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  1. Not a new fig, but likely will be included in the 4+/Juniors Snowspeeder.
  2. Which new hair are you thinking of?
  3. I think the difference here is that Lucasfilm/Disney is keeping a tighter grip on spoiler-centric merchandise with this movie. For instance, there was recently a report that Hasbro can't put out product for something like 70% of the material in the movie because of spoilers. I think LEGO knows that even if the January wave does technically come out after the movie's release (assuming those sets don't get pulled forward into December), the winter sets are going to leak well before then. I suspect all the toy manufacturers are feeling constrained by what they can and can't release this early, and LEGO is just erring on the side of caution. Hopefully this means we get a more robust third wave to compensate for the lackluster second one.
  4. The lower priced sets (anything under $100) were similarly discounted at launch at those stores for the last several waves.
  5. Two words: Constable Zuvio.
  6. There was a variation on the Poe pilot fig done for one of this year's Resistance sets (using a white torso with orange printing, rather than the reverse). So they could use it as well. https://brickset.com/minifigs/sw1019/poe-dameron-(pilot-jumpsuit-without-belts-and-pipe-hair)
  7. It might help to look at the types of sets that came out last January.
  8. I think the point he’s making is that the gap between Yoda and D-0 is shorter, coming at only 6 months or so.
  9. I doubt it. It's still very new, and usually only the sets that are nearing retirement are marked down. Probably Cloud City will be marked down, but that's the only Star Wars D2C that seems close to being discontinued. Tantive IV wouldn't normally go on sale until Force Friday 2020 (if there is one), or possibly May the Fourth if lucky. And, retirement dates are subject to change when they're this far out. If the Tantive continues to sell well into next year, they could easily extend its lifespan to the following year, as they did with Slave 1, the Death Stars, etc.
  10. It could still be offered as a Force Friday promotion, just at a lower price tier. Obi-Wan for $35+ purchases, Endor for $70+ purchases, for instance. I believe they've done that sort of thing before. Or they could be saving it for the movie's opening weekend, or their annual Thanksgiving promotions.
  11. I think the conclusions you’re reaching are way off. This set was not aimed at AFOLs, but was clearly intended for kids, which I think is why a lot of AFOLs were disappointed in it. (It doesn’t help that AFOLs seemed to be of very different minds as to what the set should have been.) It has a lot of nice, small builds and interior spaces, but as a display piece it just doesn’t work... too large a footprint, too squat and amorphous, tenuous visible connection to the actual shape of the city. And, if the OT weren’t resonating with younger shoppers, I doubt we’d be getting so damn many rehashes of OT sets. Tantive was ANH. Last two ESB UCS sets were the snowspeeder and Assault on Hoth, neither of which was well-received.
  12. Worry not. "Tidy"... that name seems familiar somehow. Almost as if he once existed here, fed us all a lot of info, and then one day... disappeared. You're going to be disappointed, sorry to say.
  13. A full shot of the Falcon did leak before the official reveal. It was a Chinese (?) promotional ad showing the ship flying above a planet with engines illuminated, and it leaked a week prior to the launch.
  14. There's nothing about that photo that says "leak" to me... the fact that some Instagram guy slapped a watermark on it doesn't make it new. It's an old, existing part whose print could easily have been removed, or perhaps it's an unfinished prototype or mold injection test. With the plate and stacked heads supporting it, it looks like any ordinary ebay listing for the part, rather than a photo taken by a factory worker.
  15. Disney has actually released product based on Slave Leia following the acquisition, so I think the reports of a "ban" on the character were overstated (or just wrong). As I recall, there was a glut of her Hasbro action figure (in multiple scales) warming pegs around when Disney bought Lucasfilm, and some parents made a stink about being confronted with rows and rows of nothing but a half-naked Leia when shopping toy stores with their small kids. When those figs finally cleared off shelves, people decided Disney was behind it, when it was probably just that the character/product was oversaturated to begin with, and Hasbro, etc. didn't see the need to go there again any time soon. And, getting back to LEGO... I wouldn't get my hopes up about that hairpiece. Everything I've read and everything I've been told points to 2 figs in the set, not 3.