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  1. msk6003

    Ideas for experienced builders.

    I don't know someone made this monster. It looks awesome.
  2. No. I think you mistaken something in video. Opposite direction spinning is right.
  3. msk6003

    Ideas for experienced builders.

    Harlay davidson wheel will perfectly fit for this car. Maybe front normal bike tire and rear thick tire(from harlay) will work?
  4. Yes. I surprised brightness of that sensor. If TLG will add spike sensor block for powered up, I want that LED on/off block have. It can't turn off yet. If TLG add that function, I will use it for car's headlight.
  5. No not yet. But you can use spike color sensor for super bright light!(Even brighter then PF LEDs!)
  6. msk6003

    Uses for the 7X11 Liftarm Frame

    No. Those are fake lego made by lepin. I hate fake Lego so much that I looked up all the relevant information and now I can tell most of the fake ones. That is from lepin.
  7. msk6003

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    I think thay will use 55976 tire.
  8. I know it but I don't know how to use it and I don't have SD card and card reader for that. And I want selling instruction and program in rebrickable but ev3dev is to hard for most people.
  9. I planned some 1:8 car moc with mindstorm system. It need controlling so many light individually. I thinking with C+ with boost sensor(I heard booster sensor with PU app can control PF receiver) But PU app don't have share program function so I will using EV3. But I have only 2 EV3 module so only one can use for car controlling.(other will kipping for controller) I have hitechnic IR link sensor but it has seriously delay in 1.09H firmware version and I don't know how to downgrade it. Is there anyone use mindsensor's PFmate sensor with newiest firmware EV3? Or have any other soluction for controlling PF receiver with EV3?
  10. Actually, this system is widely used for toy cars.
  11. msk6003

    Using an axle as a gear

    I already uploaded this here.
  12. Yes - Allmost public event in korea is cancled except brickorea. No - No lockdown in korea. I need to go to work like normal day.
  13. msk6003

    Toyota AE86 Initial-D

    Me too :D That was great! I want one.
  14. msk6003

    Toyota AE86 Initial-D

    Made by this right? OTL
  15. msk6003

    Toyota AE86 Initial-D

    I shouldn't have used the motor information....