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  1. Medieval Windmill

    Awesome build. I love the landscaping especially the birch trees, the pathways, and the wheat field. The windmill is great. I like the way you did the roof. The fig posing is excellent. Great job overall.
  2. LEGO Elves 2018

    I really like the animals and the little bat things. The builds seem interesting. Ill be looking forward to seeing HD pictures.
  3. Really like all of your figs. The elves are really done well. Great job.

    Very cool how you combined all the scenes into one diorama. I really like the pick with the witch king and the hobbits at weathertop and the one where the nazgul chase the hobbits. The builds are great so many little details. Your pictures are excellent. I love the architecture and landscaping of Rivendell. Great job
  5. [Moc] Classic castle escape

    I like the texturing of the castle and the rockwork in the back. The pathway is nicely done. I also like the landscaping. Is the wooden structure inspired from the laketown sets? Your figs are neat. Overall nice job.
  6. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I live in Connecticut and tru had the wizard battle and some of the new ninjago sets. They allowed me to get the piranha chase set but were pulling the sets off the shelf.
  7. Nice review. I think the fact that the iron dragon lady head is black and they are printing yellow over that, its always going to have that issue. The set is neat. I like the rickshaw too.
  8. Edoras lotr moc

    That's cool. Hope to see more lotr builds from you.
  9. Edoras lotr moc

    Nice scene. I like the houses and the great hall. Although I would add more space between the gate and the great hall it looks cluttered. good job overall.
  10. (MOC) Theramore Castle from World of Warcraft.

    Wonderfully done. I like the walls and the towers. Did you have to put the build on the floor its huge?
  11. Black Falcons CMF

    The bladed fury, his head seems off to me. Otherwise I like the rest of them.
  12. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Just type in lego leaks
  13. Black Falcons CMF

    The bladesman heavy infantry, sentinel, and deathshead archer are my favorites. The jester is cool too. Overall nice job.
  14. Elf going back to his swamp house

    I like the little hut in the marsh. The landscaping is done well and I like your color scheme for the build. Nice job.
  15. The Monster Fighters vampyre castle had four monsters in the set. So I guess I dont understand your #5 on the cons side of things. I Thought the Monster Fighters theme was well done and sold quite well where i live. I think everyone has to remember like in other forums here that this is a toy meant for kids and the more expert sets like the haunted house are meant for adults. For the main part lego's target audience influences what they decide to focus on. I think Elves is really executed well, Nexo Knights has some great villains and interesting sets. The Superheros both DC and Marvel have great figures and some interesting sets. Ninjago continues to surprise me with great sets and minifigs. Star wars has got some good stuff too. I know some people are mad because there is no real classic space theme or castle/fantasy theme but I don't think that is causing a dip in their growth like Sir Blake eluded to. The world is in some economic instability right now and I think peoples priorities are changing along with the political climate right now. That's just my opinion. I think Lego will be fine as long as they can come up with new and fresh ideas that keep kids interested.