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  1. Brickadeer

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    Actually, I do not remember anyone who said that. A number of people, however, expressed their preference for models that are to-scale with minifigures, and who thus dislike most (oversized) models of the UCS series (e. g. X-Wing, Snowspeeder, TIE Fighters). One person argued that not getting a UCS gunship increases the chance of getting a to-scale version of the gunship, while others replied that to-scale and UCS models of other verhicles were sold at the same time in the past, so it might not be a valid argument.
  2. I didn't vote since I'm not a fan of the UCS series - except for models that are at minifig scale like ~ the Millenium Falcon, and I do not vote for models I won't buy. If I had to, I'd chose the Nebulon B Frigate.
  3. I totally missed the trailer! They remade at least one scene from "Revenge of the Sith", if I'm not mistaken :) (Sorry for the OT!)
  4. Brickadeer

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Lego 75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack. I supposed the minifigs to be too colorfull for my taste, but I actually find them pretty good. Moreover, the set was at a discount (EUR 11,99).
  5. I didn't see them in the show, so I suppose they are random warriors which are meant to represent unnamed background characters from the show. As far as I remember, names aren't used in the first episodes anyway.
  6. Star Wars fails in China. In comparison: Avengers 4: Endgame grossed ~500 Million US Dollars in China. The Rise of Skywalker, however, grossed ~20 Million Dollar in China. So Disney's strategy which surely encompassed getting a foothold in the chinese market did nothing but utterly fail. Source
  7. Brickadeer

    Post editing/deletion

    Thanks :)
  8. Brickadeer

    Post editing/deletion

    Hi, in this post, I'd like to insert text between the quote and the spoiler. Can anyone tell me how to do it? Thanks.
  9. Brickadeer

    Star Wars

    Regarding Maul: You're right about Endor being a forest moon. However, given how close the DS was to Endor, and given that practically no other planet or moon was close to the DS, and given that at the end of RotJ, parts of the DS seemed to fall down on Endor, it would be odd if the remains would not be located on Endor. edit: It's official that it's not Endor but the ocean moon Kef Bir.
  10. Brickadeer

    Star Wars

    Why should it be an unknown planet rather than, well, Endor?
  11. They both feature the color "brown" :) The helmets look very different, though (visor and other printing).
  12. Since it's unlikely that the Mandalorians are from TCW: Season 7, I'd consider it a strong assumption :)
  13. Please keep in mind that basically no minifig or verhicle introduced with the first Mandalorian set has made yet an appearance in the show. I think we can assume that the Mandalorian sets are based on scenes from Season 1. The reason why there is e. g. no minifig of the child is that Disney made sure that the merchandise would not create major spoilers for the show. Furthermore, TLG doesn't always create accurate depictions of scenes. The battle droids from 75042 and 75043 for example are from the TCW series, not from Episode III. In the battle of Kashyyyk, so-called "security droids" were seen. If this is not an accident, which I believe is not the case, TLG has begun to introduce minifigures which they find interesting in sets they loosely fit in, no matter if parts of the sets are from different origins (films or series), probably to increase the value of the set. I'm fine with that, since it increases the chance to get minifigs we may not get otherswise.
  14. I'd say that non of the minifigs represent the armorer. The color schemes and the visor printings don't fit.
  15. Pictures of 75267 marked as "confidential" can be found on the Internet. The set contains four different mandalorians (not THE mandalorian) with capes, optional antennas and visors and a speeder. Two types of visor printings are featured,