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  1. L-space

    [MOC] Organ music of the battle

    Beautiful work. All the work after the build really pays off.
  2. An updated version of the Small God's Cemetery just in time for the 25th of May, a special day to most Terry Pratchett/ Discworld fans around the globe. Each year on the 25th of may a small commemoration takes place at the Small God's Cemetery honoring the casualties of the Glorious Revolution wearing lilac and occasionaly a hard-boiled egg. Commander Vimes, Sgt Colon, Cpl Nobby Nobbs and C.M.O.T. Dibbler stand in front of the entrance. Reg Shoe just wakes up from his yearly nap in his grave and at the back we find Lord Vetinari not admitting to anything let alone sentiment. "Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Prices Love, and a Hard-Boiled Egg" Small Gods Cemetery 01 by L-space, on Flickr Small Gods Cemetery 06 by L-space, on Flickr Small Gods Cemetery 07 by L-space, on Flickr more in the flickr album
  3. Great little builds. Love the hay cart.
  4. In my City Wall project I have missed some stuff showing here. not to faal too far behind I give you the City Wall - Dimensions section. In a fantasy era wonderous gates to new realms are reality. You just might find yourself somewhere in Ankh-Morpork. This is just a simple module but was a lot of fun designing and building. CW_Dimensions-01 by L-space, on Flickr CW_Dimensions-04 by L-space, on Flickr CW_Dimensions-08 by L-space, on Flickr a few more pictures in the flickr album
  5. L-space

    [MOC] Brainiac's Ship

    Every super villain needs a spaceship! Built from the cartoon: Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League - Cosmic Clash (imdb) Brainiac-s Ship_01 by L-space, on Flickr more on flickr
  6. L-space

    City Gate

    After having build the Lekpoort (Gate to the river Lek) for an exibition in Vianen (NLD) I took apart the landscape but deciided to keep the gate building itself. I liked it a lot and thought it would work well in a new modular project. It is now part of the old citywall of Ankh-Morpork. To preserve its heritage I kept the twon flag. Also the small top tower has been added to keep up with the current looks of the building. the wall is expendable according to the MILS standards. i created my own standard for the wall to make it easier to connect other modules and keep them in line. LPV_AM-City Gate-01 by L-space, on Flickr LPV_AM-City Gate-05 by L-space, on Flickr LPV_AM-City Gate-06 by L-space, on Flickr more on flickr
  7. L-space


    On the Discworld news travels faster then light over the Clackstowers: Clackstower-01 by L-space, on Flickr Clackstower-05 by L-space, on Flickr Clackstower-06 by L-space, on Flickr "GNU Terry Pratchett END" Manned by Goblins and made great again by the notorious Moist von Lipwig: 08-Moist von Lipwig by L-space, on Flickr album Clackstower album Discworld Characters
  8. Thank you very very much. You saved his vacation. The file worked before breakfest but failed the second time. Luckily I had him save it to my computer too and that still works. He's breaking it up in several creations now to keep it managable.
  9. Thanks for the try, We'll give it a go tomorrow.
  10. Hi guys, my son has been working for a week in LDD on his MOC and suddenly the file won't open "parsing error". I have tried this: But it doesn't do the job for us. Can somebody please lend a hand, thanks. file; http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/L-space/ldd/60130gevangeniseiland.lxf
  11. L-space

    Index: Discworld MOC's and Characters

    Finally got up to adding these wonderfull creations by @Pate-keetongu Carrot Ironfoundersson by @Pate-keetongu Corporal Nobbs and Sergeant Colon by @Pate-keetongu Lu Tze by @Pate-keetongu Lecturer of Recent Runes by @Pate-keetongu The Bursar by @Pate-keetongu
  12. L-space

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    TIF_Ice Queen-01 by L-space, on Flickr Tiffany and the Ice Queen, the coming of the Ice Queen bringing winter and the Nac Mac Feegles join Tiffany in herding the sheep. Of course attempting to run of with at least one.
  13. For an exposition in the Vianen City Museum I build the Chapel of Helsdingen in the early days, sometime before 1756 at least. Shortly after completion of the chapel it was used as a farmhouse for the nearby monestary. Helsdingen-01 by L-space, on Flickr Helsdingen-04 by L-space, on Flickr Helsdingen-07 by L-space, on Flickr Helsdingen-09 by L-space, on Flickr more on flickr
  14. L-space

    [MOC] Mos Eisley Cantina

    Thanks, it is a custom.