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Found 27 results

  1. Hi folks, has anyone investigated what font was used for the old Technic logo: Unfortunately sites such as didn't come up with a suitable result. Knowing the font type would help enormously converting the logo into a LDraw pattern. Thanks, Willy LDraw Content Manager
  2. I redesigned the LEGO logo in an Art Deco theme for LOLUG’s October Competition. Website | Flickr | YouTube
  3. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Apple Store sign

    I'm creating an Apple Store for my LEGO LANE project. Here's my simple technique to create the Apple Store logo. Feel free to use it in your city! Find out how to create the McDonald's logo here. Apple Store logo
  4. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] McDonald's signs

    I'm creating a McDonald's for my LEGO LANE project. Here are my simple techniques to create various McDonald's signs. Feel free to use them in your city! Find out how to create the Apple Store logo here. LEGO McDonald's 1/3 - Signboard pole How to create the famous "M" signboard pole from McDonald's in LEGO. LEGO McDonald's 2/3 - Rooftop sign Push the studs (part 87087) of the "M" into the holes and you have a McDonald's rooftop sign. Attach another "M" on the back for a nice 360 view. LEGO McDonald's 3/3 - Wall sign and Ronald McDonald statue And here's another way to put a big "M" onto your McDonald's build. I also created a very basic Ronald McDonald statue. The fries and burger are from official LEGO sets.
  5. Flashover Recordings is the record label set up by Dutch DJ / producer Ferry Corsten. After being in the music business for over 15 years, Ferry started Flashover Recordings in 2005 to release new, fresh and innovative dance productions. It's a mirrored version of the 'classic fire' insignia from the early 1990s. I wonder if Corsten granted permission from TLG to use this.
  6. After deadline version: - darker text - greener ESL arms - black SR torso Previous update: (text) (no text) Thanks all who have contributed with suggestions! If you've got any more let me hear 'em! Original post: Here's my take on a banner so far! I would really like some minifigures on it. Guy's Uncle seems like a logical candidate for Eslandola, I'm going to try to photograph him today on a nice white background and edit that. However I need some from other factions. So if you've either got a good, solid color background photo of a well-known Corry, Sea Rat, or Oleander lying around already or are willing to take one for me, I'd be grateful! And of course, any suggestions are welcome. Is "the" too hard to read? Should I go textless and fill up the extra space with minifigures? How's the dual color effect for the sigils? C@C appreciated!
  7. My family was recently going through the basement and discovered this Lego plastic shopping bag. At first it didn't seem interesting, but we don't live near a lego store (Eastern Canada) and this had been stored away for about 30 years. I can't find anything similar online, but I'd like to know more about it. Has anyone ever seen a shopping bag like this before? My best guess is that it came from France in the mid to late 1980's, I recall Santa bringing a lot of Duplo from France one year. If it helps, this logo is on the bottom of the bag. Thanks!
  8. Hi Lego enthusiasts, I recently noticed that the seagull from the collectible minifigure series 10 (Sea Captain) does not have the Lego logo mark on it. Is it because it's a soft piece? I think other Lego animals like goats do not have a Lego mark either, if I'm not mistaken. However, this is a hard piece. Is it possible to make a list with (modern) Lego pieces that do not have the Lego logo on them? It would help alot to see if a piece is not really Lego and therefore fake/counterfeit or not. The reason for why the logo is missing, remains unclear to me. It can be dangerous because you often see Chinese BrickLink stores (a country known for its factory facilities) with a massive amount of pieces you would assume are rare or hard to get. No Lego logo on piece - Seagull (col min series 10) - ... - ... Thanks a lot R.
  9. Hey all! I made a lego version of Vincent Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' painting using lego. I am very proud of it and would love your feedback. You can also see other designs I have done on my Instagram
  10. A couple of days ago i saw a instagram post of jangbricks of a wall he made for his minecraft layout made out of classic 2x4 bricks I was inspired by it to build something like that. after some building i decided to make the lego logo that way. here is my creation: i think it is a great use for all the old classic bricks i have.
  11. Hi there I've been searching for the designer/artist of the original duplo rabbit logo and come up with dead ends. A friend told me to try asking here. Is there any info about it that anyone knows? Thanks!
  12. caravancarlos

    Series 16 Background

    Hi Does anyone have the series 16 logo and the series 16 background for a home made frame for the mini figures please? Cheers Carl
  13. Hi everyone, I am creating this thread for anyone who might want a logo designed for the Bretheren of the Brick Seas role-play game. Just post your request in the comments section below, I will be glad to design and emblem or logo for you. You can check out my logo design work on my Flickr photo stream here: Feel free to PM me with any questions! Thanks, ~RBCustoms
  14. legosamigos

    LUGPol In 3D Lego Mosaic

    Hello Eurobrickers! LUGPol does it mean Lego Users Group Poland, so a logo should be also in the bricks :)
  15. RoyalBrickCustoms

    Lego-themed Logos

    Hi everyone, Here are some logos that I designed for a few members of the online LEGO community, and BrickLink! Feel free PM me with any questions! Let me know what you think! Thanks, Brandon NOTE: Use of (and reproduction of) these logos without my consent is prohibited!
  16. legosamigos

    Auchan Logo

    Hello Eurobrickers! Today I would like to show you a logo of French supermarket Auchan
  17. legosamigos

    Coca Cola Logo

    Hello Eurobrickers! Few days ago I showed a virtual Coca-Cola logo, so now I would like to show you a real Coca-Cola logo BS gallery and short
  18. legosamigos

    Coca Cola Logo

    I saw in my city a convoy of Coca Cola trucks, so I prepared a logo of CC in ML Cad
  19. bobabricks

    [MOC]/[WIP] McDonald's

    I'm starting to work on a Mcdonald's MOC and I just got done finishing the M logo. The red panel in the bottom center would have the sticker from 3438. I was just hoping for some feedback and if there is a better way to make that M. Thanks!
  20. Hey people, I've just finished logo for my own CS pseudo-subtheme Techtroners (I was trying to somewhat remain within the limits of the "GreatOldOnes" yet incorporating some fresh visual ideas): the middle golden object should remind you several things like letter "T" (ehm, as for "Techtroners", right? ), also stylized Michelangelo's "person" with widely stretched out hands, maybe high voltage pylon too (as Techtroners are mainly technicians... ) + in background there is a blue planet (although not Earth still evoking it by the water color) and the rocket from the 80's CS logo this time making circles not around the planet itself but the middle "T" object instead - what do you think, hm? BTW somewhere in the middle of the process there was a brief moment when it almost look like the old WWII german eagle holding the sw...ika so I rather immediately changed/redesigned it avoiding any misunderstanding ...but I had to admit purely as a design it was perfect tho . Anyway I am hoping you will like the final "product" so please let me know your opinions in the comment section if you will... Colors of the bricks are used in the way I am using it within the Techtroners subtheme...yellow, white, black, trans dark blue.
  21. Today I have noticed that the crater baseplate from LDRAW has wrongly rotated logo-on-stud (as I am playimg with it in my LDD renders I took the original real LEGO 3947a baseplate - as I have them quantum here - for comparison): it should be parallel to the dune, that is the direction of the word should be from the smaller crater to the bigger one, now it is 90° to the dune which is wrong of course, so the word LEGO directing from the dune to the edge of the needs to be rotated +90°. QUESTION: is here anyone who could say if it is achievable by .pov code manipulation or should we wait for the LDRAW developers/designers to make it right (and if so where to post it so they know?)?
  22. StevenBuilder

    MOC Labels and decals

    Hello. I was wondering how members create their own customized labels of logos when creating your own Lego models. What kind of materials do you print on and what kinds of printers are you using to create your own model logos, signs and details? Thanks. Steven
  23. Hello all, I've been busy trying to recreate the sail of the (Original) Imperial Flagship 6271. This is my result so far, below. Do you feel the design is accurate? I have only been working from someone's Brickshelf gallery scan, as I have lost the original. Do you feel the image is representative of the original? Thanks
  24. Background info:Brick Railway Systems (BRS) was constructed in the early 1870's from pieces of other roads. It began small, with only 120 miles of track laid as of 1873. (Note: Only 57 of those miles were actually constructed by BRS, not by the former component roads) By 1910, BRS had rose through the ranks of the other roads to become the top freight hauler in the country. However, In World War One, the railway was was run into the ground by government control via the Imperial Railroad Administration (IRA), which took over control of all railroads in 1914 and kept them until 1920. Upon return of the company to it's civilian owners, the railroad itself was in shambles The company responded by trimming the unnecessary trains that had been kept running during the war years even though they were practically useless. By 1928, the company had remade itself so much so that it had electrified most of it's main line between Glencoe, Ironwood, & Fort Legoredo. This cut back majorly on some of the costs of steam engine fuel and maintenance for the railroad. The benefit of this was not evident immediately, but later payed for itself when the Great Depression hit. By the the Second World War, BRS was even better off than had been projected in the depths of the depression The war traffic barely affected the system, as the 1920's upgrades had unexpectedly prepared the system for the surge in goods and soldiers. In the late 40's, while several other roads had started getting rid of their steam engines for diesels, BRS was resisting the flow by building more steam, and experimenting with more advanced designs such as duplexes, triplexes, & Garrett’s These efforts never payed off, but the they did give the BRS engineers valuable advice on what to do and what not to do with steam. Meanwhile, diesels were on the railroad from starting around 1936, but not in great numbers until the late '60's. 'The System' (as she is sometimes called) was doing fine at this time, while other roads were struggling. By the '70's, diesel fuel prices had put a stop to the diesel takeover, and optimism was high. This feeling continued right up until 1987. The main competitor, Federal Railways, had gone up for sale and Brick Railway Systems was getting a ring-side seat on what could happen if a road got out of hand. Before their eyes, the road was torn apart by lack of leadership, (not helped by the fact the Federal Railway / Brick Railway Systems merger was denied) lack of funds and working motive power. Then, in late 1992, the railway was finally gone, eaten up by hungry debtors and rival railroads alike. (some of it was eventually bought by BRS) The other half of the '90's & the early 2000's had Brick Railway Systems wondering if the same financial breakdown would happen to it. By 2010 the shock had worn off, and the optimism had returned, albeit with a little more caution.Present Locomotives:2-6-0 "Mogul" Steam locomotive Built in 1917 by Zephyr Locomotive Works for Brick Railway Systems (BRS for short), engine #4613 was one of a class of 44 locomotives numbered 4610 to 4654. They were the last class of BRS engines painted in dark green & black with gold highlights. They were also the first class to feature modern tenders with increased water & fuel storage capacity. These two traits created a oddity in the BRS loco department, as it was both old and new. They have all since been repainted except for 4613, which proudly still wears in “Green and Gold” as a testament to the first 50 years of the railroads existence. 2-6-2 "Prairie" steam locomotive Built in 1919 by Baldwin Locomotive Works for Brick Railway Systems (BRS for short), engine 4754 was one of a class of 110 engines ranging from number 4749 4859. They were built at the time when the Imperial Railroad Administration was running BRS due to World War I. These engines proved themselves good freight haulers, but the a severe side-to-side swaying motion kept them from passenger service. They are all painted black with the usual red box on the tender 0-4-0 "Yard Switcher" steam locomotive Built in 1923 by Baldwin Locomotive Works for Brick Railway Systems (BRS), engine #4990 was part of a 250 strong class of switchers made for the tight industrial & dockyard trackage of Brick Railway Systems. The class spread from number 4860 to 5110. They were painted in classic BRS black with a red stripe with a little red ring surrounding the funnel. 2-8-0 "Consolidation" steam locomotive Built in 1926 by Lima Locomotive Works for Brick Railway Systems, engine #5775 was the second to last engine in an order of 30 engines. The engines were numbered 5746 – 5776 and were painted in the traditional black and red paint scheme. This consists of a red box on the tender surrounding the letters BRS, which stand for Brick Railway Systems. 0-6-0 "Mixed Traffic" steam locomotive Built in 1929 by Baldwin Locomotive Works for Brick Railway Systems (BRS), engine #5972 was supposed to be part of a 75-strong engine order, but the Great Depression startted, causing BRS to cancel the last eight engines, leaving 5972 the last of it's class. The type has been painted in standard black with a red stripe with a small ring of red around the funnel. 2-8-4 "Berkshire" steam locomotive Engines 7221 – 7235 were built in 1933 by Lima Locomotive Works for Brick Railway Systems. These fourteen 2-8-4 (2 leading, 8 drivers, and 4 trailing wheels) locomotives were intended for heavy freight service on the mountainous 'Southern Division' of Brick Railway Systems. (BRS) However, it was discovered that these engines could pull long passenger trains better than the usual locomotives assigned to that route. The engines were given control over crack express trains such as the '909 Limited'. (known for going 900 miles in 9 hours, at about 100 miles per hour) These engines performed wonderfully for over 25 years. However, the cost of running these fleet-footed engine became so great in the early 1970's that BRS seriously considered getting diesels to do the steam engines work. Thankfully, the oil embargo of 1974 put a stop to that by restricting diesel fuel consumption by just enough to put the steam engines in a more favorable position. Safe from the threat of a diesel takeover, the locomotives run like clockwork to this very day. 2-10-4 "Texas" steam locomotive These twenty four 2-10-4 (2 leading, 10 drivers, and 4 trailing wheels) locomotives numbered 6394 – 6418 were built in 1939 – 1940 by Lima locomotive Works. They were based off the very successful 2-8-4 Berkshire type Lima had sold to Brick Railway Systems (BRS) in 1933. One of these engines was 6398, which was painted in the BRS standard black with a red box on the tender and red stripe on the funnel. Number 6398 served well on the heavy freight duties it was designed for, though, as with the Berkshires, the engines proved equally adapt at handling the passenger trains as well as the heavy freights. GG-1 electric locomotive This GG-1 electric locomotive was built in 1943 by Altoona Works as unit 4939 for the Pennsylvania Railroad. When that railroad merged with New York Central in 1968, the ensuring legal nightmare concerned with the merger (& the subsequent bankruptcy of Penn Central) caused the engine to be "lost" in the paperwork. After being stored for 20 years in a shed on a branch line in New York, the engine was located by a local railroad club, and restored to working order. As the engine was owned by a defunct railroad, it was sold at auction by the club to Brick Railway Systems, who had bought 12 other GG-1's from Altoona in 1943. The engine was taken apart into 3 sections and shipped to Brick Railway. It started work in 1989, was repainted into the classic Brick Railway black / red color scheme, and was renumbered 8620, to better fit with the other GG-1 locomotives. FA (A Unit) & FB (B unit) diesel locomotives In 1947, Brick Railway Systems (BRS) bought seven PB-1 & seven PA-1 series locomotives from the American Locomotive Company (ALCO). They were numbered 8666 - 8673. Both units carried the same numbers and were semi-permanently coupled. The fourteen engines were delivered to Brick Railway but were slightly modified when they arrived. They were then painted in a variant of the famous BRS black-with-red-stripe paint scheme and had the front coupler removed. The engines were used on the non - electrified sections of main line to pull many named trains that couldn't be pulled by steam. This started in 1948 and continued until 1963, when the whole main-line system of Brick Railway Systems was electrified. Regulated to freight traffic & branch line work, the engines worked until 1982 when the engines were finally pushed back to "reserve" status. As such, they are not run often, but are kept in operating condition to this very day MRS-1 (Military Road Switcher -1) diesel locomotive In the early 1950's the United States Army Transportation Corps (USATC) was considering what would happen to an enemy railroad if another European war broke out. If the native locomotives in said enemy country were destroyed or rendered inoperable (as they likely would have been) what would pull the US military trains on their soil? The answer was not easy, as many countries have different gauges, loading clearances and couplers. The USATC decided on specific set of guidelines for it's Military Road Switcher (MRS) and waited to see which companies would offer the best design. American Locomotive Company (ALCO) beat out Electro-Motive Division (EMD), and won the contact. Engine #8945 was built by ALCO in 1954 and stored until 1970, awaiting a European war that never came. It was sold, unused, to Brick Railway Systems in 1971. It was immediately put to work along with another MRS-1 unit (#8946) on slow freight trains, though #8945 did pull a passenger train in an emergency in 1988. The engine remains in operable condition to this day and has been painted in the Black & red paint scheme. SW-1500 switcher Built in 1966 by Electro-Motive Division for Brick Railway Systems, engine #6715 was the first engine in an order of 15 engines. The engines were numbered 6715 – 6730 and were painted in the traditional black and red paint scheme. This consists of a stripe near the bottom of the loco and letters on the cab sides which say BRS. RS-2 Road switcher This RS-2 road switcher was ordered from the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) in January 1949 for Brick Railway Systems (BRS). It was delivered in July 1949 with 19 others of its type, and was given the number 6505. (The other RS-2's are numbered 6500 - 6520) This type wears the famous “Black with red stripe” that most BRS engines wear. 4-4-0 "American" steam locomotive This 4-4-0 (also known as an American type) was built by Rodgers Locomotive & Machine Works for Brick Railway Systems (BRS) in 1876, and features a bright red-yellow-&-black paint scheme. Number 210 pulled passenger trains for 10 years before being reassigned to Freight duties in 1888. By 1900, the engine was worn out, and sent to a scrapper, who sold the engine to a museum for $100. Eventually, the museum was reorganized as the Imperial Rail Museum, where the engine rests today in non-operable condition. There were plans to get #210 in working order for the US Bicentennial in 1976, but nothing ever came of it, and the engine has remained cold and silent to this day. This is the oldest surviving BRS loco in existence. 2-6-2 "Prairie" steam locomotive This is locomotive #263, of the 2-6-2 Prairie type. This one was built by Sava Locomotives Incorporated in 1883 and was designed for slow freight trains. (It has smaller diameter wheels than faster passenger engines) It served until 1902, when the engine suffered a boiler explosion near Golden Gulch in Legoredo County. The engineer and fireman died in the explosion, but the engine was salvaged and repaired. Loco #263 was retired in 1925 when it was bought by a Hollywood film company for use in a Western movie. After filming ended, the engine was donated to the Imperial Rail Museum in the city of Legoredo, where it rests today in operable condition 2-6-0 "Mogul" steam locomotive The locomotive is engine #272, a 2-6-0 Mogul type. It was built by Zephyr Locomotive Works in 1885 and was a passenger engine, usually only in fast, named-train passenger service. (Thus the large driving wheels for greater speed) It was last used on the faster passenger trains in 1909, when it was painted in the new black & red paint scheme and sent into regular freight / local passenger service. It was supposed to have been scrapped in 1921, but was saved along with late 1800's passenger stock and a caboose. It was sent to the Imperial Rail Museum where it is stored in it's original dark green & black paint scheme. Engine #272 is operational, but is only steamed on special occasions. Present Rolling Stock:1930's streamline coaches These are not really based on any one prototype, but I was going for a Anthony Sava (Tequila Sunrise) meets Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Super Chief look. It looks more like a early 1930's consist to me, like something Pennsylvania Railroad would have done in brown or dark red. 1920's Heavyweight Passenger Cars Again, these are not really based on any one prototype, but I was going for a Anthony Sava (Polar Express coaches) look. It looks more like a early 1920's consist to me, though. 1950's Blue & White passenger consist I based this one off of two sources: the Wabash Frisco & Pacific Railroad (a 12 inch gauge ride-on steam line in Glencoe Missouri, near St. Louis) and the coaches formerly owned by the Museum of Transportation (also in St. Louis) before they were sold in 2012. Express passenger cars (2003-style) In reality, these cars are modeled after set 4511 (2003's High Speed Train) and the Carolina Train Builders passenger coach instructions available at the Railbricks website.-Express Coach (x3)-Cargo / Express Coach (x1)There is one part missing from this picture: http://www.bricklink...sp?P=44572pb005It is not in LDD as a decoration but the basic part is. 1950's Freight Cars In the real world, the modified tank cars are originally from set #7939, (Cargo Train), while the boxcars are from set #3677 (Red Cargo Train). The rock gondola was my own idea and the caboose is a mashed up Toy Story Caboose #7597 (Western Train Chase) and the vintage 10014 (Caboose) from 2001. Wide Vision / Bay Window Caboose I made this model about a year ago from instructions for an Bay Window caboose mixed with instructions for a Wide Vision caboose. I recently rediscovered the photo I posted to Flickr at that time and I wanted to make the model better. I removed some expensive parts (the red train base-plate, for one!) and replaced them with other, cheaper parts. 1920's Commuter Cars These cars consist of 1 baggage / mail car, while the other 3 cars are coaches 1910 Dark Green clerestory passenger train This wonderful train comes with one steam locomotive, one baggage car, two passenger coaches and one observation car. Comments & Critics welcome! I currently own (in real life) the PA / PB set, the 2-8-4, the 1920's heavyweight train, the GG-1, the streamline consist, some of the freight train, the 1920's commuter cars, and the 2-6-2 & the 2-6-0 Western trains.Most of these are modified versions of Anthony Sava's wonderful designs. He has a a Bricklink store from which I purchased everything but the two far left models. (Here is his store: http://www.bricklink...asp?p=AggieSava ) The LDD files or copies of the models I made from his instructions are NOT for sale... so please don't ask. The GG-1 was inspired by this builder from Brickshelf: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=301802 The FA / FB models were inspired by Flickr user valgarise & his train called the "Invencible": The SW-1500 is from LGauge, a LEGO train MOC site. (Link: ) The Alco RS-2 was inspired by memories of a diesel creation my Father & me made when I was 7. The LDD file for the GG-1: http://www.mocpages....1395173382m.lxf The LDD file for the RS-2 & SW-1500: http://www.mocpages....1395678142m.lxf The LDD file for the ALCO PA & PB units: http://www.mocpages....1395680308m.lxf The LDD file for the 0-6-0 steamer: http://www.mocpages....1398707791m.lxf The LDD file for the 0-4-0 switcher: http://www.mocpages....1398707178m.lxf The LDD file for the 2-6-0 Mogul steamer: http://www.mocpages....1401200779m.lxf The LDD file for Black & red 30's stream train: http://www.mocpages....1395862145m.lxf The LDD file for the brown 20's heavyweight cars: http://www.mocpages....1395861942m.lxf The LDD file for the white and blue 50's train: http://www.mocpages....1395862516m.lxf The LDD file for the modern white & green train: http://www.mocpages....1395860545m.lxf The LDD file for the Freight train: http://www.mocpages....1395860725m.lxf The LDD file for the Wide vision / bay window caboose http://www.mocpages....1395936808m.lxf The LDD file for the black and red commuter train: http://www.mocpages....1398787896m.lxf The LDD file for the 2-6-2 Prairie (black and red, large): http://www.mocpages....1406727379m.lxf The LDD file for VERSION 2 of the 2-6-2 Prairie (black and red, large): http://www.mocpages....1412537572m.lxf The LDD file for the 1910 Passenger train & Updated 2-6-0 Mogul: http://www.mocpages....1407852914m.lxf The LDD file for the 2-10-4 Texas steam locomotive:
  25. pabloglez

    MOC Lego Cars Island

    Hi all, This is the latest MOC I built after not having built anything for a long time. This MOC comes from the idea of making my son Omar a garage for his Lego Cars collection. After several attempts we finally decided to make a resort on an island The island has a cave that communicates with the interior saltwater lake. On the first floor is the island´s branch of Flo’s V8 Cafe from Radiator Springs. On the first floor their is multipurpose room, movie theater, and ballroom. On the third floor there is a gym with the most modern machines. Over the gym there is a terrace with stunning views of the ocean. All this is topped with the logo of the Island "Cars Island". Below there are some photos. Click on the images or links to view larger. Hope you like it. Lego Cars Island_01 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_02 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_03 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_04 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_05 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_06 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_07 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_08 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_09 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_10 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_11 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_12 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_13 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_14 by pabloglez, on Flickr Thank you