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  1. In Australia we have both box types and the other day I was in the LEGO store and both were on the shelf next to each other. And my own personal set is the ‘D11T’ version which I bought from LEGO.com first day it came out So no clear answer yet, but it should say ‘D11’ as that is the correct naming for the model
  2. Glad I could share my knowledge! Looking forward to the review and absolutely feel free to use the info in your review
  3. I have some experience with this so here’s some information. What you have said above is correct about D11 being a family name. All CAT Dozers are in the D Series, D11 being the highest in the lineup. The different names come from different generations for example when the D11 was first introduced is was named D11N, the new model was D11R and after that D11T. Up and till recently D11T has been the most current version but CAT has now chosen to simplify the naming nomenclature throughout the lineup. Which brings us to the new model the Next-Gen D11 named simply ‘D11’ which the set is based on. Finally there has been some comments about the D11XE that will be launched soon. This is not a new version but rather an option, that being an electric drive version. Similar to how the Liebherr R9800 has a face shovel and backhoe variant. Check out this link on the new naming: https://www.foleyinc.com/new-caterpillar-dozer-nomenclature/ Also note though a D11 is a D11 each one has a spec chosen by the customer which means variations for example part colours, railings, the ladder, blade, ripper, etc… Anyway that’s my knowledge, hope it helps explain some questions.
  4. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Definitely looks like a beast of a set that lives up to the initial rumours!
  5. What catalogue is this from? It’s looking promising which is a relief!
  6. It’s because it gives the customer a brand new and complete machine that looks finished. It’s also so as the paint wears off the tracks are polished and don’t rust (unless the machine sits still for a period of time) What colour tracks do you want to see on the set? Do you think new track elements may be introduced to match the correct scale?
  7. A good question to ask is when do we get the photos? Because they do exist, by now all product photography should be done and ready to go. It’s just a matter of where and when we can see them...
  8. I definitely think some type of new PU components will be released. Also I think LEGO will go for an electro-pneumatic system for the D11T. My thought is since the 42100 showcased how linear actuators could be used the 42131 will bring a new generation of advanced pneumatics.
  9. I think it’s possible that we will see new tracks and maybe double sprockets (side by side) for the High Drive...
  10. If it’s a CAT machine it has to be yellow so I’d say they will use the standard yellow. But they even introduce a new colour that’s specifically ‘CAT Yellow’