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  1. My pick is Audi R8 Green Hell edition with dark turquoise color. Currently all 3 1:8 supercar set's company is subsidiary of volkswagen. and only last company is audi.(they has Bently also but it is not supercar-related company.) And TLG suddenly started made lot of dark turquoise colored technic beam, connector, panel and thay already made dark turquoise colored part in past. And as a precedent for Porsche and Bugatti, the color was used in large quantities one to two years before its launch.(Sian is not applicable, but unlike orange and azure colors, lime colors have been used steadily.) And lastly, that 'Green Hell edition' is perfect for dark turquoise.
  2. As far as I know all ripoff receiver is 2.4Ghz. Not IR.
  3. I think king of this topic is 42070. It is very good set for technic beginner but to much expensive.
  4. Come to think of it, I don't think there was an RC pop-up headlight. When I looked it up on Google, all of them were manual.
  5. I inspired by hot wheels ken block ford fiesta drift rc. And this type of drift drive has one more advantage. In addition to the advantage of easy operation, this method can make the size of the vehicle much larger than that of a typical lego drifting vehicle.
  6. That 44777 pure plastic wheel with minifig arm combination is to much expensive, rare(include only 2 set) and weak so I made 3D print wheel for this model. And looks much better and cheaper than buy 44777 wheel! I printed it using black pilament so it will not wear.
  7. If you can move wheel axle 1 plate lower it can. But not in basic poistion. Tire touch fender very little.
  8. New curved panel from space shuttle 10283 is perfectly fit with twin 86652 wheel. Last release of this wheel is two years ago(2019).
  9. 42100 B model - It's robot fighting time! 42100 liebherr has 2 hub and 7 motor. But unlike PF system, you don't need remote for each hub. So, where can use this? How about 2 separate MOCs from one set? So I made 2 player battle bots kit! Robot base. Each bot use 2 L C+ motor for drive with 1.67 gear ratio and 1 XL C+ motor for attachment drive. Both base is exactly same without color difference. Horizontal spinner / Vertical spinner attachment Need some assamble to attach base but not so much. "Killdozer" setup I get idea from philo's 8275 alternative model. Actually, whole model get inspired by that alternative. And C+ hub is mounted to back for moving center of gravity.
  10. Because chassis is based my MOD of 42108. Internal is totally different with that but basically my modded 42108 chassis. And like every other moc I made, I don't have any design sense...
  11. Yes in most cases. If moc need WIP post(like reverse tc20 towtruck or Eurobrick TC) I will make new. Other than that only upload here.
  12. Cause I didn't get much comment in my previous MOC topics so I will upload most of my MOC(especially alternative model) in here now. Without TC post. Does it come up to the top if I just edit it rather than adding a new answer? 42128 B model - Mobile crane Function Straight 4 engine connected to third wheel steering with HOG located back Outrigger with HOG located top of cabin Pneumatic rasing crane Pneumatic extend boom Winch
  13. I made this topic for easy find all of my moc in one topic. When I made new moc, I will upload here and update this first topic. If I upload model here, link is connected to it's topic. Other connected to rebrickable. Eurobrick technic competation [TC11] Wave of wrath battlebots [TC12] Jack the lifter [TC18] Delorean [TC20] 10262 James Bondâ„¢ Aston Martin DB5 Alternative model 42055 Bucket wheel excavator 42055 C - Harftrack truck with rubber band gun 42055 D - Supercar with test stand 42055 E - Bucket wheel carousel 42055 E.8 - Bucket wheel carousel improved 42055 F - DozeRTR 42070 6x6 All terrain tow truck 42070 C - Futuristic darker truck 42095 Stunt racer 42095 C - Rally racer 42099 Extreme offroader 42099 B - Sonic dune buggy 42099 C - Trophy truck 42099 D - Motorcycle with sidecar 42109 Top gear rally car 42109 B - Futuristic speed demon 42109 C - Top gear offroad truck 42109 D - F1 racer 42114 6x6 Volvo articulated hauler 42114 B - Volvo roadroller 42114 C - Heavy duty articulated forklift 42114 D - Golden knight racing truck 42124 Offroad buggy 42114 B - RC power drifter 42118 & 42119 monster truck combination model Monster truck combination - Twoface's troublemaking double tumble 42117 Race plane 42117 C - Powered hang glider 42112 Cement mixer 42112 B - Steamfunk airship 42100 Liebherr R 9800 excavator 42100 B - It's robot fighting time! NEW 42122 Jeep wrangler B - Rough terrain crane(soon) 42128 Heavy duty tow truck 42128 B - Mobile crane Education Spike prime Spike arm canon airplane launcher Spike says EV3 455460 Sup3rcar 3 color simon says J33P EV3 gun shooting game BricQ essential 100 model of BricQ(soon) Modification More playable 42108 Extreme police RC racer Original MOC 1:10 Driftable Toyota AE86 Twin motor wheel excavator(old version) Twin motor wheel excavator(new version) Flight simulator GBC [Reverse TC20] 6x6 All terrain tow truck Other topic Brickorea racing competation Spike large/C+ angular motor dissassemble