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  1. In high gear, the motor struggles because it is geared up
  2. I have looked at many instructions but i just cant seem to replicate it properly
  3. Hi all, Thanks for the help when i made my "HELP!" post, and i have imporoved greatly over the time span. At the time of posting that forum, i was making very bad (structurally and it just looked horrible) chassi's without steering and no suspension, one wheel drive, and a very limited selection of parts. Following all of your suggestions, i am now making much better chassi's (i dont know how to spell it lol) with drive suspension, and no steering. I dont know how to make the body of trucks, so please give suggestions on that, and i also need suggestions for steering with drive (no linker arms and ball joints or wheel hubs please and using no CV joint and only universal joints) Thanks!
  4. Yea i agree. Also, CaDA is also pretty expensive so i don't think I'm going to get that
  5. Well, the steering and suspension is the hardest for me Wait NVM steering and suspension but also bodywork is super hard for me Im OK at the chassis and drive train
  6. Hmmm... On ebay, sometimes they overprice the used set, and it can be a little annoying. I will try CaDA too once i check out the prices, thanks!
  7. Well, its not really about the snapping although it annoying, but the studio wont let you over lap bricks and when they do, its hard to get out of that transparent mode Also, whats ur name?
  8. Okie well i do need help and IDK how old u gotta be lol i did download it already but the way it snaps is rlly annoying
  9. Well, im a tween so i gotta work a lot to save up to buy special bricks since i only have had the Mclaren Senna GTR so far. I also don't really like brick link and brick owl because i have to buy from individual sellers so sometimes i might buy from the LEGO store itself (altho sometimes its way more expensive) and I'm also not good at drawing and digital software ;-;
  10. Hi Jim! Just got started witrh EB How do i submit my entry?
  11. Well, I dont have that many pieces as i just started out with Lego Technic. I have been building with classic Lego for 5 to 6 years but i just found out about lego technic December last year so i guess I'm a newbie. Im a tween so i don't have that much to spend on new lego sets and new parts so i have since only had the Mclaren Senna GTR (which, when i got it, i didn't understand anything about parts) but i will be getting another set soon. I am more focused on building cars and construction vehicles (which, again, doesn't make any sense with the parts i have with the Mclaren Senna GTR). Hope this answers your question Im bad at almost everything with MOCS... Im also not good at designing on digital and on paper so I'm kinda frustrated that everytime i make a moc it doesn't work out Alright will do thanks Im kinda afraid to show ya'll because they look so bad Thanks! Never thought of this Helped a lot A few years? Thats another problem with me. Im kinda too impatient to make things work out And thanks for the book suggestion just read it but lots of the things are really complicated and most of it i don't the pieces " I was always pretty ambitious and tried to put too many functions that I didn't know how to build, into a MOC, but I built fast, then ripped it apart and started over." That is totally me but its frustrating for me to put all that time and effort to just rip it apart and start again but i do that a lot Yes, thats true. WHen i was building with lego classic, mocs i built when i first started looked absolutely horrendous, then compared to mocs i make now (tho i don't really like Classic Lego anymore)
  12. Hello, does anyone have any suggestions on how i can become better at making Lego Technic mocs? Im really bad at making them thanks (BTW i cant reply to everyone its a lot of posts but i will try)
  13. Yes i know but maybe its because i don't have the right pieces I always have a goal in mind and then i start building and either of two things happen, #1 It turns out much different and (often) worse than what i had in mind, or, #2 It does not work out and i don't have enough pieces or the correct pieces Its kinda frustrating
  14. Hi all, this is a good moc! Im really bad at making mocs.