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  1. zoth33

    Just some Castle stuff

    Nice build. I like the scene and everything going on. The catapults and trebuchet's are neat. I like the small castle, has a good irregular shape to it. The Minotaur is well done. Really nice action going on with all the knights. I like all the black falcons, you have a nice collection there.
  2. zoth33

    Lookout tower

    Nice design. I like the top of the tower and how you used the slope pieces. The trees look great and nice rockwork. I like the monster in the cave too. I would be nice to see this in physical form.
  3. Those are some great parts there Aanchir. The window pieces are going to be very useful. The new hood pieces look great can't wait to get some of those to build some new custom figs with.
  4. That Cliffside Villa is an excellent set. So many details. The landscaping is great and architecture has a Rivendell feel to it. The figs look fantastic and the witch king's crown in that color looks awesome. I would buy that set in a heartbeat.
  5. It was the fantasy era. The troll mountain fortress. The troll leader had a brown crown. It's a very good set.
  6. Very nice build. I like the flowers with the yellow pieces looks great. The cracked shells with the crown looks fantastic. The foliage gives the scene some added depth. Very nice scarecrow too. The birch tree looks good. Nice story to go along with the build.
  7. They will make more Joker figs. This movie is has it's own identity and will have no bearing on Lego doing the Joker going forward. I mean Heath Ledger's Joker was pretty psychotic and killed a lot of people in that movie yet they still kept making Joker figs. I think Lego will still make the Joker if anything this film has revitalized the character and attracted a new fan base.
  8. Agreed and the set is $10 so nice and cheap to get. I hope it lands on Bricks and Pieces too. I would buy a ton of those. Plus the Thanos fig itself looks pretty good.
  9. zoth33

    [MOC] Archers Tower

    Very nice tower. I like the old school feel of the build. The texturing is nice. I like the use of the tan slope pieces at the bottom, gives the build an added touch of color. The vine is nicely done. I like the old school figs too. The use of the tooth pieces is a nice visual. Good job overall.
  10. zoth33

    Ideas for CMFs

    Very nice series the chupacabra is cool, Eris looks great, the steampunk guy looks great too. So many really nice figs even if I'm just into castle/fantasy or sci-fi. The ninja weapons are called sai. The landscaper is neat, uncle sam is perfect. So many nice details on all of them great job.
  11. zoth33

    Future Castle Sets?

    I really don't care if it is licensed or not at this point. All I want is something castle that is new. An in-house theme would be great too but as long as they don't rehash some old factions, I would like to see something fresh. I was good with the last castle line and bought a lot of the sets. But the 2013 line was lions vs dragons again and I personally would like something different. If they do give us some castle sets that are lions vs dragons again I will still buy a bunch of the sets. I like a lot of the Harry Potter sets and they have some useful figs and parts for my castle MOC's but it would be nice to get some actual castle sets. Hopefully we will see something castle by 2020.
  12. zoth33

    Future Castle Sets?

    I completely agree about R.A. Salvatore great story teller. Martin is just taking way to long to finish the books. I found Weiss and Hickman's books a good read and Tolkien is great but you have to have patience in getting through the LOTR and the Hobbit. I was just wishing there with some of those properties. I hope it will be in-house also just more of a fantasy flavor to it with different villains more like Nexo Knights had would be great I think and possibly do elves, dwarves, gnomes, centuars, minotaurs, etc as different good factions would be great. I think the human vs. human, good side vs. bad side gets a little boring sometimes especially when lego uses the same factions over and over like Lions and dragons heraldry all the time. Here's to hoping they switch things up and give us something fresh and new to enjoy. But really anything they put out castle related I will buy a lot of to get my castle fix.
  13. zoth33

    PrenmĂ´r Forge

    Very nice build. I like the roof and color choice for it. The shop itself is pretty neat. I like the bellow for the forge. I also like the small crane inside and all the different metals and wood pieces for the forging of weapons. Nice story to accompany the build too.
  14. zoth33

    Fort Cander

    Nice rockwork and landscaping. I like the ramshackle look of the tower. I like the action and story too. Although that orc with the flame in his hand, I hope he is a wizard of some sort or he has a high threshold for pain lol. Nice scene overall.
  15. zoth33

    Future Castle Sets?

    As said by others here Elder Scrolls would be great. There is so much in the fantasy genre lego could explore. I've mentioned the Dragonlance Chronicles before. There is Forgotten Realms, War Hammer, Dungeons and Dragons and so many other properties they could look at. Obviously they have the tie in with blizzard and people are hoping for WOW. The Witcher and the new LOTR series is showing that their is a market for this hopefully lego sees this and taps into that market. Let's just hope we get something castle by the end of next year.