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  1. zoth33

    [MOC] Fantasy-Horror Characters

    Nice mix of figs. I like lord krackenskulls head gear on the hidden side body. The death fig looks nice with the brick warrior wings.
  2. zoth33

    Lego Mythica

    I believe the snake you refer to is a dragon if you watch the trailer. I think someone here on eurobricks has said that it is a new theme coming next summer. Hopefully it has minifigs. It is definitely fantasy related but may not be a castle theme. Hoping we hear more news before the end of the year.
  3. zoth33

    Future Castle Sets?

    Let's hope it's something good and at least relatable to castle as that would help if it's not a castle theme. If it is high fantasy I could deal with that if the figs are great. We just have to play the waiting game now.
  4. zoth33

    [Moc] Red Lions Castle

    Nice use of that base plate. I have one of those base plates too and am always experimenting with builds for it. I really like what you have done simple, yet has some nice texture and I like the red roofs. I like the tall slender windows and the use of the large gate doors.
  5. zoth33

    Future Castle Sets?

    I really hope this is a fantasy based theme too. There is so many possibilities they could have for sets. I love the skull dragon from the new Ninjago line. If they did a dragon of that scale and possibly a griffon. I hope these rumors are true my youngest son would be so excited. If it has giant eagles too that would be great and I hope that if there are eagle knights that they are comparable to the black falcon knights. Hopefully there will be some concrete evidence by around Christmas time. I would really like a true castle theme. The new Ninjago line is great for figs and parts and even the builds and dragons are very nice but we need that true castle theme to return.
  6. zoth33

    The Nightwolves, Monster Hunters for hire.

    Wonderful group there. I like all your stories for each character. Where is Merricks torso from?
  7. zoth33

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    The spidey suits look nice. Hopefully Thanos has a different face print. Minifigs look like the best part of this wave.
  8. zoth33

    Avalonian Elven Stag Cavalry

    Great looking faction. How did you get so many stags?
  9. zoth33

    [MOC] Mario Kart Track with Modded RC Karts

    This is great. Looks like a fun build. I loved the original Mario Kart on Nintendo 64, great game. I like Bowser hanging out there.
  10. zoth33

    Future Castle Sets?

    This could be very interesting. The design of the logo reminds me of fantasy games, novels like the Witcher, Elder scrolls, Game of Thrones, etc. Hope we hear something concrete by the end of the year.
  11. zoth33

    [MOC] King Lennox's Castle

    Some great techniques here. The battlements have some nice detailing with the tile pieces. The pointed windows look great. The slight build up of rock work at the base is a nice touch. The interior looks great too, nice job.
  12. zoth33

    Vargheist - Warhammer

    The vampire fig looks great. Neat little scene here with all the bats flying around and the scared soldier.
  13. zoth33

    [MOC] Roman Amphitheater

    Good build. I like the angled wall sections. The arena looks good, I like the railing. That is a lot of tan minifigs you have.
  14. zoth33

    [Moc] Forestmen's lives again

    Nice. I like that you kept the roof blue. The trees are nicely done and I like the path with the cart. I like that you made it slightly bigger and used some profile bricks in there. I actually remember getting this set from my grandmother. Fun set to build back in the day.
  15. zoth33

    A-Frame Cabin

    I like the brick base with the hammer technique. The A-frame itself is nicely done, I like the roof and the way you set the tiles. Nice color choices for the build and the landscaping and extra details like the wood pieces is a nice touch. Nice job.