Death Star? Jump to hyperspace from within an atmosphere. Want to sneak in past sensors and shields? Revert to realspace within an atmosphere. Want to take out a massive ship? Aim at it and jump to hyperspace. Okay, the last one should probably work, and the EU had the Galaxy Gun, so sure, I guess. But traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops. Ooh, can't forget to comment on the music: John Williams was great as always, but there was no single theme that stood out to me, you know? Star Wars has the Main Theme and the Force Theme, Empire has the Imperial March and Han and Leia's Theme, Menace has Duel of the Fates, Clones has Across the Stars, Sith has Battle of the Heroes, The Force Awakens has Rey's Theme -- there was no new piece of music that stood out in this movie (and to be fair, Jedi is missing from my list above). I have to admit that, ultimately, all of my complaints about this movie are due to the fact that I'm so attached to the original films and books. It's a fine standalone film. I would not care where Rey came from or whether or not the movie had a Star Wars tone or what the Force could do if I wasn't attached to the Star Wars I grew up with. Also, Luke got the death he deserved. One of the best death scenes in the saga. But I'm mad because it happened in this movie and I wanted at least one more movie with Mark Hamill being the Jedi hero in-universe and being the awesome person we all want our childhood actors to turn out to be in real life. I'm sure he'll get Force Ghost appearances and I know that these new movies aren't about him and objectively I know that it's a better movie this way. I think this would've been a better movie had it been cut about ten minutes short. Roll credits with Luke staring into the sunset. My ranking of films, from best to worst, is now: Empire, Star Wars, Jedi, Rogue One, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, Sith, Menace, Clones. My viewing order remains Star Wars, Empire, Clones, Sith, Jedi, then read the Thrawn Trilogy.
  7. Brickdoctor

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I hope this goes without saying, and I won't direct this towards anyone in particular, but making fun of someone who doesn't have the funds to buy the UCS Falcon (or any other set, for that matter) is never okay. When a set is just being released, we try to be a little more lenient, since the availability of a new set is arguably relevant to a topic about upcoming sets. We also don't have time to constantly monitor this topic, so some conversations are bound to get through.
  8. Let's keep speculation out of the rumors topics, please. A rumored set is just that, a rumored set; if we haven't heard anything about the minifigs it might contain, then that discussion doesn't belong here, regardless of how likely or desired you think a potential minifig is. Thanks!
  9. Brickdoctor

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    EB is primarily a discussion forum, not a newspaper -- our role is to let all of our members express their thoughts, whether they be the same or different, not to condense everyone's thoughts into summaries. If the discussion strays off topic or breaks our guidelines, we'll deal with it at that point, but no, we have no plans to prevent this sort (many people posting the same reaction) of discussion.
  10. Brickdoctor

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm pretty sure the community (at the very least, EB's, not necessarily the AFOL community as a whole) is setting itself up for disappointment on this front. 10179 is not a terribly outdated design, as evidenced by the number of EB members who've pieced it together. For the longest time, the general consensus seemed to be that we wanted a re-release, not a remake. Not to mention that, like the Death Star, it was released long enough ago that a not-insignificant price increase would be reasonable. It's going to be really hard to satisfy all of the hype that has built up around this potential set over the years. Now, I don't disagree with fans who want to see significant improvement in sets over the years; I agree with that. But with the caveats that I'm not a 10179 owner, I'm not in the market for a 10179 remake, and I have kept up with pretty much no rumors over the last year and a half, I would be entirely unsurprised and not at all disappointed in TLG or its designers if this set turns out to be 10179 with updated minifigs for a hundred (or two) dollars more.
  11. Brickdoctor

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I can see how this comes up naturally in a discussion about any rumored large set, but this really isn't the place to discuss where to find good deals on second-hand or third-party-sold sets. Furthermore, if you know a discussion is off-topic, just because one of us hasn't had time to step in and stop that discussion doesn't mean that it's acceptable. Let's stay on-topic. Thanks!
  12. It's actually quite similar to an older system we used to have wherein the news topic would be locked and curated by staff using contributions from the discussion topic, but usually that meant everyone ignored the news topic.
  13. Speculation, as always, belongs in Future Star Wars Sets. There's nothing wrong with speculation, but speculation alone does not constitute a rumor.
  14. Brickdoctor

    Rogue One movie discussion thread

    The studio model (Devastator, after its slight upgrade to more closely match the other Imperial-II's in Empire) was pretty close to white under bright lights in the original. It looks almost the same color as Tantive IV in the shot where you see the whole of both ships from the front, especially in the non-color-corrected Team Negative One Silver Screen scan.
  15. Brickdoctor

    Rogue One movie discussion thread

    Just got back from seeing it. It's a good movie; I'm satisfied with it as a standalone film. I approve of tying up all the loose ends and enhancing the gravity of the original by literally killing all the characters who aren't shown in the OT. There were a lot of insider references, but for the most part, they weren't too in-your-face, so I liked that. The Death Star plans being on tapes (the general aesthetic of anything to do with computers was quite close to that of the original, which was great), Ponda Baba and Dr. Evazan, and even some more subtle set up for Star Wars, like specifically killing off Red Five. Overall story was fine, although some of the physics in the final battle were...questionable. It's Star Wars, though, so physics never apply. I wish Jyn had a bigger role; it seemed like she was just there because she happened to be Galen's daughter. Other than that, and one stereotypical speech, she doesn't contribute anything special. The entire setup of the consoles and area around the comm dish was utterly ridiculous, but not more ridiculous than the vane in Empire, so I guess I have to forgive it. CGI (presumably) Gold Leader and Red Leader looked fine, though they had the benefit of short shots, low screen time, and helmets. CGI Tarkin was acceptable; CGI Leia definitely looked fake. I need to go listen to more of the soundtrack before I pass final judgment, but the music me for whatever reason. There were a lot of sweeping camera shots with swelling music, and the music just didn't sound entirely like Star Wars. Like in this track. Can't put my finger on why, but I'm not a music person, so maybe someone else can put my gut feeling into words. I have a couple friends, not serious Star Wars fans, who said they're much more onboard with the premise of the original film after seeing this one. I put it somewhere better than Sith but not as good as Jedi or The Force Awakens. (and, obviously, far better than Menace and Clones, not as good as Star Wars or Empire.) Not only is it a good standalone film, but it makes the original better. Obligatory "would've been better if Jyn turned out to be Mara Jade instead of Inigo Montoya."