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  1. *This entry has earned 6 XP* War on bastion! The outer rim sieges have begun, and the imperial remnants are besieged on all fronts. On bastion, a new republic strike squad is accompanied by mandalorian allies from clan Eldar. The mission, to extract prisoners safely. Lead by Commander June Tytho, Orion squad are amongst the bravest the new republic has to offer. Willing to put their lives on the line to go behind enemy lines and save those in need. Accompanying Orion squad are the mandalorians of clan Eldar, Torr Von and 2 of his closest clan siblings. Identified by the yellow markings on his helmet, Torr Von seeks to go on the offensive when it comes to the imperial remnants. Wishing them to be but a distant memory, wiped out from the galaxy for the crimes they committed against his people. For Torr this mission is less about saving innocence, and more about seeking vengeance that can never be sated. As imperial forces back the new republic and their allies into a corner however, the allies are forced to retreat into the sewers. Hoping to find salvation in the depths of the imperial architecture and successfully extract the POWs...