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  1. In the Mystic Isles, a shack in long need of repairs provides a local witch with shelter. How it still stands? Magic. Er, don't like this alot :p , the roof kinda ruins it and it looks way better in real life (without the roof). The angles were lots of fun to achieve, although made this Moc very flimsy. I think the landscape is ok, although you definitely cannot see the tree in its full glory. The tree, by the way is inspired by TheBrickAvenger. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy and C&C needed :D
  2. Hey all! I’ve wanted to start a personal story in GoH for a while now, and it finally is happening. I completed the second build of the start yesterday, and I hope there will follow a lot more… The story is about my sigfig and in the first episodes I’ll be telling the story from his youth till now, as he reigns over Kyrrath, The city of purple. Afterwards there will be new stories, but I don’t have any clear ideas for that yet(as I first need to complete these builds ) It has been almost 5 years now, since that day. that one day… Now it should be over, it’s time for justice! It’s time for revenge! Whispers Kiarr to himself. It all started peaceful. Kiarr and his twin brother Rignar grew up in a peaceful Mitgardian family. They were the only two children of their parents, and Kiarr was the oldest, as he was born a few minutes before his brother. But his parents favored his brother more than him, and that makes Kiarr angry. But as Kiarr was angry, it didn’t went that bad, as in their normal lives, there wasn’t a huge difference between Kiarr and Rignar. But that suddenly changed at their 10th birthday… It was a cold but beautiful day. And what makes it even more beautiful, was the 10th birthday of the twin brothers Kiarr and Rignar. And in their family, when you reach the age of 10, it’s a special celebration as from that moment you will be counted as a man, and get training in fighting/hunting and other important things man have to do. And to celebrate it, the oldest boy of a family will get a special ‘family’ axe. This weapon has an enormous value for the family members and it shows who will be the heritor of the family. That one day, everything started great. The whole family was ready for the celebration and was waiting for their uncle Wiglaf(sigfig of @[Claus von Nassau]) to bring the family axe, so the ceremony could start. And around 10 o’clock they heard the sound of a horse walking around the house. That has to be Wiglaf! And Kiarr, Rignar and their mum ran outside to welcome their uncle: Wiglaf has arrived and the ceremony could start. But then the moment came that completely changed the life of Kiarr(and his family as well… ) as Wiglaf doesn’t give the Family-axe to Kiarr (as he was the oldest son) but he gives it to Rignar! And it wasn’t even a mistake, as his parents do notice it, but don’t stop Wiglaf from doing this! Instead of the family axe he deserved, now Kiarr gets a magic box. It’s also a nice present, but it just can’t be compared to a family axe(as that also means he won’t be the heritor of his family)… And from that day on, Kiarr is looking for justice! Or he will be the most important son, or no one will! It’s five years later, and it’s their birthday again. Kiarr has practiced with his magicbox every day for five years now. And now he knows he is strong enough to turn this day into a nightmare for his family! It’s 10 o’clock. Like five years ago. But today his family is inside the house and he is outside. Kiarr creates a small purple magic-ball, and let it grow bigger… And when it has enough power, Kiarr throws the ball to their house. The house shakes, and flames are everywhere in the house. Kiarr keeps looking at it until the flames are extinguished. Then he leaves a purple sign at the floor of the house and flees.. No one knows what has happened and what the purple sign means.. only Kiarr himself knows it, but he has fled to Nocturnus. But when Kyrrath rises, things will come clear for other people… But that does happen several years later after this day, and will come clear in future parts of the story of Kiarr…. So here you have it, my first part of the story of my sigfig, Lord Kiarr.. Hope you enjoy it! Here are some more photos of the builds: The backside of the house: (actually I built this one a year ago, and it’s also at the Mitgardian poster….) The backside of the ruins: And an overview photo so you can compare the 2 builds: I hope you enjoy this build and story, and I hope to continue the stoy anytime soon... Jaap
  3. Cableways To reach further and further Higher and further, reaching places no one had reached before. With the help of cableways, building new roads in the montains. = = = = = = = = = A little build I built some time ago. A free build for Avalonia. Enjoy!
  4. Sixth Quarter Free Build Registration -- yeah I know, this book is taking too long, we now have 6 quarters of free building!) November 1st, 2016 to May 1st, 2017 (Book II, Quarter 6) What is this thread? This is the thread where YOU register your free build if you wish it to be scored for your guild. Why are you doing this to us? Despite Rogueang’s wonderful MOC index, the guilds project has become quite large. The core leaders feel that we need a self-indexing mechanism that will allow us to grade free builds more efficiently. This is what we have come up with. What do I need to do? Just simply write the following information In a NEW post: Name of Moc with link to the thread | Name of Builder | Guild you belong to IE: Obsidian Spike |ZCerberus | Nocturnus Do not write anything else. What counts as a “Free Build?” Great question! Any GOH build that was not entered in one of the official main challenges. All free builds must have their own thread, and there must be a link to that thread provided here. Do not comment on builds in this thread, please do that on the MOC’s own thread. Can I just post in my guild thread and leave it at that? Whereas you are welcome to do so, if the build does not make it into the index , it will not be scored. Can I put up an entry for another guild member's build? If that builder has disappeared and we are getting near the deadline, this would be allowed. Past registrations: Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 Quarter 5
  5. "So", said Captain Mitgardia, "let's hear your story." Samuel Marron put down his glass of beer and slowly began to tell his tale - how he met the new King. It was in the dark days before our victory over the Spire. I had orders to deliver a letter to the Desert King. One night I was ambushed... Skeleton warriors had killed my horse and as I was preparing to fight I had almost overlooked the second attacker. Moving towards Kaliphlin I arrived at a Cuboid Castle. ... and so our plan began to take shape. I was sent to meet the Desert King... ... who was supervising the construction of our key weapon, designed by Abdul Trojan: a giant wooden camel with space inside for a small army: "And that is where you met the New King?" Captain Mitgardia interrupted. "No, that was later. After the battle." "The Battle of Two-Finger-Mountain?" "Yes mate." The battle was intense and terrible. We were facing the Spire's elite troops and things did not look good. Although we were fighting as one - the finest warriors of Historica united - we were outnumbered and about to lose. So we had to retreat. Raavage himself, surrounded by his elite warriors approached our wooden camel and claimed the victory for himself. With the guild's forces dispelled he gave a speech to his victorious troops about how cowardly we were and that he was about to ruin our plan. Because he thought that he knew everything about Trojan's camel. He expected it to be filled with skilled warriors that were destined to kill Raavage. So his best warriors closed in on the camel. But there was one thing Raavage was not able to. He could not pay attention to details. Well, it is usually difficult in the heat of battle to point out fine details like "Oh, look, that Orc has got a nice helmet" -"The one with the bronze applications?" - "Yes, quite nice, isn't it". That usually does not happen. And Raavage had missed a detail. .. a burning fuse hanging from the camel's mouth. The explosion of the Barqan Fire exterminated Raavage and the core of his army. I watched the explosion from a safe distance - it was catastrophic for the Spire. Our plan and the faked fallback had worked well. Our troops engaged again and we pursued the remainders of Raavage's army until there was no-one left alive. It was then, after our victory, when I met the New King. He came towards me, accompanied by his guards... ... and I bowed and bent my knee. And he thanked me. I felt so honoured. "A toast to the New King", Captain Mitgardia shouted! "All hail to King Emmet I." both cried, raising their glasses. But there was something, Samuel Marron had not been able to tell his friend. It was about the private conversation he had had with the King after the battle. "Samuel", the King said, "you have proven your loyalty to me. And your courage. I will tell you a secret. You will not forget it but find yourself unable to talk about it. I am a chosen one. I am in the possession of powers that allow me to excite loyalty in others so they will follow me. I cannot make them stronger or braver, but they will follow me. Like you do. When I started on this journey I went to the Desert King, asking for an audience. I made him one of my first followers. With his army on my side it was easier to put up a plan against Raavage and his troops. You have helped me to get the support of Mitgardia and Avalonia. I am very thankful for that and this is why I am telling you my secret. Now you will keep it to yourself." Samuel drank a sip from his beer and mused. What will the future be like, now that Historica is united under King Emmet I? Will he be a kind ruler given that his subjects will be of utter loyalty to him? Will he have enemies? Was Raavage really killed in the explosion? So, this is my "big entry" for Category C with lots of scenes, pictures, action, etc. It took quite a while in preparation. I am happy that I was able to include the Cat A + B MOCs into the story. I hope you like it!
  6. After fulfilling his contracted task on the enchanted forests of the west region, Adam and Terryn started their return trip to Albion. They’ve been riding for 3 days and are now on BlueWater Castle region. The castle and the surrounding lands belongs to Sir Bridger and his beautiful daughter, Lady Melissa. Adam, but specially Terryn, are tired and in need for a resting place. Maybe Sir Bridger would welcome them on his castle to spend the night? Perhaps they could even get a chance to meet Lady Melissa and her legendary beauty… Hey guys, I was going to post these MOC on History Forum, but I thought it would fit well on the West Region of avalonia, my current Guild as it is home to mighty stone castles. Also, can I somehow put the castle on Avalonian map? Is that possible? I consider myself a castle builder, but I have never build a castle in the real sense of the word, so I thought it was about time I build one. As I’m working on a big display to my LUGs expositions (Comunidade 0937) and having access to a lot more parts I could go a little wild. :) This MOC stands on a footprint of 4x3 (48x48) baseplates and is more than 3 feet high. I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do since the beginning, but of course some modifications and adjustments were made along the build, such as the positioning of the various towers on the main walls or the shape of the half-timbered sections. A few facts and thoughts that I would like to share: - Its viewable from the 4 sides and completely modular so it can easily be transported. - Despite having access to more parts, I still had some limitations. So, for instance, I had to use more LBG 1x2 plates and 1x2 masonry dark tan bricks on the walls that I wanted but nevertheless I think it turned out Ok all the same. - The colors used on the landscape terrain are not the ones that I would like to use, but again, due to its size, I had to use more common ones. - I build this at home and took me about 250 hours in 50 or so days to build this MOC. - I have no idea how many parts it’s made off! If someone as a rough idea, please let me now. But I can tell you that just on the landscape alone and on the castle interiors I used around 10000 2x4 bricks of various colors and on the walls I used at least 4000 round 1x1 bricks. - The landscape was not my priority as it will sure suffer some changes and adding’s when integrated on the full display so I spend just 5 days on it and is not yet as I want him to look. - Also, the trees are somewhat simple as I need them to be brickbuild (for easier transportation and also due to time restrictions) but I kind like them that way. - Naturally, I’m a BIG noob in taking good pics and these are total crap (overexposed, poor lighting, poor focus). Taking reasonable ones was a huge #$#/&%$ pain and in my opinion it looks so much better in person :) Hope you all like it. It sure was an immense fun to build these one :) I will try to upload more pics in a few days before I get this huge thing in card boxes :) BlueWater Castle BlueWater Castle BlueWater Castle
  7. Even a headsman needs a place to sleep, eat and sharpen his axes. Take my money Brick Link, take it all!! So I finally decided it was time to grab some more greens, including olive, sand and as you can see here dark. The house was challenging to get so small, especially the front, which is split into 3 different parts, non of which are attached to the structure :p I like the tree although I ran out of black robot arms and I think the crows turned out alright. Also I don't know what I was doing with that pumpkin patch, its only there cause I ran out of dk green. So C&C wanted dead or alive and hope you enjoy :D
  8. In the forest that ringed a Black Spire castle, Lord Maestro's men busied them selves constructing siege weapons. Prepared in modules back in Avalonia, soaring siege towers and devastating were slowly being pieced together (almost like Lego ). Today Lord Maestro surveyed a new contraption. Adapted from an ordinary Ballista , The Maestro's architects swore it was twice as powerful. To show their allegiance was to Avalonia they had fitted it with a Dragon head, the emblem of our their guild. A close up Looking down the barrel of the beast Entry to challenge V Category B, this was an interesting build. I have only done something like this once, and you can probably see the resemblance I hope the Dragon head looks ok to you guys, because im not completely satisfied with it. I think the landscape turned out good though, that red stuff is meant to be moss/grass. Should have Cat D up soon, C&C needed and hope you enjoy
  9. Hey there! Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to finish my cat. B entry in time, but instead I have something else for you... (maybe I'll finish the entry as a freebuild somewhere in the near future...) As you know(or don't) am I the founder of the purple city of Kyrrath. And for a big part, it's similar to other city's in many ways. But when you look to the expansion of Kyrrath, than there is a difference with other citys. Yes, there are some houses that are just build up from the ground, but since Kyrrath has declared loyalty to the spire, there has been a second way of expansion: In a lot of places there are citizens that would like to be loyal to the spire, but do live in areas where most of the population is helping the resistance out. But now there's something beautiful, something magical for these people... When they use purple amethystdust from Kyrrath, and paint their roofs purple, their houses will come to live, and move towards Kyrrath, to settle there and be able to support the spire, The true leader of Nocturnus! Oh, and when the houses come across pirateships, or other buildings loyal to the resistance, they don't doubt destroying them... Here are the photos: This build is also an entry for the finals of The Tourney, that is the reason why this ship design is based at the design of my enemy over there, W. Navarre. But it is a complete rebuild, using my own techniques and designchoises. Credits to him tho for the original design of the ship. And lastly a picture of the house itself, without a ship covering the whole front... I hope you enjoy my build, and if you also want to live in Kyrrath, don't wait any longer, buy some Kyrrath' amethyst dust and paint your roof purple.... C&C always welcome! Have a nice day, Jaap
  10. Standing lonely in the sea, a sight forgotten sailors once yearned to see. Seeming destined to be lost forever. Until now... A little teaser for a future build. Not sure when it will be built though, either soon or closer to the end of the year And I will do some more builds leading up to it. The Base style was inspired by the talented Jaaxaap. It was a fun little build to through together and I liked experimenting with the texture. C&C wanted and Hope you enjoy.
  11. On a desolate snowy landscape an elf scout clad in bright mail is doing a patrol with his loyal husky companion. A closer look shows that this is a snow elf by his orange hair which is different than wood elves (whose hair is normally a brownish color), silver armor and irregular weaponry. Snow elves are the most the "Viking" like of the elves located on the aisle of Solitude. They don't wear the silly horned helmets or use any axes (all elves dislike axes), but they have been known to slip into a berserker rage and they love the thrill of battle. The snow elves also love sailing and are amazing ship makers. These snow elves have a governmental structure where the Council of Jarls (clan leaders) elect the Csarjarl who is the overall leader of the snow elf race. The Jarls also serve as war leaders. The snow elves worship the Nordic gods. There is no set uniform for the snow elf warriors and most warriors supply their own weapons and armor. That particular snow elf you're seeing is Feanor. Unlike most snow else he uses more reason and is less hot-headed. Feanor is a scout for Jarl Enradae and is doing a routine patrol. As usual his dog didn't say anything. Suddenly Feanor stopped, ears pricked and sword drawn. A low hissing sound is heard through the silent mountainside. Feanor strains his eyes and sees a red glow coming from a cave in the distance. He goes to investigate. (Inside the cave) An imposing dark figure identifiable as Lord Ravage is flanked by two of his same race as bodyguards facing a tall robed figure with a staff. The robed figure is flanked by one of his own race and two heavily armored serpentine-like creatures one of whom looks familiar. Lord Ravage (angrily) "Why did you bring me here wretch?" The robed figure (calmly) "To show you something." Lord Ravage advances threateningly. Lord Ravage (angrily) "Don't want my time!" The robed figure (still calmly) "Nice to meet you Lord Ravage, my people simply call me 'The Sorcerer', but you can call me Fred." Lord Ravage shakes with anger while Feanor watches with interest and increasing alarm. 'Fred' (with amusement) "So Ravage, do you want me to show you an unstoppable army to take over Historica with or would you rather attack me?" That catches Ravage's attention. Ravage almost attacks Fred but decides not to and manages to put his rage in check. Lord Ravage (with an eerie air of calm) "Very well then 'Fred' show me this 'army'." Fred gestures to the back of the cave where a multitude of chariots and a whole lot of snakes are located. Some of the snakes are opening eggs where their kindred are being stored. One of the snakes is forming and in the background there is a chariot. "This army" Feanor ran back to the Local Jarl's castle with urgent news of an invading army led by Fred. A bonus View of the chariot. The bad guys and their bodyguards. Thanks for looking. C and C welcome.
  12. On a desolate snowy landscape an elf scout clad in bright mail is doing a patrol with his loyal husky companion. A closer look shows that this is a snow elf by his orange hair which is different than wood elves (whose hair is normally a brownish color), silver armor and irregular weaponry. Snow elves are the most the "Viking" like of the elves located on the aisle of Solitude. They don't wear the silly horned helmets or use any axes (all elves dislike axes), but they have been known to slip into a berserker rage and they love the thrill of battle. The snow elves also love sailing and are amazing ship makers. These snow elves have a governmental structure where the Council of Jarls (clan leaders) elect the Csarjarl who is the overall leader of the snow elf race. The Jarls also serve as war leaders. The snow elves worship the Nordic gods. There is no set uniform for the snow elf warriors and most warriors supply their own weapons and armor. That particular snow elf you're seeing is Feanor. Unlike most snow else he uses more reason and is less hot-headed. Feanor is a scout for Jarl Enradae and is doing a routine patrol. As usual his dog didn't say anything. Suddenly Feanor stopped, ears pricked and sword drawn. A low hissing sound is heard through the silent mountainside. Feanor strains his eyes and sees a red glow coming from a cave in the distance. He goes to investigate. (Inside the cave) An imposing dark figure identifiable as Lord Ravage is flanked by two of his same race as bodyguards facing a tall robed figure with a staff. The robed figure is flanked by one of his own race and two heavily armored serpentine-like creatures one of whom looks familiar. Lord Ravage (angrily) "Why did you bring me here wretch?" The robed figure (calmly) "To show you something." Lord Ravage advances threateningly. Lord Ravage (angrily) "Don't want my time!" The robed figure (still calmly) "Nice to meet you Lord Ravage, my people simply call me 'The Sorcerer', but you can call me Fred." Lord Ravage shakes with anger while Feanor watches with interest and increasing alarm. 'Fred' (with amusement) "So Ravage, do you want me to show you an unstoppable army to take over Historica with or would you rather attack me?" That catches Ravage's attention. Ravage almost attacks Fred but decides not to and manages to put his rage in check. Lord Ravage (with an eerie air of calm) "Very well then 'Fred' show me this 'army'." Fred gestures to the back of the cave where a multitude of chariots and a whole lot of snakes are located. "This army"
  13. Hey all! For a while, I've want to build something for the frozen beyond, but I never made time for it. When I was building for a contest, with a mage-battle category, I decided it was time for a build for The Frozen Beyond. For those that are wondering, no it doesn't have purple roofs, so this isnt located in Kyrrath. This build is located somewhere in the land in south of Kyrrath. The reason I didn't go for purple roofs(wanted to do so, at first) is that I didnt want to use black in my build, and I don't have enough purple wedges for all the roofs. So in the end I went for the blue-orange colorscheme, to make an unrealistic color-combination, although I didn't want it to look 'weird'. In the end I'm quite pleased with the result, so now it's up to you to make your own opinion at my build :) I didn't really make a story, but my build shows that the algus is still slowly spreading over the guilds... It has even reached one of the 'hottest' places, far into the nocturnus' lands... But although they come close to these places, the algus isn't strong enough to capture the house of the fire-mage... This far from the north, the power of the Algus isn't that big anymore, and the icemage gets blown away by the firespells, used by the fire-mage... Here are the pictures: The build itself: The fire-mage: The Algus-mage gets a 'warm welcome'..... And here some other views at the house: And finally a shot from above, that shows the different angles in the build quite nicely.. I hope you like my build, And feel free to share your opinion :) Jaap
  14. An Avalonian ranger strolls through the forest, hunting his elusive prey. Just a small build while I wait for inspiration for category B. It was nice to experiment with some tree styles, which are mainly based of SK's. Also my first build in ages that is 360 view able Hope you enjoy.
  15. For the Resistance! In Nocturnus, there are places in-acessible to even the most agile of land messengers. As all forces are needed to overthrow the spire, messengers have taken to the skies. I had better plans for this category, but a computer death threw that plan out the window. C&C Welcome! I'm also on flickr now.
  16. “The heir of Cedrica has been found! …true King of Historica …calls for aid! …message must get through!” …cloppa-clop cloppa-clop cloppa-clop… “Shortest route… over waterfall skybridge… is it safe in the dark?” …cloppa-clop cloppa-clop cloppa-clop… “…must trust DarkWind, he knows the way… this closing darkness!” …cloppa-clop cloppa-clop cloppa-clop… “…maybe a blessing, these shadows… keep hidden from the enemies…” …cloppa-clop cloppa-clop cloppa-clop… “For the true King, I must cross!” -Whreeheeheennee! …taka-tak taka-tak taka-tak taka-tak… Original image: More photos: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The base of this build is 6 X 42 = 252, which comes up just less than 16 X 16 = 256. Hopefully this is acceptable for this challenge. The most difficult part of this was trying to get a clear picture of a scene at night. I tried different lighting (or lack thereof), and finally achieved an acceptable result. The image is meant to be dark, so for more images and a lighted image, check out the spoiler or my Flickr account. -Slegengr
  17. Gideon’s GoH build index It’s been four years since I arrived in Historica and got hooked for real on this world. To celebrate this and to prepare myself for the next challenge, I’ve made an attempt to collect all my GoH builds here and will present them roughly in chronological order and try to put them in context. If you want to read more and see more pictures, please click the links below the pictures which will take you to the Eurobricks threads. If you want to leave comments however I would prefer if you did it here in this thread or on the pictures on Flickr, not “resurrecting” old threads. Sigfig intro For the full sigfig background, you can read my old presentation thread here: My sigfig is Gideon the half-elf. He is now the chairman of the City Council of the glorious city of Barqa, the trading hub of south-western Kaliphlin. That was not always the case... Sigfig in battle armor Gideon was born as the offspring of the daughter of a minor Avalonian lord and an unknown elvish father. When dying in childbirth, she took the secret of who Gideon’s father was with her to the grave. Love in Avalonia Gideon spent his early years among the human children in his grandfather’s castle Nordana Hall in Avalonia. Neither his grandfather, nor the other humans in the castle were particularly found of the half-elf, so Gideon learned many hard lessons from children and grownups alike that he wasn’t “one of them”. Practicing children Gideon decided to leave the place where he had never been truly welcome and set out to make his own place in the world. He spent many years as a mercenary and travelled all over Historica but finally made his home in Kaliphlin, the most diverse and tolerant of the guilds. Caravan guard Petraean city wall Book I - The Revolword Saga I joined GoH in the last months of Book I, and at that point the evil wizard Victor Revolword, his elementals and the forces loyal to him named the “Hand of Corruption” were wreaking havoc all over Historica. (You can read the whole story here: Revolword’s Terror The small town of Groenby was raided by Revolword’s forces, and he appeared himself to perform some sinister rituals... Pillage of Groenby Victor Revolword in Groenby Cities were burning all over Historica... Burning city ...while some mercenaries were still fighting for the lords of Kaliphlin who had gold to pay them. This particular watchtower is occupied by the Arkbri Falcons, a notorious band of mercenaries under the captain Ediz Falconi. Falcon’s Nest Battle for Queenscross A strong force of Victor Revolword’s forces were marching towards the strategically important city of Queenscross, which held one of the only crossings over the mighty Arkbri river. (The battle was played out in this thread: A call to arms was made, and Gideon responded together with the Arkbri Falcons, his old Avalonian friend Sir Derrik of Groenby (who’s county had been devastated by the attacks from Revolword and the Hand of Corruption) Army Marching to battle along the Arkbri River Many of those marching to Queenscross with Sir Gideon would later fall in the battle there, as told in the report of the battle by Paulos MacLean. Among the casualties were Gideon's old friend Sir Derrik. Aftermath of the battle of Queenscross Battle of Castle Zar Not long after the battle of Queenscross a new person showed up. Aidana, a battlemage of the Khel'Zarim, appeared and enlisted the help of Gideon and his friends to retake the seat of her order Castle Zar from the orcs who had taken advantage of the absence of most of the battlemages when they were busy fighting Revolword’s elementals all over Historica. On the road to Castle Zar After getting into the castle, the final battle against the orcs was fought inside the great hall of Castle Zar. Battle scene After winning the battle, the archmage was freed and Gideon’s part in the Revolword war was over. Council chamber in Castle Zar after the battle. My builds around the battle for Queenscross plus the battle of Castle Zar was my entry to book I challenge VI. Inside Kaliphlin Some of Kaliphlin’s many wonders were presented to the world through the Inside Kaliphlin collab, I built two MOCs for this. (See all builds here: The Dune Sea The Fighting Pit of Mophet Mini-challenges at the end of Book I “There are many wonders of architecture throughout Historica: massive dwarven halls, lofty elven towers, elegant cathedrals, and impregnable fortresses. But Revolword and the elementals have laid waste to many of these structures. Now that Revolword had been defeated, craftsmen across Historica took up their tools to rebuild the former glory of Historica.” - Paraphrase of the introduction to SK’s Master Arhitect Challenge Gideon’s response to the immense destruction left by the Revolword war was to pay for repair works on the city walls of Kaliphlin’s capital Petraea. Paying for the repair of the Walls of Petraea Repairing the Walls of Petraea Raising the Dead In the quest to create a potion to resurrect Dugal MacLean (Ska’s sigfig) from the dead, Gideon assisted by capturing a red scorpion. It’s venom was needed for the potion. Collecting the Venom of a Red Scorpion Life and Death in Kaliphlin (mini-challenge) Graduation in Barqa Card XVI Kaligem Humanitarian aid to Mitgardia After some trash-talking between Kaliphlin and Mitgardia, Kaliphlin decided to provide some humanitarian aid to Mitgardia - regardless of if the Mitgardians needed it or not... Mitgardian Trade Sultan’s Gate A collaborative effort to flesh out the city of Sultan’s Gate. This build was created to match the inside of the main gate built by Robuko. Sultan’s Gate - main gate and town houses Freebuild - Nordana Castle Built for the Swebrick medieval landscape but also to represent Gideon’s birthplace in Avalonia. Nordana Castle, from left Nordana Castle, from right Book II The defeat of Victor Revolword left Historica in ruins and many new conflicts emerged out of the Elemental War... Challenge I - The Battle for Nocturnus In Nocturnus, a civil war broke out between the old leadership and a new alliance calling themselves the “Black Spire”. I was assigned to the Black Spire team for the challenge. Soraya of the Hashishin, an ancient and secretive group of Kaliphlin mercenaries and assassins, was sent on a mission by the Black Spire to recruit soldiers. Travelling the Nocturnian countryside is however not without it’s dangers, so her trained monkey helped her dispatching a few ambushes... Ambushing an Ambush Eventually, Soraya found a cyclops tribe ready to join the cause of the Black Spire. Recruiting a Cyclops Tribe Fortifications throughout Nocturnus were also occupied by the Black Spire. Swamplands Tower Citizens supporting the Varlyrian mercenaries fighting with the Black Spire barricaded a city block in Illyria, the capital of Varlyrio. The Garra (guard of Illyria) was dispatched to deal with the troublemakers, but it turned into a bloody affair... Fighting Among the Canals Battle of the Wither Woods A battle fought during the War of the Brothers. Participants built forces to send to the fighting, which then were recreated by the GoH members doing the actual wargaming. Full report here: Arkbri Falcons Barqan city guard Cyclops tribe Challenge II Aiding the refugees in Avalonia Treating the sick at a hospital in Barqa Lighthouse of Barqa Freebuilds Kaliphlin forces were fighting the Drow loyalists, patrolling the borderlands with Avalonia and dispatching any stragglers venturing over on the wrong side of the border... Waiting outside the gate Infiltration by Assassins Forest patrol Desert Cavalry With peace restored, the ever important trade could continue. A Kaliphlin merchant buying goods at a market Caravan trade through the Kaliphlin desert Delivering the mail Escorting a valuable load Ice fishing in Mitgardia Ostrich farming Historican Settlements: Streets of Barqa Barqa is the trading hub of south-western Kaliphlin. The city is located where the mighty Arkbri river meets the sea. The Arkbri river stretches all the way from the mountains of Mitgardia and is a major shipping route through central Historica. Barqa is a melting pot of people and cultures from all points of the compass, and dozens of different languages can be heard in the streets. Streets of Barqa Streets of Barqa, outside Streets of Barqa at night Challenge III Political turmoil in Mitgardia made the dwarves take up arms and go to war against the Drow. Among the dwarves of Historica, veneration of the ancestors is widespread and many statues of fallen heroes are placed in the great dwarven halls. It is common to seek the blessings of these heroes of old, usually through a ritual performed by a priest, before going into battle. Blessing of the ancestors Dwarves going to war against the Drow, through ancient tunnels where their ancestors buried their dead. Drow grave robber have already been there... Infiltrating through the dwarven necropolis Challenge IV All along the usually fertile Arkbri valley crop failures started to happen, leading to widespread food shortages and famine. This caused food prices in all towns and cities dependent on that food to rise dramatically. Reports of food riots made their way to Barqa, where the emergency supplies in the city's granaries and it's strong city guard were been able to keep major riots from happening. Food rationing in Barqa Two powers arose to challenge the ruling High Council. Ulandus on islands in the south and the ancient Desert King arising out of the legends and taking Sultan’s Gate as his capital Bands of spies and raiders started appearing all over Kaliphlin, and the High Council struggled to keep those at bay.... Catching Desert King spies in the Arkbri valley Defending the supplies to Messahmuk Forces loyal to the High Council were also fighting to secure vital routes where enemy forces could advance, patrolling it’s own lands and ambushing the enemy where they least expected it. Blocking the road to Queenscross Guarding Flagg’s reservoir Patrolling the grasslands of southern Kaliphlin Ambush in the Nestlands Haxtarus, ruler of Cefivia, a location on the outskirts of the Witherwoods, betrayed the High Council and handed over control of his territory to Ulandus. High Council soldiers seized him and he was put on trial for his treason. Trial of Haxtarus Duels were fought between champions from the different factions. Duel in the Sacred Forest Duel in the Ashes of a Volcano Finally, hostilities ceased but with no clear victor. The Desert King in particular did however make significant territorial gains. The agriculture of Kaliphlin is heavily dependent on irrigation. During the Civil War, many parts of this infrastructure was damaged. Since the cessation of hostilities, the City Council of Barqa has sponsored a rebuilding campaign of the irrigation canals in the Arkbri valley. Now once more fresh water from the river can be diverted to the fields of the bread-basket of western Kaliphlin. Arkbri Irrigation The Frozen Beyond The Algus are an ancient race from the Frozen Beyond, north of Mitgardia. After being quiet for millennia, they suddenly moved south and invaded Mitgardia and pushed as far south as Kaliphlin. Strange icy creatures also appeared and seemed to obey the Algus magicians... Ice worm in the sand Algus capturing a fortress in Kaliphlin With bands of Algus roaming Kaliphlin, there were an increasing number of reports of strange weather. From some of the caravan routes, reports even spoke of fairly deep snow! Many animals perished due to the harsh conditions, so the Kaliphlin vultures were thriving. Snow in Kaliphlin Oil proved to be an effective weapon against the Algus, so the Council of Barqa decided to set fire to a number of tar pits despite the economic implications. The black oily smoke proved effective in deterring the Algus and reversed the effects of their weather manipulation. Together with the other measures used throughout Historica to fight the Algus, the frosty invaders were expelled to their frozen hell in the north once more. Burning the tar pits We do know however now that they were not completely defeated and still pose a threat to Historica in their alliance with The Spire...
  18. Deep in the forest of Eolas resides a man who likes to think himself the Historica's best herbalist. Maybe once that was true but he has grown old and lazy. He now spends most of "researching" pipe weed in his overgrown tower which is almost as old and crooked as he is. Not much to say on this, so hope you enjoy :D Credit goes to Legonardo Davidy roof and tree style :)
  19. Hello residents of Historica! Would like to happily present my third moc. This is my second moc for GoH, and Nocturnus. (You can check the first one here, which is a vignette.) I built this moc in LDD first, because i've started to use that program not too long ago, and i am liking it very much. This way i can try a lot of things, and variations on a moc, and if i decide to build it in real life, i can save a lot on bricks, because of the parts list provided by LDD. I wrote a short story again, and continue to give you some background information on my character, Gutkeled the Tangled. Here we go! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Saga of Gutkeled the Tangled II. From the Cradle to the Vague I.: After Gutkeled the Tangled saved Cailleach Bheur, they agreed to team up and travel together temporarily. They headed south south- east, towards the coast. The mighty Kyrrath Mountains indicated the right direction for a while. Both of them could use the company, and it was safer together. Lots of nasty things were going on in the grim and dark lands of Nocturnus on any day, but now with the civil war raging, it was more than worse. Nobody was safe! Eventually they reached Skavenport, and paid for a ferry to one of the nearby islands, where Gutkeled had a small boat, and a cabin deep on the bayou. He invited Cally for a meal. - Cozy wee but an' ben ye got here! - took a looksy around, as she sat down. - Thank you! I've build it with my two hands! Carved it out of the wilderness here. Kind of reminds me of home! - said Gutkeled, and served some food, and refreshments. - How lang have ye been living here? - asked Cally before the first bite into a scone. - A few years i guess! Who counts, eh?! - smiled the taciturn man, with a face full of buns. - Come on! Whit are ye feart of, loon! Cat got yer tongue?! No gaun to sit here in silence, listening to yer munching! Tell me a tale from yer early years! Whit did ye dae as a bairn?! Where did ye live? - forced the vamp a story, so Gutkeled gave into it. - Okay- okay! Just let me collect my thoughts, and swallow my morsel! Those were eventful years of my life for sure. - sighed the man, then began. - When I reminisce about all those years, I see many things. Life and death strung together, like the meadows and forests in which we lived. There was family and adventure, but also solitude and uncertainty. There was laughter and joy, and there was also sadness, and tears. But even more than tears, blood was shed. And so many were left to their unadorned graves, unburied. But to me, death was just another journey. Through the darkness, which i'm striding unflinchingly into the unknown, on a path paved with gray stone. And after all, when I reminisce about those years, I mostly remember green. Endless forest on the West, began from an end, filled with magic. Mysterious, and proud folk with pointy ears shaped like mine. Eerie atmosphere all around, isles constantly covered in thick fog. Light drizzle falling on me face. Mother's long ginger hair dancing in the cool, early moring breeze, as we were scouting the trail father suppose to arrive with the rising sun. Sometimes you could catch the gleam of his sword's blade on a clear day... - Wus he a knight? Yer auld man? - Cailleach slid to the edge of her chair curiously, interrupting Gutkeled's monologue. - Well, he was a warrior if needed. Always in the heart. A wanderer, seeker of forgotten tales, poet on other days. He was from the frozen lands, all year snow and mountains. Long nights and ale contests, pale lights and pine forests. Leifr Bragason, clansman. Son of Bragi, and Iðunn - the yellowish green faced man described his father, and his background passionately. - Dinna fancy they norsemen. Their blood is somehow feels cauld. Brrr!!! Shiver runs doon ma spine just as ah think of it! Whit did ya put in ma medd anyway? Tastes like a wicked witch on a rainy day! - twitched the woman from the bitter beverage that her host introduced her to. - It's the blood berry, Cally! That is what gives its sourness, and the scarlet color. I call this marsh mead. Fremented it meself - smirked Gutkeled, and sipped some from his green goblet. - Now that ye mention blood, ah wull need some soon! Cannot live on mead, bannock and buns. No offense chiel! Ye're a good cook, but ah just need a wee bit of me poison if ye ken what ah mean! Don't we aw?! - grinned the hungry vampire, as her eyes lit up with a twinkle, and her fangs appeared in her opened mouth. - All right! All right! Let me just finish my meal, and then i'll escort you to somebody i know, and can help you out with your... needs! - capitulated Gutkeled, and started to destroy the rest of the contents of his plate. - Guid! Ca' canny now! Don't choke on it! On oor way, ye can tell me mair aboot yerself! - pried the lady a bit. She was interested in Gutkeled. Saw something in him. Didn't know what. Yet! Maybe potential, opportunity! One thing was for sure. He didn't look like an average tree hugger, or a frost- blooded. The skin, the ears... Was he some kind of drow, or elf? Was Gutkeled even his real name? And what was about with that death thing? Too many questions rose up in the mind of Cailleach Bheur, but she had to wait a wee bit to learn everything. She knew she must tag along! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The cabin in LDD: Original LDD version: hut001_7 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr In real life: Updated: IMG_20170131_130440 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170131_130453 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170131_130610 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170131_130625 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr Interior: IMG_20170124_105217 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170124_105253 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170124_105324 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr Thanks for watching! C&C welcome! More pictures here! IMG_20170124_110825 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr
  20. Somewhere deep in the forests of Avalonia, a soldier of the black spire and his orcish minion prepared to ambush a rider for the alliance. "What we smash, master?" "Hush, Gulurk! We are to ambush an alliance rider who has a secret message. We have word that it will be a faun or an elf." "Goat-man or pointy-ear?" The orc chuckled. "Will be easy! Weaklings!" The soldier nodded. "Yes, they are weak. We will trap him between this cliff and the tree. He will have nowhere to go." The orc snorted his assent and the two settled down to wait. A moment later, the ground began to shake to the beat of hooves. "Get ready!" the soldier whispered. He and the orc tensed. "NOW!" The soldier and orc jumped out to ambush the onrushing rider. "Wait, that's too big to be a horse... GAAAAAH!" Elris the faun looked back at the two black spire warriors that lay dead on the ground, trampled by his dire sheep. "I think they were frightened of ewe, Mammoth," he said as he patted his sheep, Mammoth, on his thick wooly coat. "Really pulled the wool over their eyes! I wonder if they even herd us coming?" he laughed. "Oooh, that was ba-aa-aa-aa-d," he chortled in a sheep's tone at his own pun, as he rode forward with the precious message in his hand. ********** I have been trying to improve my landscaping builds recently and worked on this tree and the cliff face. I was pleased with the tree trunk but didn't really get the fullness of the leaves that I wanted. I tried to make the cliff face imitate a limestone cliff with the horizontal ridges. Not entirely happy with it, but it's a start I guess. I am also trying to get better pictures and have been playing with lighting. A few of the pictures I thought turned out well, but some of the others I didn't have enough light I don't think. C&C, along with suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  21. We had returned with haste yet we were slowed by winters wrath. After many detours we finally made it home. There was no great hurrah when we returned, the chill kept children and elderly inside and the woman were busy caring for them. As we marched, limped, hoped and rode through the streets wives emerged from houses, watching for men that would never come. It saddened him to think of the woman that would never see their beloved husbands again. Already men drifted towards taverns and inns and he knew the ale would flow as men drown their grief. He let them go, now was not the time for the discipline and order of a shoulder, now was a time for a man mourning his fallen friends. But he could not let his grief over come him. He was summoned by the heir of Historica and he would not rest until he placed his sword at the heirs feet with the might of Eolas at his back. So if you haven't noticed this is the same build as "A heroes farewell' but slightly modified which is the reason for build and photo quality which isn't the best oh well I would rather this than rebuilding the whole thing . At last, the main story is finally finished although I am hoping to do a epilogue in the near future. This has been a load of fun to make and although the builds were the main focus I enjoyed writing the story's too. It was great when I was out of ideas and had nothing to do to be able to come back and build something. So overall I am pretty happy with it and hope you guys have enjoyed these little builds The previous build in the saga: A hollow victory
  22. Welcome! Would like to present my moc for the Book II: Challenge V - Category A, Alliance side. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wetland Delivery As the moon kept climbing, and the stars were shining over the dark, hazy wetlands of far eastern Nocturnus, a small wooden boat glided across the wild and hazardous region, called the Eight legged archipelago. Lothar von Vonnegut scanned the lush shore, and the waters for dangers thoroughly, as the edge of the land was getting closer and closer every moment. Only thing he could see over the side of the boat, was a big tree, with a scarlet mangolia near it. Some red fruit grew on the bush, the blood berry- but the man was unfamiliar with the flora and fauna of these parts. Couldn't identify the blazing stinger reed nor the rusty swamp sedge. - We are almossst theeere! Welcome to Bygone Bayou! - hissed his makeshift shady ferryman. An interesting fella with lime colored skin, and some red stripes at the sides of the chest. Had some garments, but not much. A green belt, and a few brown leather pads here and there. Sly and fishy visage. They ran into each other back in Skavenport, at the Black Knight's Inn. Lothar drank some good ale with his brother- in- arms there, before they parted ways. Their mission was the same, but their destination was different. And here he stood now, only a few hours later, on the island of Eeryland, the largest one of the archipelago north of the strait known as Street of Cerberus. In enemy territory, late night, alone, surrounded by a suspicious kind of a cold- blooded lad, who stated that he will get him to the Queen of Spiders, Lady Ashibikaashi. He loved every minute of these perilous assignments! Vonnegut carried an important message, which had to be delivered into the queen's hand only! But this was not an easy task given to him by his superiors in Shadowmere. Lord Raavage's forces patrolled these lands lately, and the soldiers of the Spire would commit horrendous things on a spy without any hesitation or remorse. Getting caught was not an option! - Who is that?! - raised the little bit edgy courier from his seat, because he spotted a shape of some humanoid on the shore. Couldn't make it out in the darkness but it held a spear, that was unmistakable. The boat hit land, with a slight impact, but Lothar didn't lose his footing, he stood solid in his black apparel, one hand behind his back, with a dagger in it, hid by his cloak. It was a cloak and dagger mission after all... - No need to worry my fffriend! He isss just a commuter offf mine! I will take him to the mahrrrket in Ssskavenport. Trades fruitsss of the ssswamps for thingsss hisss people needsss - answered the sketchy reptile chap from the front of the boat, as he finished up the docking procedures. - What are you talking about, scales?! You told me, you will guide me to Ashibikaashi! - the warrior of Shadowmere lifted his voice a bit. His shemagh covered some of his shock, and anger. - Relaxsss! I got you! I do not have a death wisssh to meet that ssspinner! By accsssident you arrive in feeding time, and you are finissshed... But! But! I know a perssson, he resssidesss clossse! Jussst get off the boat, and head eassst for a while! You will sssee a sssmall ssshelter! Sssearch for the light of the fireplace inssside! - Who lives there?! Speak, or i will cut out your forked tongue! - Captain von Vonnegut stepped closer to the slithering serpent to intimidate it a bit with his robust stature. - There'sss no need to get physssical! Pleassse!!! - Gutkeled the Tangled lives there, stranger! A feared, and rather mysterious person in these lands! I reckon he is some kind of elf maybe, with skin yellowish- greenish... His place is a short hike from here, but be wary! The night swamp is full of violence! Always be on your guard! - intervened the next passenger. Lothar slowly turned his head, took his eyes off of the snake, and looked at it- who still stood on the shore, with a sack in his hand, the spear in the other. It had some kind of back pack. The creature resembled a spider. - Gutkeled can get you safely to my Queen! - added the being, who had brown skin, beady yellowish eyes, two big white fangs, and wore some kind of grass, bones, and web as clothing. - And will he?! Out of the kindness of his heart, am i right? - leapt Vonnegut ashore, and he was skeptical at this point. Wasn't fancy of lies, deceivers, and changes of plans, and deals. Around him, the swamp was alive and well. Olive green sour snaketail grew everywhere. Between those some sprouts of lavender rush lived, and a magenta mangrove bush bloomed. Under them ebony vipers bed for the night. Couldn't sleep much, since a quag toad performed a concert for some hours now. - Have no idea. Would never approach The Tangled! I am just an insignificant fruitmonger for my kind. But you had the guts to come to these lands. Why stop now?! You don't look like a human, who backs down easily - replied the merchant. - Let'sss gooo! We mussst go! The tide is coming sssoon! - whissspered the ferryman anxiously. - I hope you two speak the truth! For your sake, and mine! - stepped Lothar aside to give way towards the boat. - Good luck to you! - said the spider guy, as he passed. - Keep your bootsss dry hoooman! - waved the cold blooded, as the boat slowly disappeared in the murk, behind a giant maroon cypress. Captain Vonnegut could clearly hear the high- pitched sound of the flying mourner mice, as they were eating a midnight snack of tasty bayana fruit. Above them a grey corbie had a nap. It wasn't aware, that a swamp spook lurked close, looking for its prey! Even the sentinel of the swamp, the brown cloaked glider raptor on the top of the cypress didn't detect its presence yet! The all alone man looked up, and spotted some kind of giant coccoon, hanging on one of the lower branches. He was fortunate, he didn't know, there was a giant spider's dinner in it. Only a few days old. A hapless avalonian adventurer. Probably his party couldn't made it much further neither... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The pictures: IMG_20170203_112758_3 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170203_113740 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170203_113646 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170203_113626 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170203_113153 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170203_113317 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170203_113246 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170203_113435 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr [More pictures in the spoiler section. / Pictures of the characters in the second one.] Thanks for watching! The moc's album on Flickr.
  23. Challenge V, Category A, Alliance Side : A Courier in the air In the Enchanted Forest of Avalonia, the activity of the Drow Army increased those past months and Falahuas suffered more than ever the multiple raids they launched through all the Principality. Ther where no safe roads now and that was difficult to send a horse courier by those difficult times. The little group of The Spire minions this ambush team was composed knew perfectly those facts. They where scattered along the northern road of Falahuas waiting to intercept the courier their spies had announced. The road was recently re-claimed by This stupid Elf Princess called Walaehria but she never knew the Drow were still there and would claim soon the entire Principality for them ! How stupid she was ! Thought Arsthalas, the leader of the Drow troups. Even with the re-building of outposts and with the help of other Avalonian Counties like Drondil did, the Principality would never find peace and safety as long as him and his guys could pillage at will ! He had prepared every part of the ambush. He was ready ! His Drow troups had to be a bit scatered along the road from the both sides and be dissimulated within the lush forest that covers all this part of the hilly north of Falahuas. Then, when a rider would show, they would jumped out of their hidings in order to prevent him to turn back. The front group would slay down the horse and capture the rider in order to keep him alive and then torture him to obtain the crucial informations he had to deliver. Yes ! Arsthalas plan was perfect ! Well... It was... Until he discovered with fear the rider wasn't by horse ! He was a Griffon rider ! He hadn't the time to raise his weapon that the sharp spear point of the elf rider cut him in half while the fearsome half eagle/half lion beast used its dreadful claws to tear apart his best men ! In no time there were no Drow left alive along the road. Ethaihlin, the elf rider the Princess chose for that mission, was not a stupid courier, and he had guessed well ! The Drow knew his mission was to deliver a crucial information from the Capital ! They clearly had spies everywhere now. The Spire was stronger than ever ! But hopefully he trusted his mount and his bravery to discourage any attempt to stop him ! His message was cristal clear : "The Heir of Cedrica's Throne is back and all the people of the Alliance side should rise the arms and side with him to stop Ravaage ! The Black Spire can be defeated !" Falahuas will answer to the King's Heir call ! Hope you'll like my entry for this Challenge. Any comment or criticism is welcome. And I hope the tail of the Griffon is considered as a reasonable overhanging. If, not, tell me and I will rework my composition to make it fit in the 16*16 base. And here is a bonus picture of the Griffon rider alone :
  24. The battle had gone terribly. The Drow had ambushed them and caught them unaware. They sliced through us like a hot knife through butter. Though they had smaller numbers the Drow fought savagely. Finally, after the first initial massacre, we at last gained a foot hold. Filled with a lust for revenge, the tides turned and we overwhelmed them. We had won. Although it was not with out loss. 2 out of 5 men had perished that day and many wives made widows and children fatherless. I felt anger rise within me. He would cleanse this entire island of drow before this the coming of summer and... "M'lord?" He was interrupted by a messenger, a scruffy looking fellow holding a small letter. "yes?" I asked him. " y-y-you are Lord Maestro?" He obviously did not recognize me with out my usual beard, which I had shaved off as a sign of mourning. "I believe so, you have a message?" "M'lord, the true heir to historica has returned, m'lord and he is calling all faithful to his banner. I know you may not believe me m'lord but its true, the sent me too y-" "Enough" I cut off his babbling and turned to a passing guard "Tell my commanders to meet me in my pavilion immediately". Cleansing Eolas can wait, It was time to join the king, and fight the real enemy. Not at all really satisfied with this build. The rock work is meh, the layering is meh, and the fig posing is meh :/ The story is also meh as I kinda got carried away :P Oh well, what I lack now I will (try) make up for in my next big build. Hope you enjoy :) Also, yes I did see that arrow that fell out The previous build in the saga: A heroes farewell The Next build in the saga: A chilly welcome
  25. Hello! Would like to present my second MOC after my dark ages. (Sorry, i build like a 12 year old, twenty years ago.) (You can check out my first MOC here!) I joined Nocturnus a few days ago, so i decided to (try) build something not too big, because i don't have that much bricks, and it is easier to start small i think. So i had a little scene in mind, then it slowly changed and transformed into this final form. I made an order on BL, and built it. Sorry, i do not own a professional camera, so i just used my phone. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Saga of Gutkeled the Tangled I. Swamp Rescue: As dusk settled over the dangerous lands of Nocturnus, Gutkeled the Tangled was gingerly heading East, passing through one of the deadly, and smelly swamps to stay hidden from the happenings of the civil war going on his beloved homeland. He was just getting across a dodgy bridge, when he heard the murky water splashing, and a woman's screech as well! First he thought it is just a crow with its raucous voice complaining about something, somewhere in the dense vegetation... Wasn't good for his ears, i tell you that. Anyway, it was really a woman. Or something like that. His mama Leofflæd taught him well, to be a good and honorable man, and to be helpful, especially to ladies, so he decided to lend a hand to the stranger. Even if she seemed like a vampire, or should i say swampire. - Good evening Ma'am! Don't you worry, i will pull you out in no time! - shouted Gutkeled, whilst he cut down a long, strong vine with his sword from a nearby tree. No answer came, just panic, screams, and the swamp's greenish water stirred up even more. The young wanderer cautiously stepped on the edge of the bridge, and held the vine in front of the woman. - Grab it, and don't let go! - said Gutkeled in haste. He wanted this to be over as quick as possible, because above them on top of the tree, in its crown, two swamp spooks nested. Some people and other life forms called them bog bogeys, and those creatures didn't like anyone near their home! Especially noisy ones. Usually the female laid a crystal thingy on top of a tree, while the male caught and killed some lesser creatures, and took their souls to trap it in the crystal. A few nights later the next generation of swamp spooks were born from it. They were always born during, or after full moon, because the crystal needed to catch the moon's rays to transform the souls into those nasty little spirits. Although they were only preying on smaller beings, they could mess up Gutkeled with an attack, if they wanted to. They literally just fly through someone's body, or head, causing headaches, nausea, dizziness for long hours, or in some cases, days. - Almost have you! - Gutkeled managed to pull the woman closer to the bridge, then lay on his stomach, and reached down with his hand to grab her. Soon both of them were sitting on the bridge. Safe and sound. - Are you all right, Ma'am? - asked the man, looking at the soaked and wet, and needless to say malodorous bloodsucker. - Handsome, ye call me ma'am one more time, an' ah wull have ye for dinner! - voiced the exhausted woman, as she observed her savior. - Be careful, vampy! Your sharp tongue might cut your throat one day... - stood up Gutkeled, and put his left hand on his swords hilt. The woman immediately get on her feet too. - Please, before we get carried away, let me introduce maself! Cailleach Bheur, at yer service! Ye assistance is much appreciated! - the change of her tone was comforting. - You are welcome, Cally! I am Gutkeled. Nice to meet you, i hope! What were you doing out here in the middle of nowhere alone? If you don't mind me asking! - Ah've heard some avalonian adventurers roaming these swamps. They are usually delicious. I almost had them, but lost ma footing on this cursed piece of poor woodwork. Dinna have to tell ye, i am not fond of watter and stuff. - I assure you, i taste nothing like avalonians, that's for sure. But i have some dried meat and even some red wine, if you are still hungry. - lied Gutkeled, as he was half avalonian (- half amazing) after his mother. - No need to worry darlin'! I won't bite, for now. But ah take the meat and wine! Let's find a good place, an' get a fire gaun! Have to dry ma dress! - grinned Cailleach mischievously. - Agreed! - nodded the young man, and shortly they disappeared into the night. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First, some pictures without the characters.: IMG_20161224_120422 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20161224_120545 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr With minifigs.: IMG_20161224_134750 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr A slightly different version. : IMG_20161224_135129 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr More pictures in my Flickr album.