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  1. turbopolofr

    GBC General Discussion

    on my side, I'm finalizing building instructions for Geneva Drive with support from Takanori Hashimoto, the original builder of the module Stay tuned on Planet GBC for some news! )
  2. turbopolofr

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    welcome back Courbet ! and glad you were able to reproduce this masterpiece. I remember you were close to do it one year ago when we discussed about it. In a hurry to see the final result !
  3. turbopolofr

    GBC General Discussion

    I fully agree! It's really an awesome module
  4. I’m really excited and happy to share with you the first video from Planet GBC, taking the form of an online magazine. In the video, you will: → Discover GBC → Have an overview of the best GBC modules released over the past weeks → Learn how to build a GBC module from A to Z (get the instructions, buy and order parts you need) and reproduce Sawyer Scissor Lift module → Find and buy GBC balls for your module I hope you will enjoy this video. Don't hesitate to leave comments on this video via this forum thread
  5. turbopolofr

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    Mega WOooWW Berthil !! Your additions to the module are tremendously awesome, making it just a new masterpiece, not a simple mod from the original I can only imagine how much time it took to re-engineer all this... ultra great work. I'm in a hurry to find time to reproduce yours, reusing the parts from the legacy one ;-)
  6. turbopolofr

    [GBC] Ball Shooter Marble Run

    impressive work on digitalisation guys ! very well done
  7. turbopolofr

    GBC General Discussion

    have you checked this LDD file: http://www.nico71.fr/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/GBC-CARDAN.zip ?
  8. turbopolofr

    lego GBC wheel miniloop

    hello, I'm nearly done converting Mini Invisible lift video into LDD. Stay tuned on Planet GBC to get it once released (should be somewhere next week, together with some building instructions in PDF format) To generate nice building instructions from a LDD model, I personaly use bluePrint software: You can download it here: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=108346 latest version is v26. the software is really easy and intuitive to use, free, and powerful. With some (hours of) rework of what is nativly generated (to place the bricks in the best order for a building), you can have ultra nice PDF file Polo
  9. turbopolofr

    Lego GBC Cardan Lift Miniloop

    you're welcome the version 2.0 of the building instructions is online since a couple of days, replacing the former version
  10. turbopolofr

    Lego GBC Cardan Lift Miniloop

    Hi Doug72, thanks for noticing the mistake. I'll fix the building instructions to have it ABOVE, which should indeed be the correct position. regards
  11. turbopolofr

    Lego GBC Cardan Lift Miniloop

    Building Instructions on Planet GBC: http://www.planet-gbc.com/?p=2736 once again, awesome work Sawyer !
  12. turbopolofr

    Lego GBC Lifting Cup Miniloop

    this very nice module is now referenced on Planet GBC: http://www.planet-gbc.com/?p=2516 with building instructions in PDF thanks Sawyer for the hard work !
  13. turbopolofr

    Suggestion for GBC subtopic

    my tips, put in your favorites the following link: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/discover/unread/&stream_tags=gbc it displays the most recent, unread, GBC posts regards
  14. turbopolofr

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Thanks Courbet!
  15. turbopolofr

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    hello, Somebody posted a question on Planet GBC I was not fully able to answer: www.planet-gbc.com/?p=1008 The question relates to Archimedes Screw - Type 3 module As the corrugated pipes (purple and black) reference is missing from the BrickStore parts list file, I don't know what is the required length for these hoses. Can somebody who owns the module let me know what is the length required ? (my guess is 12L, corresponding to 12 studs)