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14 hours ago, RobTheVan said:

Hey folks, super new to Eurobricks (created an account just for BoBS!).

Welcome aboard!

14 hours ago, RobTheVan said:

I'm working on a ship using the hull pieces from the Renegade Rummer with 4 studs in between them, and I think that should.be small enough but wanted to compare the expectations for Class 2 ships.

That is a good size for a class 2 ship. And FYI, its ok if your ship is a little bigger than the typical ship of a class, you just shouldn't build something too small for the class. Again, what you describe sounds good.

14 hours ago, RobTheVan said:

Is there a good way to read a summary of the state of the world?

Fraunces has pointed you in a good direction. Reading a few back issues of the KPA will give you some idea, as well as the other links he and Keymonous suggested.

14 hours ago, RobTheVan said:

I think I know what faction I'm going to join, but would like to build scenes covering the other factions and also the NPC nations... how does that work exactly gameplay wise?

Treat this as any role-playing game. You can control your own actions, but not the actions of others. Your story can take your sigfig to the lands of other factions, but should only define your actions. Does that make sense?

Again, welcome to BoBS! :pir-huzzah2:

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