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  1. Where've you been mate... Miss ya! :/

  2. I hope you are doing fine and well, my friend. Let me know if you needs anything.

  3. Hope everything is going well for you.

  4. You're alive :)

  5. Wait a minute, you're no longer mod, what gives?

  6. oo7

    Whoa! Did Barbara Werth know anticipate your birthday? Check out what she uploaded a few hours ago: Αλέξης Ζορμπάς

    Have a good one, mate!

  7. Zorbas

    MOC: log cottage

    That's a very nice creation and you've certainly made a great use of the Log Cabin pieces. The overall shape reminds me of the classic town houses - small and cute. You should resize those pictures though since the maximum picture size allowed in EB is 800x600. I'll replace these with their respective links for now and you can follow the tutorial prateek provided (or ask me if you need any help). Once you're done, re-post the resized pics by editing your first post.
  8. Zorbas

    Low Loader in LLD

    Nice creation pigpen, a good use of the technic pieces there. The pictures are a bit larger than permitted in here (the maximum size allowed is 800x600), so could you please resize them and post smaller ones? There is a tutorials index found in my signature if you don't know how to do so. Thanks.
  9. Zorbas

    MOC: Western Hotel

    Topic moved in the Historic Themes forum. Very nice creation Klementina. I like the colours you've used and I love the way you've built the sign. This going to be a fantastic diorama, judging from all the creations I've seen. Great job!
  10. Zorbas

    PhotoReview 3179 "Repair Truck"

    Thanks for the nice clear pictures Madi. Why not add some comments and thoughts of yours about the set and the elements in it too? You can take some ideas from the plethora of reviews in here and it will definitely make it more interesting, resulting in a solid review. Nice reference pic btw.
  11. Zorbas

    2011 City sets

    No need to start a new topic regarding a review that has not been done yet - imagine if we had that for every new set. Patience is your friend, someone will eventually make one. I'll merge this with the 2011 City topic in case anyone wants to add to the discussion regarding the set itself.
  12. Zorbas

    old school rules

    Nice find retrosalad. I'm leaving this topic in the Town Forum for now and I'm going to merge it with the Lucky LEGO finds topic tomorrow since it's mostly focused on pricing and you've got the resources info you were looking for. I'm gonna have to ask you to resize these photos though since pictures posted in EB must be no bigger than 800x600 according to the Site Guidelines. Here's a helpful tutorial on how to do that. Thanks.
  13. I was about to say hi... :O

  14. Zorbas

    Ford E-350 Camper

    Great work Maks, that looks really beautiful and pretty sturdy. Some nice SNOT techniques you've got there and a great piece choice. The front part of the camper is one of the things that caught my attention the most - it looks very realistic, especially when you looks at it from an angle.
  15. Zorbas

    MOC: Coffee Tin Tunnels

    Topic moved in the Train Tech Forum. Now, this is pretty impressive. Having a LEGO train running around the house by opening holes on the walls is not something I see every day. It seems that you've made a great job when it comes to the holes and their support and I love the fact that you've built a tunnel facade. Well done legodac and kudos to your wife!