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Found 10 results

  1. zante85

    [MOC] Nativity Scene

    Hello everybody, For christmas I like to show you my "nativity scene". (I hope it is the right category). The Waterfall and the Mill really move I hope you like it:-)
  2. Here is a Brickfilm that I made back in December, it is a Christmas Play that takes place in a western town.
  3. byMartin

    Nativity Scene II

    Hi all, the Christmas time is almost there so this is my small contribution. While my last try depicted a Nativity Scene in rather stylised way, now a bit more on realistic side. Hopefully it is not too religious for this forum, like it was for official lego ideas :) Merry Christmas and plenty of bricks! martin Christmas Time byMartin, on Flickr
  4. byMartin

    Nativity / Bethlehem

    Hi all, I know it's a bit late for this topic but please take it as a last memory of Christmas and also as my introduction to this forum. This year I decided that our family "nativity scene" will be made of Lego bricks :) I hope you enjoyed Christmas as much as i did ;) martin
  5. dr_spock

    MOC: Star Wars Nativity

    Have a Merry Christmas and may the Force be with you. Star Wars Nativity by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  6. Just a little vignette I felt a need to do. My wife has a Christmas decoration that has the three Wise Men in a circle, back to back, under the Star, searching and cannot decide which way to go. Her decoration is also a rotating music box. Every morning while we have coffee I look at that and think... I want to make that in LEGO! So I found The Three Wise Men on eBay and produced this. The first photo shows the front (where they are going at this time). Since the gifts were said to be gold, frankincense and myrrh and gold is listed first, I decided that the one carrying the gold would be the in the lead (strictly my own decision, I hope it does not offend anyone, as no offense is intended). Anyway, here is the front of the Magi Wise Men 1? by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr And here is the back. Wise Men 2? by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr They are on a turntable so they can rotate (like the music box they were inspired by) and they take the same little patch of desert where ever they go until the end of their journey. BTW: I don't normally name pieces, but I couldn't resist naming this piece... "Searching for Jesus" I hope you enjoy. Merry Christmas, Andy D
  7. SilentWolf

    Western Christmas Village

    For the last three years, I have constructed a yearly Christmas village that has made use of Lego's Winter Village sets. This year I added the new Toy Shop but decided to go back in time and create a Western Christmas Village. Thank you for any comments and advice. Have a Merry Christmas everyone. SAM_6739 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6643 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6667 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6691 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6660 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6728 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6717 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6684 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6686 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr For additional photos see:
  8. A Nativity for my WInter Village. I added a second photo below. I put the Baby Jesus in a simple manger. Which do you like best? Nativity by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr Nativity by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr I have been wanting to add a Nativity to my Winter Village Square. I finally made one this year. C&C Welcome Andy D
  9. Hello! This is my first post and my first completed MOC! I have been lurking here for a while now, marveling at everyones amazing work and figured it was time to give it a try. I think I posted the pics at the right size and all that (please let me know if I didn't!) Anyways, I think the MOC speaks for itself but it's just a recreation of the Nativity of Jesus with Tolkien characters (elves, dwarves, hobbits, Earendil playing the role of the Christmas star, etc) Enjoy! 1 by fangorn_treebeard22, on Flickr earendil by fangorn_treebeard22, on Flickr Holy Family by fangorn_treebeard22, on Flickr There are a few more pics on my Flickr. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Merry Christmas!
  10. I am getting ready to purchase a new, or redo my LEGO nativity scene. What I really need is a new vail for Mary. I found a Mary on eBay, but I am not particularly fond of the vail. The Mary I found is from they eBay listing is Custom Lego Holiday Gift The Nativity Mary | eBay The vail is not bad, but I would like something a little more traditional. Can someone recommend a theme I can search on Bricklink to find a different vail? If I can’t find something I like better, I may just go with this one. Thanks, Andy D