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  1. No offense but, how many times are people going to ask this exact same question? The information comes out when it comes out. It could be the day LEGO announces it, or it could leak tomorrow. No one here can predict when that will be -- what happened last year, or the year before that, isn't a reliable indicator of what will happen this year, especially if there are indeed three D2Cs rather than the usual two.
  2. Umm... the sets that were "speculated" to be cancelled were in fact cancelled. And, we got far fewer System sets than in previous years, which was the impetus for the "doom and gloom". Yes, there were one or two retail exclusives whose identities weren't publicly known in advance, but this is true most years... The one saving grace was the Cantina... but even with it, I doubt there are many who would call 2020 a banner year.
  3. Too much sodium is bad for your heart.
  4. There is a small in-store giveaway and double VIP points on Star Wars sets. Previous years, a handful of older sets also went on sale but I haven't seen anything to indicate that this year.
  5. Sounds like the remaining 5% was right.
  6. You're painting with a rather broad brush there. And it's not so much a matter of not knowing where to look, as knowing the right people, and treating those people with respect. "Respect" includes not sharing things publicly when asked/told not to. I do not personally agree with MandR's post above, but I will say there's also less and less upside to sharing things here. There is inevitably conflicting information out there, given all the fake lists floating around, so posting "This set is X" just opens you up to a ton of second-guessing ("but so-and-so on Insta said something different 3 months ago and he has an Insta account so clearly I believe him over you..."), and if your info turns out to be even slightly wrong, a half-dozen people will fall over themselves to tell you you're an idiot. Thanks, but... no.
  7. Why, exactly? There are plenty of sets that LEGO could scale to fit the $30 price point.
  8. Okay, fair enough. A quick search shows it was marked "retiring soon"in August, then sold out, then some stock was made available again for VIPs shortly after that. I picked it up that August, and never saw it again in my local stores or online after that...
  9. In the US, it was marked down and shortly thereafter sold out on LEGO's website and stores the summer after it was released... I think it only lasted ~15 months, shorter than even the B-Wing. It reappeared in one or two European countries briefly after that point, so it's possible Bricklink is using that as the official "end date". I don't think Brickset's date is accurate in this case.
  10. Product page for the Probe Droid, on LEGO's website. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the photos.
  11. Observant viewers may spot a little something extra in LEGO's video for the Probe Droid... around the 27 second mark?
  12. Hasbro canceled two Cara Dune figures but left one, which was presumably too far into production (i.e., already manufactured) to stop. LEGO's August/September sets would not go into production until April or May... so still plenty of time to make adjustments, if they so desire.