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  1. StoneWars is relatively certain that the D2C set is not only real, but will be rather huge and in the +500,00 € price range.
  2. I am slightly disappointed with the Clone Troopers in 75337 (AT-TE). The printed visors on the pictures used for advertising look waaaaaayyyyy better than the real an actual clones.
  3. New pictures of the 212th trooper with an applied visor. Looks strange. Reminds me of R2 on Jabba's sail barge.
  4. I can't find such hints. Where exactly have you seen them on
  5. Not sure if anyone posted this information or if it's relevant for anyone, but... Lego 75332 // (L/B/H) 20,5/19,1/6,1 cm // 29,99 EUR // 232 g Lego 75337 // (L/B/H) 48/37,8/7 cm // 139,99 EUR // 1517 g Lego 75335 // (L/B/H) 35,4/37,8/7 cm // 99,99 EUR // 1219 g Lego 75323 // (L/B/H) 58,2/37,8/8,7 cm // 159,99 EUR // 2039 g Lego 75336 // (L/B/H) 48/28,2/7,4 cm // 99,99 EUR // 1363 g
  6. Hi, will the accessories packs be available at certain retailers as well or will they remain "Lego exclusives"?
  7. Actually, the next magazine is no. 80, which will be published in Germany on Januar 29. I'm not too excited for no. 81, though. because the price of the magazine is higher than the current price of the trooper on Bricklink.
  8. Brickadeer

    Star Wars

    I agree. For me, episode 3 was the worst so far. On scale from 1 to 10, I'd rate it between 3.5 and 4.5. What bothers me is that at least since "Winter Soldier", Disney's stance on the display of violence seems to be that if the result of an action doesn't show effects of violence, the action cannot be considered harmful and violent. I first realized that when Joaquin Torres was kicked in the head by a super soldier while lying on the ground, an attack that, in the real world had a good chance of being deadly or resulting in serious brain trauma. The "slap" of the wookie that made Boba and others fly several meters through the air, again, in the real world, would have crushed bones and smashed internal organs. This development makes me feel uneasy because this way, children, teenagers and even adults are given false impressions on the effects of certain actions.
  9. Brickadeer

    Star Wars

    I found the first episode, well, not good. Sarlacc and Boba's escape reminded me of a trash-movie from the early 80s. If this was intended, well, then it was executed very well. Boba wants to rule by respect. Like he earned the respect of the sandpeople back then. Yeah. I got it. They were supposed to be evil, but you can earn their respect. Great idea, I am so thankful for that [/sarcasm]. And the idea that Fett can become the local crime boss without having any base of power is stupid, even for Star Wars standards. Not to mention some glitches, e. g. the fight Boba observed in the desert with the Tusken-guy. If I had to rate on a scale from 1 to 10, it'd be 6.5 or 7.0. Favourite character so far: Mok Shaiz's Majordomo
  10. ..and the Cloud City price. Cloud City was released in 2018, the Cantina in 2020, so an Endor MSB set in 2022 would so to say complete the OT and be consistent with this line of reasoning. A "Geonosis" playset covering different locations from AotC and/or TCW series seems less appealing to the demand-side of the market to me. Thus, I wouldn't bet on it.
  11. I'm fine with one design for characters from different sources. As I wrote nearly 10 years ago: Personally, I'm not quite happy that Lego makes such a distinction at all. I think that Lego is the perfect platform to melt the different universes (TCW, PT, OT) into one, but apparently, that's not gonna happen. I couldn't imagine it back then, but it happened. So my point is not about accuracy. It's more about whether I think that the new design is an improvement of the last design, and I don't think so.
  12. I like the Hoth rebels set. I do not like the Clone Commander, I prefer the 2013 design (yellow, silver visor, torso print).