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  1. there are no stickers in the set it has been confirmed that everything is printed.
  2. Set looks pretty good. I like the layout of the set. I like all the new printed parts. My youngest son said the set looks good too. Now I may just have to buy the viking creator ship.
  3. That's definitely not a classic recurve bow but I think this will be quite useful for some variety in my armies.
  4. If it's a compound bow it should have cams which and not friendly to what you are looking for and it would look to modern. But definitely need to see a side picture for an answer to that question.
  5. I forgot about that one. Yeah there is some specific printing on that one that would make it hard to incorporate with certain minifigs.
  6. Yeah I have 6 or 7 of then but legs are useful. they also used the legs for stripe from Gremlins, just in green. So there are 2 different colors out there.
  7. That's funny. I actually do hope they make the faun legs in different colors.
  8. Yeah I'm all done with this. I don't care anymore. Goats will either be made or not.
  9. I understand the economics of it. So you think baby seals are going to sell more than goats? I know molds are expensive to make. I'm saying obviously the orca mold is more expensive than the goat mold, so unless your telling me all molds cost the same there is a difference. Even you just said they could easily make the mold, then why not when it's so popular and yet they keep cranking out new molds. Explain to me how they made the sheep mold recently and why couldn't just make the goat mold and throw it in a city farm set like they did with the sheep. They literally put a koala bear mold in the cmf. They make new molds all the time all I'm saying is they can make the goat it's not like there is some mystical force field around the goat that is preventing them from making it.
  10. My argument there is that people are saying the mold is expensive to make. If thats the case the Orca mold would be more expensive yet it is in a $160 set and people on here are saying lego can't fit the goat in a set because of budget reasons. Yet lego just made a Brachiosaurus in an 80 dollar set and the orca is in a set $160. So the goat mold can't be that expensive to make. Look they just put baby seals in a $10 set. My point is they can obviously make the goat mold if they want and even fit it in a cheap set if they are making baby seals for a $10 and like I said the orca set is actually cheaper than I thought considering the size of the new mold. Peoples reasoning seems to be around the cost of the mold when it's clear lego is making new molds and incorporating some of them in cheaper sets and even the big expensive molds aren't in sets that are that expensive. So I'm saying they by certain people logic on here that $160 orca set should be more expensive since the mold should be more expensive, especially when their argument is the goat mold is so expensive to make.
  11. Exactly if they can fit the lamb in here and yes I know the mold is already out. Then why don't they just make the mold for the goat they can use it in the city sets, even Ninjago, MK etc. No one here has come up with a solid argument for the fact they keep making new animal molds all over the place and even a lot of new plant molds that they can't make the goat mold. Roebuck i agree with you. The Orca comes in a $160 set. There is no way your telling me they are going to loose money by making a goat mold they can easily use in other themes. With that said where would be the justification for the Orca mold it would eat into their profits by this logic. That set should be $200 then. But since the set is only $160 that tells me they can make pretty much whatever mold they want. The Brachiosaurus mold is in an $80 set, if they can do this in a licensed theme they can make a goat.
  12. I get it their profits are quite enough. They have the revenue to do whatever the hell they want. They make Billions they have the means to get things done look they are making new animal molds like it's going out of style. I just find it odd everyones justification for it is monetary when they obviously can spend it on 1 mold. And making that mold will not break their profits at all.
  13. Once again you people don't understand. If my point is silly then wouldn't yours be also. And then why are we even talking about it. All I am saying is lego can do whatever the hell they want they are the biggest toy company in the world and have the ability and means to make molds like the goat, and even make new molds for sets like the new city sets which are getting really expensive. It doesn't make sense to say that it's not in the budget they obviously can make it work if they wanted too.
  14. You're missing the point I'm saying they make molds that only go into one or 2 sets like the ants. I'm saying you can easily incorporate the goat into a variety of themes.
  15. zoth33

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    That's a nice start. Is the necromancers head from Ninjago?