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Found 16 results

  1. *This entry has earned 6 XP* War on bastion! The outer rim sieges have begun, and the imperial remnants are besieged on all fronts. On bastion, a new republic strike squad is accompanied by mandalorian allies from clan Eldar. The mission, to extract prisoners safely. Lead by Commander June Tytho, Orion squad are amongst the bravest the new republic has to offer. Willing to put their lives on the line to go behind enemy lines and save those in need. Accompanying Orion squad are the mandalorians of clan Eldar, Torr Von and 2 of his closest clan siblings. Identified by the yellow markings on his helmet, Torr Von seeks to go on the offensive when it comes to the imperial remnants. Wishing them to be but a distant memory, wiped out from the galaxy for the crimes they committed against his people. For Torr this mission is less about saving innocence, and more about seeking vengeance that can never be sated. As imperial forces back the new republic and their allies into a corner however, the allies are forced to retreat into the sewers. Hoping to find salvation in the depths of the imperial architecture and successfully extract the POWs...
  2. *This entry has earned 13 XP (including a 5xp bonus)* A pair of ships made their approach to Lah'mu. Traversing over the ring around the planet, the two ships flew on a synchronized vector, when the pilot of a smaller V-19 saw a glint of silver flash in the corner of his eye. 'Look... what's that?' Hayk spoke into his headset. He heard a slight static, followed by the familiar, stoic voice of Naruun, his Mandalorian mentor. 'It appears to be a space station... probably left here when colonists first settled on Lah'mu.' 'Should we check it out?', Hayk inquired. 'We have some allies searching the ground, but what if the Triumvirate found this station? It is fairly well hidden in the ring of the planet, and at this rate, we are pretty much turning over any stone we can, right?' 'We should have a look... once we are aboard, we should get "R-Thur" to a terminal. He might be able to find out something we can't.' 'Aight, Vod. Meet you inside.' As the two ships changed course, and the small silver speck began to grow, an old, seemingly forgotten space station took form. From the outside, the station appeared to have fallen into disrepair a couple decades ago. On the hull, faded letters read: HOMESTEAD STATION The inside was only in slightly better shape. Hayk, Naruun, and the astromech, R-Thur, moved like ghosts through the corridors of the station, until they rounded a corner and spotted a narrow, black terminal with an interface socket. The hallway ahead of them was lit, and a dim shadow danced across the floor, stopping the trio dead in their tracks. Hayk cautiously moved forwards to the next corner, and slowly peeked around, finding an imperial trooper fixing a speeder, blissfully unaware of their presence. He leaned back, and signalled his findings to the others. Naruun signaled back to him that R-Thur had found something. Posted on behalf of @Wombat544
  3. *This entry has earned 16 XP and a Tarisian Space Station* A red laser just barely missed the right wing. Further ahead, the much larger Kom'rk shuttle drifted sluggishly between asteroids as the pair of ships fled the station. Behind, a nimble, winged ship pursued, firing angry, red lasers into the asteroids around them. 'We need to get this information to the Alliance,' Naruun said matter-of-factly. 'We also need to make that rendezvous on Bastion.' 'Keep going,' Hayk said plainly. 'I'll keep this guy occupied, and I'll meet up with you at Bastion. I'll jump into one of our secret hyperlanes as soon as you are clear.' As soon as the ships emerged from the ring around Lah'mu, the Kom'rk launched forwards, entering hyperspace. Hayk began entering calculations into his navigation system, whilst trying to evade the ship which vaguely resembled a Tie fighter, as he tried to plot a faster route away from Lah'mu. The first route that would connect took him in a direction towards Taris. Hayk decided he would head that way to lose his pursuer, then circle around and retrace his steps. ******************************************************************************* The pilot of the TIE craft swooped around the last asteroid as he came out of Lah'mu's ring. Though he didn't yet have a lock on his prey, he fired a few shots at the agile, three-winged V-19 in front of him. Just as he was gaining a lock on his target, a small blip on his console flickered and beeped, indicating that the ship was about to jump to hyperspace. It was now that he noticed a crude hyperdrive strapped onto the starfighter. The pilot pressed a button, and his craft extrapolated the jump coordinates from the other ship. Taris? Why was this ship going to Taris when the other had left towards Bastion? It also occurred to the pilot that both ships were jumping to hyperspace very close to Lah'mu, which was far from any known hyper-routes. The pilot double-checked his computer's hyperspace trajectories, and, when the other fighter blinked away at a ludicrous speed, the pilot activated the hyperdrive on his own ship. N.B. Posting on behalf of @Wombat544
  4. *Your entry has earned 8 XP* Kessel, the name said it all. If ever there was a planet known for its ill repute it was here. Spice. Slavery. Corruption. Kessel was synonymous with these. During the Imperial incursion of Mandalore, many were taken and offloaded as workers to the mines here. It was time to investigate and free the captives. Additionally, rumours abound of stolen treasures being amassed on Kessel. Amongst this, we’d uncovered reports of ancient Jedi and Mandalorian artefacts such as Holocron’s and Beskar, stolen and hoarded long ago. But this mission required detailed planning and a small team was tasked by the Duchess herself to extend our protectorate further, we’d been oppressed as a people and a culture before and so we would help others where we can. In the capital, Sundari, preparations are well under way as we join the team in preparation for their journey on to Kessel. A mix of disciplines, the select team covered all bases - Trackers and scouts, heavy hitters, pilots, mechanics, informants and droids. We’d only be heading there once and we’d get the job done first time. Without fanfare, an open hangar is where we find a chaos of activity, in readiness for the shuttle to take them to Kessel...
  5. *Your entry has earned 8 XP* I'd made my way to Trandosha, following an investigation that our supply lines were becoming targets. Whilst investigating I heard footsteps and out of the fog, blaster bolts hit the ground around me. Switching to my augmented HUD view, it was easy to find - and deal with - this assailant running into the ruins ahead... It wasn't his brightest idea to pick a fight with a Mandalorian...
  6. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* Following our victory against the remnant forces loyal to Pyerce, Mandalore was finally returned to the Mandalorians and a sense of relief swept the planet.Simultaneously the reports, once covered up by Imperial occupation and their sinister Intelligence service, began to come through of the atrocities the remnant forces had been committing across the galaxy. As Clan Eldar dispatched it’s forces to aid stability across it’s protectorate, we couldn’t ignore the reports from further afield of aggressive occupation, orbital bombardment near destroying species and their history and raiding at an unrivalled level. One such report stood out to me – the disturbed resting places of fallen Mandalorians from wars and battles millennia ago being pillaged for the now rare Beskar armour these comrades from antiquity still bore in their graves. Seeing that new friends were being taken care of I set course for Onderon and its moon Dxun. An odd pair, it was a site of historical significance that I had wanted to visit since before my time exploring the Unchartered Regions. The opposite of Mandalore, the depressive permacrete cities and wastelands there were now replaced by verdant jungles across this planet. I made my way to a landing site and followed the stream leading me out of the basin I had landed within. Following the stream I could hear various animals calling, celebrating the rich land across the moon. Ahead of me a glint in the Sun drew my attention to a rocky outcrop and I headed toward this. As fingers guarding something precious the helm and blade of a fallen Mandalorian laid in this. An odd image, a crypt made of the rib cage of some great beast from long ago. It had long been known of the Mandalorian wars with the Sith Empire and the fate of Mandalore the Indominatable. It seems he wasn’t the only warrior that fell victim to these once great beasts that roamed here. It also seemed that the Rocks were much more than this. Derelict and near reclaimed by the Jungle here I had found the ruins of a great building, but I was not alone. Atop the rocks was a hover sled containing Beskar armour. It was true then, even long dead Mandalorians were not awarded peace. Disabling the sled, I followed the tracks to discover the raiding party and put an end to their crimes. I knew other Mandalorians were now in system, following up on the reports that brought me here, and I signalled ahead - we didn't want any ships escaping with Mandalore's most precious metal...
  7. *Your entry has earned 26 XP* After we'd uncovered Pyerce's plans, Clan Eldar rushed to the proposed meeting point in Sundari - an old Government palace that had been long commandeered by the Imperial occupation. A once grand building devoted to the Rising Phoenix, it's high platforms looked out above the once great city and would glisten in the sunlight. Little remained of the grandeur of this building, little remained of the grandeur of Mandalore. Atop the building, Pyerce's supporters had gathered the raided Mandalorian artefacts and other valuables to add to the Imperials War Chest. It seems our hunt for Pyerce would be swift today! We flew across the city at speed, ahead of us we could see the Imperials preparing crates ready to be shipped off planet. Without any sign of a transport ship it looked like we had arrived before even more history was lost to the remnants of Empire. I gave the order to attack. In unison the Mandalorians around me took to the air and descended on the platform standing high above the streets below, catching Pyerce's forces completely unaware. The Pyerce loyalists fought hard as they tried to flee from us but were quickly overrun Pyerce and his fiercely loyal supporters had escaped before. We hunted them down this night. We left none alive. After Pyerce's forces had been dealt with, we remained on the tower and looked over the city around us. Clan Eldar would ensure Mandalore remained uncoupled from outside control, the citizens had suffered long enough and we'd seen first hand the devastation the Empire had wrought...
  8. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* From the report of Atlas: Torak, after helping him on Kir, has asked i chase a lead for him to Krownest as the Imperils he was chasing separate. Gladly, I follow the information to Krownest which in turn brings me to a bar. In one corner I notice the Imperials are here before me and seem to be ushered to a backroom. As I follow, unnoticed, i'm lead to a basement where two troops are removing their armour to blend in more seemlessly. However, they're using a small rail to flee to some hideout! As their apparent leader moves to the bottom of the stair well I make my attack! Knocking his drink to the floor I hit him with enough force to make sure he won't be getting up anytime whilst using my wristblaster towards the troops running for the tunnel Poodu! One troop got away from me! After checking the two imperial's are going to be causing no further issue, I examine the abandoned troop armour as my comlink begins to shrill "Torak, opportune timing, i've taken care of your imperials though one got away down a rail line - don't worry, i'll get them - i'm on the hunt now. Odd thing, they had some strange yellow fist marking..." "It's as I feared, these were also troops loyal to Pyerce" "But he's-" "Back, Yes. Follow the troop you lost, he may lead you to more Pyerce loyalists - Stop them, at all costs" With that, the call ends and I follow the tracks into the tunnel...
  9. *Your entry has earned 10 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* After the rule of Empire ended, the young began getting brave again. Much as their parents had before them, using the Archipelago's Atolls and reefs as their course markers, the swoops's and speeders roared into service once more, making for the open sea again. The noise reminding the parents and other adults of a happier time and their own time well spent - taken from them as the Empire set their curfews They all set off as inexperienced, novice, riders and return as hardened racers waiting for the next race... Closer looks at the bikes for review, below.
  10. *Your entry has earned 3 XP* After throwing his chips in with Clan Eldar, albeit 'off the books' Korso Kidirr is forewarned of a growing Imperial build up across several fronts where Kidirr's trading company has interests and decides to take a hastily arranged vacation to Azure whilst the dust settles. Landing close to a fishing village, Kidirr strikes up a conversation with a local fisherwoman who agrees to take him to her off shore fishing platform for a few hours. After a couple of hours of great fishing the local woman asks for help bringing the shell fish up from the cast nets, "Not a problem, we'd love to help wouldn't we Ch'i Hima? The waters are so inviting" As the woman turns to grab a harpoon, a quick prod from Kidirr's walking stick sees Ch'i submerged "MY FUR!' Rages Hima "Is he alright, sir?" "Oh yes, he just likes to let you know he's still there is all - Oh Ch'i you might as well pull those cages up now!" "I hear the waters are great for fishing Ch'i Hima! Have a swim Ch'i!" Hima growls as he curses. All of a sudden, Ch'i's protestations come to an abrupt halt "Something just stroked my leg!" howls Ch'i "Oh don't worry, that'll be the tentacled snappers - they don't bite...often" Howling as he swims for the platform "NEXT TIME I CHOOSE THE PLANET KIDIRR!"
  11. n1majneb

    [P8 - Gizer C8] Supply run

    *Your entry has earned 3 XP* As night crawls across the sky I make a quick stop en route to Kashyyk for supplies, the wookiees aren't being treated like royalty under the oppressive remnant rule and fresh supplies will certainly help. An aging smuggler I know, Korso Kidirr, retired to Gizer on the edge of a forest not far from several starports and so I land near to his underground supply bunker - the goods that fall off the back of starships into his possession are varied to put it bluntly and I find i'm not the only one here. I stock the Abiik as much as I can with goods to keep the planetary resistance going and make sure I don't leave without a barrel of the famed Gizer ale, the wookiees aren't the biggest fan of off world goods but I hear they're fond of this. As I load the last of my hard-bartered goods I hear the familiar shuffle of Korso make his way over, "In, out, without stopping to say hello? I'm hurt" remarks Korso, "You're a busy man Kidirr, I didn't -" "And I hear you've been making friends?" "How d'you-" "Please. Clan Eldar have been using chain...for some time now and when I hear someone new using their credit? Well I was suspicious especially when I hear it's the 'solitary' Torak Staans" "Things change" "Be careful, Torak, the galaxies not without it's...dark corners" And with that advice he turns and heads for his underground retreat "Until next time Kidirr" "Yes, my friend - theres always new adventures to be found"
  12. *Your entry has earned 3 XP* And with a final flash of light, the brilliant lights of hyperspace surrender to the dark of the Kashyyk system and, as I look on, Kashyyk stares back at me... I jump in system with still a good distance to navigate to Kashyyk, but flying slow on the sublights - and with a distance still to go ensures the Abiik A’Den remains undetected from any rogue surveillance the Imps may have in orbit keeping the Wookies under oppressive control and their liberators out. Thats why i'm here, in my travels wandering the Unknown Regions i've seen too much slavery and oppression, I can't simply standby anymore so the plan is to slip in, establish an intelligence base with the resistance and get the Empire out... Coming in slow allows me to check my gear, Blaster: Fully Charged, Pack: Fully Stocked and harnessed up - I'm going to be on foot from here on out and I know what lurks in the depths of the world forest... In what seems like no time, and yet an eternity flying slow I avoid detection and Kashyyk fills my cockpit. The time has given me plenty of time to study the geography of the planet and locate an L.Z. from those my resistance contact gave me that’ll get me close enough to the resistance cell and yet get me close to the garrison to gather intelligence and I think i’ve found an ideal site... Descending through the atmosphere I get my first view of the world forest planet, the peaceful forest hides the pain the Wookies have endured for too long Now, low enough to scan the land and under the tree canopy I mark my landing zone and then do another fly pass to see the scar of the imperial landscape cutting through the sea of green that suggests i've found my target, The Empire is still here as we thought! I see two scout craft heading out on patrol so make my way, unnoticed, to my landing site. Bucket on, I secure the A’den and exit. This Mandalorian has a mission… I Used this little build for the background from the ship and as the on planet wilderness:
  13. *Your entry has earned 3 XP* The Broker had told Olen of an imperial dug-out on Azure; he had once paid good money to stay in the graces of the Empire, but now they had fallen it was time to reclaim that investment. The squadron of troopers were holed up underground like rats hoarding what remained of an imperial bunker. Inside, Olen found the cache: weapons, munitions, rations and credits. The money was nothing compared to the Broker's wealth, but to Olen it was impressive. And on the back shelf, perhaps the greatest prize of all - two camtonos of imperial Beskar.
  14. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* Olen was searching the plains of Azure for an old imperial bunker. Supposedly, since news had reached them of the defeat at Jakku, a small squadron of storm troopers had holed up underground with supplies and credits Olen's employer dearly wanted. So far the imps had eluded him. Luckily for him, his new bike wasn't quiet. It drew the attention of the imps who made the mistake of thinking they had a chance...
  15. *Your entry has earned 3 XP* After Leaving his home planet due to previously unforseen complications, Dodge E Goodsman was back on his own looking for a way to get away from all of his previous and past mishaps. This was when he stumbled upon two peculiar looking fellers, as any good salesman would do he obviously leaped at the chance to try make a bit of fast and quick cash. Unbenownst to Dodge these two people were both Mandalorians, so they were not really the most talkative of people when it came to his antics. Of course being the person he is and never letting anyone tell him when to stop he of course proceeded to try to sell them a radar dish in the desert. "I'm telling you guys! your missing out on all the best show's on the intergalactic cable! Real housewives of Naboo is a hoot this season!" Exclaimed Dodge to no response. "Ah, you two are more of the documentry type I can tell by your decerning fashion and very mild mannered apperances! Well have I got a treat for you with HoloFlix which is installed on every Holobox across the galaxy you could watch all 7000 seasons of Hyperdrive Gear with Yoda Clarkson" "Still not sold you on it? Well as you've pulled my leg so much I can give you the friends and family discount" He began to feel like a DJ at a Funeral Observing his surroundings he noticed he was by a huge rock which looked strangly like a wolf or his ex wife, he couldn't put his finger on which. This was when he realised this rock probably had a greater meaning to these mandalorians, so in a last ditch effort to sell his wares he attempted to start a conversation. "I love coming to this rock it means so much to me, the sheer animalistic features of it all. Really makes me feel like a primal being" He felt like he was loosing them but he had gained their attention and that was enough for him. "I used to know a mandalorian I think he died... I think? like I will probably end up" This caused one of the mandalorians to turn and say "We are a persecuted race being hunted and killed, if you are being hunted we can help you" If it had been any other time Dodge would have most probably have of declined but instead out of the sheer lack of sustinance on this planet and his lack of direction in life he decided to agree. "where are we going what's the way?" asked Dodge "This is the way"
  16. *Your entry has earned 3 XP* Roaming the planet, Torak spots some ruins in the distance. On arrival he discovers signs of an old battle and nothing else, save for the wind through the vegetation and the water in the distance. Water! Stooping to quench his first, Torak comes face to face with a Beskar helmet beneath the surface. A fallen brother. Staring at him, lifeless. Is it sacrilege to take a fallen brothers un-needed supplies? - First light. Leaving the base of the waterfall, a small mound of rubble marks the final resting place of a fallen warrior, complete with his worldly possessions. This is the way,