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Found 5 results

  1. *This entry has earned 6 XP* War on bastion! The outer rim sieges have begun, and the imperial remnants are besieged on all fronts. On bastion, a new republic strike squad is accompanied by mandalorian allies from clan Eldar. The mission, to extract prisoners safely. Lead by Commander June Tytho, Orion squad are amongst the bravest the new republic has to offer. Willing to put their lives on the line to go behind enemy lines and save those in need. Accompanying Orion squad are the mandalorians of clan Eldar, Torr Von and 2 of his closest clan siblings. Identified by the yellow markings on his helmet, Torr Von seeks to go on the offensive when it comes to the imperial remnants. Wishing them to be but a distant memory, wiped out from the galaxy for the crimes they committed against his people. For Torr this mission is less about saving innocence, and more about seeking vengeance that can never be sated. As imperial forces back the new republic and their allies into a corner however, the allies are forced to retreat into the sewers. Hoping to find salvation in the depths of the imperial architecture and successfully extract the POWs...
  2. *This entry has earned 16 XP and a Tarisian Space Station* A red laser just barely missed the right wing. Further ahead, the much larger Kom'rk shuttle drifted sluggishly between asteroids as the pair of ships fled the station. Behind, a nimble, winged ship pursued, firing angry, red lasers into the asteroids around them. 'We need to get this information to the Alliance,' Naruun said matter-of-factly. 'We also need to make that rendezvous on Bastion.' 'Keep going,' Hayk said plainly. 'I'll keep this guy occupied, and I'll meet up with you at Bastion. I'll jump into one of our secret hyperlanes as soon as you are clear.' As soon as the ships emerged from the ring around Lah'mu, the Kom'rk launched forwards, entering hyperspace. Hayk began entering calculations into his navigation system, whilst trying to evade the ship which vaguely resembled a Tie fighter, as he tried to plot a faster route away from Lah'mu. The first route that would connect took him in a direction towards Taris. Hayk decided he would head that way to lose his pursuer, then circle around and retrace his steps. ******************************************************************************* The pilot of the TIE craft swooped around the last asteroid as he came out of Lah'mu's ring. Though he didn't yet have a lock on his prey, he fired a few shots at the agile, three-winged V-19 in front of him. Just as he was gaining a lock on his target, a small blip on his console flickered and beeped, indicating that the ship was about to jump to hyperspace. It was now that he noticed a crude hyperdrive strapped onto the starfighter. The pilot pressed a button, and his craft extrapolated the jump coordinates from the other ship. Taris? Why was this ship going to Taris when the other had left towards Bastion? It also occurred to the pilot that both ships were jumping to hyperspace very close to Lah'mu, which was far from any known hyper-routes. The pilot double-checked his computer's hyperspace trajectories, and, when the other fighter blinked away at a ludicrous speed, the pilot activated the hyperdrive on his own ship. N.B. Posting on behalf of @Wombat544
  3. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE Ep. IX] A Quick Transaction

    The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Warning: Pic Heavy! Welcome to Jon’s Spaceport! Home of the original Spacewaffle! (In atmosphere) Air Space Patrol: State your business. Sarge: Look, I'm sure your busy, we need a quick landing to deliver a some medical supplies. Air Space Patrol: What kind of supplies? Sarge: Look, my friend is 'hurt' and he needs some help. Air Space Patrol: Alright, but before you land I have some more questions. Sarge: Look, I don't feel like answering anymore questions. But we will be landing at Jon's spaceport, send the local police if your so worried! And bill the Empire to make up for it! Ugh. Air Space Patrol: Will Do. Sarge:Your Funeral Air Space Patrol: What did you say? I can have you shot down! Sarge: Nothing. Just shut up please and let me land. Sarge: Let’s get this over with! Flying literally half a Gozanti is slow! The 3 disguised Imperial medical officers walked over to a guard to show their landing permit to before completing a quick transaction... Sarge: Alright, alright, here’s our landing permit! And a couple credits to buy us some time…Or else…. The guard took a quick glance at it, scanned it, and let them on their way. As the three medical officers approached their client, an Imperial Officer stopped them. IAA Female Officer: Good, you boys are here. Dajyra the Hutt upset…your behind schedule. By FOUR hours! Boris: We had t- IAA Female Officer: I don’t wanna hear it! Move along now! Sarge: Understood Sir. The officer was clearly upset, so they quickly walked over to the Hutt. Beltar and Boris where startled at what they saw as a guard approached them... Nemoidian Guard: Halt! State your business before approaching the illustrious Dajyra the Hutt! Sarge: We are here for your Master’s… “Medical Supplies” according to my transaction papers. Beltar and Boris where almost speechless at the age of the Hutt...Almost... Beltar: By the Emperor…They raise ‘em real, real young… Dajyra: Silence before I have your head! Give me the transaction paper. Leave the crate. And be done with it! Sarge: Excuse my friend… Here you go your highness…We will be leaving now before the local police arrive…. The transaction was very quick and painless but they had to move fast before someone noticed the obvious Black Sun Transport... Sarge: See Beltar, that over there is top notch bargaining practice. But, scum are scum, so not here. Alright boys, let’s go now…oh come on! BORIS! COME ON! Beltar: Ha, gotta try some of those things you told me about on this planet someday.. BORIS! Boris: Uh, Coming! Sarge thought they where in the clear, but then the officer started to approach again. Hopefully she wouldn't blow their cover... IAA Female Officer: I will file this report ASAP, the Emperor wishes to know. We will leave through a different port to leave little trace. Drop the Black Sun Transport off at Mustufar, and take a shuttle to Coruscant. Sarge: Understood. Let's move out! Beltar, remove the crate ASAP! Beltar: Right. Boris: Fun stuff... Beltar unhooked the crate and Boris ignited the engines and they where off to Mustufar for their next mission on Coruscant... The Hutt began to approach his item... Dajyra: Mwahahaha! Those fools! IAA Female Officer: Alright, let’s get off this planet quick. I never want to come back here again. IAA Male Officer: This planet sucks. Jon: Spacewaffle? Both IAA Officers facepalmed. ===================================================================================== Side Stories Within the Build/Details Extra Pics Below! Stop by for our original spacewaffles anytime! ===================================================================================== So many images so little time…. I added lots of little details so I hope you looked through all of the pics one of my favorite details I added was the partial black sun logo on the top of the ship, as seen in one of the SW:TCW episodes on a Gozanti cruiser. Also, since I used natural lighting, there are some pics where light reflected of the lens so it looks a little weird. Hope you liked this build and story! C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  4. Karin: Commander, the Rodians from the Black Sun are meeting a Bith representative in front of the night club in sector I13. I'll see what more information I can get. Over and out ...
  5. Aland1916

    [SoNE Ep. IX] Espionage

    My first mission - to find Boba Fett - wasn't successful, but my second one, on Maridun, was. So, I was given another assigment and if I do it properly, I'll be promoted - in Alliance Intelligence. Me and three other soldiers are searching through the plans. There's a hidden base of Black Sun here, on Coruscant, and it's leadership has had some problems lately. We have to find the base and see what the leaders are planning ... Without figs: My second try with SNOT, maybe it's a bit to clean but a room of this size needs nothing more in my opinion. Hope you like my modest contribution. ---- Thank you for help, Beaver, but I'm not really sure what to do? I did same as always ...