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A new king will rise

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  The queen ran down the corridor, to catch up with N'ri. He was called away for something, but the queen's curiosity drives her crazy, and she must know why the royal advisor was needed elsewhere. Finally, she finds him, but the clatter of her shoes betray her, and N'ri turned back, only to saw  Ylspeth's approach. 


- Your Grace. - bowed down the advisor. - How can I be in yo...

- Are the rumors are true? - she interrupted him, but before she could continue, she took a deep breath. - Tell me N'ri!

- It depends what rumors are you interested your Grace? - N'ri continued his walk to his destination. Ylspeth followed him, but she wasn't very happy about the answer.

- Don't play riddles with me! Tell me, is it true? Did someone find Artorious?

- I'm not sure about that. In the gatekeeper's report, they let in two men. One is Lord Trian Burress, and the other is a knight-errant from Avalonia. He doesn't resemble Artorius.  


  Moments later, they have arrived at the small councilor's chamber, where the two knights waited for them, actually, they waited only for N'ri. The door opened, first N'ri, then Ylsphet entered. The knights quickly kneeled down.

- Your Grace! - they simultaneously welcomed the queen. It felt they were practicing this for days. Ylsphet smiled, she bowed to the two knights and take her seat. The two men stood up and waited to be introduced by the royal advisor. Protocols...

- Queen Ylsphet, High-Queen of Historica. - started the introduction. Then he turned to the knights: - Lord Trian Burress from Mesodraconem, and Sir Ardo Ungar, a knight from Avalonia.

The knights bowed again, and now all of them took their seats. Awkward silence started in the chamber, but Ylsphet broke it:

- Lord Burress, rumors came to my ear, that you met with Artorius Rex, is it true?

- Yes, my Grace - answered the old knight - And I can suggest your next question, but I must tell your Grace the bad news. He died not long ago. 

The awkward silence continued its reign. Ylsphet bit her lips, after hearing the bad news. She wasn't able, but N'ri continued the asking:

- But, did he named someone, as a successor to Avalonian throne? - asked N'ri and raised his eyebrow. Trian and Alto looked at each other. The old knight nodded, and he started:

- It's a long story, I will try to make it short. It started a few days ago. I was at my home in Mesodraconem. Tending the back garden, after the civil war it's relaxing. But a servant came to me, cause some guests, they said, they are good friends of mine. At first, I don't recognize them,  a young knight and an old hermit. The old man smiled and greeted me like we knew each other for years. His grip was strong for an old man, and the fires of youth burned in his eyes. It took me a while to recognize him. Artorius...


Trian Burress saw the surprise on Ylsphet's and N'ri's faces. - Yes, I looked like that too.


- I quickly ordered some refreshments and offered them seats in my garden. Then Artorius started his tale: He told us, about the failed expedition. They were scattered on the Mystic Isles. All of his men went missing or died. He didn't meet anyone on that island, where he woked up.


Then, he told us about the strange isle, where the time doesn't work, as it works on the continent. He counted two weeks on the isle when he finally finished his makeshift boat and left it. But when he arrived on the shores, he not only discovered, that three years already passed since his disappearances. But also he started aging very strangely. The aura of the isle done this to him. He knew he didn't have much time, and must reach Mesodraconem before it's too late. But it was fate, who brought together Artorius and Alto, and with his help, Artorius reached me in time. I wanted to help him, advised him, to bring here the best sages and sorcerers to cure him, and also inform the council, the return of our king. But he declines it. He felt his end, but he won't leave Avaolia without a rightful ruler. And he already finds someone.


- May I ask who? We must reach him out, to fulfill Artorius last wish! - asked Ylsphet in haste.

- We don't have to. - answered Trian. - He already passed the reign. - He took a deep breath, stood up from the chair: - Let me introduce you, Sir Ardo Ungar! King of Avalonia, first of his name. - then, he put a document on the table, signed by Artorius. Also signed and witnessed by Trian.

It's a common habit, to name a room in the castles, after a historic event. Events, like signing peace contracts or after a famous person. In this case, they can name this chamber, the Chamber of Awkward Silence. Cause this happened a lot in the past few minutes. Again, N'ri broke the silence:

- But, how? And why him?.

- I will continue the story of Artorius. - came the answer from Ardo, before Trian were able to continue it. - I spend much more time with him in his final days, then everyone. Both of us was shocked when he declared me as his successor. But he started telling us the facts, about his choice:


"He said I was the only one, ho helped him. And also not for any fame, or payment. A good king must act selflessly"


"He thanked me when I gave him my food, in turn, It wasn't much for both of us. A good king must serve his people."


"He mentioned the help, what I gave to a farmer, whos cattle stuck in the swamp. A king doesn't be afraid to be dirty, to help others. "


"And for the last, he must possess good diplomatic skills. He told us that encounter, when I was able to resolve a conflict, without bloodshed. "

- I tried to tell him, I'm not a ruler type. I know only one thing, to serve Avalonia with all my capabilities. I even don't know how to lead. He replied: when he took the throne, he was the same as me, a young knight, with the same fears: how to lead, what is good and what is wrong. "Listen to your heart, it will guide you to the right path." He said, and for everything else, there will be advisors too, to help your rule.

- And you accepted, to become the new ruler? - Asked Ylsphet.

- I said: If this is the way to serve Avalonia, then let it be.

Click here to see, how the story ends, in the official challenge entry!


A little freebuild/ prelude for the Avalonian Mini-challenge. Before the entry for the challenge, I wanted to show, what events lead to this. Enjoy.

Edited by kahir88

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Nice little scenes and figs.  The story is neat but hard to follow as you don't know who is speaking.  

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So many scenes! Some a bit basic, but it's obvious that you poured much effort into the whole thing; the fact that you managed to depict six stages of Artorius's aging in minifig form is really something! And though simple, I like the scene where he is carving a dugout boat, good use of the sharp Nexo knights pieces!

Good luck in the contest!

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Nice set of vignettes telling the story; I think it conveys it very well despite not being particularly large or excessively detailed. The ageing process of Artorious is done well, too. I think my favorite one is the gateway with the porter poking his head out, though they are all nice. 

It is jarring for me to see Ylspeth in yellow face, even though I know that she can and will be depicted that way by most builders...

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I really like this way to tell a story with small mocs just showing the intresting part with the figs! :thumbup:

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Neat idea to use a series of scenes to show off your claimant to the throne. I think you did well capturing a style similar to HQ's builds for the royal corridor, and I like the table design and wood rafters of the second scene :thumbup:

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