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  1. So.... only 1 pullback model next year?(42091 Police Pursuit, $19.99) And it's same or similer with 42047
  2. I can't think why TLG just not release bluetooth PF receiver.
  3. I'm try to making RC version of 42079. allready finish drive(L motor), steering(servo motor), fork up/down(L motor). I'm ready to make fork moving front/back but because I'm in korea army so don't have enough parts(1 mini liner) and can't take photo.
  4. Guys! 42080 has NEW pneumatic switch! Korean lego site. We can find some new type of valve. Witch is 5L long, 3 port under the valve, and maybe have axle hole for control valve!
  5. I get first vacation in army but eurobrick has allready start pullback contest... noooo....... I can't enter....
  6. If 42077 is medium blue or dark azure, whatever, 41999 medium blue or dark azure is possable.
  7. Rube goldbug contest! Sounds interstring...
  8. Ah, maybe have 5. 2 from 2016’s pullback model, 2 from stunt truck(PRAISE THE AZURE), 1 from stunt bike.
  9. Pull-back contest idea again Name: Pulling back your vehicle! Rule You need build 2 vehicle and it's combine model which using pull back motor. One one-road vehicle(like F1 or leman racer), One off-road vehicle(like buggy car or monster truck).(like lego's offical pullback model) Max tire size is 56. Not allowed if over 56.(56x26=ok, 56x28=ok. 62.4x20=no) Each model must use less than 200 parts. Not allowed other actuator.(like linear, pneumatic, any electronic...) Can use only 1 pull-back motor each vehicle.(combine model allow 2) Can using gear but less than 3 in one vehicle.(combine model allow 6) Walking vehicle and catapiller is not allowed. Only using tire and wheel.
  10. I got second! From under Congratulations to All!
  11. 9: 10 17: 6 19: 4 2: 3 7: 2 10: 1 Live F.K - Give Me! / Shake II Soundtrack (Track 09) Wacky race!