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  1. Hi, this weekend I played a bit with an idea of non-uniform rock technique. It might be already well know, so in such case sorry about my ignorance :) I just wanted to make a rock from smaller blocks, where each can be positioned/rotated freely. Unfortunately I quite soon ran out of some essential bricks so I was unable to build a "wall" but just a somewhat bigger stone. Hope you like it. Here are some photos: Stone-Tree Rock Technique (Exercise 1) byMartin, on Flickr Stone-Tree Rock Technique (Exercise 1) byMartin, on Flickr
  2. byMartin

    Nativity Scene II

    Thanks for the comments! Yes, the star was a bit tricky and I had to steal the blades from my son :) Just in case someone wants to make it, here are the LDD files (not 100% same but close to):
  3. byMartin

    Nativity Scene II

    Hi all, the Christmas time is almost there so this is my small contribution. While my last try depicted a Nativity Scene in rather stylised way, now a bit more on realistic side. Hopefully it is not too religious for this forum, like it was for official lego ideas :) Merry Christmas and plenty of bricks! martin Christmas Time byMartin, on Flickr
  4. byMartin

    Humans and Energy

    Thanks all for comments! Actually I planed to build 4th corner as well, however, time was limiting factor, since the plan was to submit the build to the "science lab contest" :)
  5. byMartin

    Humans and Energy

    Ever since a first burning tree has been spotted by humans, we were fascinated by fire - that emazing source of energy. Our caves become the labs of that time and soon we were full of ideas on how TO USE this energy. Homo erectus, ~400 000 BC. Ages passed away and new energy sources were discovered. Some of them safe, some of them not. We could heat our meal, we could break the stone. Many people died because of the power hidden inside nitroglycerin and many more would follow if Alfread Nobel would not discover a simple way TO CONTROL it. Alfred Nobel's lab, 1867. It must be some kind of irony inside us that now, and only now, when we know how to use it and how to control it, we are finally putting all our energy "just" TO UNDERSTAND it. LHC, CERN, today.
  6. byMartin

    Bag End

    Thanks for the comments. So far there is just Bilbo inside and Gandalf stepping around the house. You know, dwarfs are in the kitchen, which has to made first :)
  7. byMartin

    Bag End

    Hobbit - for me this was always one of the best story and somehow part of my childhood. Not really surprisingly, I wanted to start my own LEGO replica of the Bag End for some time already. Unfortunately, I still do not have enough bricks, so for now at least a digital model :) Consider this as a draft without full details - those will be added later into the real model. Hope you will like the first room... martin Full Album
  8. byMartin

    Nativity / Bethlehem

    I have seen your build - very nice one and probably much closer to reality :) Interstingly, we have both chosen the same minifig for Josef :)
  9. byMartin

    Nativity / Bethlehem

    Thank you all for your kind words! Unfortunately I had to buy those on Bricklink for this build. However, according to BrickSet those are coming from the 7573: Battle of Alamut.
  10. byMartin

    Nativity / Bethlehem

    Hi all, I know it's a bit late for this topic but please take it as a last memory of Christmas and also as my introduction to this forum. This year I decided that our family "nativity scene" will be made of Lego bricks :) I hope you enjoyed Christmas as much as i did ;) martin