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  1. Section8

    [moc] They Live

    Excellent work portraying one of my favorite films. Your next challenge is to do a brickfilm of the fight scene between Roddy Piper and Keith David...all 5 minutes of it.
  2. Section8

    REVIEW: #7467 International Space Station

    A good review of a nice display set. I find the choice to release a model of the incomplete station interesting. The completed station would have the truss perpendicular to the crew modules, and include twice as many solar arrays as the set has (4 arrays of 4 panels, 2 arrays on each end of the truss). The position of the arrays in the model reflects the temporary "starter" configuration. There are also a few more modules added perpendicular. However, if I remember correctly, there was some uncertainty as to whether ISS would ever be completed to plan back in 2003, so I understand Lego's choice. Here's the completed station: Oh, and regarding your cleverly-built addition of smoke and flames, the main shuttle engines aren't used after reaching orbit. Their fuel came from the big external tank that separates after launch
  3. Section8

    LEGO Annual Zoo set

    The fact that Lego hasn't done zoo sets outside of Duplo is perhaps the most baffling omission I can think of. I've been wondering when they would make one for 20 years now. My family were members of our local zoo when I was in the prime Lego demographic and we visited it multiple times per year. And what did I see when I was there? Kids everywhere, all having a great time. Definitely an appealing theme, and since it is untried, who knows how people would respond. Look at Friends, that was a big gamble for them but it's paying off. .
  4. Section8

    [MOC] Suburb from the 70s

    Excellent work. Those new brick facade pieces really help cement the scene, right? Hard to tell it's even Lego bricks in some areas. I see the 1970s was a dark time for architectural design in Sweden, too...
  5. Section8

    City Layout - Inspired by Los Angeles, California

    I just moved from there and I must say, you captured its character. The skyline is instantly recognizable, and the great thing about LA is you can find examples of pretty much every kind of architecture in the city (albeit a modern re-construction). The modulars remind me a bit of that famous street near Rodeo Drive. That certainly would be interesting. For every Santa Monica or Hollywood, there are huge tracts of less-savory neighborhoods in the LA metro area.
  6. Section8

    MOC: small yacht

    That's a very nice boat! I wouldn't mind owning one like that in real life. Do you remember what set the bow pieces are from? They seem too narrow to be from those great harbor sets of the early 90s. Also, I like the way you made a sliding glass door. For how common sliding doors are in real life, there are few examples in Lego models. Your model is much better than that fishing boat Lego recently released. And your english is very good too.
  7. Section8

    Lovely Sailboat

    That is a very good looking ship. I hope Lego considers making it. I'm surprised that Lego has never made a modern sailboat. The closest they've come are the small boats that use the windsurfing sail and alternate models of airplanes that use the wing as a sail. Considering all the other types of boats they've made, it's time they made a proper sailboat.
  8. Section8

    REVIEW: 6411 Sand Dollar Café

    Very nice review, Pandora! I especially appreciate your images of the alternate builds for the set. I have this set from when I was young and never looked up the box art for the alternate builds. I like some of them better than the main build. You're right about the baseplate, it is truly the centerpiece of the set. My sister had Cabana Beach and Dolphin Point, and these three sets looked great next to each other. The lines on the plates almost matched up if I remember correctly. Since I only have the cafe now, the baseplate doesn't integrate well into my current town. However, the nice thing about the cafe on the elevated platform is that it can be removed and placed just about anywhere. Right now it sits on a curved road plate next to the beach, the L-shape being perfect for the space.
  9. Section8

    New Town

    Keep up the good work. Your town also reminds me of Willemstad, Curacao, though its buildings tend to be more pastel. I like how you are building in the old System style, simple construction techniques with just enough creativity to imply more elaborate designs (like the SNOT plates on the front of the blue building). I'll be watching for more updates. I see you have 6543 Sail 'n' Fly Marina too. I reconize the parts and truck. That set has an abundance of very useful parts.
  10. Section8

    Space Police III - Monorail

    You did an excellent job capturing the look of SP3 in that monorail. The battery box from a town set looked pretty good in space! I like how you posted different pics showing the evolution of your creation. The motor looked a bit sparse, but that is a difficult piece to dress up. I wish it had more studs on the sides. Keep up the good work! I wouldn't mind seeing more of the layout you had in the last photo.
  11. Section8

    MOD: Elevated City Harbour 4645

    Very nice work. You definitely made that set more realistic. Are you planning on integrating it into a larger city? I'd like to see how that looks.
  12. Section8

    Oil Rig

    Very good job! You make it look realistic, but at the same time retro-System style. I too work in the oil industry and I found it odd there weren't many MOCs about it on EB. I've wanted to build an offshore rig for sometime, but I never buckled down and designed it. Your design is a good inspiration. I especially like the way you made the derrick.
  13. Section8

    MOC - Supermarket

    That's a very nice MOC. A lot of detail in a small space. I'm surprised Lego never made any official set of a supermarket. As for more stock, it looks like you can fit some things under the canned food shelf. How about boxed foods or bread?
  14. Section8

    Wizards Cottage

    That is a great MOC. It reminds me of some of the old Forestmen sets. Perhaps you could put a hinge in it like they have so the house opens from the tree; that way you could make an interior (I'm assuming it doesn't have one). Of course, I don't know if the construction would allow this. The tree looks fine to me. Yeah, you could go taller, but there are also trees which lose the top to disease or lightning and continue to grow outward without getting taller. So in that respect, there's no biological reason it should be taller I read Derfel's guide and doubted its applicability to smaller, more System-style castle MOCs, but you did it. I'll have to give it try too sometime.
  15. Section8

    My first landscape: Waterfall at the Botanical Gardens

    That's a very nice scene. The water is especially well done, including the little rapids using clear cheese wedges! Now that I'd like to see! I'm to the point that I can't even build a set from instructions without cursing. Unless it's one of my oldest sets that I basically have memorized, I alway miss something. I'm trying to figure out how you made a tool that has less clutch power on the studs than the layer of offset circular plates.