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  1. Microdragons

    [BH - Rodian] Death of a Traitor

    Can a bounty hunter join the Empire without becoming a storm trooper or tie pilot? I thought imperial characters had to have an imperial rank.
  2. Transmitted from Tatooine to Nar Eurbrikka I finally found the traitor Mooris Pel on the outskirts of Mos Espa. Seems he had a lot of credits lying around when he deserted from the Empire, as he offered me a considerable to leave him alone. The Empire pays better though, so I drug him outside and executed him. I will take the head to the Empire as proof of a job well done. I just hope his droid didn't report me to the local authorities. - "Cael the Butcher"
  3. Microdragons

    (MOC) Toa Nuva Groosi

    I asure I built this out of respect for the Toa Nuva, and to everyone else I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. Yes that is a trans dark green hand, and it is from probably the worst off-shoot brand ever." Invincibility Robots" I'll make review of it later.
  4. Microdragons

    (MOC) Toa Nuva Groosi

    Deep in the tunnels of Mata Nui is Gro Wahi, the domain of the 8th Toa, Toa Nuvi Groosi, Toa of Trash. He wears the Kinko, the mask of finding. He does not show up in the comics because he is to putrid to be near. DSC_3050 by microdrake, on Flickr Static pose DSC_3048 by microdrake, on Flickr Action pose
  5. Microdragons

    Bionicle Comics

  6. Microdragons

    Bionicle Comics

    Does anyone miss the old Bionicle comics? If so, do you think it would break copyright laws to make an archive of them? Also if the new ones are any good we could include them. (@VBBN: Could you make a poll with three options? Yes, no, and "I could live without them.")
  7. Ok, thank you.
  8. https://sites.google.com/site/impiaaa/blenderldrawimporter Which version of python do I use?
  9. Which version of python do I use?
  10. Photorealistic rendering using a file already created with LDD. Also, how do you make a lxf, ldr into something Blender can use.
  11. What do I use for rendering LDD files on a Mac? Preferably not LDraw.
  12. Here is mine. The house I am hoping to get. Carnstreetlegohouse by Ian Lowenthal, on Flickr
  13. How do I render an LDD on a Mac?
  14. Microdragons

    [MOC] My first Space fighter MOC

    Yeah, mine was down right impossible to look at.