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  1. shaggie

    Winter Village: Mountain Shelter

    Hi! This is my entry for the Expand the Winter Village contest. Mountain shelter, usually located near the summit, is a place, where hikers and mountaineers can rest after the hike, have something to eat and drink or even sleep. General rule is that no shelter will refuse a guest to stay overnight, but if the beds are already taken he or she has to sleep on the floor. Many European shelters are quite old wooden buildings, often with stone foundation. They provide few comforts, but they usually have a toilet and a shower (although hot water supply is very limited). Shelters serve hot tea or coffee and basic foods like scrambled eggs or pork chop. While waiting for the meal, guests can dry their gloves or socks at the fire. Every shelter has a map of the area to help hikers plan their route. Next time you'll be hiking in the mountains, make sure to visit a shelter to see if it's similar to my model. Have fun!
  2. Hello, I'd like to present my new creation - construction truck, this time with real bricks. It's not a model of particular vehicle, just an impression of old style Model Team sets. The influence of 5590 is clearly visible in the livery. The model is remote controlled - 9V motor drives two rear axles, while micromotor controls the steering mechanism. Electric cables are attached to the rear of the cabin. I don't have 3x10x3 windscreen and I didn't wanted to remove the "7715" stickers from the doors, so the model appearance is quite strange, but still I like it. Here's the gallery: Please let me know, what you think.
  3. shaggie

    BNSF Dash 9

    Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it. Well, I'm not from US and I don't know much about American trains, but as far as I know, the Dash 9 is a freight locomotive only. There are often trains that are pulled by two or even more of this locomotives. Oh, don't be sorry, it's not your fault... :) Actually only the windscreen and 1x2 bricks with grille doesn't come in orange, but they can be replaced with gray or even red - it still looks quite ok. Do you mean 10133 set by "original BNSF"? There is an imitation of 16V engine inside my model - I'll try to make a render with that 1x3x2 doors opened so you could see the engine inside. It's ok, I get it. In the original Dash 9 this element is asymmetrical - I believe it's the fuel tank (in European electric and electric-diesel locomotives this "box" between the bogies is usually a battery set, so the locomotive can run for a short period of time without the current). Hehehe, that's the truth... :) Well, as I've said, I'll try to build it with real bricks, as soon as I get my copy (copies) of 10133 that consist of reasonable number of orange and dark green bricks. What the hell is wrong with those quotes? :/
  4. shaggie

    BNSF Dash 9

    Hello, Although I'm usually making models of European rolling stock, I've decided to take a challenge and create an American locomotive - one of the most popular and famous, the Dash 9. It's 48 studs long (including the buffers and couplings) and contains approx. 550 parts. When I receive my copy of 10133 I'll try to build it with real bricks. I hope you like it - if you want to see the model from other angles, or just some details, let me know, I'll make another render.
  5. shaggie

    Long time no see...

    Well, I'm ok, thanks for asking :) I'll try to visit Eurobricks more often. Now I'm an admin of LUGPol, first Polish AFOL-s club, and I'm posting there mostly, trying to make our hobby more popular in Poland.
  6. shaggie

    Long time no see...

    Hello, Um, anybody remembers me? Guess not... :) Long time no see. Anyway, it's nice to see how Eurobricks grows and I'm proud I took a little part in it :)
  7. shaggie

    Hi my name is

    Damn, I've registered finally. Again... Nice to see all of you, but, well, it's not much people here. I guess DoubleT have to improve his PR skills :)