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  1. Not for some kind of ~gons but can someone make isosceles right triangle? No matter for size but smaller is better.
  2. Use subtractor to other way, one of builder in korea made this. CASTER - Brickinside Very hard to doing backward steering but looks good for steering without servo.
  3. As a amature GBC builder, I want use it for vertical ball lift. Or it will be awesome if that part and match with splat gear.
  4. Dalmatian's red wheel is not come after 2018. Good to see in here.
  5. Looks like this but truck only.
  6. But since the Spike app doesn't have a motor update feature, I doubt it's really necessary. If it's a must-have feature, why don't educational apps have it?
  7. This can appely on trucks too. Like normal version/military version/Daker version Kamaz 4326. Normal version Military version Dakar version
  8. I give +1 on this. Interesting and funny looks theme.
  9. It seems look like homologation rule in WRC. Interesting theme. Like difference of This And this In this theme, we need build two version of same car but both need huge difference like this Audi quattro example.
  10. Speaking of fantasy, I rise up this again. Or how about one-set alternative theme?
  11. Considering we already did life on mars contest(TC16) I think normal space theme is not good. But fantasy space will awesome.
  12. The gap is not due to compatibility issues with the original, but because the satellite arm can no longer be lowered. In fact, the floor of the cargo compartment is only 1 stud high excluding the gear train for the rear landing gear,(Also, because of this, I was quite troubled by the problem of connecting the two power sources to the turntable that rotates the crane.) and it is difficult to reduce the width than 15 due to the existence of the 11x15 frame that holds the structure of the main gearbox, and even if the width is reduced with removing the frame, the even/odd issue will still make result in half-stud gaps.(comment with translator)