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Found 6 results

  1. A_Goodman

    MOC A Band of Brothers

    A Band of Brothers by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr A super simple build but with the new military section I thought I would post it
  2. île de Zeus, Astrapi Royal Arsenal, January 620 Name: Rimbaud's Raiders Unit size: Company Type: Light infantry / Chasseurs Motto: On the frontline and beyond A month had barely passed after the end of Infero Pordejon campaign, but winds of war were blowing again on the Brick Seas: two foreign nations were sharpening their claws in the East, ready to jump at each other's throat, and the interests of Oleon could be in danger. Under a cloudy winter sky, the First Light Infantry Company of Astrapi left its barracks and started loading the supplies for the next months on rowboats: weapons, ammunitions, artillery, cannonballs and, even more importantly, preserved food supplies… any good commander should always remember that an army, first of all, marches on his stomach. When a military unit leaves, infinite details must be taken into account: little things, such as a field kitchen (and so edible food rations) or a few bottles of liquors may drastically raise the moral of soldiers during the difficult days of a military expedition. For the same reason hardtacks, bought from civilian suppliers, are carefully checked by the company clerk… in many cases they can be infested by weevils, especially if the cheapest providers are chosen. In Rimbaud's Raiders, however, things are very different: everyone, from the private to the commander, eats exactly the same food, like in pirate crews. Only one of the many peculiarity of this company. The First Light Infantry Company of Astrapi, in fact, is a very peculiar unit. Rimbaud's Raiders were trained and equipped in early 618 at the expense of Tristan Rimbaud, at the time only a retired captain, and only recently they were integrated in regular Oleander Army. These soldiers have been deployed in all the last crises in Fatu Hiva and Infero Pordejon, achieving successes that would have been impossible for a regular unit: tight infantry formations and ordered lines of soldiers are useless in colonial scenarios, where irregular tactics, guerrilla and cooperation with local militias are far more effective. The Raiders have fought hard for Oleon wherever they were needed, becoming an elite unit: in the jungle or on the shore, in the wasteland outside Charlatan Bay or in its alleys, those men were always on the frontline during the most dangerous campaigns, loyal to their commander even when all the odds seemed against them. This was possible only due to a peculiar choice of the commander: the First Company represented in fact a second chance, sometimes the last possible one, for brave and though men without a place in society… the scum of the nation, the undesired, received a second possibility, at the price of a great danger. There were veterans who couldn't return to civil life, trying to drown in alcool their past... ...but also men with a turbulent life, smugglers or even pirates. Once a problem for the nation, the type of problems usually solved with a squalid cell or a canvas rope. Now, part of one of the arrowheads of the Royal Army. With flexible discipline, acceptable food and distribution of loot, the Rimbaud's Raiders are not so different from a pirate crew… their recruitment was quite a gamble, but they are exactly what is needed for the wars in the New World: not ordered lines of toy soldiers to face the enemy, but daring scoundrels to flank him and hit him hard. Tristan and another officer inspecting new muskets A mysterious officer, met by Tristan few weeks before. He gave him new orders from the High Command, determining the departure of the Raiders. Native scouts, a constant element of the campaigns in the New World. Overall view of the scene. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Something I wanted to build long time ago! I used the Rimbaud's Raiders in all my operations, from Fatu Hiva to Charlatan Bay, but they didn't actually exist in EGS terms. I'll license them (better: I'll integrate them in the regular army) as a company, even if I still don't have any idea about where they will go. Not in Charlatan Bay, at least up to now; more probably in the East, to face the Lotii, or in an AMRCA. Anyways, I felt I needed them to exist to continue using them!
  3. Some explanation of LEGO's financial performance in 2017 from the BBC News site. It was already known that the company had had disappointing sales in North America, but the article also points out over-production issues. There is a connection between poor sales and over-production of course, but some of the excess stock may be in addition to lower-than-expected sales. If LEGO over-reacts in the opposite direction, i.e. cuts production too drastically in 2018, we could see stock shortages and sets being retired sooner than we have been used to. Here is LEGO's press release.
  4. Hey All, Ok I'm working on something and I want to keep it true to the Lego Universe/Brand with all the electronics being made by a Lego Corp like Octan. But then it hit me. I can't think of any other fictional brands Lego uses for their in universe things other than Octan. So I wanted to ask around see if I'm forgetting any fictional brands from the Lego worlds. Any ideas? I'm really at a loss.
  5. legosamigos

    Coca Cola Logo

    I saw in my city a convoy of Coca Cola trucks, so I prepared a logo of CC in ML Cad
  6. MichalPL

    Google Company

    Google Company The work in the most popular company in the world. I wanted to show you how it looks. Galeria Flickr Main Street Android The most popular system for mobile phones. Youtube Google bought YouTube in 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars. Google Maps (Street View) Google car that drives around the world, nice work :) Free food in Google Groupware Google is committed to work in a team. Entertainment President Rest The video for volunteers: I invite you to comment :)