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  1. zoth33

    Bad encounter outside tavern

    This is a nice little scene. I like the tudor style buildings. The landscaping is good. The big tree is cool. The rock part with the tree sticking out is a nice touch. I also like how you included the blacksmith shop. Well done.
  2. zoth33

    Future Castle Sets?

    I think you need to go back through history again because I don't remember woman warriors being prevalent in ancient Greece, early Asian cultures, Romans, Persians, Egyptians, etc. And to say the patriarchal dominance of western Europe is an off statement being that this has happened all over the world throughout most of time.
  3. zoth33

    [Poll] What do you do with new sets?

    For the most part I buy sets for parts for my moc's. There are some sets that I really like and just build the model. But mainly just buy the sets I like for minifigs and parts I need for my fantasy/castle world.
  4. zoth33

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Watched Solo with my wife and kids. My wife unexpectedly liked it. Kids had a good time, liked all the action scenes. I thought it came out better than I thought it would.
  5. zoth33

    Star Wars

    I think your missing Forresto dude and need to relax yourself. You just attacked someone else's opinion. I think he was trying to say that there are people who wanted to see how Han met Chewie and got the falcon. Its ok to have opinions, everyones got them. I think he's tired of all the negativity on these forums sometimes. I go to the movies with my kids to enjoy a couple hours away from all the bull*hit that happens in this world. Just to get away from reality for a little while and try enjoy something fun. Which Solo in my opinion was fun to watch. Sure I could be a critical ***hole and critique every scene but i don't have that kind of time. I think if people would just open their minds a little and have fun with the Star Wars franchise they would enjoy it more instead of being so critical and hypersensitive about every little nuance they don't like. But whatever that's just my opinion.
  6. zoth33


    The landscaping and rockwork is fantastic. I really love the windmill especially the way you did the blades on the windmill. The trees are neat. I like the houses and the use of the round tiles it gives them a stone work feel to the buildings. And the pig pen is cool. Great job
  7. zoth33

    [MOC] Queer Lodgings...

    Great job. the texturing is wonderful. especially the roof and the ground. The stonework is really beautiful too. Is there an interior?
  8. zoth33

    [MOC] Cave Troll Boosted

    Nicely done. I wouldn't want to run into him. I really like the shield part really cool.
  9. zoth33

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm really interested how they will to reaper. Some of these characters could be epic if done right. Only time will tell.
  10. zoth33

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm actually a little surprised by this considering the violence in overwatch and legos' track record but on the other hand they have been making sets with darker undertones lately like LOTR, The Hobbit, some of the Harry Potter stuff. They have been delving into the more obscure and violent super heroes and villains in Marvel and DC lately too. But I am excited at the possibilities because this opens up a whole new era for lego I think by going after some bigger video game properties. I really hope they do WOW though that could be huge.
  11. zoth33

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    I haven't seen any of the season 9 sets here. Just finally saw the Jurassic World and Solo sets around here in Connecticut.
  12. Good idea x105Black. I also might use the Talons for something in my lego world.
  13. zoth33

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Impressive songwm. That's a lot of mounted orcs. I can't wait for the Jurassic world sets so I can get some raptors and dilophosaurus. Maybe even an indoraptor if I can.
  14. Aanchir I do think the dragon could work in a fantasy setting. It would actually work well in my lego castle world. I would love to get my hands on the bricktober figs but will have to see what happens with them. The new star wars set of snokes throne room has the new skirt piece in red for the praetorian gaurds could be very useful. And yes the Harry Potter sets have some excellent pieces available and the minifigs will be very useful especially that dementor. I can't wait for the thestral set to come out so I can use it for a mount for some of my demon warriors.