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  1. Game of Thrones Discussion

    I think you got to remember its fantasy/adventure and none of it amounts to realism really. Even Tolkiens books were way out of scale with time when comparing the books to the movies. So just take it as it is. It will be interesting to see how they finish it considering they don't want to be predictable and follow the books completely and surprise us. The walking dead is always throwing curve balls at us to throw us off from the novels. And I think you have to remember that the show has to end and they are working with what they have a budget for.
  2. Avonhem Manor - Home Sweet Home!

    This looks great. I like the architecture especially the combination of the stone and woodwork. The landscaping is nicely done. The bridge is neat. Overall great job.
  3. That would be sneaky but it would have to look different than Tolkiens.
  4. The Battle of Maerwynn Creek

    Looks great guys. nice job on the texturing. The houses are neat and I really like your windmill. I like the house on fire and the minifigs battling. Overall well done.
  5. I would like to see something new. Like dark elves. Or even use the minotaurs or the cyclops from the cmf's with a new print as the bad guys or even come up with an entirely new evil faction like demons or ghouls. Then use good elves, dwarves and men to battle the evil factions. Use 2 evil factions and 3 good factions. maybe even get griffons and new dragons. I know that's alot but i can dream.
  6. Rome - Forum of Nerva - 962 A.D.

    Wow this is amazing. I love all the stonework and the columns. The landscaping is excellent. Great job with the architecture looks very accurate. Overall fantastic job.
  7. crown kingdom version 2.0

    This looks very good. I like the river. The farm land is nicely done. I like layout of the castle is interesting can't wait to see the finished project. I also like all the crownies. keep up the good work.
  8. Game of Thrones Discussion

    I liked the episode. The cameo by Ed Sheeran was cool. It will be interesting to see what the nights watch does this season. I'm just waiting for another epic battle.
  9. Tíre Village

    This is great. I really love all the buildings and the wood work. The walkways are wonderful. The stonework is great. All the little shops are great, I especially like the blacksmiths shop. The minifigs make the whole diorama come alive. Great job.
  10. Tíre Gatehouse

    I like the build. The texturing of the walls is nice and the colors go well together. The rockwork is well done. Nice build overall.
  11. The Best 2014 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Round 1.7

    padewan obi-wan
  12. MOC Medieval Sawmill

    I like the scene. The roofs are very good. I like the color scheme of the buildings. Your trees are pretty good. The landscaping and the rockwork are nicely done. My only criticism is the stream is a little bland aesthetically. Overall good job.
  13. The Hidden City of Gondolin

    This is incredible. I love the architecture. The gazeebo is excellent. The archways are fantastic. The roofs and stairways are amazing cleverly done. The fountain is awesome and the trees look great with the grey trunks. I also love the way you integrated the horns into the furniture. Great job
  14. Bjarn-dar Keep

    This is very nice. I like the texturing of the exterior. I like how you did the windows. The interior is great, I really like the floors and all the tables are creatively designed. Keep up the good work.
  15. Katoren Monastery

    This is fantastic. I love the path. The white fence is just wonderful. The pool looks great. The rockwork and landscaping is excellent. The building is designed very well. The windows and the pillars are creative. Excellent job.