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  1. Now that the update's available, can someone confirm it works with the home edition? The press release referred specifically to "Lego Mindstorms Education EV3". I couldn't see a reason why it wouldn't work with the home edition, but then Mindstorms isn't my specialist subject!
  2. ibecks

    Which set should I buy?

    Restaurant, 100%. It's an instant classic. :)
  3. ibecks

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Mine just arrived โ€” I didn't get a dispatch notification either. The receipt email arrived a few minutes after the set. Looking forward to starting the build when I get home!
  4. I'm so amused by how many of us have our modulars displayed on Expedit shelves! I was thinking about getting another 4x2 Expedit and using the two of them back to back as a room divider but I don't think I could make that work in my space.
  5. ibecks

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    They're available on Bricklink from about 70ยข/43p (in the EU at least). http://www.bricklink...asp?P=2431pb043 (click "Lots for Sale> Reddish Brown")
  6. ibecks

    Getting the pieces for Lego 10190 Market Street

    Apologies for resurrecting an old thread but it seemed like the most appropriate one. I'm starting to build MS from scratch (having done CC a couple of years ago) and I need to put a parts order in while the dark blue arches are in stock with the spare parts service. Is there anything else I should pick up directly from Lego at the same time before I start on the Bricklink orders?
  7. Mine sits on the top of a 4-wide, 2-tall IKEA Expedit shelf in my living room. I'm a few modulars behind but I have a PR on the way. I've yet to figure out where the heck that's going to go!
  8. 3L bar pieces with a printed 'flag' piece would work for me.
  9. I want the grandma to have knitting, but that's just so I could have a proper minifig-me!
  10. ibecks

    Building Cafe Corner via Bricklink

    I'm also starting to BL Market Street, so dark blue arches coming back into production will be a huge help for me! :) Hopefully they should become available through the replacement parts service, at least for a while.
  11. ibecks

    Official Lego Movie

    So pleased to see that it's 'suitable for AFOL'. Looks like one I'll be looking forward to.
  12. I also seem to have issues with headlight bricks, also mostly on the back. When I rebuilt my modulars after moving house I noticed loads of them, which is really disappointing. Lego customer service got back to me really quickly and asked me to send them pictures of the problem and which replacement bricks I needed.
  13. Series 10 was out at Toys R Us, Plymouth UK today. Hopefully other UK stores will get them soon!
  14. ibecks

    New here - question about modular buildings

    Welcome! I'm a modular collector, currently with CC, GG, FB, GE and PS. CC was built via Bricklink as it had been discontinued before I was ready to buy it โ€” you can find out more about mine and other people's Bricklinked modulars on this thread: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=60958&hl= It was certainly cheaper than buying a boxed set, although I did substitute some of the rarer bricks, and it's the route I'll be going down to build Market Street eventually. As for the prices, the modulars are usually a sort of "Lego Exclusive" (at least in the UK anyway) ie. you can't buy them in general toy shops, only from Lego Stores or Lego.com. Any which make their way onto Amazon or eBay tend to be overpriced, possibly because the trader assumes people might not know where else to get them from. Definitely start with what's still 'current' eg. Fire Brigade, Pet Shop, Town Hall and Palace Cinema and consider Bricklinking the rest. Pet Shop is a great set โ€” loads of details to keep you amused!
  15. ibecks

    Duplo Pulp Fiction

    This just got a massive laugh from me. They're awesome!