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  1. GmaBlu

    Braunschweiger Schloss

    I love this! You did an excellent job on the details. I love the chapel and the little boats in the water.
  2. GmaBlu

    The Falls of Melancholy

    I love this. I love the deer even more. Great job!
  3. GmaBlu

    Ideas for CMFs

    I love these. I really love the reindeer with Santa. Thanks.
  4. GmaBlu

    Winter Chalet UCS Fan Edition

    I love seeing your work. I watched it over and over seeing new details every time. It is fantastic.
  5. My son, his wife, and their 3 year old twins came to stay with us for 3 weeks prior to moving to Europe. They slept in my Lego room so I haven't done anything except cover it with a sheet. The only Lego I have done is Advent calendars with them and take them to Phoenix Lego Discovery. We had a blast there. They just left yesterday for Luxembourg. I hope to time my visit to them for a big Lego show. The ski lift is working beautifully but it is not tall enough. The minifig skiers smack into the trees. On my day off next week I plan to built a tecnic truss base and hide that with snow mountain. I hope to post pix soon. Thanks to dagupa, PG52, 1963maniac and TechnicRCRacer for your help.
  6. I got the right rim but the wrong tire so I have reordered on bricklink. The wrong tire will drive the string but pops off as soon as it has a load. It looks like it will work perfectly when I have he right tire.
  7. I have tomorrow off and will be trying to get this mostly built with what I have. I hope I have ordered correct parts and will get it running when they come. Thank you for you smart brain and hard work!
  8. Thanks. This looks great. I will post pix when my parts come! Thanks again! Dagupa, what is the BrickLink id number for that wheel and tire? Thanks, GmaBlu
  9. Wow! Thanks! I'm less overwhelmed and more excited. I ordered gears like that. I hope they come soon.
  10. Wow! Thanks. I will try these suggestions.
  11. Thanks. Makes sense. 4 of Part 88516 Tire 94.2mm D. x 22mm Motorcycle Racing Tread ordered.
  12. I may be posting in the wrong place and if I am I apologize. I'm a grandma with a Winter Village that lured me into Lego. I had it at work as a kids therapist for 2 years but it outgrew my office and has a spot at home now. Lots of children play with it from Thanksgiving to New Years. They run the trains, and build their families out of minifigs so it is more strong than elegant. Three years ago I saw some pretty cool ski lifts online and I want one: and went a little nuts on bricklink buying what I thought I might need. Last year I copied the seats from twigman's non operational warming hut. Then I stayed intimidated and did nothing until last week. I copied the Friends ski lift which is pretty worthless for what I want and then I built an ugly fortress. Then I went online and learned as much as I could about how real ski lifts work. I bought Sariel's book and built a better tower that doesn't pop off the hill as easily. I finally uploaded my first pix ever to flickr hoping someone here can help me. I tried twine, drapery cord, and yarn to drive my bullwheels but all are too slippery and if I tighten them I collapse my towers. Also my motor needs to be geared down but I'm not understanding enough. I let kids crash trains but I want this to work well before they get their hands on the remote. There is a local LUG but I have to Take care of my Dad on the weekend it meets. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Karen
  13. GmaBlu

    [MOC] Hotel retaurant Marriott,11000 parts!!!

    Wonderful hotel! Your details are amazing!
  14. GmaBlu

    [MOD] Palace Cinema (10232) after the fire

    This is fabulous. I laughed right out loud. My cinema became MOC fodder.