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  1. Let's race with my pullback combine rc model. Anyway, I like that truck design so your rc MOD is good.
  2. [TC12] Jack the lifter

    Current prograss and no picture. JUMP IS FAILED. Can't lift front of car, can't throw something, can only make smash sound. So change function. Normal front lifting with liner actuactor. And need to make some function in handle part.
  3. Impossible LEGO

    Wow, 42070 is REAL bad model. I never seen that type assembling in offical model.
  4. Another my 42055 C model! Instruction will soon and eurobrick review. And my D model, supercar now have instruction and EB review.
  5. [MOC] Ocean Racer

    How about replace ocean explorer's cap to benz arocs's or unimog?
  6. [MOC] Ocean Racer

    Ocean explorer have crean, 42023's dump droper and excavator.
  7. [MOC] Ocean Racer

    Most greatest MOC I ever seen. This model is SUPER AWESOME. Keep build it!
  8. [TC12] Jack the lifter

    Currant prograss- LDD model is allmost finish Hi! Jack the lifter currant prograss! Anyone expect what is my vehicle? Well, not secret anymore. It's pallet jack! ........??? What? Pallet jack? YES! But I posted front wheel up there ↑, front part has "jump" function. Drive - have differencial gear. One XL motor. Steering - new 60t turntable used. One servo motor. Jumping - Basic mechanism by sariel's tank firing. Only connected to wheel. One L motor. I hope this model is work in real life....
  9. [TC12] Jack the lifter

    Yes :D And I'm thinking jumping only front or rear too.
  10. [TC12] Jack the lifter

    * not for suspension
  11. Hello! Msk again! This is my last contest before I go to korean army (go to 2017/11/28 and maybe back 2019/05) Anyway! My wacky vehicle is Jack the lifter! Design - Secret maybe name is hint? Color - Not selected yet. But in my color list, maybe black/red/LBG. Function - All function is RC. I do not know my model has enough inner space. Drive, steering, some spring-roaded wacky(really!) function.
  12. Rally car is similer with this moc by nico 71's.