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  1. Especially considering the Hasbro version was a) for sale two years ago, well before inflation took off and both Hasbro and LEGO started raising their prices like mad, and b) sold exclusively through Hasbro's HasLab crowdfunding site, which meant that it did not need to factor third-party retail markup into its price. LEGO's pricing does factor this in (given it will be available via third-party retailers 3 months after LEGO releases it) and is also priced for a 2 year lifespan, building in future inflation over that term. I'd guess that had Hasbro's Razor Crest been released today through regular retailers, it would be a lot closer to LEGO's price.
  2. Though I don't necessarily want any of the January/April sets to be replaced by them, I too would welcome more ST sets, so long as they aren't rehashes of OT sets like the ones that dominated the lineup over the ST run. There are plenty of compelling designs from TROS, and even a few from TLJ that would make good sets (skimmer, the other Pasana speeder, Exegol of course, the Resistance lander, Kylo's TIE, Death Star ruins, and so on), and loads of minifigs we have yet to get.. Leia appeared in several distinct outfits and yet we only ever got one ST version of her, for instance.
  3. I said "umm" because whoever it was I was quoting had listed it as among the "3 best" sets we are getting this year... which, given it's a 4+ set, just seemed sort of funny to me...
  4. And let's be clear. All three will leak before they are officially revealed, which will prompt lots of griping that LEGOCON didn't include any meaningful reveals. Umm.
  5. https://www.stonewars.de/news/lego-preiserhoehung-september-2022/
  6. If you've only seen 10 minutes of clips then I'd say you're not really in a position to judge the show. And, they literally worked on the scripts for years. First as a feature film, then as a series. Having watched the first two episodes several times myself, I'm not really seeing anything that merits this level of disdain... you're entitled to your opinion of course (though, again... maybe watch the show before you form that opinion?), but to me at least this series is a long step up from Book of Boba, and even some of the lesser episodes of Mando. 3... 2... 1 minutes before a mod says "back on topic, please".
  7. You're melting Aunt Beru?!? Hasn't she been through enough?
  8. Identical list for the US. Slim pickens, if you bother to look them all up.
  9. The deluxe physical edition appears to be sold out pretty much everywhere, for all platforms.
  10. Because there aren't rules. What people think are rules are just patterns, which inevitably someday get broken. People here love to imagine all sorts of rules that LEGO must certainly be living by, but the reality is, LEGO can and will do whatever it wants, if and when the need suits them. How many times has someone here proclaimed that there is some rule that UCS sets or Ideas sets or super cheap sets or whatever absolutely positively cannot include new molds or new prints or new figs or this or that... all because it hasn't happened before... until someday, it happens. LEGO is constantly experimenting with a bazillion variables in all their products... minifig selection in UCS sets being just one of them. Some have 2 figs, some have 1, some have 7 or 24 or whatever. Some are desirable, some are not... all of which is incredibly subjective. Maybe wait a hot second to confirm whether this is actually the case. And again, getting better versions of figs in cheaper sets just makes them more accessible for those who want them (especially those of us that want multiples of figs). Locking super-desirable figs into super-expensive sets doesn't benefit anyone other than LEGO and some opportunistic scalpers on BrickLink.
  11. It's also entirely possible that LEGO's approach to minifigs in the UCS gunship is how they will handle minifigs in the Landspeeder and future UCS sets... a period of exclusivity followed by reuse in smaller sets somewhere down the line. I'd personally be very happy if the Landspeeder figs showed up in smaller sets 6 months or a year later... would allow me to upgrade all my C-3POs, which won't otherwise happen at $40 or whatever this fig will run on BL. From my perspective, PT fans get a sweet deal... I'd hope for the same in other UCS set moving forward.
  12. This is what's known as a false choice. There is a middle ground. LEGO is inconsistent. It's as simple as that. It's not a slight against you personally (or against all PT fans) that they put a great fig in a $200 OT set that — if I had to guess — very few people here are at all eager to buy. At least they didn't put a killer Commander Cody in a $350 PT set... I'm fairly sure that would have ticked people off far more.
  13. It must be exhausting, casting yourself the victim time and time again.
  14. No need to…I didn’t mean to be critical. It’s just the question everyone wants to know, and unfortunately there is no good answer.
  15. …for every time someone asked “when can we expect to see…” (Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.)