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  1. All torsos just jumped 50%, not just Castle torsos.
  2. When you see leaks that turn out to be bogus, they're coming from trolls, pure and simple. It happens every year, right around the time the real leaks surface. When you see leaks this early that turn out to be legit, they generally originate from third-party stores which have been shown a list of upcoming products (and occasionally pics of those products) so that they can get their orders in for the next 6 months. This too happens every year (twice a year), pretty much like clockwork. LEGO is certainly doing what they can to clamp down on leaks, and they may well be using the tactics you describe to zero in on the perpetrators. But I believe this is more directed at LAN members who share press releases and photos despite being under NDA, and LEGO's own store employees taking pics in the back room, etc. As for LEGO using leaks to gather market research... no. Just, no.
  3. To be honest I've stopped paying attention to LEGO Star Wars. The quality of the shows fell off a cliff, and my interest in the line went with it. Perhaps when Andor returns...
  4. I can't help but point out the irony that is... your profile pic.
  5. Knowledge. The preliminary photo of the barge was an early sketch, lacking any kind of detail (let alone minifigures)... it was a studded shell with exposed technic, approximating the footprint of what will someday be a finished set. If you are guestimating at prices based on the appearance of that sketch, you are not likely to arrive anywhere near the actual product price. I don't recall saying it would be $650. But there are plenty of people out there questioning who would buy a $650 Venator, especially considering the ISD didn't exactly fly off the shelves at that price. Or the Razor Crest, considering it had only been in a TV series, and blew up half-way through that. Or an Eiffel Tower the size of a Christmas tree. Or a Titanic the size of, well, the Titanic... there's clearly a large enough market for giant LEGO things that LEGO keeps making them. I think you're being a bit optimistic here. I would realistically peg the Barge in the MBS price range at minimum, especially given it will almost certainly come loaded with minifigures.
  6. The larger UCS/MBS set typically comes out in the fall, whereas the smaller set comes out in May. When and if the Barge is released, it won't be $230 (or likely anything close to it).
  7. You are new here, so a word of advice: just because you know something doesn't mean others don't. I guarantee you Renown knows all the sets you're drip-drip-dripping (or being drip-drip-dripped), and then some.
  8. You are missing the point. Some official pictures show it in gray. Other official pictures show it in brown. It is this contradiction that has spurred the confusion, and thus, the article.
  9. Man when this place goes off the rails it REALLY goes off.
  10. Fingers crossed for season 2.
  11. The Marvel mechs are $15, not $8.
  12. Man, you sure can hold a grudge.