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Thanks to the spare parts I ordered online and some "borrowed" parts from other sets, I managed to rebuild this set from 1989 ;D This shall be my 5th Academy review :classic:


Went into service in 1989, the Utility Repair Lift was an ingenious solution to a common problem in Lego Town; how do one repair the faulty street lights which are slowly becoming more and more common along the streets? Utilizing a clever scissor mechanism, the lift can raise the platform high enough for a repairman to access the street lamp assembly without the need to bring down the whole street pole or "borrow" a lift from the fire department.

Due to its simplicity and ease of use, almost anyone can operate the utility lift. Being mounted on a trailer with a standard tow hook also means that it can be used to various other purposes and towed by any vehicle with a common tow hook.

Now after 20 years serving the then Lego Town and the current Lego City, it continues to serve for many more years to come.

Set name: Utility Repair Lift

Year Released: 1989

Theme: Classic Town

Number of Pieces: 92 (according to Peeron)

Price: USD 20 for a used set, up to USD 200 for a MISB set





My Photobucket


The box is a typical Legoland box with yellow. There seem to be power lines in the background, showing a possible "electric power" line of Town sets. Box picture taken from Peeron.



A random page from the instructions showing how the scissor lift mechanism is constructed and alternate builds. Scan taken from PICSL.



You start off with the red and yellow truck. The construction is typical of any 4-stud vehicle of the era.


Construction then proceed to the trailer with the scissor lift.


The final step is to add in the minifigure and link the trailer and truck together.



The Minifigure is has blue overalls and a blue cap; a typical Lego Town worker during this era. The worn out print of the torso shows how often this set used to be played by me.



The little truck is a 4-stud wide vehicle with a 1x2x2 panel that has an electrical utility logo on either side of the truck. The logo is printed onto the panel and only appears in this set. Meanwhile it has a small open truck bed in the rear for the spanner and mallet. Other features include a pair of yellow lights on top of the cab and an antenna at the rear.



Moving onto the star of the set, the utility lift trailer consists of the scissor mechanism, warnings signs mounted on yellow hinge pieces (in this case I have to use a grey hinge piece because I am missing 1 yellow hinge piece) and safety bars on either side. The trailer has 2 sets of wheels to allow it to remain stable should the trailer be detached from the truck.




Upon receiving a complaint about a broken street light, our repairman heads to the faulty street light. Street lights are usually 10 bricks tall, which is ideal for our utility lift.


Our repairman looks out from his cab to make ensure that the lift is just at the right spot next to the street light


He then deploys the warning sign and arrow sign to inform other road users that some maintenance work is going on. By turning the signs into position, the signs also double up as stabilizers. This ensures that the lift will not tip over when it is fully extended.


A spanner from the truck's open bed shall be used to fix the light this time. More tools can be stored in the open bed of this truck.


Time to get onto the platform! Using the handle bars on either side, the repairman safely climbs onto the platform.


Once on the platform, he raises the platform to the desired height. Careful not to bump your head on the street lamp! :o


A motorist then passes by our dear friend during the repair. Again, the warning signs and yellow lights ensure that other motorist are informed of his presence and know how to pass him.


As it begins to get dark, the repairman folds back the warning signs and get ready to head home. Another street lamp repaired today!



A call came from the operator of the Lego Town airport that one of their radar stations were malfunctioning and in need of repair. Our repairman was there the next morning to have a look. Reaching the site, he positioned his trailer as close as possible to the radar dish and removed the safety barriers on his trailer. The safety barriers are to prevent any curious onlookers from getting to close to the scissor lift. The safety barriers also have lights mounted to make it easier to notice.


Our repairman slowly raises and rotate the platform to get as close as possible to the radar dish. The scissor lift can only rotate once the safety barriers are removed from the trailer.


Now he can repair the faulty radar dish as the airport operator oversee the repairs.


Of course, the benefit of a scissor lift is that you can position the platform off center to further reach wherever you fancy. The signs at the back of the trailer keeps the trailer stable although the center of the platform is not between the 2 pairs of wheels.



The versatility of the utility lift trailer allows ordinary folks of Lego Town to rent the trailer when they require it. For example the owner of this red sports car wants to fix his garage roof.


Since his sports car has a tow hook, he can tow the trailer to his place and instantly deploy it.


Other times some building contractors rent the trailer for their own purposes. In this case the trailer can be hooked up to the front loader to a construction site to assist in the installation of new lights in an underpass.


Our repairman can go about other repair with his truck although he is not towing the utility lift with him. Even on its own, our red and yellow repair truck stands out with the large electrical utility sign on its side.



Design: 10/10 The design of the scissor lift is pure genius. Its too bad that such a scissor lift is not implemented further in Classic Town. The trailer with the warnings signs mounted on hinges which also doubles up as stabilizers when deployed is also another another design accomplishment for this little set.

Parts: 9/10 There is a wealth of red and yellow parts as well as the printed panel which is unique to this set only. The printed panel with the electrical logo is extremely useful for any MOCs concerning electricity utility vehicles.

Playability: 10/10 Repair the street light, repair the roof of the garage, fix the elevator in Metro Park and Service Tower or rescue a cat on a tree, the utility lift's versatility allows it to be in numerous scenarios. The truck and trailer can be played on its own and also other Classic Town vehicles with a tow hook can use the utility lift.

Minifigure: 7/10 Standard Classic Town minifigure in blue overalls. TLG could have added in a minifigure with an electric symbol on its torso however.

Overall: 10/10 This is another one of those little Lego sets which holds itself up so well that even by today's standards, it surpasses anything produced by TLG currently. So far there are no other City or Town sets which utilizes the scissor lift mechanism as used in this set. It would be great to see TLG produce another set that utilizes a scissor mechanism as there seem to be an empty niche of small utility lifts which can be deployed anywhere and inside buildings.

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Thanks for the review. 6671 is small but nonetheless very playful and with bright design!

The worker of my 6671 set made use of his vehicle for more "abnormal" purposes... :hmpf_bad::hmpf_bad:



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Great set from the past! :blush:

This was one of the first sets that I built coming out from dark ages and it's still one of my favorites. :cry_happy:

I'm still impressed from the lift mechanism and to be honest I put it in front of me as I'm typing now.

The warning signs are also a very nice feature. The only thing that bugs me when it comes to my copy is that the wheels produce a squeeky sound when I move it back and forth.

(Does this count as "play with LEGO"? :blush: )

Thanks again for this wonderful review and the great pictures paanjang16!



Alywin, your set is probably the 6671 Stalker Lift.


Edited by Zorbas

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Alywin, your set is probably the 6671 Stalker Lift.


I bought mine from an eBay seller last year. The seller told me that the set he was going to sell to me was a "special edition" and was 18+ instead of normally 5+. After I built it up and saw it in action, I (and you) then understood what he meant... :tongue::tongue::tongue:

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Great review! :thumbup:

This is a very nice set, and I owned this set inside my childhood collection. Unfortunately, I can't seemed to locate it anymore. :cry_sad:

Nevertheless, I will love to own it once more to add into my current Classic Town collection. Such a simple small set like this offers so much playability in it. Your review has simply demostrated what its function is capable of. I noticed Alywin also shared his own experience with the Utility Repair Lift. :laugh:

Love the way, you guys presented this set with your creativity.

paanjang16, do visit on New Years Day afternoon! There is a surprise for you. :wink:

It's a hint. :grin:

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I bought mine from an eBay seller last year. The seller told me that the set he was going to sell to me was a "special edition" and was 18+ instead of normally 5+. After I built it up and saw it in action, I (and you) then understood what he meant... :tongue::tongue::tongue:


The first real AFOL set!


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Awesome review! I love the scissor lift, I'm going to build a new one out of click hinges now :tongue:

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This is a great set. One of the last town sets I got before my dark ages. The mechanism is very ingenious indeed. I'm glad none of my minifigs looks like yours... :cry_sad:

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Nice review, thanks. I appreciate your lineup of the trailer with other vehicles with hitches. I have a bunch of car-trailer sets from this era and the hitches are all at different heights. Its nice to see that the trailer is compatible with a few other sets. I received this set upon its release but have come to appreciate its design in recent years. The scissor lift is great with its ability to turn and be raised to different heights and configurations. I copied this design for one story elevators in my MOCs. The best part is the trailer, with its fold-out signs, fences, and lift that all compact and fit together perfectly for transport. The truck is a nice classic-town design, and I didn't know the printed panels were exclusive to this set. Thanks for that info!

My older hinges haven't held up well to years of play, but all 6 of them together still have enough friction to hold the lift up. The transition to click hinges precludes more ingenious uses of the old hinges in sets like this (see this year's lift). In my experience the click hinges have so much friction you're just as likely to pull them off the trailer as raise the lift up. Both definitely have a place in the peice lineup; it's a shame Lego doesn't think so.

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Out of all the classic town vehicle sets - this one can't be faulted ! :sweet:

A simple service truck and scissor lift (which is the best part), and it's only taken 21 years to replace it with a new repair truck. :grin:

Thanks for a cool review, 'Paanjang16'. :laugh:

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I have this set for a long time, and even today it is still so cute and nice that I love it!

I have two friend that wanted to bought that from me back then so much!

Trailer is very intelligent, and I think this set was one of the few that drag me into the Technic.

Great review, great set!

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I just love this set, i still have this since it was new!!But,

i think the newer version will be better because i like 6 stud wide cars better than 4!

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This is a fantastic classic set! I remeber wanting this set as a child, but never got it. I'm going to look it up on Ebay right now! Thank you for the review!

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What a fun and interesting review! I love the way the utility truck is used in various situations and i have to say, the photos and comparisons were perfect!

This is one of my most highly sought after set, simply because of the simple yet truely effective design of the scissor lift, the red and yellow colour design and the beautiful-yet-once-in-a-lifetime panel with 'lighting bolt' sign printed...

Thanks for a wonderful review! and of course, this set is a high 5 for me ~~ Cheers!! :thumbup:

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Greetings! :classic:

This was the first lego set I was given to as a kid and I thought it was the most wonderful set ever! Too bad I didn't have enough sense to keep the box though :cry_sad:

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Hello @RavenGal3177

Can you please edit your post? 
Be aware that it is not good practice to bump such an old topic, unless you have something important to add to the conversation!

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