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  1. thesagan

    [MOC] Mighty Hopper - 31058 alternate

    Thanks! This is a pure alt-build though. so I'm not using any external parts or any spares for that matter!
  2. thesagan

    Alternative MOC set for 31083 Cruising Adventure!

    Very nice alt, and looks well within the theme of beach vacations.
  3. Hello everyone, My latest alternate built is a little transformable figure made out of set 31058 Mighty Dinosaurs. Although it doesn't use a lot of parts I'm quite happy I managed to create my first transformer. My goal was to make something akin to a classic toy figure of 80s Japanese TV action heroes, more specifically Kamen Rider. Download free instructions + .ldr at Rebrickable Bricksafe folder Preview pics:
  4. thesagan

    [MOC] Art Deco LEGO Logo

    I love it! Really cool!
  5. For my first published MOC I did an alternate for one of my favorite Creator 3-in-1 sets to date: the 31102 Fire Dragon. Dinosaurs are a popular choice for animal alternates, but I saw nothing from the velociraptor family yet, so I had to fix that! My primary goal within this project was to create a model that would be a reasonably accurate depiction of an avian dromaeosaurid, with the correct number of claws, that would also be fun to pose and play with. The final result exceeded my expectations in many ways. This thing can hold its balance very well for bipedal model! The adjustable feet claws and bendable knees resting on solid joints can support the body in a variety of complex stances, without falling over the weight of the heavier head. The tail can also bend sideways, meaning additional weight can be shifted if required to hold more precarious positions. The Pterosaur was a little extra made of the leftover bricks. I thought the raptor needed a pal or some form of prey to hunt. I think it also turned out pretty well given the limitations of the remaining parts. The longer tail (which is not necessarily accurate), was needed for the model to be able to hold a flight pose. Let me know what you think in the comments, and send a picture if you build it! Download free instructions + .ldr at Rebrickable Bricksafe folder