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  1. You're not going to buy a set because it doesn't include a repacked minifig? That might be a first. Considering Pedro's sister is trans and Gina has publicly denigrated trans people, I kinda doubt that will happen here. 3...2...1... before mods say it's time to reign this all back in...
  2. Technically, she has pupils. Really, really big pupils.
  3. LEGO's production schedule was clearly impacted by COVID, but the 1H 2021 set numbers and price points were known before COVID-19 became a thing. Battle packs were never part of the 2021 lineup, as far as I can tell.
  4. In 2019 there were three $200+ D2C sets. The ISD, Tantive, and the Droid Boost set. It is not common but it does happen.
  5. Did you... erm... uhh... watch the first episode of Mando Season 2?
  6. There are always catalogs sent out at some point, but in the 2-3 years prior to COVID, whatever was distributed at ToyFair included mostly generic white/gray/black boxes for the licensed summer sets... this is what happened last ToyFair, for instance, when a blurry box shot of the Greivous ship leaked... all the other Star Wars boxes in that catalog were generic except that one, for some reason. The 1H 2021 retailer catalog was the first time in a long time that prelim shots of most/all of the upcoming sets appeared in print.
  7. The Instagrammers and sites like promobricks get their info on 2H waves second- or third-hand from retailers who see the sets at the EU and US ToyFairs. (There is also a price list that LEGO distributes more broadly around then, which is usually how the set numbers and prices —but not pictures — show up in small stores' websites, as happened last year with a South American bookstore... I forget which.) ToyFairs normally run January to February, but for 2021 they've been pushed until summer or outright cancelled. Since they could not show sets in person earlier this year, LEGO sent out preliminary print catalogs for the January-April waves... something they had stopped doing prior to COVID-19. One of these leaked in its entirety, which I'm sure everyone here saw. So, they may do the same for 2H 2021, or they may push it back later since the 1H 2021 prelim catalog leaked so badly, or... who knows. In any event, don't expect this year to work like last year. As with everything else, COVID disrupts the norm.
  8. Last year there were some fake summer set lists in circulation around this time (Sith Star Destroyer, B-Wing, Exegol, etc.), but the actual summer wave didn't become public until February.
  9. Not counting Sketches/Art/Mosaics and Brickheadz, 1H 2021 looks to be down 3-4 sets, versus 2020. You are correct that the identities of a few 2H 2020 sets were not known until shortly before their official announcement, mostly because they were retail store exclusives of some kind. But the existence of those sets (set number and price, generally) was known by this point last year, if not sooner. (By some people, anyway). At this point, there appear to be fewer of these sorts of sets coming next year.
  10. Vader's Castle should have used the ANH print, if you consider it a Rogue One set... I don't know whether the VR depiction of him in the castle used the robes over the chest plate or not. And if you want to get really anal, that freebie Vader pod, since it was supposed to be the Tantive interior. In any event, I would not hold my breath for that torso to reappear, even if LEGO releases an ANH-specific set... any more than I would expect them to bother with new prints to get Imperial Officer rank insignias correct, or to print the backs of astromechs, or so on. Like it or not, LEGO's Star Wars line is contracting. When they see an opportunity to reuse, simplify, cut costs, etc., they're going to take it... look no further than the Mustfar Obi/Ani figs showing up in sets where they should not have. What is maddeningly contradictory is that they will randomly spend money making inconsequential changes to figs who, by any metric, don't need updating... like the Shuttle Pilot. Don't recall anyone asking for that, and yet it somehow got budgeted as a new print.
  11. A-Wing vs. Vader's TIE. Inner robes print is screen-accurate to ANH, versus all the other Vader figs which are accurate to ESB/ROTJ/etc. https://brickset.com/minifigs/sw0744/darth-vader-(white-head-rebels)
  12. Why did LEGO bother to create a Snowspeeder pilot torso/legs, only to revert to the Yavin pilot fig in every Hoth set of the last several years? Why did one (overpriced, underperforming) Rebels set get a proper ANH Vader torso, never to be seen again? LEGO pulls this cr@p all the time. Fans notice, sure. Kids, notsomuch.
  13. I can count on one hand the number of Star Wars system set figs that have had printed arms. Would it have been nice if LEGO included the Vader with arm printing? Sure. But don't act like this is huge deviation from the norm... Beskar Mando and Vader are the exception, not the rule.
  14. No. It comes out a month later.
  15. The actress is 40. Assuming the character is 18 when we meet her mid-way through the Clone Wars, that would put her at around 47 when she shows up in The Mandalorian. When you consider that virtually every actor playing a high school sophomore on TV is well into their 20s or even 30s, it's hardly a stretch for Katee to be playing Bo on-screen. Let's also not forget that "Baby" Yoda is 50 years old... nothing to say that Mandalorians don't age a teensy bit slower than us Earth-bound humans.