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  1. I also remind black cat instantly but even that is tribute of black cat or not, I planned to buy that because design looks very cool.
  2. Considering Mattel has megablock, those collaboration is impossible. That's actually very sad because I want see hot wheels in lego.
  3. The number of gimmicks themselves is sufficient for last year, this year, and next year. What I am disappointed with is the way the gimmick is connected. Almost all gimmicks are connected through one or two gears, or directly connected to a knob,(even don't have latch on winch) or most gimmicks do not even have a knob and are supported by the friction of the pin. And compared to last year's smallest models, the dump truck and snowplow, which had 3 and 4 gimmicks respectively,(Including rolling wheel/tracks) this year's smallest model, the bulldozer, only has 2 gimmicks, which are like polybags, as others have said? P.S - And this is why I rating 42146 LR 13000 as worst model of entire technic history.
  4. You can use EV3 brick on NXT if you can accept some connection point different. But why are you buy NXT set and change to EV3 brick not just buy 31313 or 45544?
  5. I also agree everything you wrote but this is wrong. Space don't have air so normal engine can't working. At least TLG need to use 'motor' thing in peugeot 9x8 again. Or make dummy C+ (maybe control minus?) motors.
  6. I don't like lack of 'technical' in technic. Even the largest model 42180 has almost no gear in sets. Almost every function is directly connected with knob or cross only 2~3 gears. Other sets is same except only 42179 orrery.
  7. Cada's disc break wheel has same offset with TLG's landrover wheel. I tested it using planetary hub. I can't find downside of this wheel yet. This wheel allow place hub on outer side of wheel for deeper look and has changeable wheel cover.(as far as I know currently has 2 type. 9 spoke thing on sports car sets and dish type on DF-21D missile truck.). There is a reinforcement bar inside the wheel, but even when I installed a planetary hub that is slightly wider than a regular hub, there was nothing stuck.
  8. looks like just 2 5x7 frame and 2 7L beam on 3L pin on top section and 3L bush pin on turntable.
  9. Looks image again and read my comment again. It need 3x3 circle thing but center hole must have pin hole. You posted image which those part is replaced to normal DBG 3L beam.
  10. Considering that, from what I roughly understand, the main complaint people on this forum have about missing the B model is lack of creativity, I think it would be a good idea to include a kind of 'idea model' that doesn't come with instructions like the older models.
  11. Is it possible to have a scenario where no one pays because both parties benefit?
  12. Even it is not possible on this set but I still want hard version of those shock. BMW and Ferrari's 9L shock is realistic but to much hard.
  13. I still bet on Mclaren. It has lot of car which will fit well on those orange. And currently TLG make lot of Mclaren technic sets.
  14. Or TLG can did some kind of contest after set relese which builder make there own B/C model and make one of it as offical model.