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    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Very nice! Though with the current availability (or lack there of) I think the focus needs to be on getting the Saturn Rocket set out to the masses before haphazardly producing another set that we can't buy!
  2. Vestabuyer

    REVIEW: 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V

    As of 7/13/17 set still seems to be unavailable and if it weren't for how awesome this set really is, I probably would have distributed my budget elsewhere. Seems it has been about a month now that this set has been unavailable any specific date of availability would be nice to know.
  3. Vestabuyer

    Winter Village 10235 Winter Village Market

    Greetings! Where I am going to buy this set, since I have not missed one yet and also have the "unofficial" winter village train (Set 10173-1), I can't help but notice the absence of a light brick which is in all f the past sets. Anyone else find this odd? Anyway, I am sure there is a way to rig a light brick to the merry-go-round as it spins.
  4. Vestabuyer

    Review 10229 - Winter Village Cottage

    Greetings! Wonderful review! I just got done building part one of this set and like the details. I also liked the nice surprise of getting one of those new brick seperators in the set.
  5. Vestabuyer

    REVIEW: 3300014 2012 Christmas Set

    Greetings! Thank you for the nice review! I can't wait, I have a copy comming in through the mail tomorrow!
  6. Vestabuyer

    Lego City vs Lego Town

    Greetings! I see a lot of good points here. I, like some of you, grew up during the "golden age" of Town (1980's-mid 1990's). We saw many beautiful sets like: airport shuttle 6399 cargo center 6391 airport 6392 public works 6383 We also saw the creation of several nice promo sets like: arla milk truck 1581 weetabix town houses 1484 maersk truck 1831 I went though a dark age from 1996 to 2008, what made me come back was the vestas wind turbine 4999. I thought this set did a good job of combining the classic cues of Town with it's more modern cousin City. Since then I have found an appreciation for the modular buildings and a lot of the city sets such as: city corner 7641 toys 'r' us 7848 recycling truck 4206 I have also found the creator series to be an excellent value for the houses that have come from that series. I believe it is safe to say that most of us Classic Town folks are required to adapt to City since Town as we know it doesn't exist anymore and to say we hate City would be almost saying that we aren't interested in Lego's anymore. Judging by how many people are on this forum I would say that we are quietly adapting to the new city sets. I know I have from time to time grumbled about needing other sets other than the same public services every year, but I feel that Lego is doing a pretty good job. I have found out that, through careful selection of city sets, that a person can successfully blend classic town sets with modern city sets and still have enough diversity. Another thing to think on: If there is not enough diversity, consider the many resources out there that are available to be able to make your own Classic Town MOC....Resources that weren't available when I was a kid
  7. Vestabuyer

    MOC: Small Red Shunter Train

    Greetings! Wonderful design! I would say that this would give the professionals at Lego a run for there money! A small shunter train set would be a hot seller! HINT HINT to Lego
  8. Vestabuyer

    Best LEGO Train Ever Made

    Greetings! I would have to say that the Santa Fe Line was one of the best Lego has ever made! I don't even own one! I would then have to go with the Maersk set and probably the Metroliner. If this were considered a train, I would say that the Airport Shuttle 6399 would also make it in the top 5!
  9. Vestabuyer

    Review: 4202 Mining Truck

    Greetings! Great Review! I just recently aquired my copy of this wonderful set! Although, I was thinking that the truck was going to be larger in size, I still give it high marks for the design and the cool mining minifigure.
  10. Vestabuyer

    Review: 6399 Airport Shuttle (1990)

    Greetings! "Bricklink only shows 4 having been sold in the last 6 months!" Great review and congrads on graduating! I have to admit that at least two of thos yellow awnings was bought by me. It took me about three months to gather all the parts from bricklink to build my own copy...sure was worth it!
  11. Vestabuyer

    Review: 1854 VELUX Promotional: House with Windows

    Greetings! Nice review! I ended up buying this set on bricklink about 3 years ago for about $50 when it was all said and done. I felt at that time I got a deal considering that the set was mint in sealed box. I think it is a great set considering that lego is short on houses IMO. This set is a welcome addition to any town layout.
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  13. Vestabuyer

    10224 Town Hall

    Greetings! Looks like a wonderful additional, although I am not sure I am going to be able to take on the $200 Price tag Great details though!
  14. Vestabuyer

    MOC: Meat Shop

    Greetings! Yeah, I was afraid of that. The sign actually reads: "You can beat our prices...but you can't beat our meat!" The rest of the sign is a bit recessed behind the roof facade at that picture angle.
  15. Vestabuyer

    MOC: Meat Shop

    B-OV-27D Greetings! This is my first attempt at MOC building so be easy!!! I figured with the recent release of minifigure series 6, that I would make a "home" for the friendly butcher. I was inspired to use the 8x16 base plate that was used on so many sets when I was growing up. Some examples include the Hamburger Stand, Pizza to Go, Bike Repair from City Corner, and Toys 'R' Us. This quaint meat shop contains a cash register, meat scale and meat display. It should feel right at home admist the other 8x16 small structures. Enjoy!