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  1. petero

    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    Thanks TKP. Apparently LEGO's packing bots have trouble distinguishing between the two. It'll be interesting to see what I end up with!
  2. petero

    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    I've just finished the first section, and have found one parts mistake. In Step 294, there should be two short strings for the stays on the forward funnel. My set has one short string and one long string. I'm hoping there will be an extra short string later on in the build -- maybe a short where there should be a long. Fortunately it will be an easy fix, since I just need to pop the top of the funnel off to fit the string later. If I do end up submitting a missing part request, the short string is currently OOS on Pick-A-Brick, so I hope they have some set aside for missing parts. Peter
  3. Of course nobody really knows why LEGO canceled it, because they're not telling. The set has problems with gears being damaged, so that's a possible reason also. @Ngoc Nguyen has made some excellent mods to rectify the problem. Peter
  4. Thanks! I’m looking forward to your updates.
  5. Ah, I see what the problem was. Mediafile's page considers the .io file to be a compressed archive. When I saved it with Windows 10/Firefox, the .io file extension was replaced with .zip. All I had to do was change the extension back to .io, and it opened. I've been waiting for the wing fold to start the Osprey, so hopefully I'll be able to figure out your design. When I was playing with LEGO in my formative years, all they had was bricks, so this Technic stuff baffles me a bit . Do you have a list of the extra parts needed for the wing fold? Or is everything shown in the Studio file needed? Peter
  6. When I try to extract the files from the .io file, it asks me for a password. Does it have a password? I'm using 7-zip to extract the files. Thanks!
  7. Just type "xxx miles in km" and "xxx lbs in kg" into your browser, and it will convert them for you. Being in the USA, I do my conversions in the opposite direction
  8. 1800 points only represents about $15 of spending, so I'm not expecting too much from it. It will still be cool though. I'm hoping it's tied to the Shuttle purchase. Peter
  9. Interesting! It's not mentioned on LEGO's product page. Do you know how that will work? Will it show when I place my order on the 1st? Peter
  10. Perhaps the description should be "Electric 9V Battery Box For Powered Up Bluetooth HUB with 2 Switches and Dark Bluish Gray Bottom"
  11. No... but shipping and tax pushed it over $500. I started out by pricing the parts on Bricklink (thanks to your lists!). The Bricklink parts were about $300 plus shipping charges from 6 or 7 stores. When I added the battery box, rotor blades and triangular panels from LEGO, the cost ended up close to $400. For a bit more than that, I could get the official LEGO set instead. I figure that in 10 years the real, used set will be worth far more than a pile of 1500 parts that happen to build an Osprey Ospreys train at my local airport about once a month, so this is a must-have set for me . Of course, they don't have orange markings and Rescue on them, but I can live with that. Maybe someday I'll replace the orange pieces with gray
  12. Thank you @Ngoc Nguyen for the clarifications and parts lists. Don't worry about the late reply - my Osprey hasn't left Russia yet, so it'll be awhile before it gets to me. In the meantime, I can order the extra parts and be ready when it gets here. I've also started building the Osprey in Studio, which will be a fun but daunting task. I've used LDD for many years, but it will still be a steep learning curve. Already I've had to learn how to import a part (the battery box) from the LDraw parts library, and I'll have to fix its connectivity before it will actually be usable. I'm also starting to build the 42114 Volvo Articulated Hauler, so I'm learning a lot about Technic gearboxes from that!
  13. First of all, a big thank you to @Ngoc Nguyen and @Andman for their work on this topic. Ospreys make training flights to my local airport, so it's a must have, even at eBay's prices. However, I haven't built many Technic sets, so the grinding gear fix is confusing to me. 1) Andman's PDF appears to show the original gear design and two alternate fixes. If so, is one fix better than the other? 2) Does the replacement gear assembly start on p.163, Step 220 of the instructions, and continue to the 3-beam in Step 223? I think I understand the torque fix PDF. We'll see! Is there a list of the extra parts that are needed to do the gearing and torque mods? I'm pretty clueless when it comes to Technic parts, so it would be hard for me to figure out what the pieces are. I'm also hoping that @efferman will keep working on his wing stowage mod. That's such an iconic feature of the Osprey.
  14. petero

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    I hear you! If he publishes the LDD file or instructions, I'll be in trouble