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Found 4 results

  1. Transmitted from Tatooine to Nar Eurbrikka I finally found the traitor Mooris Pel on the outskirts of Mos Espa. Seems he had a lot of credits lying around when he deserted from the Empire, as he offered me a considerable to leave him alone. The Empire pays better though, so I drug him outside and executed him. I will take the head to the Empire as proof of a job well done. I just hope his droid didn't report me to the local authorities. - "Cael the Butcher"
  2. We managed to find the wanted Rodian at Mos Eisley, thinking he was just another smuggler trying to hide out on Tatooine. But it turns out he wasn't your everyday space scum. No, this Rodian was caught stealing imperial codes, no doubt to sell them to Rebels. As soon as we called him over he ran and made us chase him down to the flea markets on the outskirts. He was fast and he even tried to use the crowds as cover, probably thinking that we wouldn't shoot, but catching him was more important. Get out of the way! Blasted! He's gonna get away. Aim for his legs. We only need him alive. He tried to hide through the crowd but as soon as blaster shots were fired, a wide path opened leading us straight to him. All it took was a few shots and just like that the Rodian fell to the ground, dropping his blaster and the Imperial codes. Don't move Rebel scum! Call in HQ, tell them to get the interrogation droid ready. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey guys, back with the final part of my Tatooine intro arc. I tried to make the most of my tan pieces on this build, especially for the cliff side and I also finally got to use those ewok glider cloth pieces I'm so fond of. All in all, I'm pretty happy with this build. So tell me what you guys think and thanks for viewing. Please judge this build.
  3. L-space

    [MOC] Mos Eisley Droidshop

    My second holiday MOC has been photographed. The Mos Eisley Droidshop.Get your secondhand droids and parts at a bargain price in the Droidshop. Lifetime guarantee as long as you don't come back. Inspired by the game Star Wars Commander and the sticker of a laserpen. MOS_Droidshop-01 by L-space, on Flickr MOS_Droidshop-04 by L-space, on Flickr MOS_Droidshop-11 by L-space, on Flickr more on flickr and brickshelf Other MOC for the Mos Eisley Cantina project: Outhouse Imperial Communication Post Taxi-speeder
  4. A Plastic Infinity

    Star Flower

    Cliché Rodian bounty hunter Ronnagond Jarra doesn't always like her starfighters flowery and pastel-colored, but when she does, they have big guns. This is the first of three ships I made for the 14x14x6 Starfighter Contest. The contest's basic premise, for those too lazy to follow the link, is to build a minifig-scale starfighter that is capable of fitting within a box with a volume of precisely 14x14x6 studs (not bricks high, studs high). I chose to engineer folding spacecraft rather than super small ones (chibi scale) that would just fit right in. Observe: Fully capable of fitting into my fancy box, without the stand, of course. I actually had to redesign this one after I thought I had finished because the big gun was originally placed horizontally (that is, with the two-stud-long side flush with the ship's belly) with a technic pin so it could just swivel 180 degrees out from the bottom when in compact mode, effectively doubling the ship's length. However, I overlooked that this nonnegotiable detail boosted the height just over 6 studs (darned tall cockpits) and I was unwilling to reconfigure the cockpit, as you may have noticed that it flows nicely into the medium azure angled slope piece behind it. I eventually came up with the droid arm-and-T-piece solution, which allows it to sit in the box at a steep enough angle to keep the cockpit just at the height limit. The new gun solution doubles the ship's length as before but also increases its height by approximately 30% all while making it...wait for it...20% cooler. Obligatory detail shots: Left side. Head-on view of the front. You know the gun is big enough when it evades your camera's focus! The right side. The backside, showing the propulsion output array. There's a hyperdrive in there somewhere... I don't build much Star Wars stuff and in all honesty the only reason this is here, rather than in the Sci-fi forum, is because the pilot is a Rodian, but hey... It kind of looks like a letter, right? Oh, doesn't... not really... ...and I just realized that if Ronnagond is a bounty hunter, how in the name of ponies is she going to stuff any bounties she captures into this tiny thing...? Oh well, I tried. More on Flickr and I hope you enjoyed!