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  1. zoth33

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    Fortnite is more popular than Overwatch ever was also. I think this could be a better selling theme for them especially if the figs are good.
  2. zoth33

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    They did Overwatch sets years ago and Horizon Forbidden West sets. So they have done shooter games before so I doubt that's the reason.
  3. zoth33

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    We will see when the movie comes out and can then access the viability of using Gollum as the main draw. I'm not saying Andy didn't do a great job. I think he did incredible as Gollum but I just don't see the character having a wide appeal as others like Legolas, Aragorn, etc. The gollum video game was an absolute failure. All I am saying is that Gollums story is pretty much fleshed out from the Hobbit and LOTR trilogies. I would like to see other stories we haven't been exposed to from Middle Earth.
  4. zoth33

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Yes Star Wars is a blend of fantasy and sci-fi that's why I have always liked it better than Star trek. Yeah I wish the Tolkien estate had some competent people that would be able to do justice to his works but maybe one day they will release those works and we will see more of middle earth. Yeah but Gollum isn't a huge appeal as like you said Gandalf or Aragorn. Which again lends to this being an odd choice to do. Gollum isn't a hugely popular character. I think the story of young Aragorn would be more popular. And from the people I have talked to and the presence online people are skeptical of this movie and why it's being made. Whereas if they did a movie of about Aragorn people would be stoked to see it.
  5. Great depiction of the scene. Figs look great. The stairway and throne are designed well.
  6. zoth33

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Fantasy is my favorite. Star wars used to be my favorite growing up with fantasy right behind. I still like the Hobbit movies but there is a lot to be desired from that trilogy. Some of the Dwarves personalities were not related well in the movies and like I said they injected a weird love triangle that did nothing for the story and I know it wasn't Jacksons fault it was the studio's time constraints and other factors that led to the movies not being great. Smaug is one of my favorite things they did. There are some really fun parts and some great visuals in the Hobbit. I also love Tolkiens World and love seeing it come to life but just like Star wars not everything created for a franchise is good. It's ok to not like something from a property that you are extremely fond of. Like I've said in other posts ROP is absolute garbage and is really badly written and acted. The lore is absolutely trashed in ROP and it shows. I also love Lego but I don't like every set they produce. You are also missing the biggest outlet of content for media and that is video games there are some absolutely great LOTR games out there like Battle for Middle earth, Shadow of Mordor, the Lego LOTR games, etc. I hope that the Hunt for Gollum is good but like I said I would rather see something we haven't seen before. We've seen Gollum in 2 different trilogies. Beren and Luthien would be great. Or the story of Melkor. Anything to do with the Valar or Maiar would be great. But I'm not just going to like something just because it's from Star wars or from LOTR. The ROP is bad, the Acolyte is bad, the Rise of skywalker was trash. You can tell when people put in the effort and care about the property they are using. You can also tell when people are just using a property like Tolkiens just to make themselves a name or push their crap on said property. You can tell that with JD Payne and Patrick Mckay are just using Tolkiens name for their own devices. Conversely you can tell that Peter Jackson respects and love Tolkien and it shows in what he's done and how he's done it. The Hobbit may not be great but I could still feel Tolkiens world in the movies whereas ROP just feels empty and void of anything Tolkien created.
  7. zoth33

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Hopefully. But Jackson made the Hobbit movies and those were not great. If you just take the Hobbit movies as a fun fanfic it's fine but it really butchers the story and the weird love triangle just didn't work at all. My son likes them and they are a fun adventure movie but based off the book they are not good. The problem with this Gollum movie is do people really want a 2 plus hour movie about this storyline? I thought there were 2 movies being discussed. I like the look of War of the Rohirrim can't wait to see a trailer for that. This Gollum movie doesn't really interest me and it seems many people would've liked to see some other story made from middle earth. I just hope they make smaller sets. The more I looks at the pictures from War of the Rohirrim the more I like it, can't wait to see a trailer. It's the only film I'm really excited to see this year. Hopefully LOTR theme continues and we get some more great sets. If they make sets for the Gollum movies great I will definitely buy them but it would be nice to see some smaller sets within LOTR so everyone can enjoy the theme.
  8. zoth33

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    I just don't see them doing sets for the Gollum movies I could be wrong but I would rather they stuck to LOTR and the Hobbit. We already know the story of Gollum. If they would do Beren and Luthien or the story of Morgoth just something that we haven't already seen I think it would be a huge success. But rehashing a story we already pretty much have seen from the movies themselves minus some details seems like just rehashing an already told story. The fanbase seems hesitant on these new movies and most people seem to want to see something else from middle earth not more Gollum. I think Lego is just seeing how viable the LOTR license is for them at this point and will determine whether we get more sets or a possible return of a full fledged theme. It's going to be hard to get all these $500 sets. I still don't have Rivendell or Barad Dur yet and I also would like to get the MTS at some point also. Plus there are some Ninjago sets I would like to get especially the new red dragon looks great. I just hope they make some smaller more affordable LOTR sets and castle sets in the future.
  9. zoth33

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    That was discussed with Rivendell on how they couldn't name the dwarf other than Gimli. They don't hand out generalities in those licensing agreements. We just got info that the Gollum movies got greenlit. There is no way that was in the licensing agreement Lego made several years ago when they got the license again and decided to do Rivendell. They would have no idea that the Gollum movies were being made that's how I know it's not in the licensing agreement. They would have to gain the rights if they wanted to make sets from those movies now as they just got confirmed. They just don't say any movies down the line you can go ahead and make sets from them that's not how that works there has to be set parameters to work off of and Lego would need to know what they can and can't do. I wouldn't mind more LOTR sets. But these movies seem to be a stretch from WB based on only like 1 or 2 pages from the books. I don't think these movies are a good idea personally. There are many other stories within the Tolkien world that could be told instead of this story. The images of the War of the Rohirrim looks good, I had hoped they made sets for those but it seems unlikely at this point as we've heard nothing about sets and the movie is coming in December. I hope they make sets from LOTR in a smaller price range and an actual wave of sets that everyone can enjoy. I just don't see them tapping into the Gollum movies if they didn't tap into the ROP. If Lego is smart they should just concentrate on the Hobbit and LOTR and release several sets from those franchises like Minas Tirith, Osgiliath, Bree, Lothlorien, Mirkwood, Rohan, more hobbit holes, Cirith Ungul, Minus Morgul, Angmar, etc.
  10. zoth33

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    I'm pretty sure the Tolkien estate has to agree with anything attached to Tolkiens works. I could be wrong. But The Tolkien family is very involved on what happens with Tolkiens works. Furthermore just because Lego has a deal with WB doesn't mean they can make sets on any upcoming movies. That would have to discussed and Lego would have to obtain the rights to make sets on these new movies. Lego has the rights to make sets on the LOTR trilogy but apparently not the Hobbit from what we saw in Rivendell so there would be no way they just automatically have the rights to make sets off of these new movies. That's not how that works like I said. Lego would have to obtain the rights to the Gollum movies to make sets. The movies were just announced Lego has no rights to make sets off of those movies a deal would have to be made with WB. Like I said that's not how licensing works Lego has the rights to LOTR trilogy and that's it right now obviously since what we saw in the Rivendell set. Also since these new movies just got announced Lego would have to obtain the rights for the Gollum movies that's how that works. Just because lego has a deal with WB for the LOTR trilogy doesn't mean they have rights to any upcoming movies.
  11. zoth33

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Well considering they just announced the movies Lego does not have the licenses to the new Gollum movies and would have to acquire them to even be able to make sets. Once again that's not how licenses work. Lego can't just do what they want and it would have to be agreed upon in the agreement in what Lego would be allowed to make. They would have to acquire the rights to make sets from WB and the Tolkien estate.
  12. zoth33

    [MOC] Sea Raiders

    I really like this design. The use of the horn pieces is a really nice aesthetic. Figs look great too.
  13. zoth33

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    I think they are waiting to see how Barad Dur does also alongside with Rivendell. Then they may determine it would be a good idea to make sets and that could take years to do so the earliest I could see them releasing sets would be 2026.
  14. WOT is Wheel of Time and ROP is Rings of Power
  15. It's all good. I'm just not convinced with anything anymore. Marvel and STar Wars has been destroyed by Disney. Tolkien has been trashed by Amazon. GOT ended horribly. Willow was also ruined by Disney. Masters of the Universe was messed up by Kevin Smith. The Witcher season 3 was an absolute disaster. WOT has all but destroyed Robert Jordan's works. HOTD was really good. Shogun has been good so far still not finished. The Boys I have enjoyed so far. I haven't enjoyed much of marvel since Endgame. I haven't watched Guardians 3 yet. My kids have even given up on Star Wars and Marvel. I'm hoping Gunn can deliver but I know that studio's can have a bad influence like with Peter Jackson's the Hobbit trilogy while I enjoyed it for what it was it was not good. I was so excited when I heard about WOT, ROP, Witcher, Willow. I thought this was going to be the golden age of Fantasy but so far everything has bad writing, acting, or obvious jabs at the original authors and trying to destroy what they created. It's just been unfortunate to see all these amazing properties being disrespected and used for peoples own personal gain instead of celebrating and growing those IP's. I know it's just one image but it's our first impression and I found it odd to say the least. Hoping it's good, looking forward to further shots from the Superman movie but I'm keeping my expectations low.