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  1. zoth33

    [EBFS] In the Wizard's Garden..

    Interesting build. I like all the different types of flora you have there. Neat little tower too.
  2. zoth33

    [MOC] DOJO

    The roof looks fantastic. I really like the tree with all the flowers, supposed to be a cherry tree right? The bamboo is nice. The wall is neat, is that the snow shoe pieces at the top? The Dojo looks great with the brown and white. I like the training grounds. All the figs look great too.
  3. zoth33

    Kiruna watchtower

    Excellent tower. I like the arched windows and the doorway is detailed nicely. The trees look good. Nice icicles on the tower. The snow throughout the build looks very clean and natural. The tower itself has a nice design, I like how the corners stick out further than the walls. The water looks nice and cold. Nice story to match the build.
  4. zoth33

    Rhalyf in the Frozen North

    Nice build. I like the trees. The snowscape looks very natural. The water matches the feel of the build. I like the inclusion of the owl.
  5. Nice build. I really like the water feature and all the plants make for a nice scene. The tile work is lovely and looks great with all the different colors. The arches are nicely done and I like the inclusion of the wooden parts to the build, makes it look unique.
  6. You have such great ideas! I love how you are building a world with every detail thought out. Nice descriptions and I like how you tell how and what they are used for. Excellent job can't wait to see the rest of your ideas.
  7. zoth33

    Mophet square

    All the archways and roofs look great and add great depth to the architecture. The window looks excellent, I like the use of the HP wands. The vine is a nice touch. The figs look great too.
  8. zoth33


    Very nice tower. I like the shape and texture of the tower. The roof is very nice. I like the detailed interior and how you can open the tower. The bridge looks good and the little draw bridge is a nice detail.
  9. zoth33

    Let them fight!

    Nice scene. I like the wall and it reminds me of the movie.
  10. Wonderful job. Very informative too.
  11. zoth33

    [COR - FB] On the Road Again...

    Great scene. The landscape is nicely done, I like the water features with the palm trees in the middle. Great looking figs too.
  12. Thanks i knew i ordered a couple but obviously messed up the price
  13. I believe it's .31 cents in the USA.
  14. Thanks for the info
  15. Pictures are great. The dark pic is perfect and gives off that eerie feeling. Great landscaping, the trees are especially nice. The layered plates looks great. Nice use of the Ninjago figs.