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  1. zoth33

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: Varlyrian Temple

    Nice temple. The rock work is good. The temple itself is sleek and clean looking with its structure. The intricate designs in the floors and walls are excellent and bring a nice pop of color in the temple. The bell tower is a nice touch.
  2. zoth33

    CDC CMF BardDandelion

    Nice figs. Tzarina reminds me of the kislev from total war warhammer 3. I like the genie, vampire knight, grail knight, necromancer, elven sorceress, lionman merchant, and wing hussar are all very nice.
  3. zoth33

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    I need squirrels to inhabit my forests. Another dog breed is also welcomed. I am also hoping for some more colors of the small bird we just have blue and white, I would like to see red, black, yellow, grey, purple, and several other shades. Need a proper wolf not a warg from LOTR and a fox. Need more bird varieties too. Would like to see some more variations of fish also. Any type of gazelle or antelope would be amazing.
  4. Moon warrior lets see how close to Moon Knight this one is Forest spirit sounds interesting Bard maybe a nod to Jaskier from the witcher one could only hope The snow warrior soounds good too though I hope the husky is a recolor Sounds like a great series for us fantasy/castle builders.
  5. zoth33

    CDC2 CMF: LittleJohn

    You've got some fun combo's here. I like the orc farmer, the minotaur florist, the spice merchant. The wizard is really funny, reminds me of Fizban from the Dragonlance chronicles. The joke about the goats is priceless. Nice job.
  6. This is incredible. The Moonbird is just gorgeous, your building skills are really on display here. As said by @Frike it does look like a scene straight out of a video game. Great story and ghost figs look menacing. I like the fall foliage around the build too. The chronicles of Embervale are coming along nicely.
  7. zoth33

    [Freebuild] Skaldar Port

    Very nice build. I like the rock work and stone work. Some nice texturing throughout the build. Some nice details here like the mill wheel, the cat chasing the mouse, the dog licking the fish. It just looks like a smelly fish port, well done.
  8. zoth33

    Future Castle Sets?

    That would be interesting. I haven't had a chance to build the 3in1 castle set yet hopefully this week and looking forward to see if any new castle like sets come out of ideas soon.
  9. zoth33

    [MOC] Medieval Countryside Layout

    This is awesome. The roofs and the framework are excellent, those roof styles look so good. The landscaping is incredible with the trees coming out of the buildings. The different types of vegetation is great, the diversity of the plants really stands out here. I like all the little details added the chickens in the building, the bee hive, the scare walking around, the skeletons, and many more. The use of the barrels on the balcony there is a nice idea. The stone work and pathway both look great. The texturing throughout the build is wonderful and not overdone. There is so much to like here great job.
  10. zoth33

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    @LEGO.Inc Very nice. I need to get more of that dragon armor I only have a few. I always liked this dragon design the best of the all the dragon knights that lego has released.
  11. zoth33

    CDC2 CMF: Ayrlego

    I really like all of these. Some very nice combinations. The Cedrica knight is great and I love the old school lego knight colors works well there. The dryad, drow, elf, centaur, assasin, cyclops all look great hard to choose favorites from this selection.
  12. Great build here. I like the designs in the stone work. The rock work looks very organic and natural. The doors are nice. I really like the second level where the smaller doors are, really sets a nice visual. This reminds me of Erebor a little bit with the statues and the door. The trees on top are a nice pop of color.
  13. Great build. I really like the floor design with the quarter circle tile pieces. The colors are vibrant like the movie nice job.
  14. zoth33

    [MOC] Skeleton Warrior

    Thank you. I didn't collect much Hero Factory sets.
  15. zoth33

    [MOC] Skeleton Warrior

    Great fig. Where is that head from?