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  1. zoth33

    A new king will rise

    Nice little scenes and figs. The story is neat but hard to follow as you don't know who is speaking.
  2. Nice little scene. The foliage in the garden is nicely done. I like your characters and story.
  3. Yeah the new Hidden Side sets have a lot of interesting pieces and colors. I like the dark red corner tower pieces on the school. The new alligator is great, the new ghost hairpieces, heads, beards, etc are going to be very usefull. The stickers in the cemetary set are very nice too.
  4. zoth33

    [MOC] Medieval Tower by the See

    I like the tower. The tile roof is lovely. The base of the tower is pretty neat. The rockwork is good. I like the guy fishing and the pier too. Overall good job.
  5. zoth33

    Wolfpack Keep

    Very nice keep. Simple but looks great, just shows sometimes simple is just as good as the complex creations. I like how you incorporated a full interior and used the classic wolfpack colors. Excellent job.
  6. zoth33

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    This theme looks very interesting. I really like the school, especially all the dark red pieces. My youngest son is gonna love this theme and the app. So many interesting characters and new pieces. I can't wait to see the train hopefully they show it this weekend.
  7. I like the irregular base and the landscaping. The different fences are a nice touch. The cottage itself is really well done, I like the wood with the tan walls. The roof looks good with the plates on the top. I like the little pieces of wood in the front of the house and the laterns are one of the best things lego have made recently. Nice figs too.
  8. zoth33


    I went with 6079. Never got the set but looks like a fun build. Has some great figs too. The chess set is nice with all the figs for army building.
  9. zoth33

    [MOC] Dark Lord

    Love the design. The torso and legs are great. I like the cone pieces on the arms. Nice flail too. The head is neat with the wing pieces. The base is good with the round design. I like your bats also.
  10. Loving the Wizard of Oz figs so far. The baby raptor in dark blue is great. Walmart had a huge display with the CMF's and other sets and other lego movies in it. Probably go back this weekend to find more.
  11. zoth33

    Future Castle Sets?

    That set is so hard to find. The only one i've seen was at a lego store here in Connecticut. I'm really hoping the next wave of Harry Potter sets have some great stuff in them.
  12. zoth33

    Flockwood's forgery

    Great build. I like the roof and the snow on the roof. The interiors are nice, I especially like the grated floor in the forge. Nice pathway and snow effect on the outside of the building. All the figs are neat too.
  13. zoth33


    I voted for 7029 also as it was a set I wish I had picked up. I liked the viking voyager too but the fantasy era stuff was great.
  14. I like the landscaping around the wall with the grass and different plant pieces. Nice wall, I like the texturing with the use of 1x1 rounds and tiles. I also like the touch of green in the wall. The pathway is nice too. Figs look good, I like the guy looking down from the top of the wall.
  15. Wonderful build, I really like the gnomish contraption. All the gears and technic pieces make it look engineered. Fun story too.