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  1. There is speculation that it's any number of things, such as a Star Destroyer or a Rebel Blockade Runner. The impetus for the Cloud City rumor (aside from wishful thinking) is a leaked set list that added "CC" to the set number of the larger 2018 Star Wars UCS set. But this could have been a typo, or a code of some sort, or completely meaningless. And it could also mean things other than "Cloud City", such as "Corellian Corvette" which is a nickname for the Rebel Blockade Runner/Tantive IV (a variant of which happened to be pictured on the final Solo one-sheet poster). Personally I would love to see any of these made. But while there are a lot of signs (real or imagined) pointing to Cloud City, the idea of a $500-$600 Cloud City playset is still problematic in many ways...
  2. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    At last, some real news: https://twitter.com/jk_rowling/status/988446815329705984
  3. By most accounts Rebels sets sold poorly, which is why there haven't been any in so long. While it's certainly possible more sets could come eventually, I wouldn't expect LEGO to produce sets for it with the frequency of, say, CW sets which have remained popular well after the show ended. (The Clone Wars show is still available on Netflix, which probably accounts for a lot of its enduring popularity with kids. Rebels is not.)
  4. Anything is possible. LEGO is still making Clone Wars sets and that show went off the air 4-5 years ago. And we have a long time to go (well over a year) before sets for Episode IX show up. But I would expect the last 2018 wave to include a mix of sets from various movies, esp. if we're getting both the Resistance Transport (TLJ) and V-19 Torrent (CW) in it. No. It was just depicted as an example. Expect mostly older and poorly-selling sets to be on sale.
  5. Kylo's TIE was listed as an example of one of the sets that would be on sale in an ad that LEGO sent to catalog subscribers/VIP members. So pretty much assured that it will be on sale.
  6. Yes he did, along with the V-19. They’re just not the set numbers previously reported, so presumably coming in the last wave of sets later in the year.
  7. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    LEGO can put whatever figs they want into whatever sets they want, so long as WB doesn't object. If/when we ever get GoF sets again, and there is a set with a dragon in it, Rita could easily appear in it... or in most any other set for that matter. That said, I think a CMF is also a likely place she would show up.
  8. 3 Solo sets (train, hauler, Enfys Speeders), TLJ Snoke Throneroom, Luke's X-Wing, Anakin's Yellow Starfighter (Ep 2/CW design), Sandcrawler (smaller than UCS). A couple of retailer exclusives TBD. The first four have been reported by multiple sources, but not seen. The other named sets were pictured in a retailer catalog. Later in the year: Advent calendar, supposedly a UCS-style Porg in scale with BB-8, and possibly some other unknown sets before the end of the year.
  9. Yeah, seems like you'd have to cover the entire mold in bricks to get the shaggy texture needed for a bantha (sort of like how they did the bantha in the movie!) which doesn't seem all that practical.
  10. Right, that’s my point. When you present rumors as facts, you just give them credibility they’re not necessarily due. When you answer a question asking “what are the figs?” without qualifying your response, it sounds like you actually know. When you don’t. All it takes is adding “supposedly” or “rumored to be” to your response.
  11. Next time, if you’re not confident of the information you’re providing or are quoting a rumor, identify that upfront. A lot of people here interpreted the above quote as solid info, when it’s not.
  12. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Peeves was filmed for the movie but cut because the director wasn’t happy with the end result. That doesn’t, however, mean we are getting a minifig of him. It would really help if, if instead of describing the set descriptions you have found, you could quote them in their entirety or better yet, link to them. It’s really hard to differentiate the info you say you’ve found from your own speculation/interpretation.
  13. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    The Aragog set is supposed to be very small (~150 pieces). It's highly unlikely this would be enough pieces to build both a car and Aragog (unless both are incredibly small/simple). The Shelob set from Lord of the Rings had over 200 pieces and it only included the spider and a very small archway build for Gollum. Actually they have, and recently. Officially released "preview" photos of the Solo Millennium Falcon deliberately omitted 2-3 minifigs (low-res photos of which had already leaked several weeks earlier... leading many to believe that the figs had been cut) but they are indeed in the final set. HP sets have historically emphasized minifigs, and tend to have substantially more figs for the money than most other licensed sets like Star Wars.
  14. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    This is kind of hard to parse without seeing first-hand what the guy actually wrote, but most of this sounds accurate as far as what has been leaked so far. But therein lies the problem: it's almost entirely information we already knew. New rat and mouse molds were already revealed in the Great Hall and Birthday CMF, respectively, and a new cat mold has been discussed ever since the prospect of an HP CMF was raised. There's also been a lot of speculation that only the students in the Great Hall will have short legs, since that is based on the first movie, and that the remaining sets, Hogwarts D2C, CMF, etc., would have articulated legs. So no real news there. As has been discussed already, Peeves could be mistaken for Sir Nicholas, and Tom Riddle could just be "hidden" in Quirrel's turban. So, the long and the short of it is, this guy might have actual information or he might just be aggregating leaks he's found and adding his own speculation. Which happens a LOT.