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  1. Is there still time to submit builds for this event? How does the timeline for events like this work?
  2. This is the ship that Capt Kurt Jacobi and his first mate Erich purchased and refurbished for adventuring around the world in. Erich made quick work of repairing what was once a derelict trade ship. Lightly armed, but quick and plenty of storage room available for goods to be traded when hopping between islands. --------------- Okay, my first MOC in many years, and my first custom ship! I would have kept iterating and iterating, but figured I just needed to reach a stopping point and get this posted so I can join in the fun here. Hope this fits Class 2 okay and is an acceptable ship to join the Sea Rats!
  3. Capt. Kurt Jacobi Kurt was raised in the Oleander city of Quilbignon. When his mother was pregnant, his father was conscripted into the army to fight against the Corlanders, and did not survive to return home. Back at home, Ms. Jacobi was struck with grief and found solace in The Faith. Kurt's upbringing was very strict, and his mother made sure he was brought up with a strong education. She would work day and night cleaning the estates of the Oleander aristocracy to put food on the table, and books in Kurt's hands. She dreamed that one day he would serve in the Church. By Kurt's teenage years, he was working for a carpenters shop to help with household expenses, and at night he would read until the candle burned out. By this point Kurt had grown cynical and was tired of The Faith, but kept up appearances for his mother. During all Kurt's reading and studying, his mother believed he was memorizing scripture, when in reality he was reading adventurous romantic Eslandolan novels and Corlander scientific and philosophical treatises. Not long after turning 18, his mother revealed she had saved for years to send Kurt off to seminary for formal education so that he could join The Order. After a furious argument and debate, Kurt begrudgingly agreed to his mother's conditions, and left for the isolated monastery, leaving his home city for the first time. After arriving Kurt quickly found himself butting heads with the Clerics and their dogmatic ways. The radical ideas Kurt had been exposed to in his books only grew stronger as they were challenged by the Clerics. Many months after joining the monastery, Kurt snuck into the Head cleric's chambers to see if he could find the letters he had expected he would have received from his mother. In there he found a chest stuffed full of undelivered letters for the other seminary students. After rifling through he found a handful from his mother, and one from his former master at the carpenter's shop, Erich. The letters chronicled her failing health, and ended with Erich sadly informing Kurt of her unfortunate passing. It had been three months since this last letter. Filled with rage, Kurt packed his belongings. On his way out he pilfered some of the ornate gold, silver and jewel emblazoned icons of Zues, Poseidon and Hades that were treasured by the clerics as gifts from local nobleman. Kurt returned back to Quilbignon, knowing the authorities would not be long behind him. He found his old master at the carpentry shop and explained his situation. Over the next week they fenced the stolen goods. After aquiring a substantial amount of gold, they made their way to the docks. There they purchased a damaged ship, and Erich ensured the proper repairs were made. They enlisted a ragtag crew, and set sail for the New World to join the Sea Rats to make a living trading, smuggling or maybe even taking from the rich by force if necessary. ---------- Really new to Eurobricks, and these are some of the first MOCs I've made since I was a kid in the 90s, so I'm super excited to be joining the Sea Rats! After licensing my ship, what's next?
  4. Thanks all for the links and tips! Sigfig and ship coming soon!
  5. Hey folks, super new to Eurobricks (created an account just for BoBS!). I'm working on my sigfig, his ship and some simple builds before posting them on the sign up thread. Still getting used to the forum format though, so I had a couple questions. Is there a good way to find the Class 2 ships folks have posted? I'm working on a ship using the hull pieces from the Renegade Rummer with 4 studs in between them, and I think that small enough but wanted to compare the expectations for Class 2 ships. I was surprised there didn't seem to be many Class 2 Ships on the index I was reading through. Is there a good way to read a summary of the state of the world? I understand the 4 main factions I think, but I'm unclear of the other nations of the world and other recent history, and that would help me properly write my signings back story so it meshes well with the world. I think I know what faction I'm going to join, but would like to build scenes covering the other factions and also the NPC nations... how does that work exactly gameplay wise? Thanks in advance! Super excited to join and have some motivation to finally start building the pirate MOCs I've been meaning to. Pirates was my first theme as a kid so it's been so great seeing the builds here. Would there happen to be a Discord for this group?