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  1. Having now seen the photos... I'm pretty underwhelmed. Not a fan of combining microfighters into 2-packs... while in this particular case I would buy one of each anyway, most years there are only 1 or 2 in the series that I ever want... doubling them up means you have to buy sets you may not want. At least it's a cheap way to get an extra Kylo. Ahch-To Training and Defense of Crait look sooooo small. I guess it's nice not to have to pay a fortune to get Luke, and you can always buy a second or third set to amass a more complete scene, but it seems strange how small it is given how prominently the Luke/Rey scenes have been in the trailers. Seriously have to wonder how many Resistance Pilots/Troopers and First Order Gunners/Techs LEGO thinks we need or want.
  2. I would appreciate a link as well!
  3. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    You're talking about box art whereas this appears to be a photo of a (partial) page from a catalog. LEGO frequently uses alternate angles and photography in their catalogs. Comparing it to LEGO's Big Holiday Catalog in front of me, the angle and framing of the leaked Diner shot are consistent with the shot of AS on page 65. There is likely another 1" or more of the page on the right side and 2" or more at the top that are out of frame, and possibly some on the left side... though I suspect this may be the right half of a two-page spread. That said, it could be a big fake. But if it is, whoever did this went to extraordinary lengths to pull it off. And likely deserves a job offer at TLG in some capacity.
  4. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The shirtless man is a boxer — his raised fist is a red boxing glove, after all — so it makes sense that they would reuse the torso of the CMF boxer.
  5. Meesa thinkin... urmm... dissen smellen piddy stinkowiff. Peeyousa!
  6. Populating the Creator Modular series with CMFs

    I ended up with 3 or 4 of the Connoisseur (S17) which will end up as waiters in my Parisian Restaurant, with the Frenchie bulldogs destined for the Pet Shop. Also ended up with two of the Gourmet Chef (S17) which fortunately came with dual facial expressions, so they will become twins running the Bakery. I know it's not a true modular, but I plan to incorporate two of the Hazmat (S4) figures into the Monster Fighters Haunted House (along with the obvious Ghostbusters characters, and all of Series 14).
  7. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    What I like about this set — assuming it is real, which I strongly suspect it is — is that it extends the idea of the modular town/city out a bit from the existing modulars, which rely heavily on older European and east coast US cities for inspiration. Though it may not fit in all of our LEGO cities, it definitely gives the Palace Cinema some company, and expands the palette of building styles into a slightly different era/architecture. A few color swaps to the hot pink and teal elements would reduce the kitschiness of the building, while still preserving the American Graffiti vibe.
  8. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Both are nicknames/derivations of James. My name is actually Jamie and I wouldn't ever go by Jim... but that's largely a personal thing. Jamie (the designer) could have easily included that as an Easter egg.
  9. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Regarding the pixelization around the set number, I would be more suspicious of it if it didn't have distortion or artifacts around it. Having done a lot of photo retouching myself, changing product names/numbers on photos, etc., I can tell you that adding pristine text is easy; distorting it to match an underlying image is what's hard. This is why so many computer-generated special effects look fake: they're so perfect that they don't blend in with the grit and grime of real photography. And artifacts around text are a tell-tale sign of jpg compression, and to be expected unless you're looking at the original source file. If this is a fake, then the faker went to a lot more trouble than he/she needed to. This is clearly a photo of a printed page that has been folded and wrinkled and worn. If it were a fake, then someone had to photograph their (expertly created) MOC in a carefully-composed, professionally lit (inside and out) scene with a previous modular and sky backdrop, combine that photo with shots of the full modular lineup it into a layout, print it using a high-end printer (on what appears to be semi-gloss magazine-grade paper, which isn't readily available), then distress the printout, and finally photograph the printout. I've actually been wondering when LEGO would switch to modern faces on the modulars. So many of the CMF minifigs seem tailor-made for use in the modulars that it makes sense to include modern faces in the sets too. Making the switch at the start of the second decade seems as good a time to start as any. Not sure if this has been pointed out, but it appears that the gap between bricks/tiles is slightly larger just above the bottom row of yellow windows... which lines up with the joint in the teal green window trim. My guess is that this is where the floors separate.
  10. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Looks like Palace Cinema will be on sale for Brick Friday... got a sale announcement in the mail today. Glad I waited...
  11. Future Star Wars Sets

    Shots of a Wuher minifig have already leaked, along with Han, Greedo, and a few Sandtroopers. Theoretically these are for an early 2018 Cantina set, either from ANH or Solo. It seems pretty unlikely that LEGO would release a battle pack of 4 all-new characters with multiple new head sculpts. Looking at the Bounty Hunters set (which was already exceptional given that it included 4 named characters), there was only one all-new character (and one new head sculpt). The rest were modest updates of previously-released minifigs. So if you want to be at all realistic in guessing at a Cantina battle pack, you can bet that a Bith, Hammerhead, Jawa, and/or Greedo is going to be included (or Luke, Han, Ben, Chewie, etc.), since those head molds already exist.
  12. I would like a new Venator too. But given the First Order Star Destroyer that was just released, I think 2019 is the earliest we would see one. Same goes for an updated AT-AT or a Rogue One AT-ACT.
  13. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I forget the specifics, but I believe last year the clonemaker-who-shall-not-be-named managed to release a high-profile set that LEGO had previewed (and I assume, released building instructions for?) faster than LEGO could get it out for sale it themselves. i.e., in the window between LEGO announcing and selling it, the clone maker managed to knock it off and sell it first.
  14. Future Star Wars Sets

    I think gray bricks work reasonably well for the Naboo Starfighter because it's an accent color, and the yellow really steals the show, whereas in Amidala's Starship they'd be used almost exclusively. I hope I'm wrong about us ever seeing it in LEGO form... I'd be the first to buy one, and I'd certainly prefer it over a lot of the "Original Content" sets that LEGO keeps pushing at us. But I still think it's a long shot given how many designs are vying for the few $100+ slots each year. As long as there are new movies being released on an annual basis and something airing on TV, the big sets will continue to go to them, and we'll be lucky to get one prequel/original trilogy set at that price point each year.... which will usually go to something action-oriented.
  15. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    brickset. I took it to mean that they had sourced better images, as they are trying to migrate all images to high res. But a re-release would be great.