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  1. I can't talk well but in my think selector L motor has problem. Is that 'squizing noise' seems like press something hardly? If it is right, than maybe selector L motor has encoder problem.
  2. Only available in red, how about this?
  3. How about giant forklift with 8110 tire? Chain drive fork lifting can justify part count. Like this
  4. If TLG keep stick to VW group, how about ID.R? Wait, it's electric car
  5. My opinion is still Audi R8 green hell edition I posted this in facebook 4 month ago I think Audi R8 Green Hell edition with dark turquoise color is 2022's new 1:8 supercar set. Currently all 3 1:8 supercar set's company is subsidiary of volkswagen. and only last company is audi.(they has Bently also but it is not supercar-related company.) And TLG suddenly started made lot of dark turquoise colored technic beam, connector, panel and thay already made dark turquoise colored part in past. And as a precedent for Porsche and Bugatti, the color was used in large quantities one to two years before its launch.(Sian is not applicable, but unlike orange and azure colors, lime colors have been used steadily.) And lastly, that 'Green Hell edition' is perfect for dark turquoise.
  6. In my 3 screen(samsung notebook, iphone se2, unknown brand desktop monitor) megalodon looks like dark azure. Even my actual model is really medium blue. And seems like El toro loco's orange is lot more brighter than normal. I think your camera setting is something little wrong.
  7. If TLG keep monster jam I want see Bone shaker. But I actually want TLG stop doing that. I want onroad pullback car like privious set.
  8. Is my eyes weird or that 40t gear is really dark turquoise? Last release of colored variant of 40t gear is 2006.
  9. Mobile tower crane will be good set. Combine harvester sounds interesting. As I remember last large combine set is 8274. And I want see some kind of firefighting vehicle.
  10. @krtwood @Johnny1360 I know those type of glove existed but I don't have it and usually those glove is thinner than normal glove.. And Brickcontroller 2 is only working If model use simple speed control like 42109. In this case this dozer(and with 42114) use 2 motor for 4 function and one of motor for control transmission. I already use brickcontroller 2 on simple control model. After get sick weak chilblain when I was in korea army, my hand is weaker on cold more than other people. So I need physical controller when I want play with my model on outside in winter. One more, touch control don't give feedback to you. This is second leason why I don't like this C+ system. This also can improvement using brickcontroller 2 but still has same problem about simple control model. I planed to make mechanum wheeled moc with 2 C+ hub, 5 L motor(one for each wheel), 2 XL motor, 1 M motor now and only powered up app can move like I want.(8 direction horizontally, left/right turn, aim gun up/down/left/right, fire)
  11. I just don't like bluetooth system because when I use it I can't wear glove. I played with this dozer in snow some weeks ago. It works very well and it was very fun time. Except my hands almost froze.
  12. msk6003

    42132 - Chopper

    If I didn't missing some set, without education only 7 set use it as cam exactly. And I can't find any technic set use cam as cam. Looks like this 42132 is first. Black 4002020, 3432, 3429, 3433, 30628 Light gray 6497 DBG 9467
  13. Yes. If TLG use C+ in 1:8 super car set.
  14. I don't know this will work without motor but how about automatic transmission? Like audi R8