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  1. zoth33

    [Freebuild - Mitgardia] Amos Lachlan's Parish

    Nice little scene. I like the gate and the church itself although it seems a little small. The guy working in the field is a nice touch. And nice sigfig.
  2. The building is really nice. I like the touches of gold you put in. The photography is great. The jade-colored door is a nice touch. The minifig posing is great too.
  3. The walls on the tower are great. The roof is a nice break of color. The landscape has that Nocturnus feel to it nicely done. The story is pretty cool too.
  4. zoth33

    AoM: House Phase 2: Widow's Cottage

    Great little scene. I love the texturing and colors of the cottage. The roof is also very nice, I like the use of the smaller plates. The landscaping is great, I like how you put yellow on the ground to simulate fallen leaves. Great job.
  5. zoth33

    Flockwood village

    Love the snow. The cottage is nice. You did a fine job on the roof. The trees look great. Overall nice little build.
  6. zoth33

    [MOC/SCENE] New Horizons

    Great job with the perspective. The landscaping is great and the shadows are a nice effect.
  7. zoth33


    This is wonderful great job. I love the landscaping, the use of different shades of green is awesome. It really gives the landscape depth. The castle is nice simple but well executed. I really like the little flecks of tan and the use of the masonry bricks make it pop. That army is impressive too.
  8. zoth33

    Red Dragon Inn Freebuild Avalonia HSS

    Nice Inn. The red goes well with the dark grey and the brown. The roof is good. I like the stone path also. The wagon is constructed nicely and the figs are posed well. Good job.
  9. Nice little scene. The garden is neat. I like how the path fits in nicely. The rock formation on the end is a little off to me but otherwise nice build.
  10. zoth33

    Challenge I: Loss and rebuild

    Really nice photography. I like the shading and lighting of the photo. The scene is well built and conveys the message. Nice job.
  11. zoth33

    Freebuild - Avalonian timber mill

    Great job. The roof is wonderful. The mill is really neat, love how you put the logs in at one end and the the cut boards at the other. The stream is nicely done with the different shades of blue. The landscaping fits in really well with the flowers and the small trees, gives it color and doesn't get to cluttered. I love the Nexo Knight shield pieces they are so useful.
  12. zoth33

    Danyel's House

    Nice Job. The architecture sure does look dwarven. I like how the house is hinged and has great playability. windows look great too.
  13. Excellent Idea i will have to change my modification to this. I like the way the wings have so much movement that way. Thanks for sharing.
  14. zoth33

    [MOC] The Golden Hall of Meduseld

    This is amazing! The roof is great. The landscaping is just incredible. The colors are spot on with the gold accents. I wish I had that many brown and tan bricks. It looks like it could be a UCS set. Awesome job.
  15. zoth33

    Medieval Tavern [WIP]

    Nice tavern. I like the texturing of the walls and the roof. I like the style of the windows. The balcony is neat. The landscaping is well done. Good job. Is there an interior?