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  1. Well, I think that with set 75280, Lego is trying to increase the bricks per minifig (compared to other battle packs). I suppose that this has to do with the licence fees.
  2. It's not my intention to dismiss "accuracy" :) I tried to make clear that the concrete meaning of "accuracy" is open for debate, which gives the term a rather inaccurate meaning. Plus, the fact remains that several persons experessed the view that the new clones are "too white" or "too plain". Now, you may be right to say that this is just an incidence of "nostalgia" (and, implicitly, that there is nothing to learn here for Lego), but I don't think that it's correct.
  3. For me, it's not a "nostalgic fondness". It's about what looks good and what doesn't. Both the proportions and the structure of a lego figure are very different from an actual human body. Thus, to me, the term "more accurate product" has a very limited meaning. Besides that, the more important question is if Lego should strive for "more accuracy" even if "more accuracy" doesn't translate into "better looking". And the fact is that such an automatic mechanism of translation simply doesn't exist. edit: I'd like to elaborate since the question if the hips' color is accurate or not is besides the point. To me, the black hips always represented the space between pieces of armor. This space is now represented by some small triangles printed to the legs. To me, the black hips did a better job. The reason is that they seperated the legs from the upper body, and in doing so, they were an accurate representation of this single functional "real-world" aspect. Plus, most critics started with their observation or impression that the new troopers are "too white" or "too plain". And I think that their observation is correct, the "real" troopers in the movies or series never looked that plain and white. So the question is how reduce the total amount of white within certain boundaries, and I think that black hips or blue arms or black hips and blue arms can do the job.
  4. Thanks! I'm undecided. What I like about the new cheeks is that the size of the breathing tubes is emphasized, something that the previous p2 troopers clearly were lacking.
  5. I don't like the dual molded version. I don't think it looks better than the variant with "normal" blue arms. You did a great job in editing the various variants, though In my opinion, the "black hips, coloured arms" variant looks best, while either black hips or colored arms look better than plain white. I have one question: Could you edit the cheeks as well, the black line in dark grey and the dark grey area in light grey? I always wondered how it'd look.
  6. It's interesting to see that both the clone from the PT set and the clones from the TCW sets basically have the same printing (it's the same structure). That counts for the legs and the Torso, so I guess that's how the p2 clone will look for the forseeable future.
  7. If the set is labeled UCS, chances that it's bigger than minig scale are very high. If people were knowing what they were doing, no additional information would have been required. I see the possibility, thopugh, that a majority of voters simply expressed their view, "I like gunships (if they are not at the size of a UCS set)!" But it's Lego's responsibilty to have an understanding of the voter's wills, not mine.
  8. Pictures from the catalogue
  9. On the German Lego website, the respective release dates September 1st and August 1st are still displayed.
  10. 75283 Immediate buy. 75280 I like it better, but I'm still not totally satisfied with the design of the troopers. 75286 It makes me hoping for a remake of 75036 :)
  11. It is my personal belief that there is room for pareto improvements: The selection and design of sets can be more to my liking without the children being made worse off :) Seriously. The complaints I have regarding e. g. the design of the 501st troopers cannot be countered with, "But they are for the children!" Nor do I see that this "argument" counts for any choice regarding selection and design of any set or minifigure.
  12. I think the point here is that Lego knows perfectly well if there is an AT-TE on its way to the shelves or not. So the state of 75291 is already fully determined. It's set in stone bricks.
  13. The dice has already been rolled, so the odds are either 100 % or 0 % :) Unfortunately, we can't have a look under the dice cup.
  14. “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” - Albert Einstein At the end of the day, Lego will release a limited number of sets in any wave. The number of sets that can possibly be released is infinite, and, as one may keep in mind, due to Einstein, infinity is pretty much the realm of stupidity. Noone is actually interested in what a certain person thinks is - due to some arbitrarily chosen criteria - "possible", "plausible" or "likely". The only persons who have substatial knowledge about the sets to come are Lego interns, and if a rumor is not somehow connected that substatial knowledge, it ultimately stems from the realm of, well, infinity.
  15. Brickadeer

    Star Wars

    I think there is room for debate as for what is good about the show and what isn't, and what someone may find likeable about certain episodes, and others not. I agree that consistency within the Star Wars universe as a whole has value. I do not see, though, that TCW has created major inconsistencies. In the TCW, Jedi and other force wielders do amazing things like jumping from high buildings etc. That might create a potential inconsistency with the fall and the death of Sidious in "Return of the Jedi". I'd consider it to be "potential", because the problem may be explained away relatively easy by assuming that he may have survived the fall, but not the destruction of the Death Star. But I do not think that in this particular case an incosistency could be avoided if the Star Wars universe was to evolve. I do not see, though, that TCW has "totally different rules in it's universe". TCW makes the Star Wars universe more fantastic, and I think that some things that work in an animated show may not work in a live action show. But I'm ok with that. I agree, though, that the FTL suiciced attack of Admiral Hodo bears the question why droids didn't use that tactic in the clone wars and yes, it creates a major inconsistency that easily could have been avoided. After all, Star Wars is not Star Trek and simply not science fiction. But still, in-universe plausibility is important. (How again could the empire land AT-ATs on Hoth if the moon was surrounded by a shield?) And I'd generally agree that Lucasfilm could and should make a better job in expanding the Star Wars universe. And if you say that the sequel trilogy makes their job infinitely more difficult, I'd agree as well.