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  1. USBrickCustoms

    LEGO Star Wars Future

    Thank You Robianco :)
  2. USBrickCustoms

    LEGO Star Wars Future

    Talking about future sets and what you think LEGO Star Wars will be in the future. Looking for lists of sets you want Opinion on what LEGO Star Wars is turning into Sets you want to see in the future Any overdue sets Overall the future of LEGO Star Wars I'm new to Eurobricks by the way :)
  3. USBrickCustoms

    Review | LEGO 75165 Star Wars ● IMPERIAL TROOPER BATTLE PACK

    Yes! The last few Battle Packs have really been lacking, but they REALLY made it up with this! The Walker may be bulky, but this set makes me want to buy 50 of them! This sets minifigs make it worth sooooo much more. This comes with the somewhat hard to find new Storm Troopers and the new favorite Death Troopers! LEGO was SUPER generous giving this cheap set to us. Those Storm Troopers have only been in a few sets! I can tell that when they retires this set, it will be worth a lot, kinda like the Clone Trooper Battle Pack! So make sure you buy a lot of em! But my worry is that these will sell out and i'll have to wait a long time to get them, just like the Utapau Trooper Battlepack.
  4. USBrickCustoms

    Review | LEGO 75168 Star Wars ● YODA'S JEDI STARFIGHTER

    One of my favorite Winter wave sets because its Clone Wars!
  5. USBrickCustoms

    Review | LEGO 75170 Star Wars ● THE PHANTOM

    Yes! Admiral Thrawn! Now, i'm not a Rebels fan, but Thrawn and Kanan look AMAZING! I also love that the ship is from The Clone Wars era! Im also loving the new blue hair piece for Thrawn! This set is on my To-Buy list!
  6. USBrickCustoms

    Review | LEGO 75169 Star Wars ● DUEL ON NABOO

    Wow, is the price actually $20? I thought it was $30. I personally think the set is worth the money as it has 3 minifigs and great play features. It reminds me of The Final Duel set, but I love how you can actually get the fig out of the pit! Anyway, I was really looking forward to this set and I still am! Thanks for the review!