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  1. No problem!! you can freely upload .mpd file to your Bricksafe folder^^ Best, Kee-Youn
  2. Thanks for your interest. You can find my mpd file at here(3rd party ldraw parts included. BBB, zephyr1934, and BuWizz provide the ldraw files for their custom parts). Maybe you need to add some unofficial parts from
  3. So amazing MOC!!! . Great Last week, I have converted your ldd file to the mlcad files in order to study your MOC:
  4. jesuskyr

    Coastguard Mini Helicopter

    Hello, It's great MOC^^ I just made your helicopter by using mlcad: It was very pleasant for me!! Thanks~~
  5. Great work!!!
  6. for a 1/4 stud spacer, what about
  7. Great Job!! You made much stronger module^^
  8. Great^^ please make the instruction for me^^
  9. I just found the zig-zag lift video with the indexer at 1min 14 sec of
  10. Thanks for the link^^ I finished the Zigzag Lift(Cad only,
  11. Just finished the pneumatic module(only cad,!! I guess that this may need some corrections after real building.
  12. I'm currently working on the Pnuematic moule:
  13. Thanks for instruction^^ I am very happy with your comments.