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  1. Crazycrownieguy

    MOC Romans VS Greece Hoplites

    Very nice build. The photography could use a bit of work, but otherwise it looks pretty good.
  2. Crazycrownieguy

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Alright cool, thanks for the quick answer.And on that note I think I will be committing for The Kawashiwa Group as a pilot. Character name and sigfig to come later.
  3. Crazycrownieguy

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    So I have a quick question. With the one build a week rule, could we do one faction build and one alien build a week, which would end up being two per week. Or do we have to pick one to do each week?
  4. Crazycrownieguy

    MOC Castle Ruins

    Looks pretty cool, I like the use of the large pre-fab piece. The tiling in the ruins could use some work, but honestly the build in general looks great!
  5. Crazycrownieguy

    Space Pirates Contest !

    This certainly sounds like an interesting contest, I may have to build an entry.
  6. Crazycrownieguy

    {MOC} Securing the prisoner

    Of course. I am glad I was able to help to out! Thanks mate!
  7. Crazycrownieguy

    {MOC} Securing the prisoner

    First of all, thanks for the comment mate! So the craters were built as rings, and then connected the ring below it, with the final construction being attached to the SNOT base.
  8. Crazycrownieguy

    {MOC} Securing the prisoner

    Thanks for the great comments everyone! I am happy to see this build being so well received.
  9. Crazycrownieguy

    {MOC} Securing the prisoner

    [][][] Personal Log [][][] The raid went successfully, all crew, save for one was eliminated , and the ship has been sufficiently crippled. All useful cargo was taken, while the rest was disposed of along with the bodies of the crew. The prime reason for the raid is secured and does not seem to be too mentally scared. The cargo and prisoner will be stored in the old base on Necrosis. All relevant information has been reported. [][][] End of Log [][][] Just a little sci-fi build I did for a rpg I am part of. Enjoy! C&C welcome!
  10. Crazycrownieguy

    LoM character intro

    Hi everyone, so this is my character intro for The Lands of Mythron. Enjoy! I awoke with a start, the effects of the mage's spell having finally worn off, yet, where was I? I looked around, and realized that, not only was I definitely not in the wizard's tower anymore, I wasn't even in Rowia. I traveled much during my childhood, and I had never once been to a place such as this. I pushed myself to my feet, and gathered my sword and shield. "Well I guess I should try to make the best of this." I then started walking down the path, hoping I would find a town or maybe a travelling merchant before night. C&C welcome
  11. Crazycrownieguy

    What's your latest acquisition?

    from target 70401: Gold Getaway two series 11 barbarians from the lego store 70402: The Gatehouse Raid 79006: The Council of Elrond A large PAB cup BAM 2 series 11 yeti 1 series 11 barbarian The the castle edition of brick journal The free winter promotional set EDIT: I forgot I also got the sorting tray thing.
  12. Crazycrownieguy

    The Council of Elrond

    Wow, that is an amazing build! I wish lego had made the set like your build, it is just so much better than the lego set. CCG
  13. Crazycrownieguy

    [MOC] The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    Fantastic build! The forced perspective is great, and the riders are all amazing. CCG
  14. Crazycrownieguy

    [MOC] Romanesque Church

    Wow, absolutely amazing build. I love the use of many different colors, it looks fantastic! Though I agree with Ecclesiastes, it is in need of some minifigs. CCG
  15. Crazycrownieguy

    [Moc] New Era of Weapons

    Awesome build, I love how you did the battle damage on the wall. CCG