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  1. zoth33

    [Custom CMF] Mitgardian Heroes

    These are all great. I really like #6,7,8,9,10,13,14, and 12. You have a good knack for creating interesting minifigs. All are very nice idea's and combinations.
  2. Which set does the little blue bird come in?
  3. zoth33

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    The Black widow set looks pretty good. Taskmaster's weapons can be changed out easily. The build looks good. definitely worth the price. Box art is cool.
  4. Agent Kallus those are some nice pieces. I have the new aqua man and the torso is a great piece, also the fish in a new color is always welcome. Thanos' helmet is very nice in that color too, I pick up the set just for the thanos fig and the gold parts. I can't wait to get some of those ghost heads from the hidden side sets and the new skeleton head print in hidden side looks really good too.
  5. Coming along nicely. This is looking pretty good so far keep up the good work.
  6. The black falcons and lion knights castles would be great. Love the designs and the playability is nice. Would be nice to see something like that and in a updated crest on them would be awesome.
  7. zoth33

    [MOC] Mitgardia Advent Calendar

    And best wishes to you also Aurore in 2020. great job.
  8. The ice fig is quite nice I will have to check out my local store soon.
  9. zoth33

    [MOC] Historic mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    Thanks for the information, I'll have to check that out.
  10. zoth33

    Sabishi Monastery

    Great build. The snow looks wonderful. The use of the barrels as columns is a nice detail, really adds some texture to the wooden part of the build. The rock work is excellent. The brown, dark red and touches of gold work very well together.
  11. zoth33

    [MOC] Historic mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    Barthezz Brick are the helms from brick warriors and did you have them printed or did you order them from somewhere that already had them printed? Awesome display The build has so many fine details.
  12. zoth33

    Magnum Opus Fachwerkus - come with me

    Incredible ground work and roof tops. The snot and overlapping plates on the ground give it so much depth. The different designs on the roof really catch your eye. The buildings that are falling apart in spots is just fantastic, it really gives the scene an eerie mood. The color choices also play a great part in the whole scene. Great job.
  13. zoth33

    Future Castle Sets?

    It's cool. I just like castle/fantasy stuff even if there is no official line of castle out. I also want a castle/fantasy line to come out or even a ideas set but until then i will just keep building on and customizing my armies. Let's hope that there is something in the pipeline at least. Cheers and build on fellow Lego enthusiast.
  14. zoth33

    Future Castle Sets?

    I agree with everything you've said except the part where LEGO won't support any afol friendly sets. But I completely agree that afols should be using bricklink, lego sets that have useful pieces or figs, using bricks and pieces, brick warriors/forge, etc to expand their own lego worlds. I have been saying this before, I've even bought several battle of atlantis sets for the figs and pieces. I'm actually using the figs for a custom elf army. I also find a lot of use out of the latest ninjago wave with the ice zombies and fire snakes, they are excellent figs and awesome for customizing an army of figs. I still want to see a castle set or line of sets show up sometime but there are plenty of other sets and figs that fit my fantasy world that I have created. I even use alot of super hero both DC/Marvel stuff to get great custom figs and interesting parts for builds. Even the elves line had great pieces for builds. As you say the possibilities are endless if you use your imagination and what is available to you, you could build something special.